Volume 25, Chapter 226.1: Dazzling Golden True Body

Other than this heavy cannon, He Caitou looked just like a steel porcupine, as uncountable cannon barrels emerged all over his body. He was practically a metal monster! He Caitou’s entire body was completely covered by this soul tool fortress.

He Caitou and Huo Yuhao were the only soul engineers among the Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Huo Yuhao was both a soul engineer and a soul master, while He Caitou was a pure soul engineer. Most of the time, Huo Yuhao was far too outstanding, to the point where he would steal all the limelight away from He Caitou. However, He Caitou had been working hard this whole time, and had been able to casually focus on his own cultivation and research with Huo Yuhao’s halo masking him. His improvements and advancements with soul tools over the past two years in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy were definitely comparable to Huo Yuhao’s.

The other five immediately separated, and He Caitou was all by himself as his body flickered before countless beams of light erupted and went straight for Han Ruoruo.

Wang Yan was the referee, but even his jaw hung slack at this moment. This explosive attack from He Caitou is way too powerful!

Han Ruoruo could feel the imminent threat from her opponent acutely. She finally chose to avoid meeting this force head-on, and opted to evade this attack instead. The Dazzling Golden Rope that was soaring forward suddenly changed direction and plummeted downwards before it planted itself steadily onto the ground, while Han Ruoruo’s shook her body subtly before she propelled herself away.

One could see from a distance that there was an enormous pillar of light surging forward like a shooting star somewhere high up on the Sea God’s Island. This was the effect of He Caitou’s soul tool fortress being used at full power. Juxtaposed with the disturbance caused by his explosive shell, the academy was finally riled up.

Everybody else began to move when He Caitou launched this attack. Xiao Xiao began to blow her Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute once more, and one soul ring sparkled on her body as light rippled outward. However, these circles weren’t targeting Han Ruoruo, they were going for the Berserk Lightning Panther, Chu Qingtian, who was evading the attack on one side and currently watching He Caitou with a look of astonishment.

Chu Qingtian had truly been frightened. He was part of the Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard, but this was the first time he had seen a high-level soul engineer’s prowess.

Another person slunk out when He Caitou fired his attack… Jiang Nannan.

Jiang Nannan was an agility-type soul master, and her lean and slender thighs pushed off the ground and jumped more than ten meters horizontally. She arrived next to Chu Qingtian after another bounce.

Chu Qingtian was also an agility-type soul master, and he was even known as the fastest person in the inner courtyard, so his reaction wasn’t slow at all. Even though Jiang Nannan had a weaker cultivation, he had already seen the Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ prowess, and he didn’t dare to be complacent at all. His body image flashed as he attempted to escape the battlefield. He was still confident in his own speed.

However, a dash of golden light suddenly flickered across his eyes right at this moment, and another streak of white light flashed by immediately afterwards. His mind was instantly thrown into a complete blank, while everything around him became blurry. The sky around him seemed like it was spinning round and round, and his body had only just left the ground before he touched down once more.

Huo Yuhao’s fourth soul ring was sparkling; it was his Spirit Eyes’ fourth soul skill, Spiritual Confusion!

All Jiang Nannan needed was this little bit of time. Han Ruoruo had been forced away by He Caitou’s assault, who had been positioned towards her right side. This forced Han Rourou to dodge towards the left, while Chu Qingtian was already on the right. This meant Han Rourou and Chu Qingtian were separated the moment He Caitou launched his attack.

Han Ruoruo knew that he was in trouble, but it was too late to help him. On the other side, Jiang Nannan had arrived right next to Chu Qingtian.

She planted her right foot on Chu Qingtian’s abdomen and kicked Chu Qingtian’s body until his back arched upwards. Jiang Nannan grabbed Chu Qingtian’s shoulder immediately afterwards, while her soft and tender waist flipped backwards, tossing Chu Qingtian heavily onto the ground.

There was no need to see what happened next. Their cultivations were similar enough, and Chu Qingtian was disoriented because of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Confusion. Jiang Nannan threw another right kick before she used Waist Bow and threw him into the air.

He Caitou’s soul tool fortress rapidly turned towards him, terrifying Chu Qingtian, who had just recovered his senses.

Fortunately, this was just a practice battle. He Caitou’s petrifying cannon barrels flickered once before they returned to normal.

Han Ruoruo had been forced backwards, but she responded immediately. Another golden soul ring sparkled as her elegant figure bounced off the ground, and circles of light waved outward. While she defended herself in every possible way, her Dazzling Golden Rope snaked with lightning speed towards Jiang Nannan and Chu Qingtian.

Providing aid to their compatriots was the most important role of control-type soul masters.

However, Huo Yuhao was also the main control-type soul master of his team. How could he give her this chance?

