Volume 26, Chapter 247.2: The Continuously Strengthening Tang Sect

Another reason was Xuan Ziwen’s own problems. He had only just started learning how to develop Tang Sect’s hidden weapons. The contents involved were different from the formation arrays of soul tools that he had researched before. He needed time to adapt and experiment. It was naturally a good thing to start with something as simple as the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon.

As a result, Xuan Ziwen set two goals for himself. First, he wanted to complete the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon and combine it with his Sealed Milk Bottle. Second, he wanted to design and produce more economical low-level stationary soul cannon shells, a crucial matter.

Huo Yuhao directly told him that the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons would be more popular if cheaper and more powerful cannon shells were produced. When that happened, he would have more money to carry out other activities!


In the Sparring Arena, there was a fight going on. The two parties involved were Jing Ziyan and Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi was standing in the center of the Sparring Arena. He flipped the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle into the air, which resisted Jing Ziyan’s attack. No matter how magical Jing Ziyan’s fog was, she couldn’t force him from his spot.

Huo Yuhao slapped his hand to his forehead and said, “They really can’t take a break! It’s so early in the morning, but they are already fighting.”

Bei Bei smiled, “This is a good thing. It’s a form of motivation for everyone. If you don’t want to lose, you’ll have to work hard. Am I wrong?”

Those who were watching the fight weren’t just the ordinary disciples. Wang Dong’er and Ji Juechen were present, too.

Ji Juechen was watching the fight quietly, the Judgment Sword behind his back. He was still using his original sheath for it, which looked slightly unsuitable.

Bei Bei and Huo Yuhao walked over. Ji Juechen looked at Huo Yuhao, and his eyes brightened. However, Huo Yuhao immediately said before he even opened his mouth, “Don’t find me for anything. I didn’t sleep last night; I was discussing soul tools with Teacher Xuan. My mind isn’t in the right state now, and my fighting strength is at a low point. Even if you defeat me in this state, I don’t think it’s honorable for you, right? How’s my third senior?”

Ji Juechen replied without any hesitation, “Impressive!”

Xu Sanshi and Jing Ziyan both had six rings. As an agility-type soul master, she didn’t stand a chance against the defense-type Xu Sanshi. The sparring had been going on for more than ten minutes already. Xu Sanshi hadn’t moved a single inch, and only defended against Jing Ziyan’s attacks. If this continued, Jing Ziyan’s soul power was bound to run out.

Ji Juechen appeared to be in good spirits, a passionate gaze in his eyes at this moment. After coming to Shrek City, he became more and more satisfied with his decision. If he had never come to Shrek City, he would never known how strong soul masters could become. They were at the same level, but Ji Juechen knew that Huo Yuhao’s seniors weren’t easy to deal with. Using Xu Sanshi as an example, he had no confidence of breaking through the Black Turtle defense using his sword intent. Furthermore, he could also tell that Xu Sanshi was holding back slightly. Of course, Jing Ziyan was holding back, too. But overall, Xu Sanshi still had an advantage over her.

Huo Yuhao chuckled and replied, “Of course he’s impressive. My eldest senior is also very impressive. He even mentioned that we should all help to improve one another in the future.”

Bei Bei glared at him. Rascal, he sold me out the moment we arrived. He smiled before saying to Ji Juechen, “Brother Ji, your sheath isn’t very suitable. I’ll get the Soul Tool Hall to make you a new one when we return.”

Ji Juechen nodded and said, “Thanks. I would like to challenge you.”

Bei Bei knew that he couldn’t escape. He naturally wouldn’t shrink away from the challenge, either. Even though Ji Juechen had lost to Wang Qiu’er yesterday, Bei Bei could tell how strong he was. With his sharp eyes, he could also tell that Wang Qiu’er didn’t win the fight easily, either. Just like Wang Qiu’er had mentioned, the outcome might be completely different if Ji Juechen had changed his sword.

“Alright, let’s wait for them to finish fighting,” Bei Bei agreed readily. He was also getting a little itchy.

Xu Sanshi was very cooperative. As he stood in his spot, he shouted suddenly, “Sister Jing, I’m exhausted. Let’s stop now, okay? It’s not easy being your sandbag! Have you had your fill?”

The purple fog consolidated and revealed Jing Ziyan’s figure. She was panting heavily, and perspiration had already formed on her forehead. On the contrary, Xu Sanshi appeared to be very calm, and didn’t look tired at all.

Jing Ziyan snapped, “You are such a dishonest fellow. Why aren’t you attacking?”

Perhaps it was because Jiang Nannan was not present, and thus Xu Sanshi couldn’t help but flirt a little when he saw a lady.

“Hey, Sister Jing, how am I dishonest? People call me an honest, reliable guy. I’m holding a shield. How am I supposed to retaliate? I’m getting whacked so pitifully by you. I’m conceding defeat.”

