Volume 25, Chapter 233.1: The Three Evil Soul Master Brothers

After Wang Qiu’er explained the secret behind the Golden Dragon Spear, even Wang Dong’er didn’t think that she had taken advantage of Huo Yuhao by fusing with the Bloody Baboon King’s soul ring. However, Huo Yuhao could tell from the look in Wang Dong’er’s eyes that she was still unconvinced by Wang Qiu’er.

Just when everyone was about to carry on with their journey, they all came alert again. They all turned in one direction, alerted by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

Three figures had entered Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, but they weren’t soul beasts, they were humans. Without a doubt, they must be soul masters, since they could venture so deep into the Great Star Dou Forest.

But the group from Shrek didn’t feel any sense of camaraderie even though they had met fellow soul masters. In this forest, it might not be a good thing to meet other soul masters. Everyone who came here was hunting soul beasts to obtain soul rings. Conflicts might arise if they targeted the same soul beasts.

At this point, Zhang Lexuan and Han Ruoruo demonstrated their rich wealth of experience. A depression was formed in the ground as moonlight flashed. Streaks of Dazzling Golden Ropes flashed past, and the corpses of the Ink Leopards were dragged into the depression. Moonlight blinked again, and the ground was leveled. The entire process was completed in a few seconds.

Huo Yuhao only realized what was happening after a moment. The corpses were buried in order to prevent the other party from deducing the extent of their abilities.

Just as they finished concealing the Ink Leopards, the three strangers arrived in front of them.

When Huo Yuhao saw them for the first time, he was slightly stunned. A strong sense of crisis started to fill him.

They were three elders that looked at least seventy years old. The shocking thing was that they looked exactly the same. They were even dressed the same way.

They were all very thin, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. Their greyish-white hair flowed behind their backs. Their eyes were a dim yellow, and gave off a lifeless feeling. The only special trait about them was that they all had aquiline noses and thin lips.

They were dressed in a long, greyish robes and each held a walking staff. Their walking staves were entirely black, and were fully ten feet long. At the top of each staff was a greyish gem the size of a human head.

Once they appeared, they turned their attention on everyone from Shrek. Their actions were in eerie tandem. They tapped their walking staves on the ground before their bodies drifted forward. They lifted off and landed at the same time. In just a matter of seconds, they had already arrived in front of them.

Everyone from Shrek went into their previous formation. The only difference was that Zhang Lexuan came up beside Wang Qiu’er and stood side by side with her.

The elder in the center furrowed his brow slightly and muttered, “A bunch of dolls.” His voice was hoarse, as if his larynx was damaged. It was extremely awful to listen to.

The elder on the left said, “There seems to be a bloody smell here.”

The elder on the right directly asked them, “Who are you people? Where are all of you from?”

Zhang Lexuan smiled slightly and stepped forward. She bowed slightly and said, “Greetings, elders. We’re from the Moonlight Sect in the Heavenly Soul Empire.”

The elder on the right commented, “All of you seem young, but you’re able to venture so deep into the Great Star Dou Forest. It seems like your cultivations are not low! Unleash your soul rings for us to see.” The three elders weren’t just alike in terms of their appearance and dress. Even their voices were equally awful.

“Elders, it might be a little overboard to bully us like that.” A gentle voice sounded from afar before vice-Dean Cai Mei’er walked forward slowly. She seemed very slow, but her movement was instantaneous. She only took a few steps before she was in front of the rest and stood beside Zhang Lexuan.

The elder on the right chortled and replied, “See, I was right. These little dolls couldn’t have ventured so far into the forest on their own. They have an elder here. Very well, you shall unleash your martial soul and soul rings for us to see.”

Cai Mei’er laughed slightly and replied, “The three of you must be qualified before you can make me unleash my martial soul.” As she spoke, she lifted her right hand up and pushed it forward.

The elder on the right glared, and his dim yellow eyes brightened. He also lifted his right hand to strike Cai Mei’er.

Bang! As a deep, muffled sound echoed out, a thick cloud of gas burst forth. This stream of gas shot into the sky and caused the crown of the tree above them to shake tremendously. Countless leaves started to descend from the sky.

“Wow, an eight-ringed cultivation.” The elder on the right was a little stunned as he looked at Cai Mei’er. He twisted his lips and said, “No wonder you dare to act so big in front of me.”

