Volume 27, Chapter 284.1: Seven-Man Fusion Skill

He had an indescribable feeling towards Wang Qiu’er. He was sure that it wasn’t love. He had given all his love to Wang Dong’er. But he couldn’t break away from Wang Qiu’er. It was an affection that seemed to bind their blood together. It was something that Huo Yuhao couldn’t understand.

The second elimination round started. As the first elimination round took too long, there wasn’t a break between it and the second elimination round. After the duels ended yesterday, the lot-drawing for the second round commenced immediately.

The Tang Sect would be competing tomorrow. Today, Shrek Academy was going to compete. As the legendary team in the tournament, many people were waiting for them to compete. In the previous tournament, they had managed to create a miracle even though the circumstances were unfavorable for them. Could they do the same in this tournament? No one knew the answer. The inclusion of sects made the tournament more worth watching, but also made it much more unpredictable.

After the first round, fifty-six of the remaining eighty-four teams came from sects. That was two-thirds of the teams left in the tournament. This showed how powerful sects were. However, there were some traditional academy teams which were true powerhouses, such as the Star Luo National Academy and the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

The resting area was much more spacious now. The seats had also been re-arranged. The Tang Sect, which had obtained full twelve points in the first elimination round, was guided to the pergola. This was the VIP resting area. Only the strongest teams could rest here.


“The second elimination round is about to commence. Everyone, please stay silent. The reigning champions and and winners of all of the previous editions of the tournament, Shrek Academy, will be competing today.”

The Sun Moon Empire’s citizens didn’t have a good impression of Shrek Academy. It was because of Shrek Academy that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy always came in second in the tournament. When they heard the words ‘Shrek Academy’, many of the spectators started booing.

Huo Yuhao could see many things much more clearly as he entered the VIP resting area. Although the Tang Sect had managed to gain access into this area due to their impressive performance in the previous round, they could only sit at the sides.

Shrek’s Academy team was in the center of the VIP resting area. They were next to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, the Holy Ghost Sect, and other strong teams.

Huo Yuhao also noticed another team. They were on the other side of the VIP resting area. He had noticed this team on the second day of the tournament. They had seemed to be very average, but their martial souls couldn’t be concealed. They were from the Body Sect. However, they were doing their best to conceal their abilities.

Apart from these few teams he had taken note of, Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed as he unleashed his Spiritual Detection. Almost every team in this VIP resting area was extraordinary. From what he sensed, there were very few competing members that had less than five rings. Most of them were at least Soul Kings. Huo Yuhao was only a Soul King himself. Although his Spiritual Detection was great, his judgment of the aura of those beyond his cultivation wasn’t fully accurate. However, it was still good enough for him to tell how strong or weak a team was.

Wang Qiu’er was sitting on a chair at the very front of Shrek Academy’s team. Huo Yuhao discovered that Dai Huabin, Ning Tian, Zhu Lu, Wu Feng and the others behind her appeared very resolute. After not seeing them for some time, they seemed to have matured greatly. At the very least they were less impatient.

It seemed like the pressure from the tournament wasn’t entirely a bad thing! Huo Yuhao was impressed.

“Second elimination round. The first fight will be between Shrek Academy and the Heavenly Armor Sect. Both parties, please enter your waiting areas.” The voice coming from the main stage announced the beginning of the second elimination round.

Heavenly Armor Sect? Huo Yuhao felt that this name was very familiar. He immediately recalled how he had met the disciplined Heavenly Armor Sect before they came to Radiant City. They were all riding Hornscale Horses from the Dou Ling Empire. The Heavenly Armor Sect had even left a deep impression on him. He hadn’t expected them to have to face Shrek Academy in the second round.

Both parties entered their respective waiting areas. As expected, the seven from Shrek Academy were Wang Qiu’er, Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, Ning Tian, Xie Huanyue, Wu Feng, and Cao Jinxuan.

Zhou Sichen, Lan Susu, and Lan Luoluo were seated beneath the stage as substitutes. They weren’t able to compete today.

The Heavenly Armor Sect wasn’t in the VIP resting area, they were still in the resting area outside. Huo Yuhao unleashed his Spiritual Detection, and immediately sensed Han Zhanhu choosing the competing members for the Heavenly Armor Sect. He could sense the tense nerves of the Heavenly Armor Sect’s competing members.

