Volume 26, Chapter 244.1: Qiu'er, I'm Not One Who Picks on Others

After hearing Elder Xuan’s words, everyone went silent. If sects were allowed to participate in the tournament, they might no longer be odds-on to be the champions anymore. Just like Elder Xuan had said, there would be a lot of trouble if the Body Sect also competed in the tournament, not to mention the rest of the sects on the continent. The Body Sect wasn’t the only capable sect. In Huo Yuhao’s heart, the Clear Sky Sect was not inferior to the Body Sect.

Bei Bei said, “Elder Xuan, it’ll be much more difficult for us in this tournament. You called for us because you want us to up our training intensity over the next few months?”

Elder Xuan waved his hand and replied, “No matter how the system changes, I’m confident in all of you. In the last tournament, the seven of you brought back the title of champions even under such unfortunate circumstances. Five years on, the seven of you are even better than before. So what if the other sects compete? Although this spells more trouble, I’m sure you’ll emerge as champions. However, have the seven of you ever considered the fact that a change in the system will be beneficial for you even if it’s a bad thing for the academy? The seven of you belong to the same sect.”

After hearing his words, everyone was stunned. As members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, they naturally treated themselves as part of Shrek Academy. They were the main competing members of the academy. However, Elder Xuan’s words made it sound a little different!

Xu Sanshi was stunned as he asked, “Elder Xuan, are you saying that you are allowing us to compete in the tournament as part of the Tang Sect…?”

Elder Xuan smiled and replied, “I’m not approving anything. It depends on whether the seven of you are willing.”

Their expressions changed as they looked at one another.

Elder Xuan said, “If the seven of you compete as part of the Tang Sect, the academy will send another team to compete. All of you will still be recognized as Shrek’s Seven Monsters. This means that everyone will still know that you are from Shrek Academy even though you are representing the Tang Sect. In this way, it’s equivalent to our academy sending two teams out. This is double insurance for the academy.”

Bei Bei hesitated, “However, if we win, the legacy of Shrek Academy’s glory in the tournament will…”

Elder Xuan replied, “When Elder Mu passed away, he once told me that glory can’t be your restraint. What’s a little glory compared to the better development of the academy and your futures? Don’t tell me that Shrek Academy will stop being the top academy on the continent just because we are not champions?” As he spoke till here, there was a look of pride in his eyes.

Bei Bei pondered for a moment before saying, “If we represent the Tang Sect, we’ll still face some problems. For example, we don’t have any substitutes. In addition, can the academy send a suitable team in our place?”

Elder Xuan replied, “You look down on the academy too much. I was still hesitating over this matter. However, didn’t Yuhao tell all of you that there’s a new talent in the academy?”

Huo Yuhao said immediately, “Wang Qiu’er?”

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “That’s right. If the seven of you represent the Tang Sect, Wang Qiu’er will assume the role of team leader to represent Shrek Academy. There are still other outstanding students below the age of twenty in our academy. Although they aren’t as good as the seven of you, they aren’t that much inferior. I’ll give you a few days to think about it. Let’s make it three days. Within three days, you must give me a definite answer.”

“Yes.” Bei Bei acknowledged his words. From the way he clenched his fist, it was evident that he wasn’t calm. He was even slightly agitated.

After bidding Elder Xuan goodbye, everyone gathered at Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s dormitory.

Xu Sanshi said, “Guys, what should we do? Should we represent Shrek or the Tang Sect?”

He Caitou said, “I’m fine with both. To me, there’s not much difference. Elder Xuan was right. No matter who we represent, everyone will know that we’re from Shrek. If we represent the Tang Sect, it’s equivalent to Shrek sending two teams for the tournament.”

Jiang Nannan furrowed her brow and said, “I’m only worried. If we represent the Tang Sect, it’ll be very difficult for Shrek Academy to become champions. Whether they lose to us or others, it’ll represent the end of Shrek’s glory in the tournament. We fought so hard to preserve this glory during the last tournament. If we lose it just like that, I’ll be very indignant. While Elder Xuan appeared to be very calm about the matter, the influence of this glory will impact Shrek greatly!”

Xiao Xiao didn’t mutter a word. She rarely opened her mouth during discussions.

Bei Bei turned his attention towards Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, “What about the two of you?”

