Volume 26, Chapter 251.1: All You Know How to Do is Bully Me!

Wang Qiu’er’s aura suddenly changed when she twisted her waist for that punch, and Huo Yuhao felt as if he were really facing an actual Golden Dragon in that moment. The enormous fist arrived before him, driven by an unrivaled and frighteningly huge strength. This was Wang Qiu’er’s punch!

They were about the same height. Wang Qiu’er’s frame was long and slender, and her fist completely covered Huo Yuhao, even temporarily dispelling his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. The power of Huo Yuhao’s domain couldn’t even conceal his body at that moment.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how terrifying Wang Qiu’er was at this instant.

Huo Yuhao’s Ice Empress’ Wrath even felt a little stifled from that formidable draconic force, as if it was repressed within his body and he had no way of releasing it. The fist hadn’t even reached him, but he already felt as if his body were about to break apart from that immense pressure. This was absolutely a matter of life and death!

Huo Yuhao’s eyes began to sparkle underneath all that pressure. His abilities were typically increasingly more explosive and ferocious when he was facing great pressure.

Not even Wang Qiu’er expected Huo Yuhao to respond in this manner in a circumstance like this.

She couldn’t even evade his attack; it simply wasn’t possible. She dodged Huo Yuhao’s right palm when she twisted her body and punched out, but an immense gravitational power emerged from the center of Huo Yuhao’s fist at this moment. His right arm trembled at the same time, and his shoulder dislocated just like that, making his arm a few inches longer. Huo Yuhao wanted to rely on that minute difference to strike Wang Qiu’er before she could hit him!

Wang Qiu’er gave her all in this punch. She was as dominant as she could be, and Huo Yuhao’s right fist’s gravitational force was strong, but it couldn’t move her at all. However, Huo Yuhao’s aim wasn’t to use the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to pull Wang Qiu’er over. He wanted to use that suction force so that his fist could land on her body before her fist could reach him!

The suction force and dislocation were completed seamlessly. He raised his left hand at the same time and guarded his chest with his palm.

Thwack! Huo Yuhao’s dislocated right arm was ultimately one step ahead. Huo Yuhao couldn’t be bothered with the minor details in such a dire situation. His right palm that was being pulled forward by his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon touched Wang Qiu’er’s chest on her left side.

Wang Qiu’er’s aura had been raised to its peak condition, but her body now quivered strongly, and her aura immediately plummeted as her entire body froze.

The Empress’ Palm – Snowless Glacier!

Yes, that seemingly harmless and floating palm embodied the Snow Empress’ most powerful strike.

Wang Qiu’er was still too careless after she tricked Huo Yuhao. She had not expected Huo Yuhao to be able to dislocate his shoulder at will; she had not expected him to pull his palm forward with such a unique method, and she had not expected that his palm strike would contain such an effect.

It’s so bouncy… was Huo Yuhao’s first reaction before he was tossed into the air…

Boom…! Wang Qiu’er’s heavy right fist hammered into Huo Yuhao’s left palm before slamming into his chest and sending him flying a hundred meters into the distance. Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice domain was immediately dispelled at the same time.

Boom! Huo Yuhao crashed violently to the ground, and almost vomited a mouthful of blood. He realized to his surprise that Wang Qiu’er’s seemingly fearsome fist contained more propulsion force than explosive impact, which meant she was showing him mercy after all! If she hadn’t held back, her fist would still be weakened by his Snowless Glacier, but she would have still heinously wounded him. He would have vomited several mouthfuls of blood, and several bones would have been broken. Huo Yuhao would still have won, but he would have had to pay a heavy price for that victory.

The snowflakes dissipated, and Wang Qiu’er’s body was revealed. She was just standing there, motionless. Her face was as black as could be, and nobody knew whether it was because she had been struck by Huo Yuhao’s Snowless Glacier, or because some fellow had accidentally touched one of her sensitive parts.

“Ahem, ahem.” Huo Yuhao stood up as he rubbed his chest.

Yan Shaozhe’s looked over, and his eyes showed doubt.

Even he couldn’t determine who had won this round with the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice blocking his vision.

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh and said, “I won. I froze her over.”

He couldn’t even be bothered with regulating his breathing as he spoke, and he quickly walked towards Wang Qiu’er.

Are you kidding me? The Snowless Glacier landed directly on her chest! Her heart would have been frozen over in an instant no matter how powerful or how strong she is. Her life will be in danger if I don’t help her out of this.

Huo Yuhao walked briskly up to Wang Qiu’er. He discovered that Wang Qiu’er hadn’t lost consciousness. At the very least, her eyes were still flowing with sharp hostility and murderous rage, but she was just standing there, and couldn’t move at all. She was naturally immobile as her heart had been frozen. Any attempt at moving around would cause her veins to explode, and she would die.

“I…” Huo Yuhao suddenly realized that he had messed up. He realized to his surprise that he had frozen Wang Qiu’er’s heart... which meant that he had to start from her heart when withdrawing his Snowless Glacier’s intense coldness. That also meant…

What do I do?

