Volume 25, Chapter 235.1: Rescuing and Escaping

Wang Qiu’er’s face was as cold as ever as she raised the Golden Dragon Spear high above her head. She released the powerful golden aura from before, riveting golden light radiating from her body. The cutting aura was like the sharp edge of a blade as it forced the large mass of beast souls back.

What’s going on? Huo Yuhao was astonished and amazed and doubtful at the same time. Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected that Wang Qiu’er could form an alliance with this female Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear in battle. It seemed like she didn’t intend to block the bear when she charged in its direction, and was trying to direct it instead. What kind of ability was this? It was simply too terrifying! Did that mean that someone who possessed the Golden Dragon martial soul had the ability to command Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears? The Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s existence was actually comparable to the Golden Dragon in terms of lineage!

Right when Huo Yuhao was still feeling shocked, the female bear stomped her enormous paws as she charged towards the three brothers. Her body erupted with intense dark golden light as her fur stood on end. Her talons extended from her paws, and huge claws that were at least two meters long flickered with chilly light. Her claws crossed each other through the air as countless blade shadows flashed by and reached every corner in a hundred-meter radius around her.

The beast souls were highly resistant to physical attacks, but the bear’s attacks were simply too sharp, and the beast souls were weakened wherever the blades crossed.

The three brothers immediately felt an agonizing heartache. They had already lost many beast souls when they came to hunt and slay the male bear, but the male bear’s addition had made up for their losses in the end. This continuous battering caused them great suffering, as every beast soul was ultimately part of their strength and fighting ability.

Two grey clouds moved out in an instant, and the beast souls retreated along with them to the periphery. Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren glared at Wang Qiu’er, who was still sitting on the female bear’s shoulders. The bear couldn’t have broken through their siege so easily if it hadn’t been for her!

The bear didn’t care about all this at this moment as she strode towards her lair. There was nothing more important to her than her cubs.

All of a sudden, a scarlet-golden beam of light arrived on the scene in a flash, and a majestic scarlet-gold lion intercepted her.

This mighty lion seemed like it was sculpted from scarlet-red crystal, and it flickered with brilliant colors. Even the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s fearsome aura was weakened the moment it appeared.

A beast soul – this was actually a beast soul! However, it was so much more powerful and formidable than the other beast souls.

Huo Yuhao had wanted to find an opportunity to escape, but this lion’s appearance made him settle down once again.

This… this looks like the Scarletgolden Lion!

The Scarletgolden Lion’s status amongst soul beasts was a little inferior to the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear. However, it could be considered a subspecies of Golden soul beasts, and was a mutated form of the Golden Lion King. A Scarletgolden Lion’s power was comparable to a Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear if both soul beasts had similar cultivation levels. At least, it had enough strength to fight against the bear.

The Scarletgolden Lion was just a beast soul, but one could tell from its aura that it had possessed at least thirty thousand years of cultivation. Of all the soul beasts that Huo Yuhao had seen, besides the several mighty ones that had more than a hundred thousand years of cultivation, this Scarletgolden Lion was probably the strongest one in terms of fighting ability.

The Scarletgolden Lion roared into the sky the moment it appeared. Its muscular body that seemed almost material proved how drastically different it was from normal beast souls.

The Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear paused momentarily, but anything that prevented her from protecting her children was considered an enemy at this moment.

She lashed out ferociously with her right claw, and it was a Darkgolden Terrorclaw that contained every ounce of her strength.

The colossal claw seemed like it was going to tear the sky apart as it descended from the sky and slapped down fiercely.

The lion wasn’t weak, and it shook its head as a large spherical light projection emanated from its head and immediately expanded to a diameter of more than ten meters – this light projection was actually the enlarged image of its own head.

Clang! The bear’s claw was bounced back after the sharp collision, and an intense tremor almost shook Huo Yuhao off of the cave wall.

The lion’s radiance dimmed for a moment, but quickly returned to normal, and it roared ferociously once more.

This lion could actually take a hit from her! It lived up to its name as an entity that was comparable to the Darkgolden Terrorclaw!

Huo Yuhao had been observing the brothers’ beast souls this whole time. He realized that most of these beast souls could only use spiritual attacks, and they used spiritual power to get through to their opponents. However, there were several relatively formidable ones that retained the ability to attack with soul power, and this Scarletgolden Lion was undoubtedly the best of the best in this category. Huo Yuhao even felt that this lion probably still had almost as much strength as it had when it was still alive.

