Volume 25, Chapter 236.2: Martial Soul Fusion, Dragon Cry of Destiny

“You… you’re also an evil soul master! How is that possible? How can you purify the power of spirits? Who are you? Are you the Holy Son?”

Huo Yuhao was in such a feeble state that he couldn’t really talk anymore. What he had unleashed was the Light of Purification that he had inherited from Electrolux’s Necromancy.

The previous two strikes were meant to give him time, and the Light of Destiny was to curse the opponent with bad fortune… which was also equivalent to bestowing good fortune upon himself.

If the beasts had been under Zhong Liren’s control, his Light of Destiny probably wouldn’t have worked. In the end, the gap in their cultivations was still huge, and Huo Yuhao definitely didn’t have an advantage even in terms of spiritual power.

He had succeeded, relying on the fact that his opponent didn’t really understand his abilities, and exerting himself far beyond his usual standards. He had relied on his boosted spiritual power from the fusion with Wang Qiu’er to forcibly cleanse the great majority of Zhong Liren’s beast souls.

There had been multiple ten-thousand year beast souls among that group. If he hadn’t been successful, there would have been no way he or Wang Qiu’er could defend themselves against frightening attacks from so many beast souls.

The Light of Destiny’s judgement had aided him yet again. Zhong Liren was completely rooted to the spot in fright at this moment.

“I’m not an evil soul master. I’ve been sent by the heavens to take care of evil soul masters like you.” Huo Yuhao forcibly stabilized himself, and tried his best to keep his balance with the spiritual power that Wang Qiu’er was sending over. He couldn’t display any weakness at this point.

Wang Qiu’er raised the Golden Dragon Spear high into the air; the spearhead burst with golden light and her six soul rings sparkled alternately.

The identical golden light on both their bodies suddenly became intense, and she turned sideways and leaned into Huo Yuhao’s embrace.

A miraculous scene happened. Peculiar lights began to contort the moment their bodies were plastered together, and everything within a hundred meters around them became golden in color, while an enormous golden vertical eye hovered in midair. Huo Yuhao’s body seemed to disintegrate into a million golden beams that swept onto Wang Qiu’er’s body. Every single beam would leave a brilliant and colorful streak on Wang Qiu’er’s body, while a suit of armor gradually appeared on Wang Qiu’er’s body wherever they passed.

The chest plate appeared first. Radiant ice crystal patterns shimmered on the chest plate, and began to extend all around her. What was even more peculiar was that a vertical eye actually emerged on Wang Qiu’er’s forehead: it was the Eye of Destiny, identical to the one that belonged to Huo Yuhao. The eye sparkled with golden light, and one could tell upon closer inspection that the golden vertical eye’s lights belonged to Huo Yuhao.

The golden armor with ice crystal patterns swiftly covered Wang Qiu’er’s entire body, and her aura climbed exponentially. Bright dragon roars could be heard continuously as a projection of a golden dragon began circling around her body. The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion was imprinted on her back, and this picture was identical to the tattoo that usually appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body, where the scorpion’s tail reached her hip.

Wang Qiu’er was like a war goddess as she stood there clad in armor. She pointed her Golden Dragon Spear forward, and the tremendous golden vertical eye in the sky descended as a beam of golden light. Wang Qiu’er’s body grew larger by about thirty percent under the golden light’s radiance, while the golden dragon orbiting her immediately became almost material. Wang Qiu’er tapped on the ground with her foot as dragon roars rang out, and she left a series of afterimages behind as she rushed Zhong Liren.

Her Golden Dragon Spear stabbed out in the middle of a deafening dragon’s roar. The golden radiance suddenly withdrew as she lashed out, and the Golden Dragon Spear’s tip became an elegant and transparent rose-gold color as space split like two lines of water as the spear tore through the air, arriving before Zhong Liren in the blink of an eye.

There was only one thought in Zhong Liren’s head at this moment, after he had suffered great losses and the psychological impact of the Light of Purification: these two youngsters were here to ruin everything that he had!

The Light of Purification was like a calamity to him. Furthermore, he was still plagued with the Light of Destiny that had brought him great misfortune. Then there was this martial soul fusion skill that looked as formidable as a king! All this came together to fill Zhong Liren’s heart with fear. Even evil soul masters feared death. He had lost so many beast souls in this ordeal, and his strength had been massively reduced.

He didn’t dare to meet Wang Qiu’er with force anymore. Zhong Liren transformed into a ball of mist in a flash, and he bolted into the distance at lightning speed as he released his martial soul true body. He was admittedly incredibly quick in this mist form.

The spear’s rose-gold light gradually receded, and the armor on Wang Qiu’er’s body slowly broke down and reverted into flowing streaks of light. The space around her began to contort as these streaks transformed back into Huo Yuhao once more.

