Chapter 24.4: The Bet

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 24.4: The Bet

There was a saying in the world of soul masters: “If one wanted to become an outstanding soul master, he would definitely have to work hard and increase his soul power, while obtaining an optimal soul ring.”

However, if one wanted to become a peak-level soul master and become a true expert in the Douluo Continent, he would definitely need to possess a soul bone. Furthermore, a person would become even stronger if he possessed even more soul bones. From another standpoint, a soul bone could even have the same effect as a medicinal pill, as fusing with a soul bone would increase the soul power of a soul master to some extent.

At this moment, Zhou Yi’s suggestion of a soul bone was practically her bringing out a fortune to fight with Mu Jin. Hence, how could Mu Jin not be astonished? She didn’t understand where Zhou Yi’s confidence was coming from.

A trace of disdain appeared at the corner of Zhou Yi’s mouth, “Get away from me if you’re scared. I don’t want to smell that nauseating perfume of yours.”

A fierce light flickered through Mu Jin’s eyes. “Fine, I’ll bet with you. Were you trying to scare me away using empty words? If I lose, I’ll give you a soul bone. But if you lose, I want Fan Yu to make me a close-combat soul tool.”

Zhou Yi coldly replied, “I’m the person who’s betting with you, not him. If I lose, I’ll give you a soul bone.”

Mu Jin humphed, “I don’t want your soul bone. I want Fan Yu to make me a close-combat soul tool.”

“Fine, I’ll reply on her behalf.” A deep voice rang out. A tall figure had already arrived at Zhou Yi’s side; this was the Soul Tool Department’s Fan Yu, who Zhou Yi had taken Huo Yuhao to meet in the past.

Once she saw Fan Yu appear, Mu Jin’s expression immediately changed. Her previously arrogant and provocative temper had completely disappeared, and her face was somewhat pale. She took a slight step backward, and looked at Fan Yu with slightly red eyes. “You’re teaming up with her to bully me.”

Fan Yu’s expression remained calm, but he furrowed his brows slightly. “You’re the one who’s pointlessly causing trouble for other people. If you want to make a bet, come; if you don’t want to, don’t bother Zhou Yi. As for our relationship, we’re merely co-workers, nothing else.”

“I’ll bet. Why wouldn’t I bet with her? Even though I lost to her, it doesn’t mean that my students will lose to hers.” Mu Jin suddenly turned around, tightly holding onto the railings with her hands. Meanwhile, her already-tearing eyes turned towards the arenas within the Assessment Area.

Huo Yuhao’s team weren’t aware that a scene like this had occurred on the Spectator’s Stage; they were currently completely focused on their opponents.

The three young ladies in front of them were very pretty. They wore freshmen uniforms, just like Huo Yuhao’s team. The girl standing foremost was rather tall; she was even slightly taller than Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. She had short golden hair, and seemed extremely nimble. Her large blue eyes had long eyelashes above them, and there were a few cute freckles on her cheeks.

The girl behind and to her left had short fiery-red hair, while her eyes were a rarely-seen shade of red. At a glance, she seemed somewhat scary, but if you observed her carefully, you’d notice that her facial features were extremely exquisite. Her skin was jade-white, but the gaze in her eyes was extremely cold; she was even comparable to Old Lady Zhou.

On the other hand, the girl on the right contrasted sharply with the girl on the left. A long head of light-green hair was draped over her shoulders, while her dark-green eyes were filled with warmth. The delicate feeling she emanated caused one to unconsciously feel the need to be tender towards her.

The proctor announced: “Both parties, enter the arena and introduce yourselves.”

The six people from both teams simultaneously entered the wide arena, and stood by their respective sides. Huo Yuhao’s team of three maintained their original formation, with Wang Dong standing in front, Xiao Xiao in the middle, and Huo Yuhao right at the back.

However, the three girls changed their formation a bit. The golden-haired girl who had originally been standing at the front now moved to the back, while the other two girls simultaneously advanced to protect her.

The red-haired girl arrogantly announced: “Class 9, Wu Feng. I’m a Rank 25 Assault System Soul Grandmaster.”

The green-haired girl glanced at her with a rebuking look in her eyes, as if she were blaming her for being too arrogant. She had even announced her own Soul Rank. However, she didn’t change the format of her introduction. The contrast between her soft voice and Wu Feng’s arrogant voice was as great as the contrast between their outer appearances. “Class 9, Nanmen Yun’er. I’m a Rank 24 Agility System Soul Grandmaster.”

A monotone voice then rang out from the back, “Class 9, Ning Tian. I’m a Rank 31 Auxiliary System Tool Soul Elder.”

Once her words left her mouth, Huo Yuhao’s team was instantly stunned. A Rank 31 Soul Elder? They had truly never expected to meet one of the three Soul Elder-ranked freshmen just when they had gotten into the round of 16. Furthermore, she was even an auxiliary-type tool soul master.

It had to be known that the cultivation speed of a tool soul master was generally slower than that of a battle soul master. However, their opponent had been able to reach Rank 31 and obtain three soul rings at the mere age of twelve. This was no longer just a matter of talent.

