Volume 26, Chapter 264.1: Raging Hot Blood in the Boundary Between Life and Death

The Delicate Silk Immortal made a snorting sound and said, “You really don’t want my pill?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “If I need it in the future, I’ll ask for it. Thanks, You You.”

The Delicate Silk Immortal groaned, “Then you should get going. I don’t think you can stay any longer either.”

She was right. He had been gone from Shrek Academy for a week. Although he knew that nothing would happen to Wang Dong’er’s internal injury, he was still very anxious. In order to be more prepared to obtain the Yearning Heartbroken Grass, he had to make sufficient preparations. He couldn’t be distracted at all. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a second chance if he failed! This was what he was afraid of.

A dim light flashed, and Huo Yuhao revealed a focused gleam in his eyes. He clasped his hands in front of his chest. Every time the light in his eyes flashed, the air would distort slightly.

He didn’t rush out to pluck the Yearning Heartbroken Grass. He stood up and looked into the distance, in the direction of Shrek Academy.

Slowly, the calm expression in his eyes started to turn gentle. There was only one figure in it, and he started to smile. He recalled the first time he had met Wang Dong’er.

She had been extremely arrogant then! She was obviously a girl, but she dressed up like a guy. No wonder so many weird things had happened.

They had learned and cultivated together. They even possessed martial soul fusion skills and unleashed the Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence.

They had been together for a long time.

On the beautiful Sea God’s Lake during the Sea God’s Fate, she finally revealed her identity as a girl. From the Love at First Sight, to Destined in Three Lives, and finally to Eternal Love.

Dong’er, you have finally become my girlfriend. I was stupid, I was really stupid. It was only then that I was certain you were a girl. It was only then that I realized you weren’t a brother or partner to me but…

Dong’er, I’m very foolish, right? In your heart, I’ve always been very foolish and stupid. However, you fell for me. With your status as the Clear Sky Sect’s young mistress, you must have had many choices. With your ravishing Goddess of Light’s looks, you can attract many guys.

However, you chose me. You chose my ordinary looks. I was even the worst-looking fellow when we were first admitted to the academy.

Dong’er, you’ve sacrificed a lot for me. What kind of pressure have you been under? You never told me. Even when Uncle Niu Tian and Tai Tan doubted me, you stood on my side.

You are my goddess, a goddess that I’ll protect with my life. My body, heart and spirit belong to you. Dong’er, I love you.

In his mind, the dancing figure of the Raiment of Light surfaced. Huo Yuhao moved as he smiled.

He walked forward one step at a time. At this point, he seemed to have lost his focus and spirit in his own emotional world. There was a thick sense of love in his eyes.

Wang Qiu’er wasn’t standing far away from him. She watched everything quietly. At this moment, she realized that she couldn’t enter Huo Yuhao’s heart like Wang Dong had.

Her tears started to flow uncontrollably. She was crying in sorrow. Before she had met him, she had never imagined that she would shed tears for a man. However, she was really crying now, and she was even crying for Huo Yuhao.

In just a short seven days, his life had been in danger several times. However, he managed to survive everything because of his love for Wang Dong’er. His love for her was extremely deep. Why did I meet him so late?

Wang Qiu’er was crying in sorrow. At this moment, she didn’t possess the dominance and toughness of the Golden Dragon anymore. She was only filled with the pain and sorrow of a young girl losing her lover.

Huo Yuhao continued to walk forward. The Delicate Silk Immortal didn’t help him, but the sentient plants could sense his love, and they all opened a path for him as they pulled away to either side.

Eventually, he came in front of the pitch-black stone and the white flower that seemed so vulnerable.

The white flower was shaped like a peony, but it was much thinner than one. It didn’t have any scent, and wasn’t decorated with anything. There wasn’t even a leaf on it. There was only a patch of blood-red on it. It was color filled with sorrow.

The Yearning Heartbroken Grass. It bloomed and withered only for love.

