Volume 27, Chapter 296.3: The Clearjade Sect

These were high-frequency oscillating blades, and they didn’t possess any element at all. This attack relied on high-frequency oscillations for powerful destructive force, and was meant to counter Wang Dong’er’s Goddess of Light’s Possession that she had used in the previous round. The Tang Sect wasn’t the only one who was observing and analyzing their opponents – the Tang Sect’s outstanding performance meant every single one of their opponents was also investigating and analyzing them.

You Chen tapped on the ground with his foot, and nine afterimages followed him as his fifth soul ring lit up, and merged into his body one after another. You Chen’s body seemed to become transparent in this moment, and he appeared to transform into a specter while his speed increased explosively. His Invincible Barrier’s radiance was raised to the highest possible level, and his body seemed to integrate into his spikes as he barreled towards Wang Dong’er like a lightning bolt.

The Spectral Spear. His martial soul was similar to Na Na’s, but they weren’t entirely the same. Na Na’s martial soul leaned towards avoiding physical attacks, while his martial soul took a different path – he used his martial soul to boost his speed and destructiveness. You Chen’s fifth soul skill was his strongest attack, and even seven-ringed Soul Sages wouldn’t have a good time facing him head-on when he was using a pair of Class 6 soul tools at the same time.

Vigorous soul power undulations erupted around him in that instant, and the air around him seemed to tear apart as he pierced through it. Thin, delicate cracks appeared continuously around him.

Wang Dong’er was faced with a threat so huge that her life was at stake, but she smiled. Yes, she smiled, and it was a very casual smile.

Everyone could hear a vigorous explosion in the next moment.

The heavy cannon on Wang Dong’er’s shoulder exploded, and intense silver light detonated in midair – it was a shock bomb. No, more accurately put, this was a combination of a shock bomb and a rupturing bomb. The incredible force from the explosion hindered her opponent and pushed Wang Dong’er’s body backwards like an arrow at the same time.

The Spectral Spear’s explosive speed was simply too quick. Even though You Chen was pushed back by the shock bomb, he was still a beat faster than Wang Dong’er’s backward momentum from the soul cannon’s recoil. He was about to catch up to her.

Wang Dong’er smiled faintly as she retracted the wings behind her back. Black light flickered across her right hand, and a hammer appeared. This hammer was black all over, but it wasn’t eye-catching at all. However, the entire atmosphere seemed to become a lot more solemn and heavier when this hammer appeared.

A dark halo arose from beneath Wang Dong’er’s feet, and she placed the hammer in front of her in the next moment.

“Ding!” Wang Dong’er’s body accelerated once more as she flew backwards amidst the bright ring from the collision. She quivered faintly before returning to normal, while the Spectral Spear’s quickest stab was already over. The Spectral Spear’s speed plummeted, and You Chen could only watch as Wang Dong’er flew out and distanced herself from him.

This… what kind of ability is that? Twin martial souls? You Chen was dumbfounded, and there was nothing else he could think off. Afterwards, he looked on as Wang Dong’er’s enchanting body spun halfway when she touched the ground, and she suddenly made a throwing action. The black hammer in her hands flew out as it rotated through the air and came directly for him. She opened her hands by her sides and made a lifting action at the same time.

You Chen’s Invincible Barrier was gone, and he had just used his fifth soul skill. This was an awkward moment. He had already completed his previous move, but he wasn’t ready for his next one.

He knew that there was no way he could win this bout. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to delay for as much time as possible, and to consume as much of this Soul Emperor’s soul power as he could.

You Chen wanted to evade this attack, but he realized to his intense fear that golden halos had appeared respectively on his left and on his right. These golden halos were two meters in diameter, and there was actually one more behind him. This also meant that he didn’t dare to dodge to his left, right, or backwards in that instant. This moment of hesitation was all it took for that black hammer to arrive in front of him.

You Chen had no other choice but raise his spikes and meet this hammer head-on.

The corner of Wang Dong’er’s mouth curled into a sneer. “Wang Qiu’er isn’t the only one who has strength – I’m strong, too.”

“Boom!” An intense explosion could be heard, and You Chen’s body could be seen hurtling through the air. The Hexagram Array behind him surged into the sky as he flew backwards, and the array snatched him into its light and shot him up into the sky.

Wang Dong’er’s black hammer returned to her hands. Two sharp spikes were impaled into the ground where You Chen was previously positioned.

The Clear Sky Hammer, the number-one tool soul in the world!

The Clear Sky Hammer was a pure strength-type tool soul, and it had been ranked amongst the six most powerful martial souls in the world more than ten thousand years ago. The Clear Sky Hammer was Wang Dong’er’s second martial soul, and this was where her true power lay.

You Chen wasn’t the only one who was astounded when he witnessed Wang Dong’er’s Clear Sky Hammer and the black soul ring that appeared along with it. Huo Yuhao himself was surprised; even he didn’t know that Wang Dong’er had added a soul ring to her second martial soul. She managed to defeat her opponent without using her Clear Sky Hammer’s soul skill.

This was pure might – this was the might of a Soul Emperor from Shrek Academy!

