Volume 27, Chapter 292.3: An Astonishing Rainbow Crossing A Hundred Meters

The Tang Sect team also began to move. Xu Sanshi’s face was dark and solemn as he stood at the very front, protecting Wang Dong’er behind him. He Caitou was right next to him, and he unleashed an enormous soul tool fortress just like that from nothing at all. His Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon’s sixteen cannon mouths condensed light, and one large cannon shell after another protruded from the cannon barrels as a terrifying aura permeated the skies. These cannons felt as if they could go off at any moment.

Xiao Xiao, Jiang Nannan, and Na Na were standing beside them, and they released their martial souls at the same time.

“Stop!” A deafening exclamation rang out, and a human figure descended from the sky in the next moment.

This person was an elderly man clad in a long green robe, and he landed right next to the judge. This person raised his hand, and a green light screen rose several hundred meters into the sky. This light screen forcibly separated the two opposing parties, and even the pressure that they released was separated.

Everyone from the Tang Sect camp grew stern, and this was especially true for He Caitou. He was a soul engineer, and he naturally knew what ability the old man before him had just used: that was probably a Class 9 soul tool, and even a Titled Douluo would have trouble breaking through a defensive barrier of that level.

The old man turned around and knocked the judge off stage with one slap, and the judge was dashed to the ground beneath the stage just like that.

“Stop, everyone! Calm yourselves. My name is Zheng Zhan, and I’m this tournament’s chief judge. Whoever dares to make another move will be immediately disqualified from the tournament!”

The corner of Xiao Hongchen’s mouth twitched. He naturally recognized Zheng Zhan. He was a powerful Class 9 soul engineer, but this man didn’t have a good relationship with his grandfather, and was instead an important figure from the empire’s Hall of Consecration. This man was as close as one could be to Xiao Hongchen’s grandfather in terms of cultivation, even if he didn’t actually have the same rank, and he was especially adept with defensive soul tools. Zheng Zhan was known as the Unbreakable King, and his title was Unbreakable... the Unbreakable Douluo, Zheng Zhan!

Xiao Hongchen raised his hand, and the Sun Moon Empire team reluctantly and grudgingly withdrew their respective soul tools. Their eyes looked like they were spitting fire.

The Tang Sect camp didn’t do much, as Jiang Nannan helped Wang Dong’er up and whispered, “How are you feeling, Dong’er?”

Wang Dong’er forced a smile and said, “I’m alright, it’s just a little painful.”

It would be strange if she didn’t feel any pain after being struck by those decomposition rays, and three black spots could be seen on her back. If she didn’t have her Goddess of Light’s Possession that greatly weakened the force of those Class 6 decomposition rays, she would probably have been heinously injured by now. Even so, she had still consumed more than thirty percent of her soul power before she managed to stabilize her wounds, making sure her bones, ligaments, and her organs weren’t damaged. However, she was a top-tier beauty, and skin damage would infuriate her even more than if her bones and her organs were damaged.

“We need an explanation, chief judge Zhang.” A cold voice rang out from behind the Tang Sect’s people.

Ji Juechen was pushing Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair, and Jing Ziyan and Nan Qiuqiu stood guard beside them as they walked onto the competition stage.

The Tang Sect company parted to create a path, so that Huo Yuhao could come all the way out in front. His eyes were so cold at this point that they seemed like they could freeze through everything. Huo Yuhao stared quietly at Zheng Zhan, who was a Titled Douluo and also a Class 9 soul engineer, and his aura seemed to match even Zheng Zhan’s.

Zheng Zhan said in a deep voice, “I’ve seen everything that just happened. This happened because of the judge, and I will immediately relieve him of his duty. I will personally oversee this round until the end.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about.” Huo Yuhao shook his head.

Zheng Zhan focused his eyes. It had been many years since someone dared to speak to him like that. Strangely, he wasn’t angry at all as he lowered his voice and said, “Zhou Xinghao attacked Wang Dong after the outcome of this round has been ruled, and he brought his own death upon himself. However, he has already paid for it with his life. This issue is considered resolved. As the chief judge, I will give Wang Dong fifteen minutes to rest before the competition will continue.”

Huo Yuhao stared at Zheng Zhan deeply before his eyes turned towards Xiao Hongchen in the distance, but he said nothing. However, his gaze was like a sharp knife. Zheng Zhan thought about the incomprehensible and unfathomable purplish-gold beam that just appeared, and even he felt a little numb from Huo Yuhao’s piercing stare.

“Let’s go back.” Huo Yuhao spoke plainly, and he didn’t push the issue any further. They were inside the Sun Moon Empire, and he wouldn’t have gotten a better explanation or ruling even if this competition wasn’t in the Sun Moon Empire. Everything could only be resolved on stage.

Ji Juechen continued pushing Huo Yuhao’s wheelchair as they returned to their waiting area. Huo Yuhao glanced at Wang Dong’er quietly as he passed by, and he reached out and grasped her hand. However, his expression was still as cold as before.

Wang Dong’er glanced back at him discreetly. She thought to herself, “Thankfully, he used that ability that allows him to keep calm and composed. Otherwise, otherwise…” She couldn’t even imagine what would have happened.


Inside the resting lounge, Wang Qiu’er’s eyes sparkled as she silently stared at Huo Yuhao. Her eyes seemed to glow with something, and her right hand unwittingly gripped her chair’s armrest.

