Volume 26, Chapter 260.2: Polycoria

Huo Yuhao discovered that the liquid worked similarly to the Delicate Silk Immortal’s fragrance. It was extremely easy absorb it, and the liquid immediately became part of him once he ingested it, so there was no way he could separate it with his soul power. He didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, clean and refreshing sensations coursed over his entire body, feeling very comfortable.

Huo Yuhao didn’t dare to delay. He sat down cross-legged and quietly felt all the delicate changes that were happening to his body.

It didn’t take long before the thing he was waiting for arrived.

The refreshing sensations extended across his entire body at first, but that feeling gradually started to withdraw and follow his veins through his limbs as they travelled upward towards his head.

This poison targets the head? Huo Yuhao felt his heart skip a beat. The brain was the most intricate part of the human body, and it was also the most important part, as the spiritual sea was located inside the brain. If toxins damaged the brain, even if he survived the ordeal, he could lose his rationality and his ability to think.

Huo Yuhao controlled his soul power, and his soul power immediately congregated into seven defensive lines at breakneck speed. These defensive lines webbed over his body in an attempt to block that fresh and chilly feeling from pushing up into his head. He reached downward with his spiritual power at the same time and combined it with his soul power, so that he could make use of the Sovereign Descent’s mystical effects.

From Huo Yuhao’s perspective, fusing his soul power and his spiritual power provided an all-round defense, and was probably enough to barricade that peculiar herb’s effects.

However, Huo Yuhao realized he was wrong when the refreshing sensation surged up into his head. The herb’s effects didn’t travel along his passageways like his soul power did! The sensation had integrated into his veins, and it circulated through his body along with his blood!

Huo Yuhao reacted quickly once he discovered this, and he swiftly sealed off his veins and passageways.

This response was effective. His veins stopped circulating, and since the herb’s effects were sealed within his veins, they also stopped flowing through his body.

Huo Yuhao heaved a faint sigh of relief, but he quickly realized that he was just being daft. How long could he seal off his veins and passageways? Completely sealing off his veins meant that he was stopping his heart from beating. Even though he was a powerful Soul King, he could probably only keep this up for several minutes before he would die from the lack of oxygen.

If the herb’s effects were concentrated in one place, he could let blood from his body into that area so that he could expel the toxin from his body. However, the problem was that the herb’s effects were pouring in from every single part of his body! That meant that there was no way he could completely expel the toxin from his body unless he drained every single ounce of blood that he had.

What kind of herb is this? It’s so fierce and formidable. Huo Yuhao’s mind began to work at lightning speed as countless thoughts surfaced in his mind in an attempt to find a solution. However, his efforts were was futile; he couldn’t find an appropriate response for this problem.

He had now kept his veins sealed for a little too long, and he began to feel weak and suffocated. He couldn’t keep this up for much longer.

That’s it… looks like I can only take the hit.

Huo Yuhao recalled what Skydream had just said to him, that toxins were useless as long as he was around the Delicate Silk Immortal. Since that was the case, then it was possible that the Delicate Silk Immortal hadn’t given him poison. If so, then what could possibly happen to him if the herb’s effects integrated with his body? He could only truly feel how it would affect his body through the integration process.

It was better to try it than to let himself die from suffocation. With that in mind, Huo Yuhao gradually withdrew his spiritual power back into his spiritual sea, before slowly reopening his veins so that his blood could flow once more.

The refreshing feelings appeared as soon as his veins were released. The sensations continued flowing upward through his veins, and slowly congregated towards his head.

Huo Yuhao concentrated all his attention on the flow of these sensations. The clean and refreshing feeling quickly reached across his chest, but didn’t attack his heart in any way as it continued travelling upward, just as he had suspected.

The sensations swiftly crossed his neck. Even though Huo Yuhao was controlling the speed of his blood flow, the refreshing feeling was bound to continue upward as it flowed along with his blood. The sensations rushed into Huo Yuhao’s head, but they didn’t launch an attack against his spiritual sea or against his brain – they just exploded.

This eruption made Huo Yuhao momentarily confused and hysterical. He felt a cold and clean-feeling wave burst across his brain, and there was an indescribable restrictive feeling about everything. The sensations then began to congregate towards his eyes as if they were all rivers flowing into an ocean.

Oh no! Huo Yuhao lost his composure as he suddenly considered a possibility. What did the Delicate Silk Immortal discover when she surveyed his body? She was trying to inspect his martial soul! His martial soul was his Spirit Eyes, so the Delicate Silk Immortal picked an herb that specifically targeted his Spirit Eyes.

The intensely refreshing feeling had completely covered his eyes at this moment. Huo Yuhao felt as if his Spirit Eyes were being continuously rinsed by a peculiar force, as if something was being continuously injected inside them. What confused him was the fact that he didn’t feel any agonizing sensations at all, and though he tried everything to make this feeling disappear, nothing worked. He couldn’t do anything even when he sealed off his veins and blood flow.

