Volume 26, Chapter 260.3: Polycoria

Wang Qiu’er grunted coldly and said, “Why would I fight you to the death if you hadn’t threatened us? This guy is so foolish, but he has his fool’s luck. The person that you speak of is a real bastard...”

Somewhere deep within the clouds in some unknown place, that person unwittingly sneezed…

The Delicate Silk Immortal was a little displeased as she said, “You are not allowed to speak ill of him, he’s a very good person. He could have destroyed us all when he first came here, but he didn’t, and he even gave us a general plan so that we could use the Icefire Yin Yang Well’s effects to grow as quickly as we could. He’s our savior! Otherwise, I wouldn’t help him at all!”

Huo Yuhao did profit from his misfortune, after all. The refreshing feeling in his eyes gradually disappeared. He felt as if his spiritual power had been boosted, and that this transformation was qualitative rather than quantitative.

The water inside his spiritual sea was originally golden, but there was now a blurry purple layer of light hovering above it. Both colors merged together to become a beautiful hue of purple-gold.

Huo Yuhao’s entire spiritual sea was now in his grasp when he willed it so, and even Skydream, who had transformed into a ring on his finger, had a faint purple layer encircling him.

The vertical eye above his spiritual sea that represented the Eye of Destiny didn’t change much. That also meant that the herb had only affected his Spirit Eyes.

Huo Yuhao slowly opened his eyes after the last of the herb’s effects had been assimilated. He realized to his intense shock that the world had become entirely different when he perceived it again.

The world around him seemed to be a lot more colorful than before. His eyes could detect the most delicate and intricate changes in his surroundings, and he could see the peculiarities of every detail even when he didn’t release his martial soul.

Huo Yuhao looked up at the sky above him. What he saw wasn’t those rainbow-colored poison clouds. Instead, he saw countless minute particles, and he could distinguish each particle’s color even though he was quite far from them.

Huo Yuhao turned back towards the Delicate Silk Immortal, and he realized that he could see the vast life energy circulating inside her. This life energy was a faint pink color, and it wove continually between her petals, stamen, and neck. He could even see what the energy undulations were like in the lake behind her.

Huo Yuhao released his Spirit Eyes – he subconsciously wanted to try and see how his body would react with his Spirit Eyes activated – and he discovered that time began to slow.

Huo Yuhao scrutinized everything with his Spirit Eyes. Not only did everything become a lot clearer than before, but everything seemed to also slow down. This sensation was just too strange, to the point where he almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

What he had just ingested wasn’t a harmful herb, it was a mystical herb that was exceedingly beneficial for his Spirit Eyes!

This feeling clearly represented the Purple Demon Eyes’ highest level!

Of the Purple Demon Eye’s four different realms, Huo Yuhao had already reached the third realm. However, he had now ferociously broken through the third realm to reach the final realm, Mustard Seed. The ability to see even the smallest details represented the highest possible realm. Furthermore, his spiritual power also began to evolve along with his Spirit Eyes.

Huo Yuhao activated Spiritual Detection, as this was the soul skill that he used most often. When he did, he could see faint purplish-golden light radiating outwards, with his Spirit Eyes at the center. Everything that this purple light reached was presented in his mind as clear as could be, and he could now use Spiritual Detection on the Delicate Silk Immortal where it had failed utterly before.

This… is this a crystallization of spiritual power? It’s a qualitative change, it really is!

“This isn’t an actual crystallization of your spiritual power – true crystallization should mean your spiritual power should have both form and substance, and I never reached that level even when I was at the pinnacle of my cultivation. My spiritual power is extremely vast, as I have accumulated it for a million years. If I had reached the realm where my spiritual power had both form and substance, heh, those bastards in the Great Star Dou Forest would have scampered away.” Skydream’s voice was clearly a little excited. He was the happiest one when he witnessed the transformations occurring within Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes and to his spiritual power. Skydream was Huo Yuhao’s spirit, and that meant Skydream was a direct beneficiary of all of this, too!

Huo Yuhao hurriedly asked mentally, “Brother Skydream – what realm am I in now?”

Skydream answered, “I think you’ve already entered the metaphysical realm, even though you’re just at the beginner level. However, this realm is an important checkpoint that ninety-nine percent of spiritual-type soul masters and soul beasts absolutely have to cross. I originally imagined that it would have been quite impressive if you could reach that realm within ten years, but who knew? You have skyrocketed to this realm after eating that thing. You will understand when you listen to my explanation...

