Volume 27, Chapter 297.1: The Vampire Bat

The wings expanded, and they were evidently very big. However, they seemed to be formed from skin. The color of blood in his eyes became even more intense, and two fangs emerged in his mouth. A thick smell of blood came from him.

On the main podium, the mysterious Imperial Tutor who sat next to Xu Tianran suddenly exclaimed, “Eh.”

“What’s the matter, Imperial Tutor? Are you interested in this disciple from the Clearjade Sect?” Xu Tianran noticed his reaction, and questioned him immediately.

The mysterious Imperial Tutor said plainly, “His martial soul should be the Vampire Bat. Your Highness, please take a look. His body has been influenced by his martial soul, and while the change does not appear to be very significant, it’s actually rather extraordinary. If we cultivate him well, he’ll be someone with great potential. Xiaofeng.”

When she heard his call, a mysterious person suddenly appeared and stood silently behind him. It was a woman clad entirely in a long red robe. While one could not see her face, her body was evidently seductive, as all her feminine curves were brazenly displayed.

“After the competition ends, bring this disciple of the Clearjade Sect to me,” instructed the Imperial Tutor.

“Yes,” said a soft voice from within the red robes. She took a step back, and disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Just as they were discussing this intensely, the battle in the arena commenced.

Wang Dong’er made a decisive decision in the face of her opponent’s flying-type martial soul. This had to be a close-combat soul engineer. Compared to her opponent’s jet-black skin-like wings, her Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings were much more beautiful. Wang Dong’er’s deep-blue wings opened, and with the toes of her feet touching the ground, she slid over to her opponent.

The two of them flew into the air simultaneously as they circled each other.

Adler raised his hands. On each of his hands, one could see five bright-red nails. Each nail looked vibrant and slightly wet, as if blood were about to flow out. He roared in a low voice, and his speed increased rapidly in a short time. In mid-air, he made a rush toward Wang Dong’er.

Two yellow, two purple, and one black. This was the ideal soul ring combination for five rings. The third, purple soul ring gave off an intense light as his intense soul power was maximized.

However, in terms of soul rings, no one could compare to Wang Dong’er, much less him. Among Wang Dong’er’s six soul rings, one was yellow, two were purple, and three were black. This was superior compared to the ideal soul ring combination. At this moment, her second soul ring started to flash.

The two of them chose different battling methods. Wang Dong’er used her Light of the Butterfly Goddess as a huge amount of golden light swamped her opponent. She tried to scout him out with this attack.

However, Adler’s body increased exponentially in size. His muscles started to throb and grow quickly, and one could feel a powerful energy coming from his body. He tried to make a rush at Wang Dong’er. He raised his razor-sharp claws in the air. One could hear sharp shrieks.

Faced with Wang Dong’er’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess, Adler displayed his powerful evasive abilities. His entire body was like a fish in water. With his pair of wings, he dodged rapidly. He was able to fly in the face of the numerous balls of light coming his way without getting hurt.

Is this the innate reaction speed of bats? Echolocation. Wang Dong’er, a high-flyer from Shrek Academy, was able to make an accurate judgment. At this moment, she assessed that her opponent had a rarely-seen and difficult-to-deal-with bat martial soul.

Adler was soon in front of Wang Dong’er. He reached out with his claws. One of his claws was aimed at Wang Dong’er’s face, while the other one made straight for her heart.

Those who were close enough could see that his claws gave off an intense red light. One could sense an intense, bloody smell from the sharp aura. If his claws were to land, it would be enough to rip metal apart.

Wang Dong’er, who was extremely close to him, could see that her opponent’s ‘claws’ on his nails were from actually finger sleeves he had on. This also meant that her opponent was using a close-combat soul tool.

Is the Tang Sect afraid of close combat? Wang Dong’er did not try to dodge. She used a golden light to protect her body as she sliced out with her left wing.

While Adler’s arm might be long, it could not be longer than Wang Dong’er’s wings! Faced with her razor-sharp wings, Adler roared in a low voice and he tried to grab it with his right claw.

“Peng!” It was a head-on clash. This was the result of a clash between two extremely resilient objects.

The two of them trembled slightly in mid-air. Wang Dong’er did not move, but Adler was sent flying back by two meters. While he tried to control it, everyone could see that he would be at a disadvantage if there were more of such clashes. One had to know that he had already tried to maximize his own powers with the help of his third soul ring. This was the difference between a Soul Emperor and a Soul King. Furthermore, Wang Dong’er was a twin-souled Soul Emperor. Her second martial soul gave her an additional soul ring. In terms of soul power strength, even Bei Bei, who was a rank higher than her, might not be as powerful. 