Does she want to obliterate my Spirit Eyes? That was what Huo Yuhao was most afraid of. However, he was already stuck in this situation, and the only thing he could do was channel his soul and spiritual power, and do all he could to protect his Spirit Eyes.

His Spirit Eyes were neither fragile nor weak. They were his main martial soul, and had been cultivated constantly through the Purple Demon Eyes, so they could in fact be considered powerful and formidable. Simply put, even if Huo Yuhao’s eyes were stabbed by normal metal, it was unlikely they would be hurt.

Spiritual power circulated around and through his Spirit Eyes. The refreshing sensation’s backflow and absorption seemed extremely quick, and the feelings gradually disappeared. Huo Yuhao became increasingly nervous. He was most afraid that this peculiar force would erupt again after integrating into his body, and completely destroy his Spirit Eyes.

The clean and fresh feeling slowly became fiery warmth. His eyes felt as if they were being bathed in lukewarm water, and his soul power and spiritual power became supplements for absorbing the herb’s effects. Huo Yuhao didn’t feel any pain, nor did he experience the eruption that he was expecting. Instead, he could feel an unprecedented degree of comfort in his eyes. The energy that had been injected into his eyes was nourishing his Spirit Eyes, and every pulse of absorption made him feel incredibly comfortable.

This… is this actually a harmful herb? Doubt finally surfaced in Huo Yuhao’s mind. Can it be that I am that person’s chosen one, the person that the Delicate Silk Immortal speaks of? It seems like my judgment was correct. Uncle Niu Tian dared to send me here, and that means I should be able to pass the assessment in front of me.

His anxieety slowly faded, and he began to regain his composure. Huo Yuhao continued channeling his soul power and spiritual power as he began to catalyze his absorption of the herb’s medicinal effects.

The girl that he had knocked unconscious came to right at this moment.

Wang Qiu’er possessed the Golden Dragon martial soul, and her physical capabilities were extremely powerful, and Huo Yuhao hadn’t used that much force when he sliced down on her neck. It didn’t take too long before she naturally recovered by herself.

Wang Qiu’er couldn’t be bothered with being angry when she saw Huo Yuhao sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. She didn’t even have to think to guess what he had done.

“You’re such an idiot!” Wang Qiu’er cursed under her breath, her large pinkish-blue eyes full of worry and anxiety. She targeted the Delicate Silk Immortal in the next moment, and pointed the Golden Dragon Spear in her hands as she exclaimed, “What… what did you give him?”

The Delicate Silk Immortal giggled and said, “I have given him something good, of course. But I won’t give it to you even if you want it.”

Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “Listen… if something happens to him, I will make sure you die right where you are even if I have to pay with my life. I may even destroy everything else in this place. You’d better pray that nothing happens to him.”

The Delicate Silk Immortal was a little surprised as she said, “You sound like you have a lot of self-confidence. Where is your confidence coming from?”

Wang Qiu’er looked up at the sky as she gradually raised the Golden Dragon Spear in her hands. Her body became a little translucent, and a strange energy flowed from her body in the next moment.

She was shining with a faint scarlet-gold light. This light wasn’t intense, and neither were there any soul power undulations. However, the Delicate Silk Immortal’s enormous flower trembled when this scarlet-golden light appeared, and even the plants around them started to quiver faintly.

“You… how can you possess a power like that? You, you…” The Delicate Silk Immortal’s voice was no longer smooth, as if she had suddenly recalled something.

The scarlet-gold light was withdrawn as Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “Tell me what you’ve given him, and whether he will be alright. I will make sure everyone else will die with him if he dies.”

“Calm down. I didn’t give him anything bad,” the Delicate Silk Immortal explained hurriedly, as if she were a little fearful of Wang Qiu’er now.

“You didn’t give him anything bad?” Wang Qiu’er asked doubtfully.

“No!” The Delicate Silk Immortal continued, “That person left this rule behind all those years ago, and this rule is targeted at the people who come to this place in search of medicine and herbs to save someone’s life. The truth is that there isn’t a fixed herb for all these adventurers, and I choose the herb on a case-by-case basis. First, I have to be sure that the adventurer is here to save a life, and then I have to see whether the adventurer has the courage to consume the herb that I’ll eventually give him. If the adventurer decides to consume this herb, that proves he or she has the courage, and this adventurer is willing to sacrifice his or her own life to save someone else. I will approve of a person like this, and this adventurer will be worthy of undergoing the subsequent assessment.”

Wang Qiu’er’s eyes grew vacant as her jaw hung slack. “This… what’s going on?” She turned back towards Huo Yuhao, where she saw a scarlet-gold sphere hovering above his head, while scarlet-gold light threads gradually wove and integrated themselves into his eyes.

The Delicate Silk Immortal said, “That person said that this is a test of a person’s personality, and a person cannot be evil if he or she is willing to sacrifice his or her life for someone else. Yes, he’s courageous enough, and I’ve given him a mystical herb that’s extremely suitable for him, and he should be thanking me. Please don’t use that ability that you just showed me. Even though it’s likely that we won’t be able to resist it, you will definitely die along with us.”

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