Volume 25, Chapter 242.2: Fifth Soul Ring!

To Wang Qiu’er, soul skills weren’t that important. Her Golden Dragon Spear couldn’t be Inscribed! She used pure strength and fighting techniques to attack the Silverbrave Beast, and successfully took it down.

“Thanks!” After killing the Silverbrave Beast, Huo Yuhao gave a thumbs-up to Wang Qiu’er.

Wang Qiu’er replied, “This is only an exchange. I’m only fulfilling my promise. There’s nothing to thank me for.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “I have to thank you no matter what.” After he finished speaking, she nodded, and Huo Yuhao sat down cross-legged on the ground, starting the process of guiding the Silverbrave Beast’s black soul ring into his body.

This was the Core Region of the Great Star Dou Forest. The faster he absorbed the soul ring, the better. Neither he nor Li Yongyue delayed, and they both started their absorption.

Although they might absorb soul skills that they didn’t want, that was unlikely to happen.

The Silverbrave Beast and Skyshaking Roar weren’t soul beasts that were balanced in all aspects. They each possessed a single strong innate ability. For soul masters, they were most likely to absorb the strongest ability of a soul beast before they absorbed any other soul skills.

Li Yongyue and the Skyshaking Roar weren’t completely compatible, and thus it was unlikely for him to absorb weaker soul skills due to higher compatibility. As for Huo Yuhao, the Inscription was the most suitable for him. Moreover, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was great. This meant that he had some form of control during the absorption process, and didn’t have to rely on luck. He could guide the greatest force to fuse with his body, and it wouldn’t be too huge of a problem for him, either.

Protection! Everyone gathered to protect the two who were absorbing their soul rings. Mo Xuan and the two cubs didn’t leave the soul tool fort, it was the safest place for them.

During the absorption process, the difference in physical strength was slowly revealed.

In terms of cultivation, Li Yongyue was ten ranks higher than Huo Yuhao, and absorbing his sixth soul ring. However, there was an insurmountable gap between their physical strengths.

The two soul beasts had both possessed around thirty-thousand year cultivations. Huo Yuhao only took two hours to absorb his soul ring, but Li Yongyue took close to six hours before he succeeded.

Fortunately, the Core Region had its benefits. They didn’t know if they were in the territory of the Silverbrave Beast or the Skyshaking Roar, but even after the two soul beasts died, no other soul beasts came into the area. Although they took quite a while to absorb the soul rings, they didn’t run into any trouble.

Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes finally obtained their fifth soul ring. From this moment onwards, he could be truly called a Soul King!

After the absorption was over, Cai Mei’er quickly issued orders to everyone before the two of them could even test out their new soul skills. Retreat!

Even though she was a Titled Douluo, she was still on tenterhooks, as they were in the Core Region of the forest. Right now, the sky was turning dark. Cai Mei’er didn’t dare to spend the night in the Core Region. No matter what, it was better for them to retreat to the Hybrid Region first!

They were very fortunate this time, compared to the misfortune that befell them earlier. Not only did they successfully find suitable soul beasts to kill, but they also didn’t meet with too much trouble as they retreated!

They ran until midnight, only stopping after they were deep in the Hybrid Region. They met a few soul beasts along the way, but they didn’t pose any threat to them.

They rested for the night and carried on the next morning, moving as quickly as possible away from the Core Region. They took less than two days to leave the Great Star Dou Forest.


“Ah! We’re finally out!” Li Yongyue exclaimed.

After rushing out of the forest and seeing the vast expanse of grass, everyone from Shrek Academy felt as if they had returned to the real world.

Yes, they were finally out after their ordeals of the past few days! Everyone that needed soul rings had also successfully obtained their soul rings.

Everyone was relieved as their bodies released the tension they had been holding. Even Cai Mei’er had the same feeling. Although luck had been on their side, their journey hadn’t been completely smooth! It was a miracle that the entire team was able to successfully retreat after facing off against the Zhong brothers!

Cai Mei’er smiled and said, “Alright, don’t get too relaxed, either. It’s not too late to celebrate when we return to the academy. Let’s rush back to the academy before it gets dark. The earlier we return, the earlier we can relax.”

“Yes!” everyone acknowledged her words, their voices filled with delight.

Huo Yuhao sighed in his heart. His cultivation had increased significantly over these past few years. Whether it was his abilities as a soul master or a soul engineer, he had made significant improvements. However, he had realized how he was lacking in many aspects during this journey through the Great Star Dou Forest. Luckily, they hadn’t met an extremely strong soul beast in the Core Region. If they had run into a hundred-thousand year soul beast, it would have been a crisis that the entire team would have had to face together.