Although they were astonished, Huo Yuhao’s team didn’t forget to introduce themselves. Since their opponents had started their introductions with their assault-type soul masters, they did so as well.

“Class 1, Wang Dong. I’m a Rank 24 Assault System Battle Soul Grandmaster.”

“Class 1, Xiao Xiao. I’m a Rank 22 Control System Battle Soul Grandmaster.”

Huo Yuhao was the last to introduce himself, “Class 1, Huo Yuhao. I’m a Rank 17 Control System Battle Soul Master.”

After hearing the number ‘17’, Wu Feng curled her lips in a very obvious manner, exposing a look of contempt on her face.

Wang Dong slightly squinted his eyes, and fixed his gaze on Wu Feng’s body. He didn’t know why, but he felt as if a fire had been ignited in his heart when he looked at Wu Feng’s disdainful gaze.

Wu Feng also sensed his gaze. Their gazes met, and Wu Feng snorted coldly. The smell of gunpowder had already appeared between both parties, even though the match hadn’t even started yet.

Huo Yuhao patted Wang Dong’s shoulder, causing him to look back. Their gazes met, and although nothing was said, they both knew what the other person was thinking.

Right at this moment, the proctor loudly shouted, “Match, start!”

Wang Dong’s feet tapped the ground, causing him to shoot off. His dazzling pair of golden wings suddenly unfurled as he charged forward.

Regardless of how confident they were, they couldn’t help but blink and secretly admire the beauty of his Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ brilliant pair of wings the moment they set their eyes onto them.

Likewise, Wu Feng let out a soft cry, causing her delicate body to suddenly spring up, A strong wave of heat then surged out from her body, even causing the soft cry of a dragon to ring out. Wu Feng’s delicate body then suddenly became slender. As she jumped into the air, her appearance unexpectedly turned into that of a matured sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl. Her slender body directly tore her uniform, exposing the skintight clothes underneath.

Clearly, she had already made her preparations. She wore an extremely elastic leather suit inside, exposing her large and delicate thighs. Furthermore, her leather suit was like a jumpsuit that got smaller as it went higher, enveloping her soft chest that had become plump after she released her martial soul.

A light-red luster rippled through her skin. An exquisite set of dragon scales started appearing on her face and spreading downwards, following her arms until they reached her left arm.

When Wu Feng’s martial soul, which was also draconic in nature, was compared to Bei Bei’s Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon’s martial soul possession, it was much softer. However, that was only relative. The powerful aura of a top-ranked martial soul surged outward, causing two yellow soul rings to instantly rise from her feet.

Wu Feng’s figure seemed slender and pretty, but she gave off a feeling that made it seem as if she was filled with explosiveness. Her body flickered, and she instantly appeared before Wang Dong. Then, her left arm swept sideways in an attempt to whip at Wang Dong’s body.

Facing her tyrannical attack, Wang Dong didn’t counterattack with a soul skill. Instead, his body half-turned in midair while his right leg shot out like lightning, colliding with Wu Feng’s left arm.

A muffled “Bang” rang out, and Wang Dong’s body was sent flying five meters backwards. On the other hand, Wu Feng was forced to the ground. Evidently, Wang Dong was the one who’d suffered a loss during their initial confrontation. Although they were both assault-type soul masters, they had different strong points. In terms of physical strength, the Radiant Butterfly Goddess clearly wouldn’t be able to take any advantages from the Red Dragon.

At this exact moment, Nanmen Yun’er made a move. In the instant she moved, her body was as light as a feather, as if she wasn’t affected by gravity. However, her speed vastly exceeded Wang Dong and Wu Feng, who were fighting. With a flash, she crossed several tens of meters and arrived in front of Xiao Xiao.

A pair of dark-green wings had appeared on Nanmen Yun’er’s back, but were only visible after she’d approached them. Her wings weren’t large, and they definitely weren’t as dazzling as Wang Dong’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess. However, they caused Nanmen Yun’er’s speed to become incomparably quick. At the same time, her hands turned dark-green in color, making them resemble those of a jade statue as she swatted at Xiao Xiao.

Meanwhile, the distant Ning Tian extended her right hand, shouting with a clear voice, “The Seven Treasures revolve to produce a Glazed Pagoda”. Then, she quickly spun around, causing a dazzling seven-colored light to immediately emanate from her body. This then caused a seven-colored pagoda that was a foot tall to appear in the middle of her right palm, where the seven-colored light had gathered.

This pagoda flickered with an overflowing amount of color, making it seem as though there were an innumerable number of gems that had been embedded in it. Once it appeared, it drew the attention of everyone standing on the tall stage.

Ning Tian’s three soul rings, which consisted of two yellow rings and one purple ring, rose from her palm, circling the seven layered pagoda in a rhythmical manner.

Up on the Spectator’s Stage, Mu Jin turned towards Zhou Yi and Fan Yu, right in time for her to see the astonishment in their eyes. Zhou Yi couldn’t help but cry out, “The Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda of the Nine Treasures Glazed Pagoda clan!”

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