Volume 27, Chapter 271.1: Sword Fanatic's Sword

Ji Juechen didn’t stand down. He wielded the Judgment Sword and followed Feng Ling towards the rest of the Heaven’s Gate disciples. Since when were Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan afraid of anything? They loved trouble! Ji Juechen’s competitiveness came to the surface as he was provoked. Initiating an attack was in line with his personality.

Jing Ziyan didn’t follow him. She had been greatly agitated by Huo Yuhao earlier, and hadn’t recovered yet. Furthermore, she also felt something from the immense spiritual pressure that Huo Yuhao had brought upon her. She needed some time to digest everything.

Feng Ling quickly rushed back to his own territory. Everyone from Heaven’s Gate naturally heard his confrontation with the Tang Sect. The entire sect, including the two middle-aged men, gathered immediately.

Ji Juechen lifted his sword and walked over. Bei Bei wanted to follow him, but he was stopped by Jing Ziyan.

“Let him have his fill. Otherwise, he’ll vent it all on us.”

Bei Bei immediately sat down. He sighed slightly, and his eyes were filled with empathy for those from Heaven’s Gate.

Jing Ziyan’s lips moved slightly. “What kind of person are you?”

Bei Bei smiled and revealed his set of white teeth, “I’m a good guy.”

Jing Ziyan looked over and shrugged her shoulders. Ever since she came to Tang Sect, she had smiled far more often.

“Who are you? What do you want?” one of the middle-aged men shouted at Ji Juechen as he walked over.

Ji Juechen was holding the Judgment Sword. As he moved forward, his aura was changing tremendously. It was as if he and his surrounding environment had assimilated. However, the environment didn’t assimilate with him. On the contrary, he assimilated with the environment. Everything surrounding him became extremely quiet. Even the birdsong that could be heard earlier disappeared. The colorful and radiant world turned dim and grey.

The two middle-aged men started to turn serious.

Ji Juechen finally stopped. “Either you beat me or I’ll beat you.” As he spoke, he lifted his Judgment Sword and grabbed it with both hands. He lifted it high above his head.

A weird glow extended from the sword hilt. Two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings quickly rose from Ji Juechen’s feet. However, these soul rings turned grey in the next moment. His entire body turned grey too.

Solitary Sword Domain.

The layer of grey started to expand at a frightening speed. The surroundings were dyed grey all around him.

Huo Yuhao finally opened his eyes. He was impressed. “Brother Ji’s domain is getting more and more complete.”

Those from the Heavenly Armor Sect naturally noticed the confrontation that was going on. Han Zhanhu stood up and watched what was happening.

When he saw Ji Juechen walk towards the Heaven’s Gate disciples and unleash six soul rings, his expression changed. Although Ji Juechen looked older than twenty, he was definitely not older than thirty! For him to become a Soul Emperor at that age meant that he was the best among everyone of the same age. When Ji Juechen lifted his Judgment Sword and his soul rings turned grey, Han Zhanhu’s expression also turned serious.

He must possess great abilities given these strange things I’m seeing. This young man is extraordinary!

The Heaven’s Gate disciples wouldn’t allow Ji Juechen to bully them, either. They quickly spread out. The two middle-aged men also unleashed their soul rings. Just like Ji Juechen, they were six-ringed Soul Emperors. However, the color of their soul rings was slightly different.

One of them had three yellow and three purple soul rings, while the other had three yellow, two purple and one black soul ring. Evidently, it wasn’t their first time teaming up with together. The Soul Emperor with the three yellow and three purple soul rings retreated quickly. At the same time, he lifted a soul cannon to his shoulder. The soul rings on his body flashed, and his soul power undulations increased significantly. He was an orthodox soul engineer.

The other middle-aged man stood in place without moving. As a clanging sound rang out, a thick suit of armor appeared on his body. The pitch-black armor carried a little silver light. Evidently, it was created using some form of special metal. This armor, including a helmet, covered his body from head to toe. Not only that, but this close-combat soul engineer even had a shield in his hand.