Another sphere of gray fog separated from the lion while Huo Yuhao was still feeling astounded. It transformed into a shadow riding on the Scarletgolden Lion’s back: the eldest of the brothers, Zhong Litian!

Zhong Litian’s expression wasn’t much better than those of his brothers. He had never thought that his plan could be ruined like that, at the hands of a young woman!

“Who are you?” Zhong Litian exclaimed as he raised the staff in his hands. The lion charged forward ferociously, and it engaged in battle with the bear as he levitated in midair and gazed at Wang Qiu’er in the distance.

Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “Someone that wants your life.” Her six soul rings sparkled brilliantly as she spoke.

Zhong Litian snapped his head around at Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren. “Have we succeeded?”

Zhong Lidi’s face was black as he replied, “All gone, there’s nothing left. It seems like this company isn’t that easy to deal with. What should be do?”

Zhong Litian’s eyes narrowed as a savage aura burst from his body. He said coldly, “Release our origin beast souls. Every single one of them has to die. We won’t have to worry about getting what we want as long as they’re dead.”

Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren began to move right when his voice dropped, and two beams of light glowed from their bodies. The jewels at the tips of their staves erupted with brilliant and blinding light.

Zhong Lidi unleashed a fearsome tiger. This tiger exuded dark green light; it was a Netherworld Ghost Tiger, which was also an entity that stood at the top of the world of soul beasts. Its body looked even more illusory than normal beast souls, but it charged the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear the moment it made a move, and gave the Scarletgolden Lion more chances to attack.

Zhong Liren unleashed a ferocious leopard that shone with brown light. Its skin was also brown, with patterns like golden coins all over its body. It was the smallest of the three origin beast souls, but it vanished into the air the moment it appeared, and a brown streak flashed by in the next moment. The fur on the bear’s back flew into the sky as part of it was shaved off. Even though she wasn’t hurt, the intense pain made her even more hysterical and crazed than before.

Huo Yuhao saw the brothers’ abilities as evil soul masters with more clarity now after observing them. Their main strength was their enslaved beast souls, which were separated into various categories. The strongest of those souls were probably the origin beast souls that they had just released, and each of them probably only had one, while all the others were just normal beast souls.

The female bear was already weak, and she was immediately at a disadvantage and beaten back as the three origin soul beasts joined up and assaulted her.

Wang Qiu’er made her move right at this moment.

She swung the Golden Dragon Spear in her hands and pierced in a certain direction without warning. An indescribable and shrill tearing sound could be heard, and a black gash appeared in the air from this single strike.

A brown shadow flickered once and an infuriated roar was heard immediately afterwards. She had actually captured the Ghostshadow Leopard Emperor’s movements, and wounded it with just one attack!

However, Wang Qiu’er’s action also immediately triggered the Ghostshadow Leopard Emperor’s wrath. A streak of brown light instantly circled and flickered around the bear crazily.

The spear in Wang Qiu’er’s hands waltzed continuously. Even though she could accurately predict and grasp the opportunity to defend against the leopard’s attacks every time and she was able to hold on with her own fearsome strength, she only had six rings.

It was not difficult to imagine how powerful these beast souls were since they were these three brothers’ origin beast souls. Their soul skills were all meant to amplify their beast souls, and their martial soul true bodies in the fog made them incredibly fast, while most physical attacks simply couldn’t hurt them at all. The three brothers separated in three directions as circle after circle of light expanded and continuously amplified their origin beast souls.

The truth was that the three brothers had no choice but to release their origin beast souls. They would never use their origin beast souls under normal circumstances, as these origin beast souls were tied to their own spirits even though they were extremely powerful. They would also be wounded if any harm came to their origin soul beasts.

But Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren had lost too many beast souls. When Zhong Litian witnessed Wang Qiu’er’s abilities, he became a little worried about the other members from Shrek Academy, and so he opted to give everything he had so that he could defeat and kill both the female Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear and Wang Qiu’er as quickly as possible. Afterwards, he would take care of the other members from Shrek, as they were absolutely unwilling to let go of the male Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear’s beast soul.

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