Volume 27, Chapter 286.1: The Other Tournament

Xu Sanshi leapt forward quickly and pressed his shield forward. He didn’t unleash a soul skill, but instead used his dense soul power and physical strength to knock into Wang Chengxi. He was very sudden, such that Wang Chengxi was unprepared. Her sword was lifted into the air as she was pushed. From the looks of it, she was about to be struck by the shield.

Wang Chengxi reached her left hand forward. She grabbed her sword with two hands now and pressed it against the shield. She tapped into the forward momentum of the shield to lift her body into the air. Her movements were very elegant. As she exerted strength with her hands, she leapt into the air. At the same time as she passed Xu Sanshi, she flexibly turned her body and reversed direction.

The sword light from her sword started to shine very brightly. The sharp sword aura engulfed Xu Sanshi’s body from the back.

She pressed her sword, leaping into the air and launching a counterattack. It was an eye-opener.

Xu Sanshi turned from the active to the passive party. However, he was very experienced, and had seen many types of situations before. He didn’t panic at all. Wang Chengxi saw things blurring in front of her before Xu Sanshi miraculously used his shield to block his back. All the sword lights were deflected away, and none of them struck him.

Those who were watching the fight intently noticed that Xu Sanshi’s shield turned along with Wang Chengxi as she leapt into the air, even though he hadn’t turned himself. However, it appeared very abrupt because his shield was scooped up from the bottom.

Wang Chengxi’s sword lights struck nothing again. However, her smile seemed to become wider. Her sword started to shine very brightly, and a layer of icy-blue started to engulf Xu Sanshi, coming from the third light ring that lit up on the sword.

The icy-blue glow quickly engulfed Xu Sanshi. At the same time, a black glow started to spread from the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle. It spread out like exhaust gas, dispelling the icy-blue glow. Wang Chengxi was also engulfed by this exhaust gas.

It was Xu Sanshi’s first soul skill, Mysterious Underworld Quake.

The difference this soul skill had from the past was that it now seemed to have its own intelligence. The strongest quake wasn’t unleashed at the first moment, but covered Wang Chengxi’s body instantly. It was only after this that the immense force of the quake was unleashed.

Wang Chengxi was stunned. She suddenly felt very restrained fighting against Xu Sanshi. Her outstanding fighting experience didn’t seem to be useful here. Even her most confident skill had been seen through by her opponent! Xu Sanshi gave her a lot of pressure as he unleashed his soul skill.

The fifth soul ring on her sword suddenly lit up. Wang Chengxi grabbed her sword with both hands, and her body started to squirm. She was even calling out softly, “Painful!”

However, who knew that Xu Sanshi wasn’t moved at all. The immense force from his Mysterious Underworld Quake was instantly unleashed. Not only that, but a pitch-black glow shone from his body. The surface area of his shield doubled, and the strength of the Mysterious Underworld Quake suddenly soared.

Thousand-year soul skill, Mysterious Underworld Force!

A light flashed from Wang Chengxi’s hand. It was destroyed as a tremendous vibration struck her. Her fifth soul ring, which was on the sword, seemed to have been completely destroyed, and she was flung away by the strong quaking force. The lights on her sword suddenly turned much dimmer.

Xu Sanshi didn’t follow up his attack. However, Wang Chengxi could hear him muttering, “Screaming in such pain, but your soul ring is still bright. That was too hypocritical!”

A pale glow was released from Wang Chengxi’s body, which she used to resist the quaking force. As she supported her body with her right hand, she bounced straight back up.

“You really don’t know how to take care of girls!” a whining voice sounded out.

Xu Sanshi was displeased as he said, “What do you mean, I don’t know how to take care of girls? I’m only protecting myself. Even if I want to take care of girls, I’ll need to prioritize my own life first! Am I right, beauty? Are you still attacking? If you aren’t, you can leave the stage. I don’t want you to complain that I’m not taking good care of you.”

Wang Chengxi pursed her small lips and replied, “You haven’t won. If I leave just like this, how can I account to my sect? Let’s go again!”

As she spoke, she burst towards Xu Sanshi again. This time, she seemed even more elegant, and was also much faster. Her long, black hair danced with the wind.

Xu Sanshi didn’t rush forward. He actually retreated one step, then lunged forward. There was a smile on his face.

He was indeed very fond of ladies. However, they would be in trouble if they thought that he was brainless and tried to harm him.

Wang Chengxi suddenly leapt into the air when she was five meters away from Xu Sanshi. She made a turn in the air and stabbed out towards him both hands on her sword. Her long swaying hair followed the movements of her body, appearing like a full, black moon.

