Volume 25, Chapter 241.3: Skyshaking Roar and Silverbrave Beast

The Skyshaking Roar’s opponent wasn’t ordinary, either. The Skyshaking Roar wasn’t huge, but its opponent was even smaller. It resembled a dog, but its limbs were extremely thick, and its shape was a little weird. There wasn’t any hair on its body, and it was covered with scales. Huo Yuhao could sense soul power undulations coming from its scales using his Spiritual Detection, but didn’t know the purpose of it. While it was small, it looked very fierce. Its face was long and ugly, while its fangs poked out past its lips.

What soul beast is this? A huge question mark appeared in Huo Yuhao’s mind. He had never seen such a soul beast before!

Cai Mei’er was stunned as she said, “Eh? Is this a Silverbrave Beast?”

After hearing the words “Silverbrave Beast”, Huo Yuhao was lost. Even Zhang Lexuan was doubtful. Evidently, she didn’t know anything about this soul beast either.

Wang Qiu’er looked at Cai Mei’er and nodded. She said, “It is a Silverbrave Beast.”

Cai Mei’er was stunned, and lost her voice as she asked, “Isn’t the Silverbrave Beast extinct? Why is it still present in the Great Star Dou Forest? If it’s the Silverbrave Beast, it can’t easily be killed by the Skyshaking Roar. The situation is bound to change again. Let’s not get close to it. Yuhao, continue to monitor them.”

After she whispered her instructions, she led the rest of them to hide behind a huge tree.

Zhang Lexuan asked, “What kind of soul beast is the Silverbrave Beast? The academy doesn’t seem to have taught us about it in the curriculum.”

Cai Mei’er nodded and answered, “Yes, it isn’t taught. While the academy does teach you about ancient existences and extinct soul beasts, it will only choose those that are representative. We usually won’t talk about the other extinct soul beasts. After all, they don’t have any real meaning. The Silverbrave Beast is also rarely found in ancient collections. It has been extinct for a long time! It is similar to the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear, in that it has poor reproductive capabilities.”

Huo Yuhao was still in the all-terrain self-driving fort, but he could hear Cai Mei’er clearly. An extinct soul beast? The Skyshaking Roar was evidently not the choice Wang Qiu’er had in mind for him. This meant that she had found the Silverbrave Beast for him.

Cai Mei’er continued. “Strictly speaking, the Silverbrave Beast is only considered a third-grade soul beast. However, it possesses an extremely strong innate soul skill which bumps them up to second-grade. Qiu’er, you’ve seen it before?”

Wang Qiu’er nodded and answered, “Yes. I even suffered under its hands. If not for my fortune, I would have… That’s why it left a deep impression in my mind. The Silverbrave Beast is an agile twin elemental soul beast. While its twin elements aren’t particularly strong, its innate soul skill is extremely powerful. If one is careless, they will suffer greatly under its hands.”

Cai Mei’er nodded and said, “Seems like Huo Yuhao’s luck is great today! These two soul beasts are great choices. Yongyue, while you are an agility-type soul master, the Skyshaking Roar’s all-around control and fighting talents will be very beneficial for your future development if you fuse with it. What do you think?”

Li Yongyue was already getting excited. When he discovered the Skyshaking Roar, he was already moved. That was because he could roughly guess that its soul skill wasn’t suitable for Huo Yuhao. The Skyshaking Roar only appeared in the Core Region! Without Dean Cai accompanying them, it wouldn’t have been easy for him to encounter it. Although his martial soul wasn’t fully compatible with it, the Skyshaking Roar’s abilities could compensate for this shortfall.

He nodded without any hesitation as he agreed wholeheartedly!

Han Ruoruo asked, “Dean Cai, what’s the Silverbrave Beast’s soul skill? Tell us.”

Cai Mei’er replied, “I definitely meant to tell all of you, or I wouldn’t have stopped you. The Silverbrave Beast’s innate soul skill is called Inscription, an extremely strong ability. It’s able to inscribe its opponent’s soul skill and store it in its mind. When it needs it, it can use it. The most terrifying thing is that this Silverbrave Beast’s Inscription is completely done through its divine energy, and thus it won’t be affected by anything. When it unleashes its Inscription, it’ll only be restricted by its own cultivation. The power of its soul skill is able to be unleashed completely.

“Let me give an example. If the Silverbrave Beast were fight against us, it would be able to inscribe Ruoruo’s Golden Skysurge and use it against her. If its cultivation were the same as Ruoruo’s, the strength of its Golden Skysurge wouldn’t be any different from Ruoruo’s Golden Skysurge. If its cultivation were above hers, then the strength of its Golden Skysurge would actually be better! Against the Silverbrave Beast, it’s common to see your own soul skills used against you, and you’ll be caught off-guard. That’s why I hope none of you use your fourth or above soul skills when you fight later, to prevent its Inscription from succeeding.”

