Volume 25, Chapter 234.3: Lightning God's Fury

Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren were in extreme pain as they were struck by the cannon shell’s lightning blast. While their lives were not in danger, it had taken them a lot of effort to gather all their beast spirits! The deaths of those spirits meant that their abilities were greatly weakened. As a result, the two of them had to use all their soul power to resist so that fewer of their slave-spirits would perish. Naturally, they weren’t able to observe what was going on around them as they fought off the lightning attack!

Huo Yuhao exploited this opportunity to increase his speed significantly. As his body burst forward, he leapt into the air and entered the cave, leaving a gentle undulation behind.

As he entered the cave, a thick smell of blood immediately filled his nostrils. He tried to hold his breath and unleashed his Darkgolden Terrorclaws. He stabbed his claws into the wall of the cave as his body remained in the air.

Using his Spiritual Detection, he had already figured out the layout of the cave. Otherwise, his judgment wouldn’t have been so accurate.

The cave was around five meters high, and extremely wide. It was just that the ground was covered in bloodstains left behind by the female bear while giving birth to her kids.

In the corner, two Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear cubs not even a meter tall were curled up with their eyes closed. Occasionally, they would squirm in place.

Their fur was pitch-black, and hadn’t turned dark-golden yet. From the looks of it, they were like two oversized and chubby puppies. At times, they would extend their pinkish-red tongues to lick their lips.

Huo Yuhao didn’t delay any further. His body swayed in the air before he did a forward somersault. At the same time, he had already unleashed his Snow Empress’ Spirit. The Snow Lady pointed to the two cubs, and two deep blue beams of light were shot out. The cubs were engulfed by these beams of light, and were enclosed inside two blocks of ice.

While mature Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears were huge, their cubs were very small in comparison, just like the cubs of any other soul beast.

Huo Yuhao drifted down, his hands were covered in blue light. He touched the bodies of the two frozen cubs, and they instantly disappeared, swept inside his Starlight Sapphire ring.

Spatial-type soul tools couldn’t contain living beings; there was no air inside, so they would suffocate. Another reason was that it might lead to spatial instability, damaging the space inside the soul tool, which would lead to damage to the soul tool itself.

But Huo Yuhao currently had no other choice. He tapped into the Snow Empress’ Spirit’s low temperature to freeze the two cubs temporarily. With the strength of Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears, they wouldn’t die quickly. After that, they were stored inside his ring before he brought them away. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so easy for him to escape with these two cubs!

He didn’t touch the ground throughout the entire process. As he smacked his right hand down, he used the power of his Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to push himself back before he exerted force on the wall with his toes. He propelled himself forward and rushed for the exit.

However, his claws stabbed into the wall when he was just a couple steps from the exit. He also stuck his body to the wall like an octopus, and his Imitation activated again. He seemed to have disappeared, and was completely traceless in the dark cave.

Whoosh! A figure entered the cave… it was Zhong Lidi. His figure was covered by a thick, bloody radiance. Right now, the strong evil soul master’s appearance was quite unpresentable.

Even with his cultivation, it was still a horrible thing to be struck by a Class 7 stationary soul cannon shell off-guard. His long robe was torn and tattered, revealing his skin in many areas. His hair was also standing on end. While his staff was still shining, it was no longer as bright as before. The gem at the top of his staff had even cracked slightly.

Zhong Lidi’s expression was extremely ghastly, and he even appeared to be on the verge of crying. When he unleashed bright, bloody light to illuminate the entire cave, his face turned even more dismal.

“Liren, someone has beaten us to it! Bastard!” Zhong Lidi shouted in fury. His figure flashed as he rushed out of the cave. An eight-ringed Soul Douluo was able to fly temporarily.

Zhong Liren’s voice sounded, “That cannon shell earlier must have been at least Class 7. Don’t tell me that there are Sun Moon Empire people here? They can’t be missing! The female bear was even guarding the cave earlier! How could they have disappeared just like that? Can they fly?”