The Heaven’s Gate Sect was a soul engineering sect. Besides these two middle-aged men, the rest also unleashed their soul tools. Feng Ling also wore a suit of armor and carried a shield. Furthermore, his armor seemed stronger than the middle-aged man’s. However, he only had four soul rings. Bearing his shield, he protected himself like a turtle in its shell. It seemed as if he was afraid that no one would know he was fearful of death.



An intense ball of white light was unleashed from the middle-aged man’s soul cannon. The aggressor always possessed the advantage. Ji Juechen appeared in front of them, and his soul rings were the best combination a Soul Emperor could possibly have. These two middle-aged men from the Heaven’s Gate acted very cautiously. They had unleashed the cannon strike to test Ji Juechen’s abilities. The rest of the Heaven’s Gate disciples were spread around them. Although they retrieved their soul tools, they didn’t attack.

Ji Juechen was alone! He had many compatriots who were resting. When the Heaven’s Gate disciples saw his six rings, they were dumbfounded. Most of the people they interacted with only had four rings. There were even those who only had three rings! Just having the soul tools they did was considered quite decent already.

Ji Juechen stood in place and slashed his Judgment Sword forward. His actions were simple and direct. The Judgment Sword turned black and accurately struck the soul cannon shell.

The middle-aged man who had fired the cannon was stunned. Not only did Ji Juechen not avoid the cannon shell, he even struck it directly. What was going on? This was a Class 5 soul tool! Its explosive strength was tremendous!

However, he was stunned in the next moment.

The pitch-black sword and burning white cannon shell contrasted each other. However, the cannon shell seemed to stall slightly as it made contact. It seemed to be on the verge of blowing apart, but it was swallowed by the black that came from the sword in the next instant. None of its energy was released.

Ji Juechen was very confident. As he stepped forward with his left leg, he continued to slash with his sword.

The previous black turned into a blinding brightness. In that instant, his entire person seemed to have turned into a silver sun. The intense brightness blinded the Heaven’s Gate disciples temporarily.

The silver light retracted amidst their groans. The close-combat soul engineer holding the shield had already shifted from his position, retreating three meters.

Ji Juechen stood where he was quietly. His Judgment Sword had lost its glow by now.

A crisp clang resonated from the soul engineer that retreated. Following this, an astonishing scene appeared.

A streak of silver light was released from his shield. It expanded like the patterns on a turtle shell. A crackling sound followed as the shield was turned into a pile of debris on the ground. Not only this, but the expanding silver light even appeared on his armor. It started from his helmet all the way down his body. His entire suit of armor cracked and fell off. The weird thing, however, was that he wasn’t hurt at all.

There were nearly forty people on this empty patch of land. However, the entire patch turned eerily silent at this instant. Even the sounds of birds chirping couldn’t be heard in this domain. The greyness seemed to be spreading ceaselessly. Everyone from the Heaven’s Gate was engulfed.

Ji Juechen’s gaze was as cold as ever. However, he appeared much more disappointed this time. He gently shook his head and turned around. He placed the Judgment Sword on his shoulder and walked back towards the Tang Sect. The grey domain followed him back. He was already very handsome, but in this brief fight, his suaveness had shocked everyone.

He was a sword fanatic, and only lived for fighting and swords. He wasn’t an executioner. Moreover, that instantaneous control was something that he pursued. In his eyes, the Heaven’s Gate disciples weren’t fit enough for him to truly unleash his sword.

Han Zhanhu was astonished. There was only one thought in his mind – if I were the one standing in front of him, what would I do against his sword?

Ji Juechen’s fighting method was one of a kind. He was neither a soul master, nor a soul engineer. However, he was very strong, especially in control. If he could tear his opponent’s shield and armor apart, he could definitely tear his opponent’s body apart as well.

However, he didn’t harm the man. He only threatened him with his sword, and caused everyone from the Heaven’s Gate to freeze in place.

Feng Ling was shivering and something wet could be felt at his crotch. Who did I just offend?

The middle-aged man who unleashed the long-range strike took two steps forward and came up beside his partner. He asked softly, “Senior, are you okay?”

He only saw his senior’s pale face.

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