Eight-ringed cultivation? Huo Yuhao observed silently from one side and nodded his head in approval. Whether it was Zhang Lexuan or Cai Mei’er, they had revealed their eight-ringed cultivation to confuse their opponents. However, he was also shocked. The three elders’ ability to tell Cai Mei’er’s cultivation meant that their own cultivations were not below eight rings! Three Soul Douluo who appeared hostile… they weren’t going to be easy to deal with...

Cai Mei’er remained calm. “It seems like you’re also a Soul Douluo. Why do you have to bully us, then? I’m only bringing these kids to obtain some soul rings. The forest is so huge. I’m sure we won’t obstruct the three of you.”

The elder on the right laughed and replied, “Whether you obstruct me is not up to you to comment. Let’s do it this way. Help us do something, and we’ll set you free. You should know that it’s impossible for you to deal with the three of us if there’s only one Soul Douluo on your side.”

The elder in the center said, “Yes, all of you can go after you help us complete this task.”

The elder on the left followed with, “It might even be beneficial for all of you. If the soul beasts that you hunt along the way are suitable for you, you can absorb their soul rings after everything is over.”

Cai Mei’er was moved as she said, “Considering your cultivations, I’m afraid what you want us to complete isn’t an easy task. Furthermore, we don’t have many resources with us, and we’re pressed for time.”

The elder on the right said, “I don’t think you have a choice. If you wish to remain here forever, I don’t mind wasting more effort. Furthermore, it’s not far from here.”

The elder in the center said, “Let’s cut the nonsense. Follow us.”

As he spoke, the three elders unleashed their martial souls at the same time.

Something strange happened. Their right hands that were holding their staves turned greyish and were engulfed by a layer of greyish scales. These scales quickly spread to the rest of their bodies, including their faces. Their staffs even emanated intense greyish light. The gems also lit up, and started to glow with a fresh red color.

Soul tool! Huo Yuhao already made his judgment when he saw the three staves earlier. They were different from the Golden Dragon Spear. The metallic feeling and undulations that were specific to soul tools couldn’t be concealed from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection. Huo Yuhao was even more stunned after realizing they were soul tools. He believed that they were Class 8 soul tools!

Eight-ringed Soul Douluo who possessed Class 8 soul tools. Were they Class 8 soul engineers? However, they didn’t simply look like soul engineers, considering the intensity of their soul power undulations. More accurately speaking, they were more like soul masters equipped with soul tools.

They were extremely strong triplets. No wonder they were so arrogant and self-confident. This was a demonstration of their immense abilities.

Cai Mei’er hesitated slightly before nodding. She said, “Alright. However, how can I trust the three of you to keep your promise and release us after we complete this task?”

The voice of the elder on the left became slightly gentler, and he said, “We’ll make a vow then. With our statuses, do you really think we’ll go back on our promise?”

After he finished speaking, the three of them said in unison, “I, Zhong Litian/Zhong Lidi/Zhong Liren hereby swear that we’ll not put these people in front of us in a spot after they complete our task, and release them. If we betray this vow, let us die horrible deaths.”

The vow sounded very normal and ordinary. There weren’t any problems with it. The only weird thing was that the unified way in which they made their vow, which suggested that they were very used to making it.

Cai Mei’er stopped hesitating and nodded. She said, “Alright. Will the three of you lead the way for us and tell us about what you want us to do in detail along the way?”

The elder on the right was Zhong Litian, the one in the center was Zhong Liren, and the one on the left was Zhong Lidi. They were named Heaven (tian), Earth (di) and Man (ren). Their surname was also very weird. Cai Mei’er had no recollection of them. They were Soul Douluos, and should be renowned on the continent, but Cai Mei’er had never heard of them. This showed that they deliberately tried not to leave an impression behind them.

Cai Mei’er glanced over at Zhang Lexuan and said, “Everyone, follow them. Maintain the formation. We’ll help the three of them complete their task before we continue to search for soul beasts.”

Cai Mei’er and Zhang Lexuan’s gazes met, and Zhang Lexuan immediately understood her intention. How would this Shrek Academy team be afraid of three Soul Douluo given their makeup? Cai Mei’er didn’t choose to conflict with the three elders because she wanted to find out their true intentions, and was also waiting to exploit a better opportunity.

The three elders walked in front in exactly the same way. They retracted their martial souls, and their staves regained their original looks. However, the intense undulations from these Class 8 soul tools still left a deep impression on Huo Yuhao.

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