Volume 25, Chapter 230.3: Snatching Soul Ring?

The Bloody Baboon King wasn’t dead yet. Its chest was still moving as it lay on the ground. However, the silvery-white light was disintegrating its body. The fatal wound on its chest had also turned black and started to decay, the wound expanding in size. The Baboon King didn’t have long to live.

After pondering for a moment, Zhang Lexuan replied, “I think it’s possible. Although the spiritual power of the Baboon King isn’t very outstanding, it uses its spiritual power when it initiates its Mass Berserk and Bloodlust. It isn’t easy for your spiritual-type martial soul to find a suitable soul ring. If you think that its Mass Berserk or Bloodlust can help you, you can absorb its soul ring. After all, it can enhance your physical strength.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t even think any further, “Give it to me.” Indeed, he was very familiar with how difficult it was to find a spiritual-type soul ring. He could accept both the effects of Mass Berserk and Bloodlust. Moreover, this Baboon King’s cultivation was fifty thousand years! He was more than satisfied if his fifth soul ring could be a fifty-thousand year one. It could also make up for some of his deficiencies in terms of soul skills.

In addition, Huo Yuhao had his own plan. After the tournament was over, he had some plans for himself. He still desired to improve his physical strength. Whether it was on the battlefield or exhibiting stronger soul tools, he needed a strong physical body.

Just as Huo Yuhao was ready to walk towards the Bloody Baboon King, he was stopped by someone.

“It doesn’t suit you. Give it to me instead.” This sudden voice caused great disharmony within the team.

He was stunned to find out that it was Wang Qiu’er who was blocking him.

Wang Qiu’er wore a cold look on her face as she spoke to Huo Yuhao. After finishing her sentence, she immediately walked towards the Bloody Baboon King.

Snatching a soul ring? This was a despicable act under any circumstance, but they were even teammates.

A golden light flashed. Wang Dong’er flapped open her Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings in front of Wang Qiu’er and raged, “Do you know what first come first served means? Are we supposed to follow your words just because you said it’s not suitable for him?”

Neither of them were wearing veils at this point. As they clashed, everyone was in a daze, since they both had the same appearance.

Wang Qiu’er said coldly, “Get lost! I’ve said it. This soul beast doesn’t suit him.”

Wang Dong’er also wore a cold look on her face as she retorted, “Don’t think you’re great just because you’re strong. I’ll let you fuse with this soul ring, but only if you beat me in a fight.”

Wang Qiu’er snorted, “That’s easy.” Golden lights started to rise and dragon roars echoed.

“Stop it!” A furious voice sounded. As silver light flashed, Zhang Lexuan had already stepped in between both ladies. Her expression was very cold.

Wang Qiu’er’s golden light faded, but the arrogance in her eyes didn’t disappear. There was a wintry look in her eyes. Even facing Zhang Lexuan, she had no intention of giving way.

Zhang Lexuan was cross as she said, “What are the two of you doing? Look at the both of you. What is this? Are you still schoolmates from the same academy? In the Great Star Dou Forest, you’re not just schoolmates, but fellow warriors too! If the two of you continue to bicker, will you still trust each other? Not only are the both of you lookalikes, but you even have similar names. However, you have been at odds since the start. Tell me, what’s going on? I’ll give you a chance to explain yourselves! Tell me now.”

Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er were silent. Wang Dong’er turned her head away while Wang Qiu’er lifted her head towards the sky. Both of them were speechless.

“Tell me! Say something! Whatever problem you have with each other, lay it out now. Otherwise, both of you should return to the academy immediately. I’ve led many teams in my time, but I’ve never seen anything like this! What are the two of you planning to do?” Zhang Lexuan was furious. The further they went into the forest, the more dangerous it was. Even though she had teamed up with Han Ruoruo to defeat the Bloody Baboons earlier, it had taken their all. Even so, there was still some disharmony within the team. How could they venture further in given this situation?

Wang Dong’er replied, “Eldest senior sister, Yuhao said he wanted the soul ring first, but she tried to snatch it from him. How despicable can she get? Am I wrong to stop her?”

Wang Qiu’er groaned, “I told him that this soul beast doesn’t suit him.”

Wang Dong’er raged, “Are your words final? Do you know how difficult it is for Yuhao to find soul rings given that he’s a spiritual-type soul master? He finally found one that’s suitable, but you want to snatch it from him? I won’t let you.”

Zhang Lexuan also looked at Wang Qiu’er and asked, “When I asked everyone just now, why didn’t you speak up? You only said something after Yuhao made his decision. Explain your actions.”