Xu Sanshi didn’t retreat or advance. He stood where he was and focused his gaze on Wang Chengxi’s body. Her fifth soul ring lit up again, and the blinding lights from her sword were very clear. A black sword light was directly separated from her iron sword. It was completely black, but it released an intense silver light. Before the sword was even unleashed, its aura was already cracking the air with its sharpness.

At the same time, Wang Chengxi’s black hair started to transform. It grew longer, and turned into black snakes that whipped towards Xu Sanshi. Not only this, but she also lifted her head suddenly, giving Xu Sanshi a shock.

While she had appeared very gentle and ravishing earlier, she was now very pale. Two fangs poked out from her mouth, and her eyes were completely white. Two streaks of pale white light instantly shot from them towards Xu Sanshi. The spectators couldn’t see these two streaks of light clearly, as they were masked by the snakes. They could only see Xu Sanshi’s body being engulfed by countless snakes.

Sword light, snakes, white lights! Three different attacks were unleashed at the same time!

Xu Sanshi was astonished as he shouted, “Twin martial souls?!” At this point, the white lights from Wang Chengxi’s eyes had already shot towards him.

Xu Sanshi squatted down and used his shield to protect his entire body. He allowed the two streaks of white light to hit his shield.

Suddenly, he felt his shield becoming heavier, as it had turned into a massive rock! Following this, the countless snakes started to converge towards him from all directions. The sword lights were already in front of him too!


Beneath the stage, everyone from the Tang Sect couldn’t help but get nervous. Wang Dong’er exclaimed at almost the same time as Xu Sanshi, “Twin martial souls?!”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, and his expression didn’t really change.


Just when everyone thought Xu Sanshi was in deep trouble, something weird happened. The air distorted, and suddenly Xu Sanshi was displaced from his position, and Wang Chengxi replaced him in his original position. None of her attacks managed to strike him.

It was his fourth soul skill, the Mysterious Underworld Displacement! It was this skill that had created several miracles in the last tournament.

Xu Sanshi wasn’t merciful anymore. A ball of black light was unleashed from his shield, a snake on its surface. White lights shot out from its blood-red eyes, which reconverted his shield back to its original state. Following this, his shield turned into projections in the air. The snakes that came towards Xu Sanshi were once again forced away by these projections.

Xu Sanshi followed his shield. His speed soared as he burst forward. He held the main body of his shield and was about to ram into Wang Chengxi!

At this point, there were five more soul rings on Wang Chengxi’s body. Two were yellow, two were purple and the last one was black. The two purple soul rings were still shining brightly. As her snakes continued to burst forward, her body also turned soft like cotton. Her skin was even replaced by a layer of scales. She retreated quickly.

Her fifth soul ring also lit up again at the same time. A pale white color covered her eyes once again.

Medusa! This was Wang Chengxi’s stronger martial soul. Her fifth soul skill was called Medusa’s Gaze.

It was a pity that she was facing Xu Sanshi. His martial soul wasn’t just simply his Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle. His shield had undergone a mutation.

The Xuanwu was a combination of a turtle and a snake, and it was the most outstanding water-type martial soul. Her Medusa’s Gaze was completely curbed by the aura of his shield. As long as it didn’t directly strike Xu Sanshi, it was impossible for her to have any effect on him. Her cultivation was also inferior to his, and he wouldn’t turn to stone just because she gazed at him.

“Trying to escape?” Xu Sanshi snorted coldly. The shield projections in the air started to converge.

If the Heavenly Armor Sect’s team hadn’t left, they would have been embarrassed by how Xu Sanshi used his shield.

The shield walls formed by Xu Sanshi’s Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle turned into a cage under his control, and Wang Chengxi was trapped within!

Two streaks of blood-red light shot out from the snake’s eyes on the surface of his shield. As they struck Wang Chengxi’s Medusa’s Gaze, they destroyed it. He was also moving forward again at this point.

Wang Chengxi’s body jerked back as she retracted all her snakes, but she then burst forward again and collided head-on with him.

It was a pity that her abilities were still far from his. Her snakes were destroyed, and she was completely trapped by Xu Sanshi. She groaned in discontent.

He watched Wang Chengxi from close-range and used his shield to block off her Medusa’s Gaze. Xu Sanshi shook his head in loathing and said, “You look really good, but why do you have to make yourself appear so disgusting? It’s a pity. I almost thought that you had twin martial souls. It seems like that isn’t the case! You are quite smart, but it’s a pity that you met me. Don’t worry, I take good care of ladies. Concede defeat now!”

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