Volume 25, Chapter 242.1: Fifth Soul Ring!

While Mo Xuan wasn’t a soul engineer, he was still clear about some of the principles of soul tools. He clearly knew that soul tools could be controlled using soul power. However, he joined the Martial Soul Department first, and was also highly valued by that department. Even though he was interested in soul tools, he never dared to show his interest. But Huo Yuhao’s words struck a chord with him. With such an opportunity, he accepted Huo Yuhao’s offer without any hesitation.

Huo Yuhao was slightly moved when he saw the burning look in Mo Xuan’s eyes and said, “I’ll teach you when we return. You can be the pilot for my plan.”

Even though he was talking to Mo Xuan, Huo Yuhao wasn’t slow in his actions. He poured in soul power with his left hand and controlled the soul tool with his right hand. The self-driving fort started to move flexibly, its legs unobstructed on most surfaces. Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er followed behind him, quickly getting into position.

Defeating the two soul beasts wasn’t a problem. They only had to be wary of the two soul beasts escaping.

Very soon, the encirclement was completed with the help of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

The Skyshaking Roar had gained the upper hand near the end of the battle as it roared. While it wasn’t very large, its strength was as terrifying as its voice. Its claws left deep marks no matter where it landed.

Boom! The Silverbrave Beast flew into the air as it was struck by the Skyshaking Roar. It broke two trees before falling to the ground.

As the Skyshaking Roar howled, its eyes filled with ferocity, and its body turned into a streak of flowing light. It opened its mouth wide and revealed its terrifying fangs before leaping towards the Silverbrave Beast, going straight for the throat. If it managed to strike the Silverbrave Beast’s throat, the Beast was likely to die.

At this point, the Silverbrave Beast flipped around and leapt up. However, its body was a little unstable, and there was blood flowing from its nose. Evidently, it was gravely injured.

However, it still maintained a calm expression, and even revealed a brutal look on its face.

A strange light shone from its body as the Skyshaking Roar arrived before it. A dim, illusory projection flashed behind its back. If Huo Yuhao were closer, he would have discovered that the projection that flashed behind the Silverbrave Beast’s back actually had the same appearance as it did!

“Cut off all hearing!” Huo Yuhao immediately warned everyone using his Spiritual Detection. Following this, a furious roar reverberated out.

It was different this time. Huo Yuhao was already within a kilometer of the two soul beasts. When the furious roar sounded, an unprecedented soundwave was unleashed, creating an extremely immense force.

Huo Yuhao had his self-driving fort squat down before activating a Class 6 protective soul barrier. He also immediately unleashed his Ice Empress’ Armor and blocked for the two cubs, as well as Mo Xuan.

The sound traveled rapidly. Even though Huo Yuhao had predicted what was going to happen, the soundwave arrived just as he completed all his actions.

The soundwave wreaked havoc for close to five seconds before it ended. Everyone covered their ears and tried to find cover. Only the three who had at least eight soul rings used their own strength to resist the soundwave.

Huo Yuhao and the others in the fort were still fine. The fort took most of the impact, and Huo Yuhao only sensed his soul power dropping significantly. However, he, Mo Xuan, and the two cubs weren’t harmed at all, since the fort protected them. Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er took cover behind the fort. Although they were affected by the soundwave, they weren’t directly exposed to it. Their cultivations weren’t weak, either, and they only turned a bit pale.

The Skyshaking Roar was indeed an extremely strong control-type and destructive soul skill! However, this Skyshaking Roar was released by the Silverbrave Beast!

Undoubtedly, the ten-thousand year Skyshaking Roar was unfamiliar with the ten-thousand year Silverbrave Beast. It had even thought that it had gained the upper hand, and hadn’t expected its own ability to be used against it. Caught off-guard, it was struck by the soundwave.

The Skyshaking Roar was extremely domineering when it unleashed its roar at its opponents. However, it suffered greatly as it was struck by its own soul skill.

The terrifying soundwave sent its body flying into the air. More importantly, its body was paralyzed as it was hit by the soundwave. It couldn’t even control its body right now, much less retaliate.

The Silverbrave Beast had endured for the entire fight for this opportunity. It instantly changed into a streak of silver light before making a half turn in the air. The tail that it had been concealing shot out from behind its body like a sharp, pointed hammer. It stabbed into the Skyshaking Roar’s wide-open mouth and penetrated through its head.

