Volume 26, Chapter 262.3: The Snow Empress' Overflowing Tyranny!

“What!? What do you mean it can be done within ten thousand years? Ten thousand years is a long time, alright!?” the Delicate Silk Immortal retorted.

The Snow Empress’ laughed coldly and said, “You have only been alive for a few days, and you dare to discuss time with me? I have been alive for seven hundred thousand years, and ten thousand years is but one-seventieth of my life. Is that very long to you? I’m going to count to three. One, two…”

The Snow Empress raised her right hand as she spoke, and the ice and snow in the air seemed like it was going to condense into another tornado once more.

“Don’t do it!” The Delicate Silk Immortal was hysterical. “Don’t do it! I’ll give it to you, alright? However, you cannot harm my companions. Otherwise, we will fight you to the death even if it will eventually cost us our lives! You may be powerful, but there are many of us, and everyone’s combined efforts, along with the Icefire Yin Yang Well, might be enough to challenge you!”

The Snow Empress was clearly indifferent towards the Delicate Silk Immortal’s display of strength. “Give it to me. I will let this go because Huo Yuhao has asked me to. However, if anything happens to him... hmph!”

The Delicate Silk Immortal looked like she had to bear humiliation so that she could save her own skin. Her pink petals trembled faintly as a sphere of purple light gradually rose from her stamen.

The purple sphere looked extremely tender, without a trace of any brutal or violent aura. It was a purple pearl about as big as a peach, and looked like a purple water crystal. A layer of cloud-like radiance could be seen meandering within the translucent pearl, and it looked exceedingly peculiar.

The Delicate Silk Immortal was still unconvinced, and it was clear that she couldn’t bear to part with this pearl. She probed one more time after the pearl floated out, “Can you leave half of it for me?”

The Snow Empress didn’t respond, instead directly raising her right hand into the air.

“Don’t do it, I’ll give it to you...” The Delicate Silk Immortal didn’t dare to try anything else, as this concerned the lives of the multiple plants around her, and the purple pearl slowly flew before the Snow Empress.

The Snow Empress grunted as she reached out and grasped the pearl before she turned around and said with a cold look on her face, “It’s not easy for the lot of you to grow in a place like this. In addition to the Icefire Yin Yang Well’s exotica, this will be all.”

The Snow Empress tapped on the ground with her foot, and her enchanting figure soared into the sky dramatically as she flew slowly towards Huo Yuhao. Not a single plant saw that the dark blue color in her eyes was receding rapidly as she surged through the air.

She quickly arrived at the hard ice that was yet floating in midair. Huo Yuhao had gotten to his feet at this point. The Snow Empress controlled herself and didn’t absorb any more energy from the Extreme Chill Icespring in the end, so he could forcibly control her body. However, the immense origin energy of heaven and earth was still clashing within his body and causing him unspeakable suffering.

The Snow Empress said plainly, “Whether this will be good fortune or a disaster for you is up to you. The origin energy of heaven and earth belongs to the Extreme Chill Icepsring . Even though it will temporarily cause damage to your body, it will give you a boost if you can gradually absorb it, and it will completely change your physique. Here, take these. Remember… don’t bully my infant self!”

She passed the book, the rubbery substance obtained from the Blazing Delicate Apricot that had been sealed in Ultimate Ice, and the purple sphere from the Delicate Silk Immortal to Huo Yuhao.

The Snow Empress’ face suddenly blushed at this point, before she glared at Huo Yuhao and said, “And you’re not my father!”

With that, Huo Yuhao looked on with slack eyes and jaw as the extreme chill and iciness in the air suddenly dissipated, and the Snow Empress’ frame shrank rapidly until she reverted to the cute and adorable little Snow Lady in the blink of an eye.

Where was the aura that looked down on the entire world? The little Snow Lady’s huge eyes were pure and full of innocence.

The ice and snow in the air disappeared in an instant, and the icy layer covering the Blazing Sunspring gradually receded, while the tough ice supporting Huo Yuhao’s body was no longer there. He felt as if he were a balloon that had been blown to its largest possible size, and he could pop at any moment. No matter how strong and formidable his physical body was, the nerves and passageways throughout his body throbbed with acute pain.

The little Snow Lady continued to help him as an icy mist condensed beneath Huo Yuhao, supporting him as he gradually descended towards the ground.

Huo Yuhao grunted the moment he touched the ground and spat out an enormous mouthful of blood vapor.

Strangely, the blood vapor immediately transformed into icy dust. He was standing within the Blazing Delicate Apricot’s territory, but this blood vapor actually made the scorching environment slightly cooler than before.

Huo Yuhao’s body swayed, and he collapsed onto the ground, a look of intense pain on his face. The Snow Empress had absorbed too much origin energy from the Extreme Chill Icespring, and beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and face. These beads of sweat became pearls of ice as they dropped to the ground.