After hearing Cai Mei’er’s explanation, Huo Yuhao felt his heart rate increasing. This Inscription was too powerful! This also meant that he could obtain this powerful soul skill if he managed to obtain the Silverbrave Beast’s soul ring. He could do the same thing as it then!

As he thought until this point, he quickly asked, “Dean Cai, what is its Inscription limited by?”

Cai Mei’er looked at the huge metallic ball and nodded in her heart. Huo Yuhao didn’t lose his composure because he was excited, but thought of a question instead.

“There are indeed restrictions. It can only be used to inscribe one soul skill at a time. This also means that the Silverbrave Beast has to unleash the soul skill that it inscribed before it can inscribe another soul skill. According to historical records, there are also a limited number of times that it can use its Inscription. However, no one knows how many times that is. The only certainty is that it won’t be below three.”

That’s enough!, Huo Yuhao exclaimed in his heart.

Of course its Inscription had limitations. If the opponent wasn’t strong enough, the ability that was inscribed wouldn’t be outstanding anyway. It would be useless in a fight then.

However, humans were different from soul beasts! The Silverbrave Beast had to fight other soul beasts before it could complete an inscription. However, soul masters could communicate with their partners and inscribe their soul skills. The situation was different.

Huo Yuhao grew more excited as he thought of this. If he used it well, it could bring about surprising effects on his opponents.

Cai Mei’er added, “The Silverbrave Beast’s Inscription isn’t effective on everything. Unless its cultivation reaches a hundred thousand years, it won’t be able to inscribe the soul skills of a hundred-thousand year soul beast. Of course, this problem won’t exist once you become a Titled Douluo, if you manage to obtain this soul skill. You should really thank Qiu’er! This is a huge gift. No one knows whether a second Silverbrave Beast will appear on the continent ever again.”

Wang Qiu’er said, “There should be more than one in the Great Star Dou Forest, but they are very rare. They all live in the Core Region. I’ve seen them twice nearby. There should be more than one.”

Cai Mei’er revealed a smile on her face and said, “That’s great! Honestly speaking, I don’t wish to see soul beasts go extinct even though there’s conflict between us and them. If the proposition on Spirits that Huo Yuhao mentioned can be realized in the future…”

As she spoke until this point, she paused for a moment and looked at Wang Qiu’er. She said, “Regarding Spirits, you’ll know when you return to the academy. They will be tested on the inner courtyard students first.”

Wang Qiu’er revealed a stunned look on her face and said, “The academy has found something to replace soul rings?”

Cai Mei’er shook her head and said, “It’s not the time to talk about that now. Although it isn’t a complete substitution, it can possibly mediate our relationship with soul beasts if it succeeds. It’s about time. Let’s get ready to fight.”

On the other side, the intensity of the fight between the two soul beasts had reached its peak. Even though they were around two kilometers away, they could still sense waves of soul power undulations coming from afar.

Wang Qiu’er was slightly astonished at this point. Replacing soul rings? What kind of ability is that? It sounds like it’s related to Yuhao...

However, the main mission for everyone now was to take care of these two soul beasts. No one would bother answering her questions.

Cai Mei’er whispered, “I’ll move forward later. Lexuan, bring Li Yongyue along with you and make a roundabout through the left. Ruoruo, proceed from the right to cut off their escape route. Yuhao, can Mo Xuan enter your soul tool? You, Dong’er, and Qiu’er will be responsible for the left side.”

“No problem.” Huo Yuhao opened the vehicle, and Mo Xuan got in.

Mo Xuan was filled with curiosity when he entered the self-driving fort.

Huo Yuhao turned to smile at him and said, “Brother Mo, I can teach you how to control it in the future if you are interested. The most attractive part about changing from a soul master to a soul engineer is that it can make someone like you, who isn’t very offensively inclined, much stronger.”

“I’m interested. I’m very interested!” Mo Xuan replied without any hesitation. There was a burning look in his eyes.

When Huo Yuhao spoke to Cai Mei’er earlier, she wasn’t the only one who was moved. Mo Xuan was the one who was the most agitated.

As an auxiliary-type soul master, he was protected on the battlefield by the rest of his teammates. When he saw the countless barrels that appeared on the self-driving fort earlier, he was completely roused. If there was something like this to protect him, he would no longer be a burden to the rest of his teammates on the battlefield!

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