Huo Yuhao was completely still as he stuck himself to the wall. He was even holding his breath. He was clear that he would be a dead man if he moved in front of these two evil soul masters. Unless it was completely safe, he wouldn’t move recklessly.

As he maintained his continuous Imitation, Zhong Lidi returned again. As he returned, a huge number of beast spirits were released from his staff. They quickly filled the cave.

Vicious!, Huo Yuhao cursed.

As the spirits flew out, a tiger-type beast spirit came straight towards Huo Yuhao. His Imitation was indeed strong, and could even imitate the surrounding aura. However, these beast spirits had acute senses. From the change in the tiger-type beast spirit’s energy, Huo Yuhao could subtly feel that it had discovered something in his direction.

What should he do? He had two choices now: bet on his luck that the beast spirit wouldn’t discover him, or act decisively and take the initiative to escape the cave.

If he had no luck, this cave would become his burial ground. However, Zhong Liren was guarding the cave outside if he went for the latter option.

At this point, a deafening roar came from outside the cave. Following this, the ground started to shake. A ferocious, mighty aura could be felt even from inside the cave.

Yes, the female Darkgolden Terrowclaw Bear had given up on finding her mate and returned!

Zhong Lidi’s expression changed. Even with their cultivation level, they couldn’t underestimate this ten-thousand year Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear. When the three of them had encircled the male Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear earlier, they had needed three days to kill him. Although this female bear was in a weakened state now, she might be very explosive if she was provoked.

Zhong Lidi scanned the cave once more, then immediately rushed out, worried about Zhong Liren.

The tiger-type beast spirit that was closing in on Huo Yuhao was pulled back into the staff.

Huo Yuhao was intelligent. When he heard the female bear roaring, he gave up his plan of escaping. He reaped the rewards of his patience – Zhong Lidi was finally gone.

However, he couldn’t escape, either. The fight outside had already begun.

The clash of soul powers caused the ground to shake amidst deafening booms. Intense shockwaves struck the cave and caused echoes to ring out within it.

Although Huo Yuhao couldn’t see with his eyes, he still had his Spiritual Detection! As he activated his Spiritual Detection, he sensed what was going on outside and tried to find an opportunity to escape.

The female bear had indeed returned. Her lower body was covered in bloodstains while her upper body was charred. Evidently, she was in great pain after being struck by the cannon shell earlier. However, why did she forsake her mate and return?

The three brothers had no intention of letting her off. Not only was she strong, but her spirit was also quite valuable.

On the other side, the male bear’s spirit had managed to tackle almost the entire team from Shrek! This included Cai Mei’er, who was a Titled Douluo!

The three brothers had drawn the female bear away so that they could capture the cubs. However, they hadn’t expected to fail. Now that the female bear had returned, Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren vented their anger on her.

They released many spirits from their staves. At the same time, their bodies also formed greyish light projections. These projections floated in mid-air and looked like balls of greyish fog. It was Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing such martial souls.

After turning into fog, Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren’s speed soared rapidly. As their figures flashed, they separated to either side, avoiding the female bear’s claws. The spirits also started to swarm the bear.

At this point, a streak of golden light shone from the female bear’s back. The bright light was filled with the might of a king, and a terrifying aura was unleashed. It felt very real, and exuded golden patterns as it spread.

After being influenced by this aura, the bear’s eyes shone brightly with golden light, and her own aura soared. The spirits that swarmed her started to disperse as they let out pathetic screams. Although they weren’t completely destroyed, their powers were weakened considerably.

“What is this?” Zhong Liren shouted, his facial muscles distorted greatly due to his fury.

Undoubtedly, the force that had dispersed the spirits didn’t come from the female bear. But since it had come, the strength of the Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear was bound to increase greatly. More importantly, the three brothers had lost many of their spirits today! They were extremely furious!

A golden figure flipped up onto the bear’s back and stood on her wide shoulders.

When Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Detection to sense this person’s presence, he was so shocked that he almost muttered a sound.

That person was Wang Qiu’er, wielding the Golden Dragon Spear!

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