Huo Yuhao pondered for a moment before replying, “I feel that we should represent the Tang Sect. In terms of selfish motives, I want to do this for Teacher Xiao Ya and do my best to help the Tang Sect prosper. Disregarding selfish considerations, we can’t rely on the academy forever. We need to make a name for ourselves too. As for the academy’s glory, I don’t think there’ll be any conflict even if we represent the Tang Sect.”

“No conflict?” Bei Bei was puzzled as he looked at him.

Huo Yuhao whispered something, and everyone’s gazes turned perplexed.

“Isn’t this a little shameless? Will the committee allow this?” Wang Dong’er couldn’t help but say. She looked at Huo Yuhao with a weird look on her face.

Huo Yuhao asked confusedly, “How is it shameless? We’re only showcasing our identities. No matter how the system changes, there shouldn’t be any special restrictions in this aspect.”

Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi looked at each other. Bei Bei was relieved, while Xu Sanshi clapped his hands and said, “Sixth junior, you’re impressive. I didn’t expect you to inherit eldest senior’s slyness. Impressive.”

Bei Bei snapped and kicked, “Get lost. How am I sly?”

Xu Sanshi avoided his kick and said, “How dare you kick me? Be careful, or I won’t give my best during the tournament.”

Bei Bei snorted and replied, “Then I’ll send Nannan up to deal with the most troublesome opponent around.”

“You!” Xu Sanshi opened his eyes wide and was filled with condemnation.

Bei Bei acted like he didn’t see anything and said, “I think that little junior’s suggestion is very good. Since this is the case, we’ve solved our greatest problem. I also agree that we should represent the Tang Sect to compete.”

Undoubtedly, Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi and Huo Yuhao were the core of this team. Xu Sanshi didn’t say anything, but he appeared to be fine with the suggestion. Huo Yuhao and Bei Bei had already agreed, and thus there was technically a conclusion already.

Bei Bei took in a deep breath and said seriously, “Then let’s do our best for the Tang Sect’s glory in this tournament.”

As he spoke, he reached out with his right hand.

Everyone reached out their right hands and they stacked their hands together. A strong camaraderie surrounded the dormitory hall they were in.

“Yuhao, let’s go. Let’s tell Elder Xuan what we think. The academy can also prepare.” Bei Bei told Huo Yuhao, and they prepared to leave the dormitory.

After leaving, Bei Bei hugged Huo Yuhao’s shoulder. “Thank you.” He knew that everyone would have hesitated without Huo Yuhao’s support, since they were clearly aware that they were all members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Among the seven of them, Bei Bei was undoubtedly the most eager to represent the Tang Sect. It was all for the Tang Ya.

Tang Ya had been missing for close to five years, and there had been no news of her yet. What was the probability that she was still alive? Although Bei Bei had never mentioned it over the past five years, he knew the internal pressure that he felt. He just wanted to do something for the Tang Ya now, and he also prayed every day in the hopes that she was still alive.

Undoubtedly, the modified Continental Soul Master Youth Tournament was a good way to find Tang Ya. If the Tang Sect eventually emerged as champions, Tang Ya would learn of the good news, and perhaps she would return. Even if they couldn’t find her, Bei Bei’s promise to her could still be fulfilled.

Huo Yuhao shook his head slightly and said, “Eldest senior, I would have died in the Great Star Dou Forest if not for you and Teacher Xiao Ya. The two of you are my benefactors. I was also given the chance to enter Shrek Academy because of the Tang Sect. Although I’m a Shrek Academy student, I’m also a part of the Tang Sect. Without affecting the academy’s glory, I’m willing to fight for the Tang Sect’s glory and Teacher Xiao Ya. When we emerge as champions, she’ll know about it and return.”

Bei Bei said with confidence, “Yes. Xiao Ya will be back. I will wait for her for my entire life.”

After receiving their report, Elder Xuan looked as if he knew this was going to happen. He only instructed them to make their preparations. When the change to the system was confirmed, he would inform them about the registration method again.

After exiting the Sea God’s Pavilion, Bei Bei seemed to recall something. He asked Huo Yuhao, “Oh yes, a few people were here to find you yesterday. They came to the academy directly. Since you weren’t around, the academy wasn’t able to host them. They came directly to me. I asked them to proceed to the Tang Sect first. If you are not in a rush, you can go and find them first. They seem to come from the Sun Moon Empire. Na Na knows them too.”

After hearing Bei Bei’s words, Huo Yuhao was elated. It was good news! He immediately guessed who was here to find him.

“Eldest senior, was it a soul engineer named Xuan Ziwen who was here to find me?” Huo Yuhao asked immediately.

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