Volume 25, Chapter 232.3: Golden Dragon Spear

Soul beasts’ bodies were a lot tougher than those of humans. However, the golden spear sliced the ten-thousand year Ink Leopard’s gut right open and then crushed the other thousand-year leopard’s neck. What kind of power was this? How could the other four Ink Leopards dare to come near when faced with a spear that possessed such formidable close-combat strength? These leopards were like ghosts haunting them, and they hurtled over because they couldn’t let thegreat cats go.

Wang Qiu’er didn’t pause for a single second after she succeeded on her first strike. She dragged the spear along as she darted after another leopard, and a dragon’s roar could be heard once more as everyone saw the faint glimmer of a golden dragon’s projection on her spear. Everything in front of her was lit up in that moment with a radiant golden color as she charged forward.

The Ink Leopard that she had chosen had no intentions of fighting force with force, and it immediately turned to escape once it rolled on the ground as it gathered as much speed as it could.

“Hah!” Wang Qiu’er released a shrill cry right at this moment, and the accelerating leopard trembled as its speed was impeded for a second before the golden spear pierced through its entire body.

Everyone could see the virtual golden dragon suddenly materialize a little when the golden spear bore through the leopard’s body, as an enormous dragon’s maw swallowed the entire leopard and caused it to turn golden all over.

Wang Qiu’er’s body shifted once more as she swept the spear in her hands sideways. The golden Ink Leopard impaled on her spear was hurled like a cannon shell at another leopard that was attempting to run away, while the spear in her hands flew towards the third Ink Leopard as another rousing dragon’s roar was heard.


Striking large bodies like Ink Leopards wasn’t too difficult with Spiritual Detection around. Two leopards collided with each other, and the second one was also tainted golden as golden streaks of lightning danced across its entire body while it twisted and rolled on the ground.

The golden spear was hurtling forward on the other side. The leopard knew it couldn’t meet force with force, and it nimbly changed directions in the air as it spit out a black beam of light from its mouth. This was another of their innate skills, called the Divine Light of Darkness. This innate skill was a mid-range offensive skill, and it was extremely powerful, but consumed a lot of soul power. The leopards didn’t want to use their last resorts, but several didn’t even have the chance to do so!

It was a pity that its Divine Light of Darkness wasn’t fully expelled from its mouth before the golden spear pierced right through its skull. The same golden maw consumed it as the dragon projection flickered, and this Ink Leopard was nailed to the ground just like that.

Huo Yuhao and Han Ruoruo faced the final Ink Leopard. How could they have any problems at all against a thousand-year Ink Leopard with their current cultivations?

Han Ruoruo’s Dazzling Golden Rope arrested and immobilized it in an instant, while Huo Yuhao’s Darkgolden Terrorclaw lashed out, and the leopard was immediately eliminated. The chilly air released from Huo Yuhao’s body also turned the leopard’s Corrosive Mist into dust and dispelled it.

Wang Qiu’er didn’t stop at all on her side. She raced forward to the leopard that had crashed onto the ground after being struck by the hurled leopard corpse. That leopard was still flickering with golden light as it struggled back to its feet, but Wang Qiu’er kicked it right in the head, and there was another cracking sound… 

Everyone was still rushing forward at that moment, but they began to slow down.

Too quick... it was just too quick. The time needed for three breaths had passed from the beginning of the battle to the end, from when the six Ink Leopards pounced forward to the moment when the last leopard was killed. Ink Leopards possessed multiple soul skills, and the fact that they could survive deep within the Hybrid Region meant that they were relatively formidable soul beasts. However, Wang Qiu’er cut through them as easily as a hot knife through butter. This fight wasn’t a showdown… it was just a pure massacre.

Wang Qiu’er retrieved her golden spear. The spear only had brilliant golden hues; not a single drop of blood clung to it.

She grasped her spear naturally and sauntered back to the group.

She had mentioned that she was confident in holding them back, but she was just being humble! It was clear from her performance that even if she were one versus six, the worst outcome would be that a few of the leopards would get to escape. Her ferocity and brutal fighting style were present once more throughout the entire battle, and were so overwhelming, while proving to everyone once more how powerful she actually was.

Even Huo Yuhao was filled with awe and astonishment. He had no idea what the outcome would be if he faced off against Wang Qiu’er, and he actually didn’t have any confidence at all.

Huo Yuhao had been using Spiritual Detection throughout the fight, so he could clearly feel how Wang Qiu’er’s body had transformed during the battle.

Wang Qiu’er’s blood essence would surge every time she launched an attack, and she would unleash a formidable strength that didn’t come from soul power. That strength was released explosively every time the dragon roar appeared, and it fused seamlessly with her personal soul power. The golden spear was clearly like a part of her body, and could impeccably amplify her own strength and soul power. Otherwise, how could she break through the ten-thousand year Ink Leopard’s defenses on the first strike and slay it with a single hit?

Huo Yuhao and Han Ruoruo had contributed to the effort that laid waste to the six leopards in the blink of an eye, but Wang Qiu’er was the main attacker, and her performance was undoubtedly much more outstanding and riveting.

