Volume 27, Chapter 280: The Cute Yet Powerful Snow Lady

Why is he in a wheelchair? Why? He was fine the last time I saw him. What happened?

Considering how proud he was, it was definitely impossible for him to act like he was disabled to trick others, unless he was really incapacitated.

Even though Ju Zi had warned herself many times to forget him, there were some things and people that couldn’t be easily forgotten. Ju Zi hadn’t expected Huo Yuhao to be in a wheelchair the next time she saw him.

Before the tournament had started, she had sent someone to investigate Shrek Academy. However, she hadn’t discovered Huo Yuhao among the students from Shrek. She was still feeling very weird, but her emotions started to flow when she saw Huo Yuhao. If not for Xu Tianran beside her, she would have rushed over to him and demanded an explanation.

Besides these people, there were two more figures in the pergola that trembled slightly when they saw Huo Yuhao in his wheelchair.


The referee lifted his hand up high and looked at both parties, especially Huo Yuhao. After ascertaining that they were ready, his right hand swiped down, and he announced the start of the tournament.

Huo Yuhao moved. However, his soul rings didn’t appear. He only turned the wheels of his wheelchair and moved forward slowly. It was as fast as it was when he went into position earlier.

On the other side, Xu Shenshu’s aura soared!

He looked into the sky and roared. After that, he burst out like a cannon shell. His right foot stomped on the ground, and his body lifted into the air. As he was in the air, his bones crackled. Two yellow and three purple soul rings appeared concurrently from his body. His body also grew in size as he unleashed his martial soul.

Earthdragon Sect! It was exactly as its name suggested. Soul masters of this sect had varied versions of the Earthdragon as their martial soul. As Xu Shenshu’s body expanded in size, his skin also bulged with a layer of black keratin. Bulges also started to surface from his back. As the bulges burst open, several sharp dorsal fins poked out of his back.

His martial soul was a Sabertooth Earth Dragon, a pure strength-type martial soul. It was good at both attack and defense. Its weakness was that it wasn’t adept at long-range attacks.

As his body burst forward, Xu Shenshu’s arms extended to his sides, and he revealed his developed chest muscles. On the outside of his arms, a layer of curved claws poked out. 

His first soul ring lit up. Xu Shenshu’s layer of keratin exuded a black glow at this moment, and his strength seemed to have increased, too. In a few steps, he was less than twenty meters from Huo Yuhao.

There was only one thought in everyone’s minds right now; they believed he didn’t have to be so ferocious against a disabled person.

Empathy for the weak. This was almost the same mindset that everyone possessed. Moreover, Huo Yuhao seemed too weak!

Huo Yuhao stopped pushing his wheelchair forward. After that, an orange glow lit up from his body. A small and petite figure crawled out from his forehead and blocked the way in front of him.

This figure wasn’t more than three feet tall, and seemed around two years old. She wore a deep blue belly wrap, which accentuated her powdery-white skin. Under the illumination of the orange glow, this small lady looked extremely beautiful.

Xu Shenshu’s aura was still very scary when he leapt over. However, he was wondering what was going on when he saw the small lady between him and Huo Yuhao just as he was about to reach him.

Xu Shenshu was in a daze, and frantically changed directions. He was here to compete, not to kill, especially not such a cute little lady. How could he bear to!?

“Uncle!” The young lady called. Her voice sounded like a baby, and it even sounded a little unclear. He could only roughly hear what she was saying.

“Yes, yes…” Xu Shenshu lost a little of his balance as he changed directions because of the great power that he exerted. After hearing such a cute lady call to him, he acknowledged her words subconsciously. Her big, beautiful eyes were even filled with a sense of closeness. His heart softened when he saw her.

After that, he saw her delicate finger pointing towards him. What happened next?

Xu Shenshu felt a gust of chill engulfing him, and everything turned deep blue in front of him.

All of this happened instantly. From the Snow Lady’s appearance to Xu Shenshu’s directional change to being called and pointed at by the Snow Lady to the deep blue glow that surfaced in front of Xu Shenshu, everything happened in just a matter of seconds. After that, he was frozen into an ice sculpture and collapsed to the ground.

The Snow Lady turned around and flew back to Huo Yuhao. She sat on his shoulder and called out in delight, “Daddy!”

Every time she called him that, Huo Yuhao would shudder in his heart as he remembered how strong the Snow Empress was. However, he absolutely adored this Snow Lady.

This was the end?

The entire grounds went silent.

No one had expected this result. Absolutely no one. Even the Tang Sect team didn’t know that Huo Yuhao would unleash the Snow Empress’ Spirit the moment he appeared.

Everyone from the Earthdragon Sect was also dumbfounded. They could have never expected such a result!

The referee rushed over and checked on Xu Shenshu’s condition. After that, he immediately announced that Huo Yuhao had emerged victorious. The referee’s eyes never left the Snow Lady. He had clearly heard her calling Huo Yuhao her father.

He had never even heard of anyone bringing their kid to compete in the tournament before. Was that really his daughter? No, that was impossible! She was such a small kid, but she was very powerful. Was it his soul skill? However, he didn’t even unleash his martial soul. Or perhaps that was his martial soul?

Even the referee, who was pretty strong, had his own doubts. The rest of the competitors were in greater doubt. They were all confused when they saw the Snow Lady. All sorts of guesses started to surface.

