Volume 26, Chapter 257.1: Jade Phosphorous Flower of the Seven Absolutes

The truth was that Huo Yuhao also had butterflies in his stomach. Wang Qiu’er’s body was a lot softer and more tender than he had imagined. Of course, that tenderness only lasted for a second before it became rock-hard. He was afraid that Wang Qiu’er would suddenly erupt, but her calm words made him extremely relieved. What an intelligent girl! Huo Yuhao was full of awe and admiration inside.

Huo Yuhao nodded and closed his eyes, and golden light flickered on his forehead as he slowly opened his Eye of Destiny. He stopped moving forward and remained where he was. The extreme chill brought about by his Domain of Perpetual Ice could be maintained for quite a while, and that slowed down the toxic miasma’s assault.

His initial judgment was correct, ice and fire were exceedingly damaging and controlling towards the miasmic clouds. It was a pity that he was far from strong enough. If he had been a Titled Douluo, he could possibly channel his Domain of Perpetual Ice with all his might to create an enormous blizzard and actually obliterate some of this miasma. If he kept sweeping across this area for a prolonged period of time, he wouldn’t need very long to clean out all the miasma in this area. If he could find the origin of all this, this large naturally-occurring disastrous land would no longer consume life.

Faint light continued to flicker as Huo Yuhao’s face flowed with a subtle chill. The Eye of Destiny on his forehead glowed with golden light, and his martial soul fusion with Wang Qiu’er boosted his Eye of Destiny’s power exponentially.

His martial soul fusion with Wang Dong’er also gave him an all-around boost, but Wang Qiu’er gave him an explosive amplification, and this was mainly presented in his strength and his spiritual power. This boost was extremely pure, just like their martial soul fusion.

Huo Yuhao’s martial soul fusion with Wang Dong’er could be considered a general boost, while his martial soul fusion with Wang Qiu’er could be considered a specific boost. The amplification direction was different, so each had their own effects. At this moment, Wang Qiu’er’s explosive effects were more effective for this attempt at stretching the limits of his Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao channeled his Eye of Destiny with all his might, and a powerful golden beam of light fired out from his vertical eye. This golden beam was deep and profound, and even Wang Qiu’er didn’t dare to stare directly at his brilliant golden eye.

Scenes flashed by in Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, and his head also began to swivel as he searched his surroundings. Even Huo Yuhao himself was astonished by the distance he could reach with Spiritual Detection. He realized, to his surprise, that he could reach far past his normal limit of five kilometers. His soul power was consumed at an alarming rate, but the vast distance that he could reach undoubtedly saved him a lot of time.

This amplification is so powerful, it feels even stronger than it was inside the Great Star Dou Forest. This thought crossed Huo Yuhao’s mind, and his eyes grew slack in the next moment. The golden light disappeared, and his vertical eye closed up before it vanished with another flicker of golden light.

“How is it?” Wang Qiu’er asked softly, and she seemed a little fatigued as well. In the end, Huo Yuhao wasn’t the only one expending spiritual power.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes sparkled as he replied, “I think I have found the direction leading to our target! The miasma over there is different. I think it’s more toxic, and I can see that the miasmic clouds beyond that patch are conspicuously lower than before. It’s likely to be the valley that we’re looking for. Let’s go, quickly!”

He grasped Wang Qiu’er’s hand as he spoke and raced in the direction he had just identified.

They were naturally moving a lot faster than before now that they had a proper target. Huo Yuhao didn’t conserve any soul power, and raised his protective barrier to the highest possible level to keep all the miasma outside as they pushed forward as fast as they could.

His Spiritual Detection had reached more than seven kilometers, and his target was right at the end of that range.

This place was filled with deadly venom, but Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er only needed fifteen minutes to rush seven kilometers.

The second Milk Bottle was already in Wang Qiu’er’s hands, and a different world from before swiftly appeared in the distance in front of them.

Everything was bluish-green, and just so astounding and eerie.

Cyan hues blanketed the earth, while the plants that grew around them covered large patches of earth in a seemingly messy and disorganized manner of teals, aquas, and turquoises. Faint blue-green mist floated up from them before gradually beginning to expand outwards.

“What kind of plant is that?” Huo Yuhao didn’t dare to venture forward blindly, and he halted in his tracks as astonishment flowed from his eyes.

These blue-green plants extended to either side of them. They weren’t that tall, about half a meter tall, and every single plant had nine strangely shaped leaves. These leaves resembled human hands, but each one had seven fingers, while some of the relatively larger ones had nine fingers. There were enormous cyan flowers located at the tips of every leaf, and the mists were being released from the large flowers’ stamens. The mist gradually expanded in all directions before flowing into the multicolored miasma.

The cyan hues they let off were a substantial part of the multicolored miasma.

