Volume 26, Chapter 244.2: Qiu'er, I'm Not One Who Picks on Others

Bei Bei thought for a moment before replying, “I think there was such a person. I was busy with other things then, and didn’t bother to converse with them properly.”

Huo Yuhao was delighted. “It’s good if it’s Teacher Xuan. Eldest senior, he’s a Class 8 soul engineer! He’s also a chief researcher in the Illustrious Virtue Hall. If he’s willing to join the Tang Sect, our reputation in soul tools will soon grow in the continent!”

“Oh? What’s going on?” Bei Bei was interested after hearing his words.

Huo Yuhao recounted his bet with Xuan Ziwen, and how he had attracted him to join the Tang Sect.

After hearing his explanation, Bei Bei finally understood, and was also surprised. Undoubtedly, it was very difficult to find someone of Xuan Ziwen’s caliber! Huo Yuhao was greatly strengthening the sect by poaching someone as capable as him.

“Alright, that’s great. No, I must go with you. Oh, wait, the seven of us should go together. Teacher Xuan is very important. We need to show our respect for him.” Bei Bei said decisively.

Huo Yuhao said, “Eldest senior, did you mention that there were a few of them? Besides Teacher Xuan, who else is here?”

Bei Bei laughed, “Why are you asking me? If you don’t know, why would I know? Don’t think about it. You’ll know when we see them.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao acknowledged his words, and the two returned to the dormitory to brief the rest before proceeding to the Tang Sect. They had great freedom in the academy. They only needed to consult their teachers when they had any queries. There weren’t any rules restricting their freedom.


The seven of them rushed over to the Tang Sect. After entering the courtyard, Huo Yuhao saw two familiar figures. He was stunned as he saw them, and mumbled, “The two of you really can’t be shaken off!”

Bei Bei stared at him and asked, “Yuhao, what do you mean?”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “I have to say this about these two! Eldest senior, you don’t know how much they pestered me. Why are they here with Teacher Xuan to find me?”

The two individuals that Huo Yuhao mentioned were sparring as Huo Yuhao and Bei Bei entered the courtyard, but they stopped when the two of them entered. As they saw Huo Yuhao’s annoyed look, they revealed smiles on their face.

These two were Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan, Huo Yuhao’s old foes when he was at the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy! Huo Yuhao certainly didn’t expect the two of them to be here in Shrek City.

Jing Ziyan placed her hands on her waist and taunted him, “Why Huo Yuhao, why don’t you welcome us? You’re acting tough just because we’re in your territory? If you’re unconvinced, why don’t you fight us?”

Seeing these two pests, Huo Yuhao placed his hands on his waist and answered, “Okay! Are the two of you challenging the seven of us, or are we whacking the two of you?”

Jing Ziyan was joking, but Ji Juechen took it for real! He had found another pitch-black iron sword. He pointed it forward, and his aura soared. He wasn’t called a sword fanatic for nothing.

As they felt the sharp and vicious sword intent, the rest of the seven were stunned. What was going on? Were they enemies?

“Stop fooling around. Let’s clear things up before sparring.” Huo Yuhao looked helpless as he approached them. After that, he turned to the rest behind him and said, “Let me introduce you guys. These two guys are Jing Ziyan and Ji Juechen. They are my “good pals” from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy…”

Jing Ziyan grinned when she heard Huo Yuhao’s introduction. When he said ‘good pals’, he sounded extremely furious!

“They are my seniors and juniors in the Tang Sect. Surely the two of you didn’t come all the way from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to Shrek City to fight me, right?” Huo Yuhao didn’t know what the two of them were up to.

Ji Juechen shook his head immediately.

Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of relief. That’s right, they couldn’t possibly travel thousands of kilometers to fight him.

However, Jing Ziyan followed with, “We came here to fight many, many rounds with you!”

“What!” Huo Yuhao almost choked on his saliva. “Many rounds? Don’t you need to study?”

Ji Juechen replied, “We’ve quit the academy.”

Jing Ziyan said seriously, “When you were about to leave, we discussed and agreed that we learned more from sparring with you than anything we’ve learned from the academy. We are both more like soul masters. That’s why we believe this place might be more suitable for us, and why we’re here. We don’t really have anything over there that we’ll miss anyway. You can just give us a roof over our heads and fight us every day. You can also choose not to fight us, but we’ll stick to you wherever you go.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he stared at them. It was quite miraculous that they could actually pester him to such a standard!