The divine product in the grass was also of a ten-thousand year level, but it didn’t possess its own intelligence or the strength of a soul beast. It wasn’t that it couldn’t evolve. If it chose to evolve, it would be the strongest out of all the grasses. However, it didn’t do so because it was unwilling. It only wanted to protect its stubbornness for love. It was just like the scholar and Xiao Wu back then, waiting for the right one to come. Once they decided, they were willing to give their everything. This was the stubbornness for love that the Yearning Heartbroken Grass possessed.

Huo Yuhao stopped and looked down. He looked at the patch of red on the flower that was flashing slightly. Above the patch of red, it really seemed as if fresh blood was flowing.

“Dong’er, Dong’er, wait for me. I’ll be back soon.” Huo Yuhao slowly lifted his head, and a dim layer of golden light started to rise from his body. The weird thing was that the golden light was shaped like a flame as it surfaced. It was undulating slightly, as if he was burning his own life.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea started to shake tremendously at this moment. The pure undulation of his spiritual mind caused his spiritual sea to turn into a smooth icy ocean. A golden figure started to dance amidst this icy ocean. A thick sense of love started to spread in his heart as the Goddess of Light appeared in his mind.

Wang Qiu’er was stunned to find out that a projection that was identical to Wang Dong’er had appeared behind Huo Yuhao as the golden flame rose. Yes, she was certain that the projection was Wang Dong’er, even though they looked very similar.

Even the demeanor, aura, and look in the projection’s eyes were all similar to Wang Dong’er. She was smiling. It was a gentle smile, as if she were sensing something. She floated behind Huo Yuhao quietly and shone along with the golden flame that Huo Yuhao emanated.

The Skydream Iceworm was the most shocked right now. He crawled out of Huo Yuhao’s body and turned into a ring. He was stunned to see the projection and muttered to himself, “Concrete-immaterial realm. He has done it! He has focused everything into love. He has actually entered such a realm! His Sovereign’s Descent will cease to exist now. What’s left will only be the Goddess of Light that he has comprehended!”

Yes, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had evolved. He was like Ji Juechen. He had found the path that fused both his spiritual and soul power. It wasn’t the Sovereign’s Descent anymore. The Sovereign’s Descent was created by Elder Mu, but it wasn’t his true path. The Sovereign’s Descent had shown him a smooth road, but at this moment, he had found his own way The name of this path was the same as his lover. It was the Goddess of Light.

Huo Yuhao turned his right palm around and slapped his chest hard.

“Wa——” Icy-blue blood spewed out of his mouth, and splattered on the surface of the Yearning Heartbroken Grass.

Suddenly, the Yearning Heartbroken Grass started to shake. Huo Yuhao’s golden projection also turned dim and disappeared.

He stared at the divine product in the grass that could give Wang Dong’er life again.

This pool of blood that he spat out was filled with his love for Wang Dong’er. His palm strike even caused the suppressed origin energy in his body to rage slightly. This origin energy started to course through his meridians.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t seem to have any awareness of all of that. He only widened his eyes and looked at the fresh blood that had landed on the Yearning Heartbroken Grass’ flower.

He was in a daze the next moment. That was because he was stunned to discover that his blood had been affected by his origin energy and turned into ice. His blood didn’t fuse with the flower, but turned to ice instead. It stopped seeping into the petals.

“No… no, this can’t happen!” Huo Yuhao panicked. Before this, his face had still been brimming with a smile of love.

What do I do? What should I do? How has this happened? My blood has actually frozen? No, this can’t happen!...

Suddenly, he turned around and ran quickly towards the Icefire Yin Yang Well. The plants opened a path for him. 

“Huo Yuhao, what are you doing?” The Delicate Silk Immortal and Wang Qiu’er asked at the same time. That was because they saw Huo Yuhao bursting towards the Blazing Sunspring. It seemed like Huo Yuhao had failed to pluck the Yearning Heartbroken Grass and turned crazy.

Huo Yuhao was too quick. By the time Wang Qiu’er managed to react, he was already in front of the Blazing Sunspring. Without any hesitation, he kneeled down in front of the Blazing Sunspring. He reached out both his hands into the Sunspring.

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