Huo Yuhao’s mind was still incredibly clear even though his physical body was in pain. He was extremely clear about the danger that he was in. The problem wasn’t with him, but with the Snow Empress.

Could the Snow Empress have struck down with her palm, the one that she had threatened both the Blazing Delicate Apricot and the Delicate Silk Immortal with?

Huo Yuhao knew very well that the first thing that would have happened if the Snow Empress had swung her palm down was that he would have exploded into a cesspool of blood that would have permeated through the entire valley.

The Snow Empress had temporarily recovered her consciousness using the immense volume of energy from the Extreme Chill Icespring. However, she was still reliant on Huo Yuhao’s existence even if she came back, as she was still Huo Yuhao’s spirit. If Huo Yuhao were a Transcendent Douluo, then perhaps he could have taken this opportunity to help the Snow Empress completely recover her consciousness, and he could perhaps have helped her recover part of her former strength.

It was a pity that he just a Soul King at this moment. There was a limit to the amount of energy that his body could sustain and accommodate, and if the Snow Empress had been stubborn enough to continue absorbing energy under such circumstances, then both she and Huo Yuhao would have perished together.

The fearsome aura that the Snow Empress ferociously released was the limit that Huo Yuhao’s body could take. The Snow Empress didn’t have much offensive power after she drifted to the ground, and she was merely using her seven hundred thousand years of cultivation and the terrifying aura that came with it to suppress the plants in the valley.

What rendered Huo Yuhao speechless was the fact that the leader of the Extreme North’s Three Heavenly Kings had been pushing it as she extorted the Blazing Delicate Apricot and the Delicate Silk Immortal. What would Huo Yuhao and the Snow Empress do if the plants teamed up and retaliated against them?

Huo Yuhao could faintly feel that it wouldn’t have been beyond the Snow Empress to slap down with her palm, given her arrogance and pride. During the period when she recovered her consciousness, it was apparent that their pact had become a little shaky. In the end, the Snow Empress was too powerful, and if Electrolux hadn’t burned his own divine sense, this pact wouldn’t have been completed in the first place.

That was close! Huo Yuhao had never expected that the reason he would have a close shave with death would be the Snow Empress, and not the plants around him.

The little Snow Lady sat on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder and even leaned against his head, her large eyes were staring at the Blazing Delicate Apricot.

The Blazing Delicate Apricot’s cabbage-like body quivered. They were all soul beasts, and it was clear that she could feel that this little person was the petrifying Icesky Snow Lady that had just appeared before her.

“Wah –” Huo Yuhao spat out another pool of blood vapor before he began to feel better. The Snow Empress was his spirit, and when she absorbed the Extreme Chill Icespring’s vast origin energy, it had already coursed through her own body, and thus it was already in its purest form. Huo Yuhao’s body had also fused with the Life Gold before, and the strength of his veins and passageways were unmatched by even Wang Qiu’er, while he was also highly resistant to Ultimate Ice at the same time.

He started feeling a lot better once the Icesky Snow Lady disappeared, and also because the environment around him was scorching hot. He forced himself to sit down with his legs crossed.

However, he couldn’t cultivate even if he wanted to. There was just too much energy contained in his body, and all he could do was sit down and let his own body adjust by itself.

Wang Qiu’er quietly landed beside Huo Yuhao with a flash of golden light. She was full of awe and astonishment over what happened before this. She had no idea that Huo Yuhao possessed a secret as huge as this, and the Icesky Snow Lady’s aura had stifled her to the point where she found it hard to breathe. Wang Qiu’er stared at the little being perched on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder, and a word surfaced in her mind – Spirit!

Wang Qiu’er could see Huo Yuhao’s ghastly pale face, and she placed her hands on his back to help him recover.

However, she felt an exceedingly chilly force lash back at her as soon as she placed her hands on his back. She leapt backwards reflexively, and saw that her entire right hand was already covered with frost.

“How can there be so much soul power within his body? And it’s all Ultimate Ice. How can his body take it?” Wang Qiu’er stared at Huo Yuhao in shock, as she hurried used her own soul power to force away the chill in her hand so that she could melt it away.

The little Snow Lady was also sitting cross-legged on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder.  A faint icy-blue light radiated from her, intertwined with the orange-gold light surrounding her body.

Huo Yuhao could feel that the incredibly agonizing chill in his body that was causing his body to swell was gradually flowing into the little Snow Lady. Huo Yuhao instantly felt a lot better with the little Snow Lady sharing the burden.

The lazy bug that was wrapped around Huo Yuhao’s finger slowly raised his head at this moment. Golden light erupted from his eyes, and he transformed into a streak of light that disappeared into Huo Yuhao’s forehead in a flash.

Buzzzz... Huo Yuhao’s body trembled peculiarly. A bluish-green layer of light gradually shone from his body through his clothes, clearly coming from his skeleton.

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