“Attack!” Huo Yuhao gave the order. Through his Spiritual Detection, everyone could be instructed at the same time.

The Skyshaking Roar had already suffered a lethal blow. If the Silverbrave Beast attacked any further, they wouldn’t be able to obtain its soul ring! There wasn’t any time left!

Everyone from Shrek Academy attacked at this point.

The all-terrain self-driving fort stood up quickly and burst forward. The six soul cannons with the largest calibers started to exude intense red lights.

These six cannons were extremely destructive, high-explosive soul cannons. Their effective range was more than five hundred meters.

In the next moment, the six cannons were fired at the same time. Six huge cannon shells formed by soul power cut through the air and went straight for the Silverbrave Beast under the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

While he couldn’t use soul skills that came from the fourth ring and above, he could use soul tools! No matter how powerful the Silverbrave Beast’s Inscription was, it couldn’t possibly inscribe the abilities of his soul tools.

The rest of the group was faster than Huo Yuhao, but his six high-explosive cannon shells were the first to hit.

The Silverbrave Beast had stabbed through the Skyshaking Roar’s head. As it moved its long tail, it first destroyed the Skyshaking Roar’s vocal cords. Without its Skyshaking Roar, its abilities fell greatly. It couldn’t retaliate even if it wanted to.

The Silverbrave Beast was also extremely cunning. It broke its opponent’s vocal cords, scared that its opponent would retaliate. After breaking its vocal cords, it immediately retracted its long tail.

Indeed, the ten-thousand year Skyshaking Roar recovered immediately. It closed its mouth and tried to roar again. However, a pool of fresh blood shot out from the area behind its back where it was stabbed before it collapsed to the ground.

The Silverbrave Beast wanted to attack again and take it down. However, it was then engulfed by a sense of crisis. It screamed before turning around and running away.

Six high-explosive cannon shells were about to hit it!

Huo Yuhao had made precise calculations as he fired the six cannon shells. These cannon shells weren’t used to harm the Silverbrave Beast, but rather to restrict it.

The six shells encircled the Silverbrave Beast as they landed on the ground. They also separated the Skyshaking Roar and the Silverbrave Beast.

Six loud booms went off in succession. Terrifying soul power shockwaves swept the entire place.

The Skyshaking Roar was blown away by the explosions. It flew towards Li Yongyue and Zhang Lexuan. Huo Yuhao had calculated even this precisely. Whether it was Zhang Lexuan, Han Ruoruo, or Cai Mei’er, they were impressed by his judgment and control.

The Silverbrave Beast was already fatigued. As it faced the explosions, it could only passively endure them.

However, it was indeed very sly. Seeing that it couldn’t escape, it started to dig into the ground and covered its body with soil. Even though the explosive strength of the cannon shells was very great, they didn’t fully impact the Silverbrave Beast.

To everyone from Shrek Academy, this restriction was sufficient. The encirclement had been completed.

Li Yongyue used his Moonblade to end the Skyshaking Roar’s life. A black soul ring rose from its body, and Li Yongyue grew extremely excited. He lifted his right hand above his head and gave a thumbs up to Huo Yuhao.

On the other side, Han Ruoruo was the first to attack after the explosions. Her Dazzling Golden Rope was not to be trifled with. Golden rings descended from the sky and completely cut off any escape route. It was impossible for the Silverbrave Beast to escape anymore.

It was simple from this point onwards. The fatigued and hurt Silverbrave Beast was no longer anyone’s match. Although it tried to use its Inscription, it was useless, as no one used their powerful soul skills. Within five minutes, Huo Yuhao leapt out from the fort and killed it while it was under the control of the Dazzling Golden Rope using his Unparalleled Chill, Empress Sword, before the Silverbrave Beast could complete its Inscription.

They were prepared, but the Silverbrave Beast wasn’t. It was also injured after fighting the Skyshaking Roar. There weren’t any loopholes, everyone from Shrek Academy coordinated very well.

It wasn’t Han Ruoruo or Huo Yuhao who were most effective against the Silverbrave Beast. After all, Han Ruoruo’s control-type soul skill could still be replicated, so Huo Yuhao had been attacking using soul cannons from the fort.

Wang Qiu’er was the reason why the Silverbrave Beast was taken down so quickly.

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