With that one move, she was able to overcome her opponent’s assault. As Wang Dong’er had used one of her butterfly wings, her body naturally descended. However, she fluttered the wing she had just used, and her other wing also rose along with her. 

One could see that a golden blue figure was executing an eye-catching uppercut, enveloping Adler within.

The bat-like wings behind Adler suddenly opened up. A pair of sharp claws instantly formed countless other claw-like shadows. At the same time, the red light on his claws dimmed slightly. Following that, a 30 centimeter-long light shot out from each of his claws as they clashed with Wang Dong’er’s outstretched butterfly wings.

Small explosions sounded non-stop in mid-air. Wang Dong’er was a dancing Radiant Butterfly Goddess. Her wings were not only fast, but they also moved elegantly. Every time she clashed with Adler, she was able to force him back a bit. Gradually, she was in pursuit of him. Evidently, she was using her overwhelming power to push him into submission.

However, Adler was no weakling either. While he was not as powerful as Wang Dong’er, he chose to clash with her head-on. He looked very stable. While he was in retreat, he still kept his cool. He showed no sign of weakness or defeat.

In the Tang Sect resting zone, Xu Sanshi nodded and said, “This guy from the Clearjade Sect is not bad! However, he must have some other plan in mind for him to do so without changing his fighting style.”

Huo Yuhao smiled, nodded and said, “This will depend on Dong’er.” With his last lesson in mind, he became much more careful now. The protective barrier around the arena was troublesome, but Huo Yuhao could still overcome it. If Wang Dong’er was in danger, he would act immediately, even at the risk of penalties.

However, as he looked at Wang Dong’er’s excellent performance in the past two rounds, a smile crept across Huo Yuhao’s face. Dong’er was right. Earlier, she had suppressed herself too much. Now, even when she dressed up as a guy, she became even prettier.

In mid-air, the two of them continued to fight without using any soul skills. All they relied on was their reaction speed and battle experience. Gradually, they flew higher and higher into the sky.

Adler’s disadvantage became more and more pronounced. Suppressed by Wang Dong’er, he found it harder and harder to resist. His third soul skill gradually weakened.

At this moment, suddenly, Adler let out a terrifying shriek. The second soul ring on his body started to shine brightly.

Wang Dong’er, who was in mid-air, froze in the face of her opponent’s shriek.

Second soul skill, Terrorshriek.

Adler appeared to have been waiting for this chance for a long time. His fourth soul ring started to shine, and a blood-red shadow, which resembled his figure almost exactly, appeared from his body as it rushed toward Wang Dong’er.

Wang Dong’er’s body instantly started to shine with a golden light. However, it seemed incapable of resisting the blood-red figure. A blood-red light flashed, and the blood-red figure appeared behind her. However, it had already taken her form.

Following that, Adler’s first soul ring started to shine. He started to chuckle weirdly, making more of a creaking sound. The blood-colored shadow that had flown toward Wang Dong’er started to rise into the sky. Then, it turned into a ball of red light as it flew toward Adler and disappeared into his body.

Instantly, Adler looked much more powerful. Even his pale-white face had a rosy tinge to it. It was as if he had eaten some sort of supplement. With one move, he was able to keep Wang Dong’er’s wings from flapping.

In all seriousness, Wang Dong’er did not deserve that blow. She had guessed exactly what Xu Sanshi had guessed. However, Adler’s abilities were too mysterious. The sudden explosion of power was too mysterious as well. It seemed capable of overcoming all defenses and instantly, he was able to seize it. In particular, his fourth and first soul skills appeared to work in tandem. 

At this moment, Wang Dong’er’s face looked much paler. She felt a strong sense of weakness. However, Adler’s power increased exponentially. They were still locked in close-combat, but the tables had turned. 

Adler’s fourth soul skill, Bloodshadow Puppet, and his first soul skill, Bloodsucking.

These were indeed two soul skills that were linked. His Bloodsucking ability normally required him to be near his opponent, where he could bite them with his fangs. Doing so would allow him to use his opponent’s blood to replenish his own soul power and strength. This was the innate soul skill of a Vampire Bat. Regardless of what soul beast he killed with this ability, he would only receive this soul skill.

However, his Bloodshadow Puppet was exceptionally powerful. Any form of energy defense was useless against this soul skill. It could only be blocked by physical defenses. Once someone became a target of this, a bit of the essence of one’s blood would be forcibly extracted. Doing so would render the target extremely weak. However, Adler could then use his first soul skill to absorb this essence and replenish his own body. This combination was offensive, defensive, and regenerative at the same time. Coupled with his Terrorshriek, he was able to defeat many opponents. At this moment, Wang Dong’er too fell victim to him.

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