Volume 25, Chapter 225.2: Golden Crow True Body

Amid reverberating booms, two huge claw prints were left behind on the granite flooring where the Thunderous Dragon Claws struck. However, the Dazzling Golden Rope twisted slightly before it managed to circumvent them. It seemed to have eyes. At the same time, its speed didn’t drop at all as it continued to loop towards Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi.

Huo Yuhao made a move again. He didn’t know how strong a control-type Soul Douluo was, but he was certain that this sparring match would end very quickly if he allowed Han Ruoruo to gain the upper hand.

Purple light flashed across Huo Yuhao’s eyes. Han Ruoruo’s body jerked slightly, and she took a step back. Her Dazzling Golden Rope was also retracted, and arced out in a huge golden ring in the air.

Yes, it was Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, one of the few offensive soul skills of his Spirit Eyes.

A control-type soul master against another control-type soul master. Huo Yuhao managed to gain a slight advantage over Han Ruoruo as she was caught off-guard.

However, her spiritual power was indeed powerful. Although she was a little lost for a moment, her eyes then started to shine brightly.

A faint silvery glow shot out of her eyes, engulfing her entire body. It was yet another embodiment of her spiritual power, although it was a different color. When this layer of silvery spiritual power flowed out, Huo Yuhao felt as if she were unstoppable.

However, he had still managed to buy some time for the rest. As Han Ruoruo’s Dazzling Golden Rope was restricted, Shrek’s Seven Monsters unleashed their full-out attacks.

Xu Sanshi was the first to make a move. He took a big step forward, and his shield lit up with a weird black glow. In the next instant, he flew into the air. Wu Ming was about to unleash a strike towards him when he suddenly disappeared. Xu Sanshi was displaced to her position.

Mysterious Underworld Displacement. This was the soul skill that stole the limelight during the last edition of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament.

The most unique trait of this Mysterious Underworld Displacement was its element of surprise. If one was caught off-guard, it was impossible to break free once it was locked on. That was why it became one of Xu Sanshi’s strongest soul skills as a defense-type soul master. For defense-type soul masters, this was a divine skill. At certain times, the Mysterious Underworld Displacement could change the outcome of a situation entirely. Unless the opponent’s soul power and spiritual power completely overwhelmed his own, then his Mysterious Underworld Displacement would never fail.

Even though Wu Ming was a Soul Sage, Xu Sanshi was a Soul Emperor! He wouldn’t have any confidence if he used it against Han Ruoruo, but it shouldn’t be resisted easily by Wu Ming, considering her cultivation.

As he was displaced, Xu Sanshi faced an unprotected Chu Qingtian.

Chu Qingtian saw a sly smile on his face before gloomy clouds starting to appear.

The light coming off his shield formed a wall of shields. Following this, a huge illusory projection of a Xuanwu surfaced. In the next instant, the shield wall had converted into the shape of a turtle shell. It had a diameter of over ten meters, and it started to crash down towards Chu Qingtian.

The terrifying thing about it was that it caused Chu Qingtian to feel as if there was a black whirlpool in the center of the shield. A strong suction force was unleashed from this whirlpool, dragging his body towards it, and causing his speed to fall tremendously.

Right now, more than one of Xu Sanshi’s soul rings had lit up. Besides his second soul ring, his pitch-black fifth soul ring was also shining.

His fifth soul skill was called Turtle God’s Strike. This soul skill was different in that it couldn’t be used on its own. This also meant that Xu Sanshi’s fifth soul skill was useless without other soul skills. It needed to coordinate with his second skill. He could only complete this blow by using the soul power needed to unleash these two soul skills at once.

However, it was also because of this that this blow was very strong. If not for the fact that Xu Sanshi had the Xuanwu’s blood lineage in his martial soul, it definitely wouldn’t have been so strong.

Wu Ming was also in a crisis on the other side.

When Xu Sanshi struck, Bei Bei also burst forward. However, he turned back immediately after bursting a few meters out. Jiang Nannan did almost exactly the same thing as him, while Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Xiao Xiao, and He Caitou completed an arc-shaped formation.

When Wu Ming was displaced, she was already completely surrounded by the six of them. 

Wu Ming was in a daze as she was encircled. Shrek’s Seven Monsters were familiar with such a strategy and coordination. Their chemistry hadn’t seemed to fade even after more than two years.

Huo Yuhao struck her just as Wu Ming landed. He unleashed the complete version of the Darkgolden Terrorclaws supported by the Ice Empress’ Pincer.

Xiao Xiao changed to her second martial soul, the Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute. Even though it only had one soul ring, her soul power was far superior to before. The pleasant sounds of the flute rendered Wu Ming dizzy, and her speed dropped significantly.