Only she could feel that the beam that was fired from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny carried a certain crazy sense of exhaustion, and even she felt a little dazed at that moment. She didn’t know if she could take an attack like that had she been the target. If Huo Yuhao was a dragon, then Wang Dong’er was his reverse scale!


Wang Dong’er immediately retrieved her Milk Bottle to replenish her soul power when she returned to the waiting area.

Huo Yuhao grasped her hand tighter, and Haodong power immediately began to circulate through the most important parts of Wang Dong’er’s body.

Huo Yuhao lowered his voice and said, “The next battle is up to you now, second senior brother.” 

Wang Dong’er opened her eyes forcefully. “I… I can keep going.”

Huo Yuhao shot a cold look at her and said, “Shut up. You were careless before your adversary, and you weren’t on guard against an enemy that still had the ability to fight. Won’t you be sending yourself to your own death if you go again? I’ve said this before: there can only be one voice in this team. I’m the leader, and you must listen to my orders.”

Wang Dong’er pouted, and tears started welling up in her eyes. Huo Yuhao had never spoken to her with that tone and attitude. That was just so, so annoying!

He Caitou chortled and said, “Don’t worry, Dong’er. Let your second senior brother handle this. I will make their heads pop one after another.”

Wang Dong’er nodded softly. Even though she was a little displeased with Huo Yuhao’s attitude, he was still her man after all, and this wasn’t the time for her to throw a tantrum. That would undoubtedly affect the influence and command that her boyfriend had as team leader.

The fifteen minutes of rest were soon over, and Wang Dong’er didn’t continue on with the battles. The Sun Moon Empire’s next participant that stepped onto the competition stage was a little shocked.

Zheng Zhan had been standing at the stage’s center since the moment he arrived. He looked at He Caitou and said, “If you switch, it means that Wang Dong has admitted defeat.”

“Yes.” He Caitou walked up to the center of the stage and stared at Zheng Zhan as he nodded in acknowledgement.

Xiao Hongchen almost went insane beneath the competition stage. The person that he had just sent up was meant to counter Wang Dong’er’s fighting style, but the Tang Sect switched someone else up! From his perspective, the Tang Sect wanted to conserve strength so that Wang Dong’er could come back in the group battle. Nobody from his side knew much about Wang Dong’er’s wounds, but the fact that she was still sitting beside Huo Yuhao meant that her wounds couldn’t be that severe.

Cunning! That’s just too cunning!

Huo Yuhao’s arrangement was intended to break up his opponents’ rhythm and momentum anyway, and it wasn’t just because he was upset about Wang Dong’er’s carelessness before her adversary.

Zheng Zhan lowered his voice and said, “Report your names.”

“He Caitou, Tang Sect.”

“Xiao Ping, Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.”

Zheng Zhan continued, “Return to your places, and prepare for the fight. Both of you must listen to my orders during the contest, and I have the authority to punish you accordingly if either one of you decides to continue attacking after I announce this round’s ruling.”

Nobody dared to disregard and underestimate a Class 9 soul engineer’s threats. He Caitou and Xiao Ping nodded before they returned to their respective sides.

This was the single elimination round’s third match. More accurately put, this was the fourth match, because Wang Dong’er gave one up. The current score was two versus one in favor of the Tang Sect. Furthermore, the Tang Sect had ensured their entry into the group battle because of the two points that they had secured.

He Caitou turned around and stared into the distance as he reached the edge of the competition stage. He took a step forward with his left leg, and he took a stance as if he were going to charge forward.

Xiao Ping’s eyes were as sharp and focused as ever on the other side. He was like a cheetah that was winding up.

Zheng Zhan looked at both parties as he raised his right arm high into the air before he swung it down to signal that the match had begun.

Xiao Ping’s soul thrusters behind his back glowed the moment Zheng Zhan swung his hand down, and he blasted towards He Caitou just like Wang Dong’er got close to Zhou Xinghao.

Yes, he was a close-combat soul engineer, and Xiao Hongchen had initially meant for him to meet Wang Dong’er head-on.

A long spear appeared in Xiao Ping’s hands as he dashed forward. There were two sharp points on his spear, and they began to shine with intense light as he moved forward. Three soul rings lit up one after another, greatly boosting his soul power.

He Caitou was in a sprinting stance, and he also began to move when his opponent did. Of course, he wouldn’t use his soul tool fortress and end up at a disadvantage like Zhou Xinghao did.

He Caitou raised his right hand, and a soul cannon immediately appeared on his right arm. A silver sphere was fired and exploded less than twenty meters out,  transforming into a silver web that enveloped Xiao Ping flying toward him.

Xiao Ping eyes were overflowing with the desire to draw blood, but he still managed to retain his composure amidst all the bloodlust. A white light erupted from his chest, and his forward-moving body abruptly came to a halt as flourishing soul power undulations rippled from his body. He propelled himself backwards right as armor covered his entire body with a clang.

This tiny forward and backward movement couldn’t be disregarded. Xiao Ping had forced himself backwards when he was charging forward at lightning speed, the reactive impact wasn’t something that normal people could withstand!

Yet, it was this reverse propulsion force that gave him a chance to avoid that enormous silver web from trapping him at the last moment. The light web closed up, and Xiao Ping was about to charge forward once more when a violent and shocking explosion erupted. Silver-white shockwaves detonated from where the light web had closed, and forced Xiao Ping to pause as he was getting ready to renew his charge. Xiao Ping’s body unwillingly stopped for an instant!

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