Chapter 25.2

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 25.2: Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda VS Spirit Eyes

Everyone expected the match to end quickly as soon as they saw both parties released their martial souls. Even Zhou Yi was no longer confident. However, nobody expected that Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao would actually be able stand their ground while facing two strong opponents.

Mu Jin muttered to herself with an inconceivable tone in her voice, “This… how is this possible? What’re they doing? With a three-ringed Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda increasing their speed, their speeds should’ve increased by 40%! At the very least, they should be as strong as Soul Elders; why can’t they beat their opponents?”

Zhou Yi turned around and glanced towards Fan Yu, who had an inquisitive look in his eyes. Zhou Yi nodded her head, causing Fan Yu to immediately understand what was going on. His eyes lit up, and he unconsciously glanced towards Huo Yuhao, who only had a ten year soul ring flickering behind him. He was currently the most inconspicuous person amongst the six people in the arena.

“Is it him?”


Yes, it was Huo Yuhao.

Ning Tian’s Seven Treasure Glazed Pagoda was absolutely at the pinnacle amongst auxiliary system Soul Elders, but wasn’t Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes the pinnacle amongst control system martial souls? Although he was currently only relying on a single martial soul, don’t forget that he was fighting against two Soul Grandmasters and a Soul Elder! Despite this, he was able to rely on his Spiritual Detection to counteract the advantages of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda.

This was the strength of a million year soul ring. With the assistance brought about by his Spiritual Detection Sharing, he’d managed to take control of the entire battlefield. However, Ning Tian’s strengthening abilities only helped two people.

Both parties were currently stuck in a deadlock. Although Xiao Xiao was able to block Nanmen Yun’er’s attacks, she didn’t dare to rashly make a move. This was because her opponent was simply too quick. At this moment, she’d already released all three of her Threelives Soulcrush Cauldrons; only after doing so had she been able to protect the two of them under the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. In reality, she was still stuck in a passive state.

Wang Dong was in a similar situation on the other side of the arena. If he didn’t explode out with his power, he’d only be able to maintain his current situation. However, for him to counterattack would be extremely difficult. After all, his opponent was too quick; one bad move would give his opponent a chance.

A trace of doubt flashed through Ning Tian’s eyes, thus she subconsciously looked towards Huo Yuhao. Xiao Xiao had a petite body, so she wasn’t able to completely block Huo Yuhao’s figure from view. On the other hand, Huo Yuhao was also looking right at her.

Their gazes met, and Ning Tian narrowed her eyes in a somewhat chilly manner. However, Huo Yuhao nodded towards her with a smile on his face.

Is it him? Ning Tian’s heart shook. She looked at his soul ring, and saw that it was was flickering with a gem-white light.

When the battle had started, their team of three had completely overlooked Huo Yuhao’s existence; one couldn’t blame them for doing so either. After all, how could a Rank 17 Soul Master, someone who only had a ten year soul ring, attract the attention of these Chosen?

However, seeing that the battle had reached its current stage, Ning Tian realised that something wasn’t right. She was also the first person in the entire freshmen assessment to suspect Huo Yuhao.

How could a fellow who only possessed a single ten year soul ring manage to join Shrek Academy? Furthermore, his soul ring had been lit since the start of the match. This signified that he’d been using a soul skill the entire time. After realising this, Ning Tian couldn’t help but recall what had happened at the start of the match. At that time, Huo Yuhao had claimed to be a control system soul master when he’d introduced himself.

What was his martial soul? What sort of soul skill was he releasing?

The instant she realized this, Ning Tian shouted, “Yun’er, attack that one-ringed fella in the back.”

Ning Tian played the same role in her team as Huo Yuhao did; she was the brain of her team.

After hearing Ning Tian’s command, Nanmen Yun’er suddenly sped up. However, she didn’t attack Huo Yuhao straightaway, nor did she attack Xiao Xiao. Instead, she turned around and instantly charged towards Wang Dong, who wasn’t far from her.

Nanmen Yun’er’s current speed was simply too quick. Although Wang Dong was aware of her sneak attack due to Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, his reaction to it was extremely rushed. Furthermore, Xiao Xiao couldn’t make it in time to help him out.

At this moment, their opponents fully utilised their advantage in speed in order to unleash a pincer attack on Wang Dong.

Nanmen Yun’er and Wu Feng were extremely coordinated with each other. In the instant that she made her move, a red light suddenly spilled out from her body. Her second soul ring lit up, and the Dragonfire around her body suddenly turned dark red. The dragon scales that were currently covering half of her body suddenly became thicker, and a her eyes shone with a red light. At the same time, her left hand completely transformed into the shape of a dragon claw.

This was Wu Feng’s second soul skill, Dragonfury.

Both Wu Feng’s attack and defense increased due to Dragonfury. At the same time, it also amplified the strength of her other soul skills, causing the intensity of Dragonfire’s heat to practically double in an instant. This caused the air around her to violently distort.

Nanmen Yun’er also activated her own second soul skill; as she pounced towards Wang Dong, her yellow hundred year soul ring flashed. She clasped her hands above her head, causing a jade light to condense above them in the form of a crescent moon, which then shot directly towards Wang Dong.

Her martial soul was the Jade Bluebird, while the soul skill she’d used earlier was called ‘Jade Blade’, which turned her arms into blades. On the other hand, when her second soul skill merged with her first soul skill, it was known as ‘Jade Slash’.

Agility system soul masters were always known for their speed and attack power, so the strength of this attack could be imagined. The jade-colored blade of light cut through the air in a beautiful arc as it swung towards Wang Dong. More importantly, this attack of hers had a lock-on effect, which made it impossible to dodge.

Two Soul Grandmasters had simultaneously activated their second soul skills, and in addition to that, were launching a pincer attack on Wang Dong under the speed boost of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. They clearly wanted to end everything in one move, and take care of Wang Dong then and there, as he was the only assault system soul master on their team. After that, Xiao Xiao and Huo Yuhao naturally wouldn’t be a match for them. This was a method of utilising speed; even if their opponent knew what they were planning, they’d still be suppressed.

However, how could Huo Yuhao’s team simply sit and wait for death? If it were anyone else, they would’ve been caught unprepared. However, their advantage lay in the fact that they’d already predicted Nanmen Yun’er’s attack the instant she launched it via her movement, as well as the circulation of Wu Feng’s soulforce.

They weren’t able to do anything due to their inferior speeds. However, the three of them still reacted in three different ways.

Xiao Xiao’s gaze became focused. She raised her hands into the air, and her temperament suddenly changed. A gentle and beautiful look appeared on her face, and following that, the two yellow soul rings surrounding her were suddenly replaced by a single yellow soul ring. The Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron simply floated above her head, while a jade-colored flute had appeared in her hands.

This jade flute was extremely long, and there were lifelike carving of phoenixes on it. When compared to the steady feeling given off by the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron, Xiao Xiao now seemed as beautiful as a fairy as she held the flute in her hands.

Her soul ring quietly lit up, causing a peaceful melody to ring out. The melody didn’t seem very moving, but it made everyone who heard it feel a tangible viscosity. Following that, a jade-colored halo spread outwards from Xiao Xiao’s body.

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