Jing Ziyan rolled her eyes at him and retracted her martial soul. She said, “Alright, let’s end it for today. I’ll challenge you again when we return.”

Xu Sanshi chortled and replied, “Great! I’ll be ready to fight you anytime.”

In fact, Jing Ziyan had put a lot of pressure on him. After sparring with Huo Yuhao, Ji Juechen wasn’t the only who had improved. Jing Ziyan’s martial soul was already very strange. Furthermore, her actual fighting abilities were getting stronger and stronger. Her attacks were quite incisive.

Xu Sanshi only defended and didn’t attack. It wasn’t that he couldn’t, but rather because he knew that he would give her an opportunity to exploit if he did so. In that way, it would be difficult to predict the victor. This was only sparring, and not a life-and-death battle. That’s why he decided to defend all the way and created the stalemate.

Jing Ziyan and Xu Sanshi stepped down. Ji Juechen drew his Judgment Sword, “Bei Bei, it’s our turn.”

Bei Bei smiled and gestured for him to enter the arena first. The two of them walked towards the center of the arena.

Xu Sanshi smiled, “Please be gentle. Don’t destroy the place any further. Brother Ji, do your best. Destroy him.”

Jing Ziyan revealed a weird look in her eyes and asked confusedly, “Why are you cheering Juechen on, and not Bei Bei?”

Xu Sanshi retracted his smile and appeared melancholic. “I have an enmity with him, thus I can’t cheer him on. I can’t wait for Brother Ji to give him a good whacking.”

Jing Ziyan snapped, “I don’t understand the messy relationships between guys.”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er laughed as they stood at one side.

Wang Dong’er said softly, “Yuhao, go and rest. Didn’t you stay awake the entire night?” She knew that Huo Yuhao hadn’t slept at all. Otherwise, he would have found her to cultivate together.

However, she hadn’t gone and disrupted him, either. She prepared breakfast for him at the canteen when she woke up. When Mo Xuan came to find him earlier, Huo Yuhao had already consumed his breakfast.

Huo Yuhao replied, “I’ll rest when this fight finishes, but you’ll need to accompany me.”

“Alright.” Wang Dong’er understood that he wanted to cultivate with her.

However, someone objected immediately. Xu Sanshi twisted his head and said in shock, “Dong’er, you agreed?”

Wang Dong’er was stunned, and asked, “Why can’t I agree?”

Xu Sanshi appeared depressed as he said, “Why? The Heavens, you are really unfair towards me...”

Not only was Jing Ziyan confused by his words, but even Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were completely lost. They didn’t know what he was doing.

Jing Ziyan asked doubtfully, “What’s wrong?”

Xu Sanshi was both sad and furious as he replied, “We are both dating, but why is Nannan so cold towards me? Yuhao is younger than me, and he’s not as developed as me. He’s also not as handsome as me! However, Dong’er agreed to his advances in broad daylight. I’m pitiful. It’s difficult for me to even hold Nannan’s hand.”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were instantly annoyed. Wang Dong’er said furiously, “Third senior, your thinking is too dirty. I’m returning with Yuhao to cultivate later. We have twin martial souls, thus it’s much easier for us if we cultivate together.”

Xu Sanshi appeared as if he understood what she meant, and replied, “I understand, I understand. Ah, the sun shines brightly outside while the two of you draw the curtains and lay under the blanket in the room. Why don’t I have such a good life?”

Wang Dong’er wanted to explain further, but Huo Yuhao pulled her away. For such a matter, it would become more and more ambiguous the more they tried to explain themselves. Xu Sanshi was obviously mocking them. The best thing to do was to ignore him.

Jing Ziyan looked at Xu Sanshi deeply, and didn’t say anything.

Xu Sanshi was puzzled as he looked at the three of them, as he realized no one was bothering with him anymore. Huo Yuhao was holding Wang Dong’er’s hand as he turned towards the arena. Only Jing Ziyan was watching him with a burning gaze in her eyes.

Xu Sanshi was confused as he asked, “What are you looking at me for? Sister Jing, I’m already taken, even though I have to admit that you are pretty. No matter how harsh Nannan is towards me, my feelings for her are real. You’ve come too late. We can’t be together in this lifetime. Let’s see whether we are destined to be together in other lifetimes.”

Jing Ziyan sighed suddenly and gave a regretful look. She shook her head and turned her gaze towards the arena.

Xu Sanshi was stunned, and asked, “Why are you sighing? What’s wrong with me? Do you think it’s a pity that I already have a girlfriend?”

Jing Ziyan turned her attention towards him again and said seriously, “When I sparred with you earlier, I still thought that you were quite strong, and that you have a bright future. However, I realized there’s something wrong with a part of your body after everything that you’ve just said.”

As she spoke, she lifted her finger to point at Xu Sanshi’s forehead.

Xu Sanshi replied furiously, “What, what’s wrong with my brain?”

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