Ji Juechen waved his sword and said, “Since we’ve cleared things up, can we fight now?”

The rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, including Wang Dong’er, had no intention of helping Huo Yuhao. They all moved to one side to watch the show that was about to start. Wang Dong’er whispered to the rest in a bid to explain Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan’s background.

Just as everyone was ready to watch the sparring, a voices sounded out from the gate. “Huo Yuhao, come out.”

This voice was very familiar. Huo Yuhao was stunned for another moment. He signaled to Ji Juechen before walking out.

It was Wang Qiu’er, who was standing outside.

Huo Yuhao was at a loss for words as he asked her, “Qiu’er, why are you here?” 

She replied, “Why can’t I come? Are there terrifying beasts in the Tang Sect? I went to the inner courtyard to find you, but I heard you were out. I guessed that you returned to the Tang Sect, so I came to find you. Dean Cai told me that the three soul bones can be shared between the two of us. What do you plan to do with them?”

Huo Yuhao said, “I have something to deal with over here. Come in first. We’ll talk about the soul bones later. Since you want them, I can give them all to you.” As he spoke, he ushered Wang Qiu’er inside.

Jing Ziyan rubbed her eyes as she saw Wang Qiu’er entering. After that, she turned to the other side and asked, “Twins?”

Wang Qiu’er replied, “No.”

Wang Dong’er also answered, “We are not twins.”

They were both so ravishing, and were even lookalikes. Even Ji Juechen couldn’t help but take more glances at the two of them.

“Huo Yuhao, come.” Ji Juechen lifted his sword again. After he had stopped sparring, he had felt his improvement stalling. This also made him more certain that giving up his education at the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to find Huo Yuhao was the correct decision.

Huo Yuhao snapped, “Come, what come? Don’t you see that I have guests? Also, where’s Teacher Xuan?”

Ji Juechen’s eyes were already filled with the light of competition, and couldn’t be bothered. “Let’s fight first.” As he spoke, he lifted his blade, and a vicious sword intent was released. At this point, his soul power seemed different from before. It surfaced as a dim silver, and even his eyes shone with silver light. It was evident that his powers had improved.

Ji Juechen said, “Yuhao, I developed a deeper understanding of sword intent, which I have named Dragonslayer. Come on.”

“Dragonslayer?” Huo Yuhao’s expression turned weird, and he immediately twisted his head to look at Wang Qiu’er.  He muttered, “I’m not someone who picks on others, but someone has named his ability Dragonslayer. Qiu’er, can you accept that?”

Wang Qiu’er coordinated with him and snorted, “Of course not. Let me fight him instead.”

As she spoke, she took a step forward. She let out a deep roar, and the entirety of Tang Sect seemed to shake momentarily. Following this, a strong competitive will rose from her.

She didn’t have any sword or fist intent, but only possessed an unprecedented and domineering fighting will. Her deep dragon roar shook the air, and intense golden light started to surround her entire body in layers.

The rest of Shrek’s Seven Monsters widened their eyes as they looked at her. This works? Yuhao still dares to say that he’s not a picky person? What is considered picky then? He passed on his hatred too easily.

Ji Juechen was also stunned when his opponent suddenly changed. However, he recovered very quickly. To him, it didn’t matter who his opponent was. The key was that his opponent was able to give him pressure. He couldn’t find someone like that in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. Otherwise, why would he travel all the way here?

It was easy to tell whether one was capable after they made their first move. Qiu’er only stepped forward, but she immediately repressed Ji Juechen’s aura. This simple action already left him very impressed.

Ji Juechen squinted his eyes, but the sword intent that he had unleashed suddenly turned gentle.

While Huo Yuhao had passed on the trouble to Wang Qiu’er, he didn’t cease observing Ji Juechen. As his sword intent changed, his expression also changed slightly.

This… is he pulling off a reversal? No, it isn’t at that standard yet. How does he hide it? A hidden sword intent is the most terrifying weapon. I didn’t expect his improvement to be so great. He has already understood sword intent to such a standard.

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