When the Snow Lady came over to Xu Shenshu to help him melt the ice, Xu Shenshu was shivering as he looked at her. “You, you, you…”

The Snow Lady unleashed her most lethal weapon – she pointed her two index fingers forward and lowered her head, revealing an indignant look on her face.

Xu Shenshu’s pupils dilated, and he quickly said, “Little girl, don’t cry! Don’t cry, I’ve lost! I’ll leave the stage!”

As he spoke, he started to leave the stage in low spirits. After walking past Huo Yuhao, he shot him a furious look and said, “You are too despicable. How can you bring a kid to compete? Aren’t you scared of hurting her?”

Huo Yuhao was a little helpless, “Thanks for your reminder. I’ll keep her safe. Oh, you are a good guy.”

“You don’t have to play this card!” Xu Shenshu quickly made his way off the stage.

Victory! The guy in the wheelchair had actually won. From the looks of it, he didn’t do anything either! However, where did the young lady come from?

No matter how confused the spectators were, the tournament still had to continue. The second competitor from the Earthdragon Sect entered the stage. As he looked at the Snow Lady, he cursed in his heart. However, this was a tournament! He kept on telling himself that he couldn’t be bewitched by her. He clearly saw how the Snow Lady had defeated the unwary Xu Shenshu with her finger earlier. She was far more than just cute on the surface!

Both parties set their distance from each other. As the referee’s hand swiped down, the second fight officially started.

The second competing member was called Feng Jue. His martial soul was also a type of Earthdragon, but it was no longer a strength-type, it was an agility-type. This was also a decision that the Earthdragon Sect made after they saw the fight between Huo Yuhao and Xu Shenshu. The Snow Lady was too cute, and it was difficult for them to lay their hands on her. However, Huo Yuhao was the one controlling her. He couldn’t be very mobile, as he was in a wheelchair. As long as he was restrained, the fight would be over.

Feng Jue’s martial soul was called a Wind Dragon, a type of Earthdragon. As he unleashed his martial soul, green scales started to cover the left side of his body. Two yellow and two purple soul rings were unleashed… he was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor! The first two soul rings shone concurrently, and Feng Jue was like a gust of wind as he rushed towards Huo Yuhao. His hands turned into sharp dragon claws as he stared at the Snow Lady. Once she moved, he would avoid her and deal Huo Yuhao a lethal blow! This was his strategy.

Seeing that the two parties were closing the distance, the Snow Lady also flew out.

She’s indeed coming!, Feng Jue thought, and immediately reacted. His figure flashed, and he quickly leapt to one side. He was trying to make his way around the Snow Lady.

However, a deep blue ice wall appeared in front of him without any warning.

At this point, Feng Jue was racing forward at full speed, and it wasn’t possible for him to stop. He shrank his body in panic and reached forward with his dragon claws as he prepared for a collision.

The spectators who were watching from the side could clearly see that the ice wall was unleashed by the Snow Lady. She mimicked the action of holding the moon, and an ice wall three meters high and one meter thick appeared out of nowhere to block Feng Jue.

It was actually a meter thick! And it was ice formed from Ultimate Ice too, much tougher than reinforced steel! If he collided with it…!


Feng Jue struck the wall as he burst forward at full speed. His dragon claws were really sharp and managed to pierce through the wall, but his body was also stuck to it.

The Snow Lady laughed and pointed with her right finger. Another streak of deep blue light struck out and ended the second fight.

The first two fights were very easy, and the first two members of the Earthdragon Sect had been defeated. The expressions of the rest of the members changed greatly. Not only was there a disabled person, but the Tang Sect had used a cripple to win two consecutive fights. How was the Earthdragon Sect going to cope in the future fights to come? The most depressing thing was that they couldn’t change their competing members once they entered the waiting area. The few remaining ones could only watch, and couldn’t do anything to change reality.

The third competing member from the Earthdragon Sect didn’t last longer than the first two members. Once he entered, he burst towards Huo Yuhao and the Snow Lady like the first two. However, he was much more intelligent this time. He attacked the Snow Lady directly.

However, the Snow Lady made a dancing motion with her hands when he closed to around twenty meters from her. After that, a white ice ring appeared in front of him.

This Earthdragon Sect member reacted quite quickly. As he flipped his body, he avoided the ice ring. However, the ice ring formed a thick ice pillar which blew apart instantly. The crushed ice trapped his body, and he was turned into an ice sculpture after the explosive force disappeared.

The rest of the Earthdragon Sect team couldn’t keep their cool anymore as the tournament reached this stage. They were truly impressed by the Snow Lady’s fighting strength. It wasn’t just luck, Huo Yuhao was truly strong! No wonder he dared to compete even though he was in a wheelchair!

The Snow Lady flew back in front of Huo Yuhao and sat on his thigh. She grabbed his sleeve, and her eyes were filled with an innocent look. The soul power that she had depleted was instantly restored.

Huo Yuhao was full of the origin energy of Ultimate Ice, so he let the Snow Lady fight. On the one hand, he could remain mysterious to his opponents. On the other hand, the Snow Lady could absorb origin energy from him if she used up hers. The Snow Lady sucked away the chill on the surface of his skin, but the essential origin energy was absorbed by him. When she returned to his body, they could share this essence.

Huo Yuhao had thought of this before, but the Snow Lady had sucked away too much origin energy the last time. It was only recently that she had finally managed to completely absorb her share of the origin energy. As her powers greatly increased, she became more telepathically connected to Huo Yuhao, too. That was why she could now come out to fight.

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