Volume 25, Chapter 234.2: Lightning God's Fury

At this point, the air was filled with intense undulations of lightning. The frightening explosive force shocked everyone. Even though the shockwave only generated a surging gust of air when it reached them, this sudden explosion changed the situation for Shrek Academy’s team.

Huo Yuhao retracted his Spiritual Detection after he fired his cannon. The terrifying bolts of lightning were too much for his spiritual power to handle. The huge explosion sounded behind him, but he continued to dart forward. At this point, he placed the second cannon shell into the Giant Lightning Cannon on his shoulder.

As the surging gust of air reached him, he initiated his Spiritual Detection again. This time, his target was the cave.

The three brothers weren’t affected even after the first cannon shell exploded. However, the explosion still caught their attention. Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren drifted towards the cave as they tapped their staves on the ground. Zhong Litian didn’t appear, and no one knew where he was hiding. However, it wasn’t difficult to guess that he had focused most of his energy on everyone from Shrek Academy.

Huo Yuhao’s second cannon shell was fired at this time. When the cannon was fired, he revealed his concealed figure. A horrifying bluish-purple radiance was unleashed, and its targets were the two cubs in the cave.

What were Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren’s cultivations? They were evil Soul Douluo. In a duel, their abilities weren’t inferior to a Titled Douluo. Their spiritual power and senses were very strong. They immediately sensed the threat that was coming.

At this point, they had already arrived at the cave. Any normal person wouldn’t enter the cave even if he was threatened. However, they couldn’t give up on the two cubs in the cave! The cubs were the most important reason they were here.

Huo Yuhao had experienced many live fights during his training in the Ultimate Soldier Plan. Both his situational judgment and understanding of a human’s psychological mindset had reached a high standard.

Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren made their choice immediately. They only had one choice… defend! They could only defend against the attack unleashed towards the cave and protect the two cubs.

They lifted their staves at the same time, and bloody light started to spread out again. In such a situation, all they could do was pour out all their soul power. Two beams of sanguine light were converted into a huge, bloody red protective barrier. The entire cave was covered by this barrier.


If He Caitou knew that someone was trying to resist his Class 7 stationary soul cannon shell directly, he would be elated. Why were stationary soul cannons so powerful? It was because their explosive strength could match the all-out attack of a Rank 80 soul master the moment they were fired!

While Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren were very strong, evil soul masters were only strong because they were evil. In terms of cultivation, they were still eight-ringed Soul Douluo. They were confident of success, but were faced with a sudden attack. In a state of panic, they weren’t able to unleash their all-out defense. In addition, they weren’t skilled at defending, either. As the terrifying sounds of crackling lightning echoed out, countless bolts of lightning struck, and the two elders were appalled to discover that the intimidating explosive force had torn apart their defense.

The bloody barrier dissipated. As lightning flashed, the thick protective barrier was forcefully torn apart. The horrifying explosive force also swept the two of them up.

Lightning was formed by the vital energy of heaven and earth.

This was what Electrolux had told Huo Yuhao. Any form of undead would be harmed far more greatly than normal, regardless of what element they once were, if they were struck by lightning, because lightning contained the vital energy of heaven and earth.

When some undead became too strong, they might attract lightning from the sky due to their evil aura. This was called a Lightning Catastrophe.

Why was Electrolux so strong in his original world? One important reason was that he was an unprecedented light-type necromancer. He used his own body to summon the light element of the undead, thus removing any evil energy from them. In this way, they wouldn’t attract the Lightning Catastrophe.

Huo Yuhao had guessed some of the abilities that the three evil soul masters possessed. It had to be something related to summoning soul beasts’ spirits. They were even able to summon the spirit of a ten-thousand year Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear. If this wasn’t their main ability, they probably weren’t Soul Douluo, but Titled Douluo.

That was why Huo Yuhao used the Giant Lightning Cannon. The power of lightning was more effective against these two evil soul masters.

Anyone whose life was under threat would definitely use whatever treasures they had without any hesitation as long as they could protect their life.

The two brothers weren’t exceptions either. When they realized something was amiss, they immediately unleashed their all.

A huge number of bloody spirits surged out from their staves and protected their bodies, resisting the power of lightning. At the same time, they also revealed their Martial Soul True Bodies.

In this state, Zhong Lidi and Zhong Liren’s bodies started to distort. The greyish scales became finer, and even their eyes turned blood-red. They turned and curled up into two huge greyish snakes.

Shrek Academy’s research into martial souls was very advanced. Huo Yuhao could immediately recognize what their martial souls were.

Underworld Snake, a classic evil soul master’s martial soul. It had existed for a long time, and was a very strong soul among evil soul masters.

Furthermore, Huo Yuhao could vaguely recall Elder Mu emphasizing how special an Underworld Snake was. However, he had no time to think about it at this point.

The beast spirits were immediately destroyed in the face of lightning. However, these beast spirits appeared freer and relieved when they were killed. Even their indignation was dispelled as they were killed. They were like the Avenging Spirits that Huo Yuhao had once cleansed before.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t be bothered with the remaining cannon shell at this point. He unleashed his Imitation with the enhancement of his Eye of Destiny.

After his soul power reached Rank 50, all his Spirit Eyes’ soul skills were enhanced. This was his strongest advantage from the million-year Skydream Iceworm. He had not used Imitation for a long time, not because it wasn’t strong enough, but because he hid it due to the surprises it brought him after it was enhanced. He tried his best not to use it.

Imitation wasn’t an offensive or defensive soul skill. Compared to the Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques, the Darkgolden Terrorclaws, the Ice Explosion Technique, Spiritual Shock, and other powerful soul skills, it didn’t seem very eye-catching. Even Huo Yuhao’s partners didn’t really pay attention to this soul skill. However, it had become an extremely strong soul skill after it evolved. The only drawback was that his opponents might be prepared if he kept using it.

As it became stronger, Huo Yuhao could extend its use to a greater region. Right now, the region it could cover was around ten meters in diameter. At the same time, he also possessed a special form of this soul skill that allowed him to carry out continuous assimilation. To put it more aptly, it allowed him to assimilate into the environment like a chameleon.

Environmental assimilation became more and more effective as an environment became more complex and colorful. Huo Yuhao couldn’t conceal himself, but he could make it seem as if he were hidden as he imitated his surroundings. However, he could still be discovered through meticulous observation or detected through spiritual power.

His ability to assimilate into the environment was directly related to his soul power. As his Eye of Destiny was activated, his Imitation had entered its strongest state. So, he appeared to disappear earlier.

If Huo Yuhao stayed completely still, it wasn’t possible to spot him with one’s naked eyes. However, any movement would cause a change in the color patterns in the air, which would be detectable if one was sharp enough.

In fact, Huo Yuhao didn’t know how much further his Imitation could evolve. It was closely related to the Skydream Iceworm.

Imitation wasn’t a particularly strong soul skill even in the world of soul beasts, or the Iceworm species wouldn’t be so weak. After all, it was only projecting an illusion, there wasn’t any offensive side to it. In addition, the region that it covered was also limited.

When the Skydream Iceworm allowed Huo Yuhao to choose Imitation as his second soul skill, there was a reason behind his decision. Even a weak soul skill could become strong through ceaseless cultivation. Huo Yuhao couldn’t cultivate this soul skill directly. However, he possessed the Skydream Iceworm’s spiritual cultivation! As Skydream’s spiritual cultivation continued to fuse with him, it also meant that Imitation was being cultivated, making it stronger and stronger.

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