In the near future, their requirements for soul rings would become stricter as their cultivation grew. However, he wouldn’t have the help of a strong team every time. His abilities were still lacking!

After a brief moment of disappointment, Huo Yuhao started to become excited. Although he had faced numerous threats on this journey, he had benefited greatly too. Like he had anticipated, his fifth soul skill was the Silverbrave Beast’s Inscription.

Not only this, but he even brought back two Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear cubs! These two cubs were still very clingy. In addition, they had grown much bigger after just a few days. Their hair was pitch-black, and they no longer had any trouble walking. They were indeed first-grade, top-ranked soul beasts! They would soon possess fighting strength.

They even treated Huo Yuhao as their father. When others got close to them, they would bare their teeth. Not only could he get close to them, but they were also greatly reliant on him.

Besides the two cubs, Huo Yuhao had also obtained three soul bones. These soul bones came from the owners of the three-way martial soul fusion skill, the three wolf-apes.

He already knew what he wanted to do with these three soul bones. He was going to keep one for himself and give the other to Wang Qiu’er. The last one would be donated to the academy. If Dong’er wanted one, he would give her his soul bone. If she didn’t want the soul bone, he would keep it for his own use. After all, an additional soul bone could increase the abilities of soul masters. Huo Yuhao was especially excited to see the wolf-ape’s Instant Teleportation in the soul bone. No matter when this skill appeared, it was regarded as a divine skill! It was like possessing another life!


Everyone moved extremely quickly as they rushed back to the academy. Before the sun set, they finally saw the familiar city and gate to the academy.

“Ah! We’re finally back.” Li Yongyue shouted as if he were venting! Following this, he started to chuckle. He was very satisfied with what he had gained on this journey! As an agility-type soul master, the Skyshaking Roar was an explosive soul skill. Furthermore, the soul skill had some degree of control ability. It would definitely affect his future development!

Comparatively speaking, Wang Qiu’er and Mo Xuan’s soul rings were lousier. Mo Xuan’s soul ring was slightly better then Qiu’er’s. After all, he used his skills at long range, and they covered a huge area. As for Wang Qiu’er, her Bloodlust seemed slightly weaker. The only impressive thing was probably the Bloody Baboon King’s fifty-thousand year cultivation. After all, she had obtained a fifty-thousand year soul ring!

Everyone rushed into Shrek Academy, except for Wang Qiu’er and Cai Mei’er.

Wang Qiu’er was a little confused as she watched the rest of them. She seemed to be thinking about something.

Cai Mei’er came up beside her. She smiled and asked, “Qiu’er, what’s wrong? Do you think they are too attached to the school? I believe it’ll happen to you one day. The academy is like everyone’s home. From now on, this will be your home. Isn’t it a celebratory occasion, now that we’ve returned from somewhere dangerous?”

“Yes.” Wang Qiu’er nodded her head slightly and followed Cai Mei’er into the academy.

Everyone was still eager as they arrived at the shore of Sea God’s Lake. After that, they exhibited their respective moves and rushed in the direction of Sea God’s Island.

Huo Yuhao held onto Wang Dong’er’s hand. Before he lifted off towards Sea God’s Island, he twisted his head to glance at Wang Qiu’er. He also gave her a thumbs-up. After that, he flew off with Wang Dong’er. Wang Dong’er’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings spread wide. Huo Yuhao lifted his arms and was carried along. His toes brushed past the water’s surface and formed patches of ice. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they could see their own reflections. Comfortable and at ease at returning home, they proceeded towards Sea God’s Island.

Wang Qiu’er only lifted off after they were far away from her. She also proceeded toward Sea God’s Island.

Cai Mei’er smiled as she saw how eager they were. However, for her, this mission wasn’t over yet. She still had to report everything what had happened to the academy. This was especially true since they had gained many surprising rewards during this journey. There were many things she couldn’t delay in reporting!

After landing on Sea God’s Island, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er rushed to the Sea God’s Pavilion. They were still living there, and the academy didn’t plan to change that. They were also quite happy to continue staying there. After all, the Sea God’s Pavilion was constructed using the Golden Tree’s trunk. The vital energy of heaven and earth was quite nourishing in the Sea God’s Pavilion, and extremely beneficial to their cultivation.

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