Chapter 27.2

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 27.2: Revenge? Brother?

Xuan Lao shook his head. “You should know what the most important part of a Body Soul is; it’s the potential that it has, as well as the variations that the martial soul can undergo during combat. It’s very clear from today’s match; even under that sort of pressure, his martial soul didn’t undergo any variations. In other words, he doesn’t possess the essence of a Body Soul. He’s too old, and he doesn’t have enough soul power. At the same time, his first soul ring is only ten years old. Even if he has decent potential, he isn’t something that I want. Do you understand?”

Wang Yan was still somewhat unresigned. “Xuan Lao, I just found out yesterday that Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong have fused their martial souls, and can even release a fusion skill. Although I don’t know what exactly their fusion skill is, isn’t that enough to prove his talent?”

Xuan Lao objected. “A fusion skill doesn’t mean everything. Alright, I’ve already made my decision. Those two little fellas can be chosen. As for Huo Yuhao, just leave it.”

With that, he stood up and walked unsteadily away, a chicken wing in one hand and a huge bottle gourd in the other. His unsteady gait made it seem as if he could fall down at any time.

As he stared at Xuan Lao’s back, Wang Yan couldn’t help but sigh. He naturally knew of Huo Yuhao’s problems, but he still felt that he had an unordinary temperament. Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao were much, much more outstanding than him on the surface, but he was still able to lead them into their matches, and had become the true core of their team. Why was this?

“Was my judgement truly wrong? No, I won’t give up. No matter what, I’ll do all I can to nurture Huo Yuhao. It won’t be too late to find Xuan Lao after he’s obtained a few achievements.”

The freshmen assessment had already entered its final stages, and the top 8 had already been decided from the morning matches. There was no doubt that these 8 teams were the most outstanding teams amongst the freshmen students. However, two of the teams that were led by Soul Elder-ranked students had actually been eliminated, to everybody’s surprise. More importantly, they had actually been eliminated by the same team.

There were only eight teams left in the knock-out round. The moment Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong arrived at the Assessment Area, they immediately attracted the attention of the other seven teams. It was clear that none of the other teams were willing to fight against the two of them in the quarterfinals—even if they only had two people left in their team.

Their Haodong Power was truly miraculous. Under Huo Yuhao’s assistance, Wang Dong had already recovered all of his soul power after cultivating for merely four hours. Furthermore, using all of his strength during the morning match, combined with the diligent cultivation he’d recently done, had allowed his soul power to increase to Rank 25.

While drawing the lots, Huo Yuhao whispered to Wang Dong, “Right, what was that skill you used at the very end of the morning match?”

Wang Dong replied, “It was a fusion skill that I created by combining my Guillotine Wing and my Light of the Butterfly Goddess. It’s the strongest move I have at my disposal. If I’m not mistaken, that Xie Huanyue possesses a very rarely seen Beast Soul that’s known as the Rubberdon. That martial soul innately possesses an extremely strong defense. His first soul skill should’ve been ‘Elephant Transformation’, while that arm-elongating skill should be ‘Elephant’s Nose’. That last skill that had a powerful crowd-controlling effect should be something like ‘Elephant’s Fury’. If you want to break that rubber ball-like defense of his, normal attacks definitely won’t work. There are only two ways that I know of: A peak-level elemental attack, such as an extremely hot fire-type skill or an extremely cold ice-type skill, or an extremely sharp skill. I used my Light of the Butterfly Goddess to activate my Guillotine Wing so that I could use its sharpness to pierce through his defenses. While that guy was trapped by Xiao Xiao, I had just enough time to charge up enough energy to use it. I was confident that a single attack of mine could destroy his martial soul.”

After listening to Wang Dong’s explanation, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but inwardly praise him. Although he’d studied the various aspects of soul master-related knowledge during these three months, there was still a large gap between him and Wang Dong! This further solidified Huo Yuhao’s conviction to diligently cultivate.

“Team Huo Yuhao, come forward and draw your lots.” Director Du Weilun’s voice jolted Huo Yuhao awake. He then hurriedly walked forward, drawing a stick from the ballot cylinder Du Weilun held.

Du Weilun carefully looked at Huo Yuhao, thinking to himself, This kid truly has his own outstanding points, and his spiritual-type martial soul is extremely rare. Unfortunately, he hasn’t reached Rank 20 yet, and the chances of him obtaining a strong soul ring in the future are too small. If he can continue to pass all of the Academy’s assessments and remain as a student, we’ll be able to see whether or not he has the qualifications to become a core disciple of the Martial Soul Department by the time he gets to his fourth or fifth year.

“Number 3.” After taking Huo Yuhao’s lot, Du Weilun loudly announced his number.

One of the teams who’d already drawn their lots suddenly had a change in expression; they were going to fight against Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Huo Yuhao walked back towards Wang Dong. “There’s a one in seven chance that we’re going to fight against the last team that has a Soul Elder in it. If that team’s our next opponent, I think that we should consider praying to a god.”

Wang Dong had a speechless look on his face. “What god should we pray to?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled, “The Sea God, of course. Isn’t that ancestor the true symbol of our Shrek Academy?”

Wang Dong placed his right hand on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder. “Hey, that’s not funny. When there was a 3 in 32 chance in the beginning, the chances of us fighting against a team with a Soul Elder in it wasn’t even ten percent, but we still got them. When it was two in sixteen, it wasn’t even eight percent, but we still got them. Now that it’s a one in seven chance, the odds of us fighting against the last team with a Soul Elder in it are even greater than our previous odds. What do you think our odds are now?”

After hearing his analysis, Huo Yuhao immediately smiled bitterly. “We can’t be that unlucky, right….”

Although the concept of luck did exist, one wouldn’t be lucky or unlucky all the time; the facts proved it. This time around, there weren’t any Soul Elders in the team they’d picked.

After entering the Assessment Area, both teams stood facing each other and introduced themselves. This time, their opponents were from Class 9, and all three of them were Soul Grandmasters. Relatively speaking, they were an extremely strong team. However, there was a large gap between their team, and the teams that Huo Yuhao’s team had defeated in their two previous matches.

“Two agility-types and an assault-type. It’s this combination again, how boring. How should we go about this?” Wang Dong whispered into Huo Yuhao’s ear.

A light flashed through Huo Yuhao’s eyes. “Let’s just brute force our way through them.”


The level of synergy between the two had become much higher. After a simple exchange of pleasantries, the match started.

Both sides simultaneously released their martial souls. However, the assault system Wang Dong didn’t immediately charge out. Instead, he flapped his blue wings, flying into the air while immediately activating his second, purple soul ring.

Huo Yuhao held onto Wang Dong’s ankle from below, the faintly golden light in his eyes completely concealed by the light that Wang Dong was currently releasing.

The golden patterns on Wang Dong’s wings all lit up, while a smidge of orange appeared on them as a result of the Haodong Power that was being poured into them.

This time around, Huo Yuhao was able to closely observe Wang Dong from a short distance with nobody disturbing him. As a result of that, he was able to clearly see that Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess wasn’t spurting out a pillar of light, but many light orbs. Each and every golden pattern on Wang Dong’s wings would spurt out a single orb of light, causing a total of several tens of them to appear. In the next instant, an orange light illuminated the entire arena.

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