Bei Bei let out a huge amount of electricity. As the Vigorous Thunderbolt was unleashed, it turned into an electric web that engulfed her.

Wang Dong’er flapped her wings, and the Light of the Butterfly Goddess flowed towards Wu Ming. Huge amounts of golden light started to wash over her body.

Four out of the six surrounding her attacked. Only Jiang Nannan and He Caitou remained where they were. Jiang Nannan was waiting for an opportunity, while He Caitou was lifting a heavy cannon to his shoulder. His target was Han Ruoruo. An intense red light flashed, and a huge ball of red light shot out into the air towards Han Ruoruo.

This was a Class 6 high-power cannon shell. This kind of high-power cannon shell was extremely explosive and fiery. It could only be fired by a Class 6 high-power soul cannon, and even then, it could only be fired three times consecutively. The Class 6 high-powered soul cannon could only be used again after a two hour cooldown period, otherwise it might overheat and explode. Aside from its obvious drawbacks, its offensive strength was one of the best among Class 6 soul tools.

Moreover, He Caitou still had Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection to guide him. He didn’t need to worry about his accuracy.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters were spiritually connected at this point. Xu Sanshi had flown out and used his strong domain-type soul skill. He didn’t just want to stop Chu Qingtian in his tracks; he also wanted to trap Han Ruoruo. Along with He Caitou’s cannon shell, their aim was not to kill or hurt their opponents. Rather, they wanted to delay Han Ruoruo or Chu Qingtian’s assistance to Wu Ming.

On the other side, four of them had teamed up to attack Wu Ming. However, Wu Ming wasn’t easy to deal with, either!

At such a critical moment, Wu Ming demonstrated her outstanding abilities.

Her seventh soul ring lit up at this point. Instantly, she turned into a fiery golden-red lady. She let out a sonorous whistle, and her wings beat once, propelling her upwards. She clashed head-on with Huo Yuhao’s Darkgolden Terrorclaws.

As reverberating booms sounded, the granite under Wu Ming’s feet started to crack. However, she had first managed to resist the delay that the Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute had imposed on her as she unleashed her Golden Crow True Body. Bei Bei’s Vigorous Thunderbolt was also resisted by the Golden Crow True Body.

As the Light of the Butterfly Goddess landed on the Golden Crow True Body, it caused huge ripples on the surface. However, it couldn’t force Wu Ming back. Only the Darkgolden Terrorclaws had some effect on her.

Yes, this was her Martial Soul True Body, a powerful skill that only a Soul Sage or higher possessed!

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er had once faced Zhao Yang’s Martial Soul True Body. His Violet Goldbear had left a deep impression on them. But at this point, they realized the true terror of a Martial Soul True Body as Wu Ming unleashed her Golden Crow True Body.

Wu Ming’s aura soared, and her scorching Golden Crow Primordial Fire forced Bei Bei and Jiang Nannan to retreat a few steps.

Even as she withstood the attacks of several soul skills, she wasn't at any kind of disadvantage. Although she was surrounded, she still seemed to be counterattacking.

“Open up!” Wu Ming shouted as she revealed her strong side. Her third soul ring lit up, and she pressed her hands downward.

She was about to unleash her third soul skill, the Golden Crow Primordial Fire Explosion. It was a soul skill that caused immense destruction, and when one was trapped in an enemy encirclement, it was highly effective.

However, Jiang Nannan started to act at this point.

When she leapt into the air, she had already arrived behind Wu Ming. A dark-golden glow lit up on her body.

Wu Ming was very confident in her Golden Crow True Body, and thus didn’t bother with Jiang Nannan’s actions at all. She believed that she wouldn’t be hurt even if Jiang Nannan struck her, since she only possessed a five-ringed cultivation. As her Golden Crow Primordial Fire Explosion was about to erupt, they were definitely going to be blown away. Their encirclement would also be overcome, and it would be time to chase after victory once she was freed.

However, Wu Ming felt something amiss as Jiang Nannan stuck close to her.

The heat from the Golden Crow Primordial Fire was useless against Jiang Nannan. But she didn’t attack either, and only stuck close to Wu Ming. Her hands and even her legs were wrapped around Wu Ming. The dark-golden glow turned into an intense bright gold. After this, Wu Ming’s third soul ring was extinguished. The Golden Crow Primordial Fire Explosion wasn’t unleashed…

Jiang Nannan’s fourth and fifth soul rings shone. Yes, it was the result of her fourth soul skill, Invincible Golden Body, and her fifth soul skill, Soft Bone Lock.

The defensive strength of the Invincible Golden Body had increased greatly, but it still only lasted for a few seconds. As her cultivation increased, it was currently able to last for seven seconds. The Soft Bone Lock could also seal all non-Martial Soul True Body soul skills once the opponent was locked on, at the cost of her own mobility.

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