Volume 25, Chapter 241.2: Skyshaking Roar and Silverbrave Beast

As she thought of all this, Cai Mei’er had to admit that Elder Mu had foresight. Perhaps it really was time for soul masters to make way.

Everyone was observing the ball-shaped glowing entity, and Wang Dong’er even walked forward to knock on it curiously.

Huo Yuhao laughed. “Don’t knock, don’t knock. It might become angry.”

Wang Dong’er chuckled and replied, “It’s an iron blotch. How can it get angry?”

As she was speaking, a series of clanging noises sounded. Metal barrels started to flip out from the soul tool and pointed towards Wang Dong’er. Undulations of soul power could be felt clearly from every barrel.

“Ah!” Wang Dong’er was shocked, and jumped backward subconsciously. The instantaneous feeling of being locked on even caused her to unleash her martial soul.

The formerly shiny, spotless soul tool seemed to have instantly turned into a porcupine. There were close to a hundred metal barrels on it, of all different sizes and colors. Evidently, they were used for different purposes.

The most eye-catching of them all was an extremely large soul cannon. This soul cannon had a diameter of around twenty centimeters.  The base of the barrel was semi-circular, like a small hat attached to the top of the soul vehicle. The barrel could rotate on its own, and brought the greatest pressure to Wang Dong’er.

This soul tool wasn’t created by Huo Yuhao. He wasn’t so good. This had been a gift from Xuan Ziwen before he left.

These barrels were installed by Xuan Ziwen. The one at the highest point was a stationary soul cannon. It wasn’t very large, and even tapped into the size of the all-terrain exploration vehicle to resist the recoil as it was fired. In terms of structure, it could be considered a Class 6 stationary soul cannon. However, it could fire Class 8 and below stationary soul cannon shells as it was stabilized by its base. Of course, those cannon shells had to be available first!

After obtaining this soul tool, Huo Yuhao made some modifications to it, mainly  in terms of its movement. He simplified a few things and added some elements to it, making it more flexible.

Xuan Ziwen had told Huo Yuhao that such brand-new stationary soul cannons were the latest research product of the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Their offensive strength could even compare to the soul fort strategies used by Class 6 soul engineers. These new soul forts were even mobile, and were notable because soul engineers could greatly increase their survivability inside them.

In the end, it was very difficult to research true robots. Thus, the Illustrious Virtue Hall became less demanding, and tried their best to complete this all-terrain exploration soul tool. They even gave it a new name – all-terrain self-driving fort.

When Xuan Ziwen passed it to Huo Yuhao, the all-terrain self-driving fort had already been pushed to its production phase.

After production, the use of certain rare materials would decline. The overall quality would drop to the level of a Class 5 soul tool. However, the fighting strength of the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers would still be enhanced if they were equipped with these forts.

Fortunately, Xuan Ziwen had told Huo Yuhao about it. Even after the quality of the materials used dropped, these forts were still very expensive. They couldn’t be mass-produced as of yet.

Everyone from Shrek was stunned when they saw the “porcupine”. It really resembled a porcupine!

Huo Yuhao told them, “This all-terrain exploration soul tool has become an all-terrain self-driving fort after it was modified. In the near future, the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers will be equipped with vehicles like this.”

Cai Mei’er laughed bitterly. “Yuhao, are you trying to tell me something?”

Huo Yuhao was impressed. Dean Cai is indeed smart! She can tell that I’m trying to hint at something.

“Dean Cai, I wish to propose to the Sea God’s Pavilion that all the academy’s students learn how to use soul tools after we return. They don’t have to learn how to create soul tools, but they must at least know how to use them. If possible, we can start with the inner courtyard. I hope that you can help me with this.”

Cai Mei’er laughed helplessly. “I knew that you didn’t show this soul tool off for no reason. Let’s talk when we return. I’ll need to discuss it with Shaozhe. However, I think you’ll need to convince Elder Xuan first.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuhao also knew that he couldn’t be impatient. He should wait until they returned first. However, he couldn’t help but add, “Dean Cai, we’ve actually been holding to a misconception.”

“What?” Cai Mei’er was stunned.