Huo Yuhao gazed far into the distance, and could see with his formidable vision that huge patches of miasmic clouds were gathered behind these bluish-green plants. These miasmic clouds were gradually flowing towards the ground, but their densities were comparable to what they had encountered in the sky before this.

It was no wonder he couldn’t see this when he was still in the sky, as the densest miasmic clouds were sinking down in this area. There was no question that the place the miasmic clouds were sinking into was a mountain valley.

Wang Qiu’er stared at the bluish-green plants before them, as if she were trying to distinguish something. Huo Yuhao quickly retrieved a bright silvery piece of metal from his storage ring and threw it towards the blue-green plants in the distance.

It was a piece of platinum, a metal which had a very high resistance to corrosion.

The platinum piece hurtled through the multicolored miasma and quickly became tainted with various colors. However, astounding and terrifying transformations began to happen to it when it reached the space above the bluish-green mists in the sky.

The platinum began to emanate dense streams of green mist when it came into contact with the toxic green clouds, and then its volume began to diminish at breakneck speed. Half of the platinum had disappeared by the time it hit the ground, and it only took about three breaths before that tough and corrosion-resistant metal vanished into thin air.

“This… this corrosion is so strong.” Huo Yuhao drew a cold breath. He felt as if his legs were filled with lead, and he didn’t dare to take another step forward. He could tell from how the platinum was corroded that this acidic mist was not something that his Class 6 protective barrier could defend against.

Could he fly past it from above? However, the cyan mist reached an incredible height, and looked like it formed a dome that loomed over the valley. What exactly is this? How can it be so horrifyingly toxic and acidic?

Huo Yuhao retrieved a soul tool as thoughts spun around in his head, and fired a soul ray at the green mist in the distance.

A red beam of light surged forward and left a fiery radiance behind in the air. This was a soul flameray, and even though it was just a Class 3 soul tool, it was extremely effective at burning things up.

The rainbow-colored miasma surged and dissipated when it came into contact with the flame. However, once this flame ray reached the green mists beyond, the multicolored miasma had a lot more green inside, and it became conspicuously more resistant to the flames.

When the flames reached the green mists, the scene that Huo Yuhao absolutely didn’t want to see occurred. The toxic green clouds suddenly became a lot stronger than before after the flames incinerated it. The green clouds all around them surged with lightning speed as they poured back along the cleared path burned by the flame, right towards where Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er were standing.

“Run!” Huo Yuhao dragged Wang Qiu’er as he turned around to run without hesitation. He knew very well that he couldn’t let a single ounce of that green mist touch his body, or they would both remain here as fertilizer!

They turned and ran in the opposite direction. Huo Yuhao brought out the stationary soul cannon from before as he ran, and the green toxic mist chased them down from behind as if it had a life of its own. The bluish-green mist was moving even faster than their running speed, and he didn’t dare to hesitate or delay for even a single second.

He fired twice, and the poisonous clouds in the air exploded to open up a path for them. Huo Yuhao grabbed Wang Qiu’er as they soared into the sky, while he unleashed his Domain of Perpetual Ice to its highest defensive capability as he pulled her into his embrace. He activated his flying-type soul tool, and the four soul thrusters behind his back erupted at the same time, raising his speed to the highest possible level and driving him through the air. The green clouds loomed behind them, but Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er soared through the hole within the poisonous clouds in the air that they had just opened up before the green clouds could reach them.

Huo Yuhao flew eight hundred meters into the sky in one go before he dared to slow down. His forehead had already broken out in a cold sweat.

Wang Qiu’er hadn’t done anything at all. Besides completing his martial soul fusion for him, she was just following him around.

Huo Yuhao hugged her for a longer duration than before this time, and there seemed to be an extra something in Wang Qiu’er’s otherwise calm expression.

“That’s too frightening. The green toxic mist isn’t afraid of fire, and it can even retaliate.” Huo Yuhao released Wang Qiu’er from his embrace, and only then did he realize that the girl hadn’t even opened her flying-type soul tool. Her pretty eyes seemed like they were deep in thought.

“Hey, open your flying-type soul tool. My soul power has been consumed until there’s almost nothing left,” Huo Yuhao hurriedly reminded her.

“Oh.” Wang Qiu’er acknowledged as she infused soul power into the flying-type soul tool behind her, and she worked together with Huo Yuhao to stabilize herself in midair.

Huo Yuhao glanced downwards. What he saw was a torrential green mushroom cloud, which had surged five hundred meters into the air before it gradually receded. The multicolored miasmic clouds were assimilated once they came into contact with this green cloud, as if the miasmic clouds for several kilometers around them had been riled up with this explosion. It felt as if the toxic clouds had been infuriated.

“Why do I feel like these poisonous clouds have a life of their own? I am absolutely certain that my target is located in the valley behind those poisonous green clouds.” Huo Yuhao’s eyebrows were tightly knit together.

Wang Qiu’er suddenly lowered her voice and said, “I remember now. I know what those green plants are.”

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