Everyone’s looking. Do I just go up and rub a few times? That’s not very appropriate…

This clearly wasn’t the time for contemplation. He grabbed his right arm with his left hand and fixed his dislocated arm before he retrieved a Class 6 Milk Bottle and speedily absorbed soul power from it. He forced a smile as he said to Wang Qiu’er, “I didn’t mean for that to happen. You seemed like you were going to kill me, so I had to use everything I had. Furthermore, I didn’t think it would have been so coincidental. That… that was an emergency, so you can just pretend nothing happened after this. Why don’t you close your eyes? I’m going to start healing you. I’m extremely worried, and it is my duty to help you, so I’m just healing you! I don’t mean anything else.”

Snowflakes appeared once more as he spoke. However, it wasn’t the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice anymore, it was just the Empress’ Chill.

The tiny Snow Lady glowed with orangish-golden light as she fluttered behind Huo Yuhao’s back. She pointed into the sky with her little finger, and the snowflakes around her immediately started rippling as they enveloped both Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er’s bodies.

He didn’t dare to heal Wang Qiu’er like that in front of Wang Dong’er, so he had no choice but to provide some cover for himself… Of course, Huo Yuhao would definitely explain this as an attempt to protect Wang Qiu’er’s reputation.

Huo Yuhao grabbed Wang Qiu’er around her waist as the flurry of snowflakes concealed them. He dispelled the Ice Explosion before he pressed his right hand on her left chest as he rubbed gently, and he gradually withdrew his Snowless Glacier’s savage and formidable chill.

He wasn’t having any indecent thoughts at all. She was frozen! It was still bouncy before this, but it suddenly felt as hard as a rock.

The Snowless Glacier’s effects were excessively powerful, and it wasn’t as easy to withdraw as the Ice Explosion was. This was especially so when it had taken effect on the heart, and taking it back was a slow and gradual process.

Huo Yuhao gradually began to feel that the blood in Wang Qiu’er’s body was finally starting to flow and smoothen out. Her physique was just so formidable, and her heart stopping for a short period of time wouldn’t threaten her life. However, he started to feel as if something was wrong, and the hard rock in his hands slowly became a soft and springy steamed bun…

“Are you feeling better?” Huo Yuhao tried his best to make himself sound calm, and his movements began to slow. He realized that there seemed to be a little protrusion shifting around beneath his palm.

“Is it nice to touch?” Wang Qiu’er muttered coldly.

“It feels pretty good after thawing it.” Huo Yuhao carefully shifted his hands away, but his answer was sincere.

“Ah!” Wang Qiu’er screamed at the top of her voice. “Huo! Yu! Hao!”

Her leg swung through the air like a whip.

Huo Yuhao hurtled through the air like a cannonball. He seemed to fly a little further than he did before.

The snowflakes disappeared. The tiny Snow Lady was still hovering in the air, and she seemed a little dazed. Her eyes followed Huo Yuhao’s body through the air, and only then did she turn around and hurriedly chase after him.

Wang Qiu’er was just standing there, her enchanting frame was quivering as tears welled up in her eyes. She screamed once more, “All you know how to do is bully me!” She planted her right foot on the ground after this exclamation, and she made another crater in the Soul Dueling Arena before her entire body transformed into a golden lightning streak as she disappeared in a flash.

Huo Yuhao was flung from that kick to a place not far from his companions. Wang Qiu’er’s kick wasn’t as controlled as before, and even though Huo Yuhao’s arms managed to block it in time, he was kicked until he couldn’t take his next breath, and his eyes turned black as he fainted and collapsed on the ground just like that.

Silence. The entire field was silent.

The same thought surfaced in everyone’s minds when they heard Wang Qiu’er near-hysterical exclamation.

All you know how to do is bully me!?

What did he to do her?

“Yuhao!” Wang Dong’er darted forward and came beside Huo Yuhao. She didn’t touch his body, but grasped his hands and checked his condition and vitals.

Wang Qiu’er’s kick was heavy, but she wasn’t trying to kill him. Huo Yuhao had just fainted on the ground, and he wasn’t severely injured.

Yan Shaozhe was a little speechless with this outcome, and he swiftly came before Huo Yuhao. “How is it? Is he alright?”

Wang Dong’er’s expression was as calm as ever. “He’s fine. The impact was overly forceful, and he fainted from the sudden impact. He should recover after resting for a little while.”

Yan Shaozhe tilted his head and said, “Today’s practice combat will end here. You guys can take him back to rest right now.”

“Yes. Thank you, Dean Yan.” Wang Dong’er began to carry Huo Yuhao over her shoulders. Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and He Caitou wanted to help, but she shook her head and rejected them all. Huo Yuhao was slung over her back, his hands naturally hanging slack in front of her. Wang Dong’er grit her teeth and strode out of the Soul Dueling Arena with a calm expression on her face.

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