Volume 26, Chapter 253.2: Yearning Heartbroken Grass

Huo Yuhao reached into the pouch after opening it. There was an ancient-looking parchment inside, which turned out to be extremely large after he unfolded it. It was almost twice the size of normal letter-writing paper. The parchment’s edges weren’t regular, and it looked as if it had been made without being properly cut, which made it appear more primitive and ancient.

The parchment had two sections. The first part seemed like a letter, while the second part looked like a map.

Huo Yuhao sat down beside his bed in confusion. He took a look at the letter’s contents. His face immediately turned ghastly pale after that one look, and his hands even began to shake.

Yuhao, I trust that you’ll have the ability to complete this task when you can see this letter. I hesitated one too many times before I decided to pass this responsibility to you.

I told Dong’er when I gave this pouch to her that she can only give this pouch to you when she’s sure that you will become her future husband, and only when she knows that you’re worth all her heart and all her love. It seems like you’ve already done that, so both my younger brother and I wish you two all the best. However, there’s something I have to tell you, as this concerns your future with Dong’er.

Dong’er was born within the Clear Sky Sect, and her physique has been extremely weak ever since she was born. My younger brother and I, as well as her parents, tried everything we could to strengthen her body, but all our attempts were futile. We suddenly discovered when she was three years old that she had a strange, very unique disease. You should know that a human’s martial soul is still dormant at the age of three, and it will only awaken at the age of six. However, Dong’er’s martial soul was strangely awakened when she was three years old, and two appeared at the same time. Her physique was congenitally weak, and the premature awakening of her martial souls took an immense toll on her body. This episode created an enormous hidden wound.

You will notice upon close inspection that a golden trident-like pattern will appear on her forehead when she’s stretching the limits of her body and her abilities. That pattern is a seal that her father put on her to suppress the hidden wounds in her body. Her parents are roaming the world in order to find exotic herbs and medicines to remedy her disease. That’s the reason why they’re often not at the Clear Sky Sect, while my brother and I take care of her. Her father mentioned to me that the seal can only suppress her internal wounds until she turns twenty, and if they still can’t fix her injuries by the age of twenty, then she might…

Huo Yuhao began to feel the weight of this letter as he read these words. He felt as if a large hand was tightly wound around his heart, and the heartache was almost suffocating.

He couldn’t wait to read the rest of the letter’s contents.

Dong’er’s parents finally found a herb that could fix Dong’er’s internal wounds during one of their perennial attempts. The only problem was that this herb is too challenging to retrieve, as the criteria were too difficult to satisfy. This herb can only be retrieved by a man that loves her, and this man has to use his blood to retrieve this herb. Forcefully plucking this plant will damage it, and it will lose its medicinal effects. It has a very apt name... it’s called Yearning Heartbroken Grass.

We’ve tried every method we could think of to retrieve it, but every attempt ended up being fruitless. In order to retain this last strand of hope, we could only swallow it down and wait for the person that loves Dong’er to appear. When Dong’er passes this pouch to you, she will be deeply in love with you, and will no longer holding anything back. I don’t know how you feel about Dong’er, as she has been always been a girl dressed like a guy before this. However, if you do open this pouch, and when you read this letter, ask yourself whether your love for Dong’er is deep enough and focused enough. I implore you as Dong’er’s senior that you retrieve that herb for her. This is for your future happiness, and also for Dong’er’s life...

Dong’er’s parents are always outside searching for substitute medicines, but Dong’er is seventeen years old now. She’s nearing twenty, and her parents haven’t returned… hope is gradually slipping away. Therefore, both Tai Tan and I were exceptionally delighted when we first saw you, as you have given us real hope. This was the reason we tested you in the all the ways that we did, so that we could assess whether your mentality would allow you to become Dong’er’s savior. We were quite satisfied with the outcome… at least, we saw many virtues on you before you left. Dong’er has made a great choice, and you’re a man that is worthy of her. However, Dong’er’s life is starting to count down, and I plead that you retrieve that Yearning Heartbroken Grass, so that Dong’er’s hidden injury can be fixed.

The reason why there’s a seal on this letter is because Dong’er doesn’t know about all this. We wanted to let her grow up happily, so we have never told her about this. We love her too much, and our only hope is that she can grow up peacefully and happily. Yuhao, I sincerely plead that you do not tell her the truth before you bring back that Yearning Heartbroken Grass. Even if you don’t successfully complete this task in the end, we hope that she will be happy and peaceful in her last days.