After pondering for a while, Huo Yuhao said, “All this while, our academy and the three empires on the continent have been progressing very slowly in terms of soul tool development. It’s greatly related to the reluctance of soul masters to accept the rise of soul tools. However, soul masters are the ones who can truly unleash the full power of soul tools. Soul engineers aren’t called that because they can produce soul tools. I believe that anyone who can use soul tools can be considered a soul engineer. A soul engineer will be better than a soul master if they both use the same soul tool for the first time. That’s because he’s more familiar with soul tools in general. However, I’m absolutely certain that soul masters will have a greater advantage given enough practice and familiarization. This also means that I believe that every soul master can become an outstanding soul engineer, whereas soul engineers might not necessarily be able to unlock the full potential of soul tools on their own.

“In fact, I’ve always reckoned that our Ultimate Soldier Plan is a test of this theory. I’ve already come up with a conclusion. So…”

Cai Mei’er was completely moved at this point. She couldn’t help but interrupt Huo Yuhao, “Are you saying that soul masters will be much stronger if we fight using soul tools?”

Huo Yuhao answered, “Yes, that’s what I mean. I’m very sure of that. I believe that the future trend will be soul masters equipped with custom-made soul tools along with their own martial souls. Our academy is the best academy on the continent. Why don’t we kickstart this trend? Soul tools aren’t monsters. They are only weapons that we use! They are like Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Spear.”

Cai Mei’er nodded, and looked pensive. “Yuhao, I have to admit that you’ve moved me. After we return, we must discuss this in detail. This concerns the future development path of the academy. I seem to have a rough idea of what you mean.”

Huo Yuhao said respectfully, “Dean Cai, thanks for supporting me.” He was a person who knew his limits. At this point, Cai Mei’er was already receptive to his suggestion. If he nagged any further, she might become annoyed.

At this point, a deafening roar sounded from afar. The soundwaves were so strong that everyone subconsciously covered their ears and retreated a few steps.

“A Skyshaking Roar?” Cai Mei’er was stunned. She finally realized what one of the two soul beasts that were fighting was.

“It should be the Skyshaking Roar. It has also unleashed its strongest innate ability. Let’s go.” Cai Mei’er addressed the others, then quickly dashed forward.

Zhang Lexuan quickly took up her previous position and covered everyone’s back.

Huo Yuhao controlled his soul tool forwards. The rest followed beside him, moving quickly towards the two soul beasts.

Even if it was the Great Star Dou Forest, a few kilometers wasn’t too far for them.

The Skyshaking Roar had shocked all of them earlier. They were still several kilometers away! The roar was so deafening that their ears were still ringing. As they got closer, they were practically being attacked by the soundwaves. It had to be the Skyshaking Roar.

The clash between the two soul beasts continued. They were fighting more and more intensely. Finally, Huo Yuhao was able to detect them.

The soul power undulations from these two soul beasts were very strong, such that Huo Yuhao couldn’t cover their entire bodies with his Spiritual Detection. He could only observe from nearby.

The forms of the two soul beasts also surfaced in everyone’s minds.

One of them resembled a lion. Since he was seeing it through his Spiritual Detection, the color of the lion’s hair couldn’t be distinguished. In terms of appearance, it looked like a small lion. It was only a meter long, its shoulder height below sixty centimeters. However, it was fast, and emitted the deep, furious roars they had heard.

That’s right, this soul beast was the Skyshaking Roar, the origin of that deafening roar!

While it was small, its voice was unbelievably loud, and could easily qualify as a deadly weapon. All the flora within a three hundred-meter radius of the area where the two soul beasts were fighting had disappeared. More accurately speaking, it had been shredded into powder by the deafening roar!

The strongest innate ability of the Skyshaking Roar was the same as its name. Even a hundred-thousand year soul beast would find it difficult to deal with this soul skill. The frightening soundwaves couldn’t be resisted just by covering one’s ears. The soundwaves were both domain-type attacks and a domain-type control skill.

Even if one could handle the destructive power of these soundwaves, their hearing would still be greatly affected. The ringing that ensued could introduce severe vertigo. It was an extremely strong ability that combined both control and offense, and it was precisely because of this ability that the Skyshaking Roar was considered a second-grade soul beast!

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