Huo Yuhao trembled when he reappeared, and began to fall. Wang Qiu’er hurriedly went to support him and whispered, “How are you feeling?” 

Zhong Liren had been frightened away, but the truth was that Huo Yuhao was now extremely weak, and had overdrafted his spirit and soul power. He had practically raced against time with his three strikes of Spiritual Shock. To him, spiritual power consumption wasn’t a problem, but the problem was how quickly he used it in succession. Three continuous instances drew too much from his spiritual sea, to the point where a crack seemed like it was going to appear, and Huo Yuhao’s own spirit had sustained a powerful impact.

He had greatly amplified Wang Qiu’er’s abilities when he transformed into that armor, and there was no doubt that this was a martial soul fusion skill that they had yet to give a name to. However, could they face off against an eight-ringed Soul Douluo with just that martial soul fusion skill?

The answer was no. Huo Yuhao was too weak at this point, and their martial soul fusion skill’s amplification wasn’t as powerful as it looked on the outside. Wang Qiu’er contributed most of it. Furthermore, they realized that their soul power was consumed at an alarming rate when they unleashed this martial soul fusion skill. That single transformation and strike had consumed roughly thirty percent of their soul power!

This meant that they could only use this martial soul fusion skill three times, and they would revert to normal after three strikes. Zhong Liren didn’t have his beast souls to assist him, but he could probably take three hits with his cultivation.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er had astonished him too much, and his underestimation from the start became overestimation in the end, and he let this opportunity to kill them slip away.

“I’m alright. Let’s get out of here,” Huo Yuhao spoke softly as he closed his eyes. He didn’t know if Zhong Liren would suddenly think it through and make his way back here, so leaving this place was something they absolutely had to do.

“Okay.” Wang Qiu’er acknowledged. She carried Huo Yuhao and lengthened her stride as she sped in a certain direction. What made Huo Yuhao angsty was that he was a man, but Wang Qiu’er was carrying him on her shoulders. This girl was just too strong, to the point where he felt as light as a feather. The ride wasn’t that turbulent, and Huo Yuhao was gradually recovering, but he still didn’t feel so good inside.

He tried his best to stabilize his spiritual sea. His spirit had been wounded to a certain degree, and he would need about half a month to return to normal.

Zhong Liren is gone. I wonder how Wang Dong’er and the others are doing? Huo Yuhao closed his eyes and tried to picture Wang Dong’er. Wang Qiu’er’s image suddenly surfaced from the deepest parts of his mind.

Their martial soul fusion was the most substantial reason why they managed to scare Zhong Liren away before. Without their martial soul fusion and without Wang Qiu’er’s support and amplification, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t have received such an intense negative backlash, while his two Spiritual Shocks wouldn’t have been so powerful. The final move that made Zhong Liren turn tail and run was their martial soul fusion skill.

How can my martial soul fuse with hers? Even though this fusion is different from my fusion with Dong’er, she’s still a little too similar to Dong’er. They look so alike, and they can both fuse their martial souls with mine.

Huo Yuhao had never heard of a soul master who was able to undergo martial soul fusion with two other soul masters at the same time from all his lessons at Shrek Academy. There was no question that he had invented something new once again.

Thoughts were spinning in Huo Yuhao’s head, and Wang Qiu’er felt the same way. She had always believed that she was the strongest amongst all the students in Shrek Academy that were around her level, and she included all the students from the inner courtyard who had less than seven rings in this analysis.

However, Huo Yuhao had executed three Spiritual Shocks in a row, and triggered the Halo of Purification with an incantation. Her mentality had changed a little because of these things.

Would I be able to take those three Spiritual Shocks if I were Zhong Liren? Wang Qiu’er didn’t know the answer to that. However, she realized that Huo Yuhao was far more powerful than she had thought. He was still a distance away from her in terms of soul power, and only had five soul rings, but despite all that, his overall abilities weren’t weak at all.

Wang Qiu’er hadn’t forgotten about those three stationary soul cannon shells, and she had personally witnessed the immense power that two of those shells possessed. At least, she understood that while she had mighty offensive capabilities, there was no way she could launch an attack at that degree of strength.


Wang Qiu’er ran five kilometers in one go. They encountered some soul beasts along the way, but these soul beasts didn’t attack them, scampering away to avoid the two of them. Perhaps they were frightened away by Wang Qiu’er’s intimidating aura...

“Alright, let’s take a break. Put me down.” Huo Yuhao had recovered some of his spiritual power, and the intense headache had receded.

Wang Qiu’er put him down as she grabbed her Golden Dragon Spear and surveyed her surroundings with razor-sharp eyes to make sure that this location was safe.

Huo Yuhao laid down on the ground and exhaled deeply. It didn’t feel so good to be carried on someone’s shoulders, after all.

“Wang Qiu’er, can you still find the way back? We have to rendezvous with our companions. The company will be in trouble if the three brothers decide to gang up on them.”

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