“When your spiritual power has form but no substance, you can even use spiritual power to suppress your Ultimate Ice soul power, and you can envelop your soul power when you cultivate so that it will no longer affect your body. Your cultivation speed will no longer be affected by Ultimate Ice, not in the least. Your cultivation speed after this can even surpass that of normal soul masters, while every single spiritual-type soul skill that you possess has undergone a qualitative change as well.

“You can absorb another portion of the spiritual origin that I’ve sealed away in your spiritual sea. I will help you with that when we return, so that you can completely consolidate your position in this realm.

“When you have cultivated long enough that you’ve reached the pinnacle of this realm, then you can attempt to break through into the realm where your spiritual power has both form and substance. Once you’ve reached that stage, nobody else in the world can challenge you in terms of spiritual power!”

This pleasant surprise was simply too great. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had been strengthened exponentially, while his overall abilities had also risen by an entire level. Even though his soul power wasn’t boosted at all, his spiritual power had changed qualitatively to the point where he had reached the metaphysical realm, and that meant improvements in his soul power weren’t that far away.

“Hey, hey...are you alright?” An extremely displeased voice suddenly jolted Huo Yuhao awake from his pleasant surprise.

Wang Qiu’er had seen him open his eyes, and then she realized that he was just smiling foolishly to himself. Wang Qiu’er was startled when his eyes began to shine with a faint purplish-golden light that began to extend outwards, because she had a feeling as though she was completely naked and exposed to a certain someone’s vision. The feeling of being stripped naked didn’t feel so good, and Huo Yuhao’s pupils had also began to undergo some peculiar transformations.

His pupils were originally pure black in color, but there now seemed to be another pupil within them – this pupil was purple, and the two pupils in a single eye became purple and gold when he released his Spirit Eyes. Everything looked extremely strange and peculiar.

“This is… is this your body soul’s second awakening?” Wang Qiu’er asked in surprise.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. “My body soul’s second awakening? I don’t think so...”

Wang Qiu’er handed him a mirror. “Look at your eyes! Why would there be such a tremendous transformation if your body soul hasn’t been awakened for the second time?”

Huo Yuhao was also overcome with astonishment when he took the mirror and stared at his own pupils.

I have four pupils now! I… I actually have polycoria! This is the White Tiger Duke’s iconic polycoria!

Back in the day, he had been despised as the runt of the litter because he didn’t have polycoria, and the others in the duke’s mansion looked down on him for that. His martial soul had mutated because of the genes that his mother had passed down to him, and this made everyone treat him like a useless piece of trash.

If… if I had been born with polycoria, and inherited the White Tiger Duke’s White Tiger martial soul, the duke’s wife would have never dared to treat my mother like she did, no matter how outrageous she was. Oh heavens, do you know how unfair you were to me and my mother? Why did you have to torment us like that?

Huo Yuhao felt countless emotions rush to his head as these thoughts ran through his mind. His Spirit Eyes had evolved, and it was likely that his martial soul had been awakened for the second time, so he should be happy. However, he couldn’t feel happy at all, and his mother’s image filled every corner of his mind.

“Eh, are you so touched and grateful that you’ve been overcome with astonishment?” the Delicate Silk Immortal asked curiously.

Huo Yuhao gradually calmed his emotions, but his eyes were still full of sullenness and grief.

Wang Qiu’er wanted to get him back for knocking her unconscious after he woke up. However, she could see the dejection in his eyes, and she swallowed everything that she wanted to say.

“What’s up?” Wang Qiu’er touched his shoulder gently.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and got to his feet. “My Spirit Eyes and my spiritual power have undergone some transformations after I absorbed that herb. You’re right, it’s possible that this is the second awakening of my Spirit Eyes, but I can’t be sure at the moment.”

Wang Qiu’er said, “You should really thank You You.” She immediately repeated everything that You You had said to her before this.

This was the test? Huo Yuhao was no longer that little resentful and vengeful youth that he had been when he first departed from the Duke’s mansion. His grief was fleeting, and he quickly recovered from it.

“You You, if I hadn’t taken that herb and I decided to leave with Wang Qiu’er, what would you have done?” Huo Yuhao didn’t directly express his gratitude, and asked this question instead.

The Delicate Silk Immortal heaved a sigh. “Why are you so smart? A question like this hurts our relationship. If you hadn’t taken the herb, that would only mean that you’re not determined and you’re extremely selfish. How would a person like this not tell anyone else about this place? Even though we are confident in being self-sufficient and of defending ourselves, there are just too many humans, and we can’t be sure if we can protect our home in the end. According to that person, we can do what we want to you. If you had the ability to break through from here, then you should be allowed to leave.”

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