Chapter 25.3

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 25.3: Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda VS Spirit Eyes

Regardless of how quick Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er were, they weren’t capable of being faster than sound. Their movements suddenly became sluggish just as they were releasing their soul skills in preparation to launch a pincer attack on Wang Dong.

“Twin martial souls!” Almost everyone in the audience gasped in surprise.

That’s right, Xiao Xiao was currently using her second martial soul—the Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute. Although it only had a single soul ring, Xiao Xiao was still displaying the might of a control system Tool Soul Master.

In terms of quality, there was still a large gap between her Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute and Ning Tian’s Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. Her first soul skill could only decrease the speed of her opponents by 20%. However, even though that was the case, it was still enough to considerably affect Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er, who’d already adapted to their buffed movement speed. This, in turn, inhibited their pincer attack on Wang Dong.

Of course, Wang Dong wouldn’t just sit still and his opponents attack him. The instant that Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection warned him that something was off, his second, thousand year soul ring lit up.

His dazzling purple soul ring instantly overshadowed the light of Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er’s soul rings. Following that, the brightness of Wang Dong’s wings increased even more.

The golden patterns atop his azure wings seemed to have been lit by countless tiny suns, causing it to burst forth with a strong radiance.

These golden patterns gathered on the front side of his wings. He suddenly turned his left wing towards Nanmen Yun’er, who was behind him. At the same time, he turned his right wing towards Wu Feng. Afterwards, the golden patterns atop his wings simultaneously erupted with a brilliant flash of color.

Wang Dong’s entire body was instantly dyed gold, causing him to become the most dazzling person amongst the sixteen arenas.

Even the teachers within the Spectator’s Stand who hadn’t initially been paying attention to Huo Yuhao’s match turned to look. When they did, they saw Wang Dong’s dazzling pair of wings release a powerful attack in two directions at once.

This was Wang Dong’s second soul skill—Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

This was the first time that even Huo Yuhao had seen the true might of this soul skill.

Wu Feng—who’d released her Dragonfury—was swallowed by the golden light in an instant. On the other hand, Nanmen Yun’er’s Jade Slash was only able to cut through half of the golden light before it was worn away. After that, the golden light similarly struck her body.

Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er only felt something warm, before they were violently flung away. On the other hand, Wang Dong spun around in midair, before nimbly landing in an incomparably dashing manner.

This was the strength of a thousand year soul ring!

However, nobody managed to witness the hidden exchange that occurred between Huo Yuhao and Ning Tian.

In the instant that Wang Dong had released his soul skill, Ning Tian had begun to chant once again, “I call upon the third of the Seven Treasures-” However, she’d paused in the middle of her chant. Not only that, but her previous buffs on Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er had simultaneously disappeared.

Because of this, the speed-reducing effect of the Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute—which had been mitigated by her second soul skill—was activated. This was also the reason that Nanmen Yun’er, whose forte was speed, had been unable to dodge the ray of light from Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess. After being struck by that seemingly warm ray of golden light, she’d directly fainted.

Ning Tian clearly wouldn’t have made a mistake such as this. The factor that lead to all of this came precisely from Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes, which were currently glowing with a purplish-golden light. It had been his Spiritual Shock!

His Spiritual Shock was precisely what had interrupted Ning Tian’s buffs. Furthermore, it had even interrupted the thousand year soul skill that she’d been preparing to unleash.

There was a large gap between Huo Yuhao and Ning Tian’s cultivation levels, yet his Spiritual Shock, fused together with his Purple Demon Eyes, had still been able to briefly stun even Ma Xiaotao, despite the gap between them.

After receiving his attack, Ning Tian felt as if her brain had been stabbed by a needle, causing her to blank out for an instant. By the time she was able to resist the acute pain in her brain and come back to her senses, Wu Feng and Nanmen Yun’er had already been blasted away by Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

Wu Feng was a slightly better situation than Nanmen Yun’er, as she’d simultaneously activated her Dragonfire and Dragonfury skills, which had raised her attack and defense by a good margin right before she was hit. After taking Wang Dong’s attack, she hadn’t been injured that much. She rolled across the ground a few times, but she was able to stand back up. However, Nanmen Yun’er had directly fainted after landing on the ground, in turn losing all of her combat power.

“Ning Tian, what’re you doing?” Wu Feng looked towards Ning Tian with an angry look on her face.

Despite this, Ning Tian merely supported her forehead with her hand. After recovering from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, a blank look flashed through her eyes. However, in the end, she was the core of their team, which was why she managed to immediately react.

“Wu Feng, go all-out.”

As she spoke, Ning Tian began chanting as quickly as possible, “I call upon the first of the Seven Treasures: Speed. I call upon the second of the Seven Treasures: Dispel. I call upon the third of the Seven Treasures: Power.”

The three soul rings surrounding her pagoda simultaneously lit up. As she simultaneously activated her three soul skills, the pagoda in her hand became extraordinarily resplendent, so much so that it even seemed to increase in size. Three rays of light shot out from it and landed on Wu Feng’s body. At the same time, three beams shot out, turned around, and landed on her own body.

Her second soul skill could dispel all negative effects that were used by auxiliary system soul masters. She didn’t believe that Huo Yuhao would have another way to interrupt her skills now that she’d used it on herself.

After Ning Tian’s thousand year soul ring took effect, not only did Wu Feng’s speed increase by 40%, her strength also increased by 40% as well. When all of this was combined with her resistance to negative effects, she’d be able to contend with assault system Soul Elders. Although they’d lost Nanmen Yun’er’s combat strength, they still had a high chance of winning the match.

“Wang Dong, come back.” Huo Yuhao shouted.

Unlike Ning Tian, he didn’t put up a false show of strength. Flapping his wings, Wang Dong quickly retreated to Huo Yuhao’s side. Xiao Xiao’s Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron floated in front of her, and her two soul rings intersected with her other singular soul ring, allowing her to simultaneously release her two martial souls.

Huo Yuhao placed a hand on Wang Dong’s shoulder. After that, Wang Dong folded his wings slightly, perfectly covering Huo Yuhao’s body. Other than Wang Dong, nobody else was able to clearly see what he was doing, regardless of which angle they were looking at him from.

After Huo Yuhao placed his hand on Wang Dong’s shoulder, they fused their soul power to form Haodong Power. This match had already become too challenging for them, and they could meet other strong opponents tomorrow. As a result of that, Huo Yuhao didn’t want to continue wasting more time; he wanted to thoroughly decide the outcome of the match.

Wang Dong could clearly see a purplish-golden light appear in Huo Yuhao’s eyes. That mysterious light in his eyes instantly shot out a three-inch long ray of light. Although it disappeared with a flash, Wang Dong was still able to sense a terrifying undulation of spiritual power suddenly explode outwards via his Spiritual Detection.

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