Volume 26, Chapter 264.2: Raging Hot Blood in the Boundary Between Life and Death

He was like a detonator to a stationary soul cannon, as his body was filled with the origin energy of Ultimate Ice. As his palms entered the spring, there was a sudden explosion in the Blazing Sunspring. The terrifying aura that raged forth after that even swept all the way over to Wang Qiu’er.

Steam started to rise from Huo Yuhao’s body. This was the result as Ultimate Ice clashed with Ultimate Fire. Right now, he seemed to be intoxicated, and didn’t appear to feel anything. He cupped some of the spring water in his hands and brought it to his face.

Mist started to rise from his palms. Even though he had Ultimate Ice to protect his body, he had no intention of protecting himself. Blisters started to surface on his hands. They were like cooked shrimp at this point, burning red.

“Dong’er! My love for you is pure. I will succeed!” He knelt down beside the sunspring and lifted his head and hands as the plants all looked at him. Before Wang Qiu’er could grab hold of him, he swallowed the spring water.

A red gust rose from his head, and a layer of thick icy fog was unleashed from his body. Wang Qiu’er’s hand was pushed away by this layer of fog.

Huo Yuhao didn’t stop. His face had already turned completely red, and he looked like a drunk. However, he still managed to focus and activate the Instant Teleportation from his left leg soul bone.

A golden light flashed, and he teleported all the way back to the black stone, arriving in front of the Yearning Heartbroken Grass.

His eyes had already turned red at this point. However, there was a satisfied smile on his face. However, this look of satisfaction appeared a little weird on his red face. However, it also seemed a little sacred!

“No, you will die!” Wang Qiu’er cried. She also activated her Instant Teleportation, but she wasn’t teleported as far as Huo Yuhao. She was too late. She watched as Huo Yuhao slapped his chest for the second time.

She saw him spewing blood from his mouth. His blood landed on the Yearning Heartbroken Grass.

At this instant, time seemed to have stood still. Wang Qiu’er collapsed onto the ground, and tears flowed down her face. At this moment, she couldn’t imagine what he had been through. At the same time, she also felt that her heart had broken.

“Huo Yuhao, Huo Yuhao!” Wang Qiu’er was crying sorrowfully. She was crying sorrowfully with her eyes shut.

However, Huo Yuhao’s eyes were wide open. He was staring at the white flower and his own blood.

The ice melted. As his blood fused together, it started to seep into the flower. A layer of pure and holy light shone from the flower and engulfed Huo Yuhao. It was shaking slightly, as if it were struggling. The blood of sorrow on the petal started to fade.

Even though it looked very delicate, all the flowers surrounding the Icefire Yin Yang Well closed and drooped when it broke free from the black stone. This included the Delicate Silk Immortal, the Blazed Delicate Apricot, the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass and the Wonderloft Chrysanthemum . They were like subjects bowing down to their king.

The small, white flower drifted quietly in front of Huo Yuhao and stuck closely to his cheek. It was as if it had found its lover, and was exuding a jade glow.

Huo Yuhao’s expression turned a little silly. Even though his hands were filled with blisters and looked as if they were melting, and even though blood was coming out of the pores of his body before turning into ice flakes, he still smiled in deep satisfaction.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something. However, his throat had been scalded by the Blazing Sunspring water. His voice was very hoarse, but it was possible to tell what he was trying to say by reading his lips.

“Dong’er, I have succeeded!”

The white flower stuck closely to his face and didn’t fall off. The glow that came from it was still flashing, as if it were soothing his hurt body.

Huo Yuhao’s body shook slightly, and he almost fell down. He forcefully twisted his head to look at Wang Qiu’er. There was a pleading look on his face.

Wang Qiu’er had just crawled up from the ground. At this moment, she didn’t dare to reject him no matter how aloof and sad she was.

“Alright, I promise!” Wang Qiu’er muttered as she cried.

