Volume 27, Chapter 284.2: Seven-Man Fusion Skill

This was a direct collision, a probing attack and defense. Neither party used soul skills. In terms of strength, the winner was clear.

Dai Huabin didn’t stop moving. At the same time as he struck his opponent, he opened his mouth wide, and a streak of white light shot out of it. It was his second soul skill, White Tiger’s Fierce Light Wave!

A loud boom resonated, and Han Yu retreated once again. His first and second soul rings lit up, and the surface of the Heavenly Armor Shield shone like a mirror. As the White Tiger’s Fierce Light Wave shone on it and the scales of the armor undulated in a weird fashion, many small streaks of white light were reflected away, immediately diverting a large portion of the Wave’s impact. At the same time, the Heavenly Armor Shield shifted, and sixteen hexagonal scales flew out of it towards Dai Huabin. The sides of every scale were like sharp blades!

Defense and counterattack! Han Yu was very steady in front of Dai Huabin. In terms of abilities and psychological mindset, he was excellently trained!

Dai Huabin acted like he didn’t see the armor scales. He burst forward again, and his first soul ring lit up. A layer of white surfaced on his body. Just as the shield’s scales were about to cut into him, a white light spread out and deflected all of them away. Although they turned and flew back towards him, Dai Huabin had already reached Han Yu in this short span of time.

Dai Huabin roared again, and everything in front of Han Yu turned black. Following this, his tiger palm struck the Heavenly Armor Shield forcefully again.

Han Yu’s Heavenly Armor Shield was adept at countering long-range energy attacks, just like how it dealt with the White Tiger’s Fierce Light Wave earlier. However, it was helpless against such physical attacks. However, he was still a defense-type soul master. Noticing that something was amiss, he immediately squatted down, and the sharp base of the shield stabbed into the metal floor. He leaned the entire shield back and used it to resist Dai Huabin’s attack at an angle. At the same time, his third soul ring lit up.

The sixteen pieces of shield scales in the air turned fiery red, as if they had been heated in a forge, and flew towards Dai Huabin with a piercing screech. It was Han Yu’s third soul skill, Meteoric Fire Armor!

He had to attack his enemy at a vital spot. Han Yu was very confident in his thousand-year soul skill, the Meteoric Fire Armor. In his opinion, Dai Huabin would find it difficult to deal with his double-pronged attack even though he was very strong as a close-combat soul master.

However, he didn’t expect Dai Huabin to ignore the Meteoric Fire Armor and continued to reach for the Heavenly Armor Shield with his right palm.

A terrifying and huge force was exerted on the Shield. It was different from the forceful push earlier. This time, it was an intense jerk that came from Dai Huabin’s tiger palm.

Han Yu was so shaken that he almost spat blood. He could feel that his shield was about to be crushed. He even heard painful sounds coming from the armor scales that formed the shield.

However, Han Yu was also very excited now. That was because his Meteoric Fire Armor had already reached Dai Huabin. It was impossible for him to resist or dodge at this moment. The sixteen scales had blocked off his escape route. Did he really not realize it?

Dai Huabin answered his doubt instantly. His white hair released an extremely intense golden light. His body expanded, and his tiger palm seemed to stick to the Heavenly Armor Shield. As he lifted his palm up, he used his right elbow to hit the shield with incredible force.

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang…


Two different sounds could be heard at the same time. When the scales struck Dai Huabin’s body, they were bounced away again. He didn’t even seem to feel their impacts at all, and resisted the blows easily. 

The tremendous boom that sounded was caused by his right elbow as it struck the shield.

Han Yu didn’t expect Dai Huabin to use such a method to resist his attack. He was completely unprepared for this strike.

The Heavenly Armor Shield was blown apart. Dai Huabin continued to burst forward in a dominant fashion, and slammed into Han Yu’s chest with his shoulder.

As his shield was crushed, Han Yu’s defense was crippled, and he was bleeding profusely. His arms were in great pain. Everything happened too quickly, and he couldn’t use a stronger soul skill anymore. He also needed time to retract his scales! Right now, he was like a turtle that had lost the protection of its shell. He was in front of Dai Huabin in his weakest state.

The only thing he could do was raise his soul power and push his palms out towards Dai Huabin.