Li Yongyue had stopped running at this moment. He exchanged a look with Mo Xuan, and the two of them swallowed at almost the same time and muttered, “She’s so powerful.”

It was easy to say what Mo Xuan was thinking, as he was almost a pure auxiliary-type soul master that the academy was nurturing. But Li Yongyue? Fighting was his department; he was an agility-type Soul Emperor, and also part of Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard. He was definitely not considered weak, but he didn’t even dare to compare himself when he witnessed Wang Qiu’er’s frightening explosive strength, she was just too dominant and intimidating!

Mo Xuan whispered to Li Yongyue, “Do you think she has any weaknesses at all?”

Li Yongyue contemplated for a moment before saying, “Perhaps she’s not that good with ranged attacks. She is extremely strong, so she should be only good in close-combat battles.”

Mo Xuan’s mouth twitched as he said, “Did you consider her throwing the spear?”

“Ahem, that should be considered a weapon.” Li Yongyue was in a daze at this point.

Mo Xuan patted him on the shoulder and said, “I think we should just pray hard that we will never be standing on the other side from her. Let’s go.”

Wang Qiu’er had astounded the whole company twice in two battles, and there was no question that she had left a deep and lasting impression in everyone’s minds. She had just obtained her sixth soul ring, but her strength was not something that normal Soul Emperors could possibly have.

Zhang Lexuan came before Wang Qiu’er and stared at the spear in her hands deeply as she asked, “Do you need to rest?”

Wang Qiu’er shook her head quietly. She had just killed five Ink Leopards. It seemed to be something that couldn’t be any more normal to her, and didn’t seem like she wanted to flaunt or brag at all.

Zhang Lexuan said, “Alright, let’s continue then.”

“Yes.” Wang Qiu’er turned and was about to leave when Zhang Lexuan suddenly asked, “May I ask if your weapon is related to your martial soul?”

Wang Qiu’er paused momentarily, then nodded. “It’s passed down from my family, and it’s called the Golden Dragon Spear.”

Zhang Lexuan’s body quivered, and everyone else heard Wang Qiu’er’s words too, as she didn’t deliberately lower her voice. The Golden Dragon Spear that seemed like it was made from wood, but shone with brilliant golden light… could it have something to do with the Golden Dragon?

Huo Yuhao blurted out, “Legend has it that the Golden Dragon had forty-nine ribs, but its descendants only had forty-eight. The first generation Golden Dragon’s forty-ninth rib bone is claimed to be the key for evolution into the Dragon God. Is this actually the…?”

Wang Qiu’er turned around and shot him a glance as astonishment flowed from her enchanting eyes. “I didn’t expect you to know so much. Yes, this spear was forged from the first generation Golden Dragon’s forty-ninth rib.”


Huo Yuhao was also dumbfounded. He actually wanted to say this Golden Dragon Spear couldn’t have been forged from the Golden Dragon’s rib bone, could it? He had learned all those things about the Golden Dragon’s forty-ninth rib bone and whatnot from Wang Yan as a fun fact during his lessons a long time ago, and had only uttered it subconsciously.

However, he had not imagined that Wang Qiu’er’s spear could have such an extraordinary origin! It was known that the first generation Golden Dragon’s forty-ninth rib was also touted as the secret to becoming the Dragon God!

“Eh, look at those Ink Leopards...” Mo Xuan’s voice broke the silence.

Everyone noticed that the leopards on the ground that had been impaled and turned golden by the Golden Dragon Spear were quickly drying up and disintegrating. It was as if all the nutrients that they possessed were swiftly dissipating into the air.

Wang Qiu’er said plainly, “That’s nothing. My Golden Dragon Spear has a special effect of absorbing life energy, and every organism that it kills will instantly be converted into nutrients for the Golden Dragon Spear, which will feed a portion of it back to me.”

Silence… Everyone glanced at each other, and the same term appeared in their minds. Divine Weapon.

Zhang Lexuan was the first to recover. She lowered her voice and said, “Qiu’er, you shouldn’t use the Golden Dragon Spear so casually in the future. You can’t tell anyone about what it can do.”

Wang Qiu’er seemed indifferent as she replied, “It’s fine. The Golden Dragon Spear is the Dragon God’s pride, and nobody can use it except the person that possesses the Golden Dragon martial soul. The spear will absorb life energy from anything else that touches it. Without my control, everything would be barren within a radius of one hundred meters around it, as it will continuously absorb life energy from all things around it, and nothing material can block the effect. Once it has absorbed enough life energy, the Golden Dragon’s soul within the spear will be triggered, and it will take it far and wide until it finds the person that possesses the Golden Dragon martial soul, or someone with the Golden Dragon’s blood. If the spear reaches a living Golden Dragon, then it will integrate into the dragon as its forty-ninth rib bone and give the Golden Dragon the chance to evolve into the Dragon God.”

Everyone suddenly understood what was going on. It was no wonder she could use this Divine Weapon of a spear so calmly, as there were so many profound secrets and nuances embodied within it. This also meant that there was probably nobody else in the world that could use this weapon besides Wang Qiu’er herself!

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