Huo Yuhao’s lips moved. Fresh blood flowed from his body. His body was slowly collapsing to the ground. Before he completely collapsed, he forced his head to one side so that the Yearning Heartbroken Grass wouldn’t touch the ground. He was afraid of crushing the delicate flower. No, he was afraid of crushing Wang Dong’er’s hope.

Wang Qiu’er walked towards Huo Yuhao slowly.

His body crashed irregularly to the ground. Fresh blood continued to stream from his mouth and nose. His life was slowly diminishing. The flesh on his hands had mostly melted off, and his bones could almost be seen. An intense chill was surging through his body. It was about to blow him apart.

He’s, he’s about to die. He’s really about to die?

Wang Qiu’er’s heart was trembling. She turned around suddenly to look at the Delicate Silk Immortal.

“What can save him, what can save him?” She was almost shouting hysterically. As she spoke, she lifted Huo Yuhao up and rushed in front of the Delicate Silk Immortal.

The Delicate Silk Immortal’s voice was also filled with sorrow, “He’s hurt too badly. The spring water that he swallowed has already burned his throat, windpipe and even his heart. He didn’t activate the Ultimate Ice in his body to resist the scorching spring water. Because of this, the blood that he spat out was burning. It’s really blood from his heart! He is the best human I’ve ever seen. His stubbornness towards love isn’t inferior to that of Tang San and Xiao Wu!”

“Stop spouting nonsense now. Can you save him? If he dies, I’ll bury all of you here with him.” Wang Qiu’er’s face was stained with tears. However, an indescribable force was unleashed from her body at this instant. Her powdery-blue hair quickly turned golden and flew up behind her back. Her sky blue eyes also turned golden. She released an indescribable aura from her body. Golden light rapidly spread from her body, and everything that surrounded her was dyed gold.

The plants started to tremble in deep fear.

“Stop, please stop first!” The Delicate Silk Immortal was shuddering as she spoke.

Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “He dies, I die, everyone dies.” The golden light stopped spreading momentarily. Every word from her mouth was very determined. She was so determined that it was terrifying.

The Delicate Silk Immortal was a little stunned as she said, “His, his lover doesn’t seem to be you...”

Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “Is this related to what I asked? It’s not important whether he loves me. However, I have realized that I love him. Since he can give up his life for her, I can also do the same thing. Do you really have no way of saving him? If you don’t, I have a plan. However, all of you will die if I use this plan.”

The Delicate Silk Immortal sighed and said, “Initially, there was no way. However, there might be a chance since you love him so much. Unless you can…”



Shrek Academy, Sea God’s Lake, Sea God’s Island, Sea God’s Pavilion...

The Golden Tree exuded a gentle aura of life. However, there seemed to be something different within this gentle aura of life.

Wang Dong’er was seated quietly in Huo Yuhao’s room. The window was open, and she could see the thick vegetation outside. But right now, everything seemed grey within her eyes.

She had been seated here for a day and night. She didn’t move the entire time.

Over the past ten days, she and her partners had combed the entire academy and Shrek City. They had even searched a region in the Great Star Dou Forest.

However, there wasn’t any news of him.

Wang Dong’er’s eyes were a little swollen. She had cried a countless number of times.

When she discovered that he had disappeared with Wang Qiu’er, she had been filled with rage apart from the heart-chilling cold. Did he betray me? No, Yuhao wouldn’t do that. These two thoughts appeared alternately in her mind.

Niu Tian wouldn’t have expected that the pouch he gave to Wang Dong’er would also become a test for her. The test was tormenting her.

The initial rage and chill started to change as time passed. Her rage intensified. She couldn’t wait to find him and grab his collar before interrogating him as to why he left, and why he left with Wang Qiu’er. Is it really because I’m not good enough, and she loves you more than I do?

The rage even caused her to lose her rationality.

However, what happened after her rage vanished? After her rage vanished, she was only left with fear.

Before this, she hadn’t expected that she would one day lose Huo Yuhao. However, she really had lost him this time. She had discovered that she couldn’t live without him. Without him, her entire world turned grey and lifeless.

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