“Stop!” Zhang Zhan appeared before Wang Dong’er in time to stop her from pursuing her opponent. You Chen was entirely under her Hexagram Array’s control, and his soul power was slipping away at an alarming rate, while he didn’t seem like he had a chance to struggle out of it. This bout was over.

“The Tang Sect is victorious in the first round.” Zheng Zhan announced this bout’s result justly. He glanced at Wang Dong’er with an extra tinge of respect in his eyes.

“You… you’re from the Clear Sky Sect?” Zheng Zhan asked softly.

Wang Dong’er glanced at him. She had never been friendly at all towards anyone from the Sun Moon Empire. “So, the Sun Moon Empire also knows about the Clear Sky Sect.”

Zheng Zhan could feel her hostility. He felt a little exasperated as he replied, “Why can’t the Sun Moon Empire know about the Clear Sky Sect? I didn’t expect to see the descendant of someone that I’m familiar with. I know somebody from the Clear Sky Sect, and he should be your senior. We’ll talk about this after the tournament.”

Wang Dong’er’s expression became a lot warmer and more relaxed when she heard that Zheng Zhan knew someone from the Clear Sky Sect. She nodded her head as she took out a Milk Bottle to replenish her soul power.

Wang Dong’er’s victory in the first bout wasn’t that easy. She was far stronger than her opponent, but she didn’t like You Chen’s abilities at all. You Chen was focused on extreme offensiveness, and the tables would’ve been turned if she’d made even a single mistake and allowed her opponent to ambush her. This was the reason why Wang Dong’er didn’t want to give him any more chances – she was willing to expose her second martial soul to finish the battle as quickly as possible.

Her Hexagram Array ended, and You Chen crashed to the ground. His entire body was scorched and burnt black from Wang Dong’er’s Fire of Light, and he was in terribly bad shape. However, he didn’t sustain overwhelmingly serious injuries, and he jumped off the stage after throwing a fearful glance at Wang Dong’er.

Wang Dong’er didn’t like his fighting style, but he didn’t like her fighting style either. The Hexagram Arrays that could appear at any position gave him the biggest headaches, and this feeling was aggravated after he was enveloped by one Hexagram Array and had a taste of what it could do – he was in so much pain and agony that he wanted to die. The Hexagram Array possessed the formidable Fire of Light that could burn Wang Dong’er’s opponents, and it also contained incredible restrictive capabilities. Finding oneself inside a Hexagram Array was like entering a marsh swamp. You Chen’s cultivation rank was lower than Wang Dong’er in the first place, and it seemed like an impossible task for him to escape from her Hexagram Array.

“Next.” Wang Dong’er turned towards the Clearjade Sect’s camp, and her eyes swept coldly towards their mysterious team leader. This fellow dared to stare threateningly at Huo Yuhao. She had been bottling up her anger about this for a while now, and she would be more than happy if their team leader would jump on stage to challenge her.

However, the Clearjade Sect’s team leader seemed exceedingly calm, and even the rest of his team were as such. They didn’t seem very affected by their defeat in the first bout.

The Clearjade Sect’s team leader sat still and didn’t move. He didn’t give any instructions at all, but someone else from the Clearjade Sect’s waiting area stood up and jumped on stage with a flash.

Wang Dong’er was momentarily stunned when this person got on the stage. Her opponent’s looks were a little strange – he had his head lowered this whole time, and he hid himself amongst his other team members and was very unassuming. However, it was clear that he could give anyone a lasting impression.

This youth had pale white skin, and his face was also ghastly pale and without color at all. His entire frame seemed sickly and ill, and his hair couldn’t be considered long. He used some special hair products to comb his hair into a swept-back hairstyle, and his hair seemed shiny and reflective. His eyes were light brown in color, and they looked very cold. His body was a little hunched, and he was very tall but very skinny. His arms were especially long as they swayed faintly by his sides. This youth gave everyone an eerie and chilly feel from the moment he stepped on stage.

This person wouldn’t have to put on any makeup at all if he was seen in the Holy Ghost Church’s camp.

Zhang Zhan stared at the youth from the Clearjade Sect. “Report your names.”

“Wang Dong’er of the Tang Sect.”

“Adler of the Clearjade Sect.” This youth had a strange voice. He was soft-spoken, and his voice was extremely sharp. However, he had a very masculine disposition, which was in contrast to the chilly and eerie aura that emanated from his body.

“Move back to your corners and prepare for battle.”

Wang Dong’er wasn’t in a hurry at all. She was still holding a Milk Bottle in her hands, and she was making use of this short period of time to replenish the soul power that she had expended before. Both contestants retreated to their respective edges and stared at each other across the competition stage.

Wang Dong’er’s vision wasn’t as sharp as Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes, but her eyes were still relatively good. She realized to her surprise that Adler’s eyes had become a different color when she gazed at him from afar. His eyes were originally an ice-cold light brown color, but they were now completely red, and frighteningly so – it felt as if his eyes had been tainted with fresh blood in an instant.

“Begin!” The Unbreakable Douluo, Zheng Zhan, swung his right hand downwards to announce that the match had begun.

The contestants moved at the same time. Adler tapped lightly on the ground with his foot, and he soared into the air as if he didn’t weigh anything at all. A faint red light emerged from his body as wings appeared behind his back – a martial soul that could fly.

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