He channeled his Spiritual Confusion as he reached out with his right hand, and Wang Dong’er slid into his embrace. She hadn’t been doing much throughout the entire battle.

An enormous eye with a vertical pupil and tinged with incredibly beautiful colors instantly appeared on the battlefield.

This vertical eye’s brilliance was far too illustrious, to the point where Han Ruoruo couldn’t ignore it. The alarm in her heart paused her forward momentum momentarily, and a golden road immediately stretched out before her. If she hadn’t stopped in her tracks, then that golden road would have shone directly upon her.

The three-colored radiance flickered, and the dazzling Golden Road sprawled horizontally in front of her eyes.

The Golden Road didn’t touch Han Ruoruo at all... but it struck her Dazzling Golden Rope!

The Dazzling Golden Rope’s forward movement ceased, and it grew soft and slack, as if it had lost all vitality. It couldn’t complete its rescue mission for Chu Qingtian. Thus, Wang Yan had already ruled Chu Qingtian out of the battle at this point. If He Caitou hadn’t shown mercy, this Berserk Lightning Panther would have been cooked.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters chose to divide and conquer even when they were seven versus three against a Soul Emperor, a Soul Sage, and a Soul Douluo, and their plan succeeded.

Even Han Ruoruo was unable to save her two comrades in time. Even though Xu Sanshi had been kicked out, this exchange of one for two was worth it for Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Han Ruoruo paused and stared at the five of them who were still maintaining their complete formation, and didn’t prevent Jiang Nannan from jumping back to rejoin them.

She nodded softly and said, “It’s no wonder the academy granted you all the title of Shrek’s Seven Monsters for life. We were not nearly as powerful as you guys when we were your age. However, you guys are still young. Let me teach you a lesson.”

She made this statement very casually, and there wasn’t a tinge of outrageousness or arrogance in it at all. It felt as if it was a simple statement of fact, but immense pressure began to rise in the Shrek’s Seven Monsters’ hearts at this moment.

Han Ruoruo raised both arms at the same time, and silver light burst forth from her eyes again. The Dazzling Golden Rope spun around her petite frame rapidly, and began to dance.

The light became increasingly blurry, and Huo Yuhao realized to his shock that his Spiritual Detection couldn’t reach her anymore, it couldn’t pierce those golden circles. Han Ruoruo’s Dazzling Golden Rope was charged with spiritual undulations; this was an effect obtained by fusing spiritual power and soul power together.

He Caitou’s dark golden cannon barrel sparkled, and golden lights spurted continually. However, he had lost Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection lock-on, and thus wasn’t so confident in his shot’s accuracy anymore.

He was a Class 7 soul engineer, but he was ultimately still a Soul Emperor. The heavy cannon on his shoulder was a Class 7 soul tool, but one more blast would consume too much of his soul power, possibly more than it had in the previous strike.

A pale silver light covered Han Ruoruo’s body, and she stared at Huo Yuhao meaningfully before she vanished entirely, along with the mix of gold and silver lights.

Countless Dazzling Golden Ropes that were both gold and silver erupted in all directions when she disappeared, blanketing the entire battlefield in an instant.

Circles of the same colors rapidly appeared on the ground, and bore towards Shrek’s Seven Monsters with blinding speed.

The Dazzling Golden True Body! Faced with the pressure of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Han Ruoruo had finally used her martial soul true body.

This was also a martial soul true body, but the feeling she gave the six of them was vastly different from before. What was different? There was no longer a single target!

Wu Ming’s martial soul true body was charged with high-temperature Golden Crow Primordial Fire, but her original body was still there. However, Han Ruoruo’s Dazzling Golden True Body was similar to Chu Qingtian’s Lightning Transformation; she transformed into innumerable Dazzling Golden Ropes, how were they supposed to assault them?

Bei Bei was the first to suffer.

Bei Bei planted his right foot heavily onto the ground when he realized things were going wrong, then he activated his Thunderous Dragon Head toward the ground. Large patches of lightning spread across the ground as he attempted to impede the Dazzling Golden True Body’s advance.

However, his attack was completely futile. The Dazzling Golden True Body didn’t even pause for a moment amongst the flickering streaks of lightning, and it continued to surge forward. A gold and silver circle of light soundlessly appeared beneath Bei Bei’s feet, and a gold and silver beam of light rose into the sky immediately afterwards, sending Bei Bei flying through the air.

All his soul power and his soul skills were sealed once he was struck. He was completely wrapped up by the Dazzling Golden Rope once he was tossed into the sky.

Han Ruoruo didn’t just use her Dazzling Golden True Body. She was their senior sister, and the arrogance and pride in her heart was triggered when Shrek’s Seven Monsters displayed their prowess. She had also used her eighth and most powerful soul skill: Golden Skysurge.

This was an incredibly powerful domain-like soul skill that could be used on a group of targets or a single target!

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