Wang Qiu’er replied indifferently, “I’ve said that this soul ring doesn’t suit him. It’s still slightly suitable for me. I’m doing this for his own good.”

Zhang Lexuan replied, “Although you just joined Shrek, your understanding of martial souls should be quite good considering your cultivation. I’m sure you know how rare spiritual-type soul beasts are. To find one that fits Huo Yuhao’s cultivation is also very difficult. If you can tell me a soul beast that fits him in this forest and point out roughly where it can be located, I’ll allow you to absorb this soul ring.”

Wang Qiu’er turned to Huo Yuhao and asked, “Huo Yuhao, do you trust me? If you do, give me this soul ring. I’ll lead the way from now on. It’s not my first time entering the forest. If I’m not remember wrongly, I can bring you somewhere to find a suitable soul ring. Otherwise, you can take my life.”

Her words sounded very serious. As she said this, even Wang Dong’er’s fury dissipated. Although the Bloody Baboon King’s soul ring was very valuable, it was too much to lay down one’s life for it. Furthermore, it wasn’t difficult for Wang Qiu’er to find a suitable soul ring given her abilities. Her words proved that she was confident in helping Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao walked up to Wang Dong’er and grabbed her hands before nodding his head at Wang Qiu’er, “I trust you. You can absorb it, but you’re running out of time.”

Wang Qiu’er didn’t waste any more time. She quickly made her way to the Baboon King. Wang Dong’er wanted to say something, but Huo Yuhao gripped her hands tightly, and she held her indignation.

Zhang Lexuan turned to Huo Yuhao, and he nodded at her. She didn’t say anything else, but followed Wang Qiu’er with the rest. Wang Qiu’er and the Baboon King were surrounded by the rest of the team.

Wang Qiu’er’s palm was already resting on the Baboon King’s forehead, and she ended its life. After that, she sat cross-legged, and a black soul ring drifted up from the Baboon King’s body.

It was definitely a fifty-thousand year soul ring. When it appeared, the air seemed to become viscous, and a ferocious aura was exuded from it.

Zhang Lexuan asked, “Wang Qiu’er, are you confident? This fifty-thousand year soul ring is far above your cultivation limit.”

Wang Qiu’er shook her head and used her actions to provide the answer to the question. As golden light flashed, an image of a golden dragon appeared on her back. The size of this golden dragon wasn’t very large, but it was clear, and seemed almost alive. Its wings flapped open, and it lifted its head proudly. It seemed a little scornful as it looked at the Baboon King before opening its mouth to absorb it. The black soul ring started to be engulfed by the golden dragon.

The golden light then returned to Wang Qiu’er’s body.

Wang Qiu’er sat there and didn’t move a single inch. A dim golden halo started to emanate from her body. As the golden light surged, it looked like a gentle fog. While her soul power experienced intense undulations, they didn’t seem violent. It was plain to see that Wang Qiu’er had suppressed the aura of the Baboon King’s soul ring, as no sign of it leaked out.

Zhang Lexuan was stunned. She knew that she had to look at Wang Qiu’er in a different light from now on. She had thought that her appraisal of Wang Qiu’er was already very high, but right now it didn’t seem high enough.

It wasn’t simple to absorb a fifty-thousand year soul ring. At least, Zhang Lexuan wasn’t certain that she could do it before she became a Soul Emperor. Even when she absorbed her hundred-thousand year soul ring, it had been a stroke of fate, and she had had the protection of other, stronger individuals. After that absorption, she had to rest for half a year before she fully recovered.

Thus, she was stunned to seeing Wang Qiu’er absorbing the soul ring effortlessly. This was evidently not because of her cultivation, but the strength of her body. Her martial soul also completely suppressed the Bloody Baboon King. On a spiritual level, the soul ring couldn’t struggle at all. She completely overwhelmed the Baboon King to complete this fusion.

“Everyone, please be careful. The smell of blood is very strong, and might attract other soul beasts.” Zhang Lexuan warned the rest, and also gestured for Huo Yuhao to activate his Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao took this chance to get busy. First, he moved the baboon corpses five hundred meters from where they were. The corpses formed a circle that surrounded all of them.

He took an hour to finish this task. Wang Qiu’er’s soul power was rising quickly the whole time. As her aura grew stronger and stronger, she evidently reached a critical stage in her fusion.

Huo Yuhao was slightly fatigued, and sat cross-legged before he started to meditate. Wang Dong’er sat opposite him and cultivated with him.

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