Volume 25, Chapter 228.1: Jade Ocean Spirit Ape

This soul beast was green all over, and was hard to see it in the green jungle if one didn’t look closely. Furthermore, it was covered by the trees and branches in the two hundred meters between them. However, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection could clearly lock onto its position.

Huo Yuhao didn’t lock onto all the soul beasts around him after he activated it. However, his Spiritual Detection could reach a heightened level of precision even at a distance, and he could tell if it was hostile towards them from the soul beast’s blood essence, soul power, and spiritual power.

They had come across quite a few soul beasts before this, but most of them kept their distance and avoided the group. Some displayed hostility, but they were just trying to intimidate the group, and didn’t come near at all. The soul beast before them was different. Once it discovered Huo Yuhao’s group, it didn’t evade at all, and swiftly came nearer instead. There was a strong aura of hostility and murderous intent around it.

There were several typical circumstances with soul beasts like these. First, they could be meeting a belligerent and aggressive soul beast that would attack no matter who its adversaries were. Second, they could encounter a hungry or starving soul beast that had a particular preference for humans. Humans were considered as delicious as meals could get, and these soul beasts would definitely not let go of an opportunity like this. Soul masters were nutritious and extremely beneficial for soul beasts!. A soul master’s tendons, flesh, blood, and veins were perennially nourished by soul power, and the nutrition contained within them was far superior to normal soul beasts. The higher level these soul beasts were, the more interested they would be in high-level soul masters. There were some soul beasts that could directly absorb a soul master’s soul power to boost themselves!

The last situation was territory. Some relatively stronger soul beasts would mark out their own territories due to their predatory and dietary needs, and these territories were not restricted to soul beasts! Humans would definitely be assaulted if they trespassed. After all, soul beasts that could mark their own territories were stronger than most of their kind.

The soul beast in front of them belonged to the third situation, as they hadn’t encountered any other soul beasts in the minutes before they had discovered this one.

“That looks like a Jade Ocean Spirit Ape, and it’s probably above ten thousand years in cultivation.” Huo Yuhao was the owner of the Spiritual Detection, and thus immediately reported this soul beast’s strength.

The Jade Ocean Spirit Ape was an ape-type soul beast, and it fed upon the venomous Spiritjade Fruits. It was a wood-type soul beast, could control plants within a small radius, and was adept with poisonous attacks. It was a soul beast that was hard to deal with.

“Does anybody need this?” Zhang Lexuan asked immediately. Everyone wanted ten thousand year soul rings, while the Jade Ocean Spirit Ape was a comparatively rare soul beast.

Mo Xuan hesitated momentarily before he said, “I’ll take it, eldest senior sister. I hope this Jade Ocean Spirit Ape is a little stronger… It would be best if it was twenty thousand years.”

Six-ringed Soul Emperors normally found it challenging to absorb twenty-thousand year soul rings, but students from Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard were definitely not normal. They feasted on nutritious and sumptuous meals provided by the canteen every single day, and their bodies were tough and resilient to an extent that normal soul masters couldn’t possibly compare with.

Zhang Lexuan smiled and said, “I guess we’re lucky that we found something we need so quickly.”

“It’s coming!” Huo Yuhao instantly reminded her.

Zhang Lexuan immediately said, “Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er, you guys are up. Capture it alive, Ruoruo and I will back you up.”

All three of them were slightly taken aback by Zhang Lexuan’s command. Ten-thousand year soul beasts were a piece of cake for their eight-ringed eldest senior sister, and everyone had assumed she was going to take point.

Cai Mei’er’s aura was not far behind everyone, and she subtly nodded her head. Zhang Lexuan could tell that Wang Qiu’er hadn’t really gelled with the team, and Zhang Lexuan wanted her to be included as quickly as possible. There were already rumors going around in the academy about Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er, the two people who shared almost the same name and who looked almost identical. Nobody would know how they were related to each other if they didn’t tell.

The green shadow was bouncing forward rapidly. It jumped directly from tree to tree, and its green radiance grew stronger with every jump. It covered the two hundred meters between them in no time.

Everyone could clearly see what this ten thousand year soul beast looked like when it got close. The Jade Ocean Spirit Ape was about one and a half meters tall, and it had an extremely lean and muscular body. Its entire body was covered by green fur, and one could feel that its relatively small frame was filled with strength and power. Its eyes were dark green and ferocious, and two enormous fangs protruded from its lips. The ape’s abdominal area swelled continuously as the green light on its body became stronger.

Huo Yuhao pulled Wang Dong’er along and left the formation after Zhang Lexuan’s command. Wang Qiu’er followed behind, still maintaining that quiet look.

Huo Yuhao still shared his Spiritual Detection with her no matter what she was like.