Shrek Academy was extremely reputable. They had built that reputation with their ability for thousands of years. The Heavenly Armor Sect was simply too unlucky to have drawn Shrek Academy! After making it through the first round, they had met Shrek Academy in only the second round.

Han Zhanhu was helpless. Since they had met Shrek Academy, what could they do? They could only go all-out against them. This was the idea that he planted in his disciples’ heads after the lot was drawn. It was a rare opportunity for them to fight Shrek Academy. At least they could have a taste of the abilities and fighting strategies of the top academy on the continent!

The seven competing members from both sides entered the waiting area.

The referee said loudly, “Individual elimination round. First members from both teams, please enter the stage.”

A muscular youth from the Heavenly Armor Sect jumped onto the stage as the spectators watched. Dai Huabin was the first from Shrek Academy to compete.

“What!?” Huo Yuhao gently exclaimed. As he watched Wang Qiu’er’s back, the look in his eyes changed.

“She’s not the first to compete? This is unlike her!” Wang Dong’er also muttered under her breath.

Huo Yuhao clapped his hand against hers and said, “They’re really smart. It seems like she really values this tournament. To conserve her abilities and fight in a balanced manner, she’s managed to remain patient. It won’t be easy for us either, if we meet them!”

Wang Dong’er said, “It’s better not to meet them. It’s not good for us to go against one another.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Let’s see how our luck is. If we don’t meet them in the next round, we should be able to last until the finals.”

Dai Huabin was much fitter than before. He entered the stage confidently.

Both parties greeted each other in front of the referee.

“Shrek Academy, Dai Huabin.”

“Heavenly Armor Sect, Han Yu.”

The referee repeated the rules of the tournament once more and emphasized that neither of them should intentionally kill their opponent. Otherwise, they would be punished. After that, he let the two of them retreat and prepare for the fight.

While Dai Huabin appeared very calm, he was actually very anxious.

He was finally here at the tournament. Even though he was a substitute, he was still finally here! After years of tireless cultivation, he finally had a chance to display his prowess. Dad, elder brother, wait and see. I’ll definitely show how good I am!

He bumped his fists together in front of his chest. A strong competitive intent was exuded from his body. He cracked his knuckles and stared at his opponent. Right now, he was like a famished and ferocious tiger.

“Match, start!” The referee swiped his right hand down.

Dai Huabin shot out like a ferocious tiger. However, he didn’t unleash his strengthening skills like he always did. He only unleashed his martial soul.

Two yellow, two purple, and one black soul ring, the best combination. White hair grew from his body, and he expanded in size as he unleashed his White Tiger.

If someone else had such a cultivation, everyone would be terrified. However, it was apt that Dai Huabin possessed such a martial soul, since he was representing Shrek Academy.

The youth from the Heavenly Armor Sect didn’t rush forward. Han Yu looked very calm, and also unleashed his own martial soul. Two yellow, two purple, and one black soul ring also appeared, once again the best combination for a Soul King!

A pitch-black, hexagonal piece of metal flew out from his body before it condensed to form a hexagonal shield. The shield was dense and heavy, and formed from proportionate pieces of scales.

After unleashing his martial soul, Han Yu took big strides towards Dai Huabin as his aura continued to soar.

With a roar, Dai Huabin’s speed increased rapidly. His thick and strong legs unleashed great force. The speed at which he was moving was so fast that an illusory projection seemed to drag along behind him. He slammed his tiger palm towards Han Yu.

Han Yu did the opposite. As he was bursting forward, he suddenly stomped his left leg and came to an abrupt stop. As he stopped, he unleashed his Heavenly Armor Shield.

The Heavenly Armor Sect was a family sect. All of its disciples were descendants and relatives, and they possessed almost the same martial soul, the Heavenly Armor Shield!


It was only the first strike, but Dai Huabin demonstrated how powerful he was. Their cultivations were at the same level, and his opponent had used a shield to defend against him, but his palm strike forced Han Yu back more than three meters. 

Han Yu’s feet even made sparks as he slid across the metal surface. Dai Huabin’s sharp tiger claws had left five deep marks on the shield!

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