Huo Yuhao’s hands clenched unwittingly at this point. He had not expected that Dong’er had such a fatal injury, and that she only had a little more than two years left to live! This was something that Huo Yuhao couldn’t accept, no matter what! He grit his teeth and forced his tears back, as he knew that he had to be strong at times like these. He knew that even if he was left with a single thread of hope, he had to bring back the herb that could save Dong’er’s life.

He bit down hard on his lower lip and left a deep bite mark. He was stimulated by the pain, and refocused his attention as he continued reading the parchment.

The map below depicts where the Yearning Heartbroken Grass is located. This is a place filled with danger and peril, and it’s also a place inhabited by soul beasts, while the exact location where the Yearning Heartbroken Grass grows is even more hazardous. There is a detailed introduction of the plants that grow in the area below the map. When you reach it, you have to try and find a book that Dong’er’s father personally left behind. The book details all sorts of herbs and poisonous plants and their differences, and it will also guide you to find the Yearning Heartbroken Grass. There are detailed instructions and signs on the map that will lead you to where the book is hidden. You have to find the book first before you search for the Yearning Heartbroken Grass. Also, please remember not to venture too far inside. That place is charged with the origin energy of heaven and earth, and these herbs and poisonous plants have been living there for far too long, to the point where some have evolved into plant-type soul beasts. These soul beasts will bring great danger and trouble to you.

Please go, if you truly love Dong’er. We will await your good news. Do take care of yourself.

Niu Tian had signed off beneath the text.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t care about anything else as he read the last sentence. He sprang to his feet and surveyed his surroundings, and there was only one thought in his head. I have to go, right now! I have to help Dong’er find that life-saving herb!

He didn’t want to dally around for another second as he thought about this. He originally wanted to leave a note for Dong’er before he took off, but his mind was a mess, and he recalled that Niu Tian had mentioned in the letter that he couldn’t tell Dong’er about this matter, at least not before he found that Yearning Heartbroken Grass. He was irrational and more confused because he simply cared too much for her. Under these circumstances, he only took a few clean sets of clothes before he raced out of the room.

Huo Yuhao stopped in his tracks when he arrived at the staircase. He took a deep look at Dong’er’s room. It’s still early. I’m sure Dong’er is still sleeping or cultivating.

Don’t worry, Dong’er. I will pay any price to bring back that life-saving herb for you!

Huo Yuhao quickly darted down the stairs. He widened his stride once he exited the Sea God’s Pavilion, and he ran as fast as he could towards the academy’s main gate. He was just so worried, and it felt as if Wang Dong’er’s life would be in danger with every moment that he delayed.

Right as he flew down towards the lakeshore and soared towards the outer courtyard, a pair of astonished eyes watched Huo Yuhao’s frustrated and urgent behavior from a place not too far away.

Where’s he off to? The pair of huge blue eyes flowed with doubt and suspicion. Hmph! That bastard. That day he, he… I can’t let him off the hook! I’m going to follow him.

The owner of this pair of blue eyes flew into the sky while these thoughts ran through her mind. She raced across the lake in pursuit of Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao didn’t wish to stick around for a moment longer. He immediately soared into the sky once he left Shrek Academy, and he extended the flying-type soul tool behind his back while he infused it with soul power. The soul tool propelled his body into the air, and he started flying into the distance.

“Huo Yuhao! Come down right now!” an exclamation rang out behind him.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. However, he had already raced more than ten meters away, and he quickly controlled his flying-type soul tool to turn around. He looked back and saw a figure with flowing blue hair drifting toward him.

“Dong’er!” Huo Yuhao shouted in surprise. Wang Dong’er’s image filled every corner of his mind at this moment.

“I’m not your Dong’er. Tell me, what should we do about what happened yesterday?” Wang Qiu’er said angrily.

Huo Yuhao only realized that Wang Dong’er wasn’t the one pursuing him. It was Wang Qiu’er, who he had taken advantage of the previous day.

“I’m sorry, Qiu’er. Yesterday was all my fault. However, I have something important to do right now. I will take all punishment and accept whatever you want to do to me when I come back. I need to go.” He turned back around as he spoke, and his flying-type soul tool erupted with light once more. He couldn’t be bothered with the entanglement between Wang Qiu’er and himself. There was nothing more important than finding the herb that could save Wang Dong’er’s life!

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