He had encountered many ten-thousand year soul beasts before, so he naturally wasn’t nervous at all. A dash of orange-gold light flew from his body, and the tiny Snow Lady was already in midair.

Wang Qiu’er was momentarily stunned when she saw the little Snow Lady, and her footsteps became even slower than before. She was even more out of rhythm with the pair in front of her.

Huo Yuhao had already made his move. A purple-gold light immediately erupted from his eyes and flickered once before the Jade Ocean Spirit Ape that was still bounding forward howled agonizingly, and large swathes of green fog started to pour from its body.

“Watch out, that’s its Spiritjade Poison Fog!” Zhang Lexuan reminded everyone.

Huo Yuhao naturally knew that this was Spiritjade Poison Fog, and he had already prepared to react. His Spiritual Shock had been fired off precisely. Otherwise, that poisonous fog wouldn’t have been coming toward them from a distance, it would have instead spurted directly on top of them!

The ape’s soul skill was interrupted, and it broke the branch it was hopping on and plummeted from the trees. However, ten-thousand year soul beasts were not that easy to handle, and it recovered a little even as it fell to the ground. It roared into the sky, and opened its mouth once more as another stream of green fog fired out, blowing the denser poison fog from before towards the Shrek students.

However, a dark blue light resembling a sprawling arch now struck out with lightning speed. The green fog immediately turned into ice and dissipated wherever this light touched, frozen in that very moment, and every piece fluttered to the ground.

The fog itself was made from very tiny particles, and it contained smoke, mist, and water vapor. No matter how strong the Spirit Ape’s poison element was, the venomous air that its body generated would naturally carry some water particles, which ultimately meant that the fog was more like mist.

The tiny Snow Lady’s tiny hand pointed forward; that was the Ultimate Ice Light Beam, and all the water that this light touched instantly became ice crystals. The venomous fog broke apart by itself, and was dispelled by the extreme chill.

The ape evaded the beam of light in a flash, but its ferocious eyes became a little doubtful and unsettled. The temperature around it was starting to plummet, while its poisonous fog was dispelled in an instant. This made the soul beast, which had a certain level of intelligence, a little afraid.

Describing the process was slow, but everything happened in a single instant. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er darted forward the moment the Snow Lady fired the beam, and the two of them surged into the sky. The golden light in Huo Yuhao’s eyes flickered once more as his fourth soul ring sparkled, and a pale golden whirlpool instantly appeared above the Spirit Ape’s head.

This ten-thousand year soul beast’s spiritual cultivation wasn’t weak, but it was far inferior to Huo Yuhao. Spiritual Confusion immediately took effect on the Spirit Ape, and the dazed and confused soul beast immediately used the same attack.

Huo Yuhao was holding onto Wang Dong’er with his right hand, but he released her hand as they raced forward. Wang Dong’er telepathically understood his intentions as she grabbed his arm and shifted behind his back before she grabbed his shoulders. The Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings extended outward, and the brilliant Light of the Butterfly Goddess burst toward the Jade Ocean Spirit Ape.

This was only Wang Dong’er’s second soul skill, but it was both completely charged with the power of light and amplified by her Golden Light Left Arm Bone at the same time.

The Spirit Ape was still struck by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Confusion, so it couldn’t even evade those golden spheres. It was battered until it began to chitter, and streak after streak of fire ignited on the ground. All the venomous particles that had drifted to the ground before were cleansed by the light.

However, the Jade Ocean Spirit Ape had to be relatively formidable for it to reign supreme in its territory inside the Hybrid Region. Its green fur radiated with pale colors as most of the attacks that hammered into its body were dispelled. It was continually forced backward from the onslaught, but it hadn’t really been wounded yet.

“Eeeee...” the Spirit Ape howled furiously as the green light on its body immediately became stronger. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were ten meters away from it at this point, and Wang Dong’ers wings spread apart and beat heavily as she lifted Huo Yuhao back into the sky.

The dense vegetation on the ground began to radiate with powerful green light, with the Spirit Ape at the center. Green light waves that resembled sharp swords moved outward and shot more than five meters high. They covered almost thirty meters in diameter around the Ape.

Wang Qiu’er was originally following behind Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. She paused in her tracks when the ape suddenly exploded with light, then took a small step forward with her left leg to plant herself stably before punching out with her right fist.

Her right fist became completely golden when she punched forward, and a deep dragon roar could be heard that caused all the trees around her to tremble.

The green waves that were pushing forward split open in two as they hit the golden luster, and not a single one struck Wang Qiu’er.

Right when she punched out, the Jade Ocean Spirit Ape in the distance suddenly quivered vigorously. It had finally recovered from Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Confusion, and it turned to flee without hesitation.

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