From the spectators’ view, Han Yu was like a fired cannon shell as he was knocked back. He flew more than ten meters and struck the protective barriers surrounding the stage before he was bounced back to the floor. He couldn’t get up after that.

Dai Huabin stopped and calmly turned around. He walked back towards the center of the stage.

From the start until the end, this was a very short fight. Dai Huabin had demonstrated his great fighting strength.

Han Yu had the same number of soul rings as he did. As a defense-type Soul King above Rank 50, he didn’t even have the chance to unleash his fourth and fifth soul skill before he lost. This was the gap in their abilities! Dai Huabin gave off a very barbaric and ruthless air. Many people were stunned by his performance.


“This…” Wang Dong’er was in shock as she noted, “He has been greatly affected by Qiu’er!”

Huo Yuhao’s lips moved slightly, “His actual combat ability has greatly increased. Although his fighting style is very simple and violent, he’s much calmer than before. He also aptly used his White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation.”

Wang Dong’er nodded agreement and said, “Yes! However, this is also a good thing. After all, they are representing Shrek. Qiu’er has brought about great change to them.”


Shrek Academy didn’t slip up against the Heavenly Armor Sect in the second elimination round. They used their dominant abilities and ruthless fighting style to win. Dai Huabin overwhelmed his opponents yet again.

There were fewer and fewer boos from the spectators. What was the use of boos in front of them, since they were so strong?

However, Dai Huabin conceded defeat before he fought the third competing member from the Heavenly Armor Sect and left the stage.


“Oh, what kind of momentum is this?” Xu Sanshi muttered to himself, curious about what was going on.

Wu Feng was already on the stage, and walking towards the center of it.

“Dai Huabin can obviously still fight. Why did he concede defeat? Is it because he’s not confident? Impossible! With his character, he won’t know when to stop.” Xiao Xiao was also confused.

Huo Yuhao squinted. “This must be a strategy Qiu’er arranged. She’s training them so that they can get used to the tempo of the tournament. After all, it’s their first time.”

Huo Yuhao was right. This was her strategy, helping them gain experience so that they could fight better. It was only through continuous fighting that they could increase their abilities and demonstrate what they had learned over this period of time. This also made them more confident. Otherwise, Wang Qiu’er would have been able to defeat the entire Heavenly Armor Sect on her own.

Wu Feng’s opponent was also using the Heavenly Armor Shield.


“Match, start!” As the referee shouted, Wu Feng’s eyes lit up. Burning dragon scales started to surface throughout her entire body. As she leapt out, the air around her started to form ripples from the heated air around her.

This member from the Heavenly Armor Sect had learned from the lessons of the two previous competitors, and immediately unleashed his offensive skills.

He unleashed two soul skills at the same time. His Meteoric Fire Armor was sent flying towards Wu Feng.

The hot-tempered Wu Feng didn’t choose to directly resist the armor, her petite figure blurring as she dodged the attack. She didn’t move as swiftly as Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, but she was quick. Dragon roars could be heard rising from her body. Every time her body twisted, supernatural changes started to occur. From the looks of it, her body only seemed to distort slightly before she dodged the Meteoric Fire Armor scales flying at her. However, her body moved countless times in that instant.

Huo Yuhao turned his attention to Wang Qiu’er, who was in the waiting area. He had seen such a similar dodging movement from her. Wu Feng must have had been taught by Wang Qiu’er, as they both had dragon-type martial souls. As a possessor of Ultimate Strength, there were many things that Wang Qiu’er could teach Wu Feng. It seemed like Wu Feng had improved as much as Dai Huabin!

Wu Feng let out a deep dragon’s roar. After dodging the attack, her speed soared again as she burst towards her opponent.

The youth from the Heavenly Armor Sect was already prepared. Without any hesitation, he unleashed his strongest fourth soul skill. Yes, he was a Soul Ancestor just like the second competing member from the sect.

The outward bulge on the Heavenly Armor Shield turned into an inward bulge. Several streaks of red light started to reflect from the mirrored surfaces of the armor. They were reflected towards a single point, converting into a beam of fire that shot towards Wu Feng.

Heavenly Armor Needle, a single-target offensive soul skill. It was as strong as a ten-thousand year soul skill. Its penetrating abilities perfectly demonstrated the strength of the Heavenly Armor Shield!

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