Volume 25, Chapter 224: Fighting Intent Surges During the Meeting of the Seven Monsters

When Wu Ming saw Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, her eyes brightened. “Oh, you two are here! You’re here to practice for the competition, right? Come, come, come! Spar with me! I had a good time watching that fight on the Sea God’s Lake! Let me experience the strength of your ice-type domain at close range. How about it?”

Han Ruoruo was a little annoyed as she said, “Ming’er, they just arrived. Can’t you act more like a senior?”            

Wu Ming just answered excitedly, “Sister Ruoruo, you don’t know how great they were that day, even though they are young, they’re worthy of respect! You should know Ling Luochen, if I’m not wrong. Under Ling Luochen’s leadership, one Soul Emperor and four Soul Kings fought them. Guess what happened? Total suppression. The two of them suppressed the other five, who had no chance at all. They overwhelmed them right from the start. Between them, one’s a Soul King and the other’s a Soul Emperor. Tell me, how can I not spar with them?”

Han Ruoruo hadn’t stayed long enough to watch Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s fight that day, but she had heard about what had ensued in that particular fight. And listening to Wu Ming’s detailed description, she was also quite shocked.

Wang Yan was very familiar with Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. But he hadn’t mentioned them to her, even though he had been confiding a lot in Han Ruoruo over the past few days.

At this moment, Han Ruoruo demonstrated how sweet-tempered she was. She turned her attention to Wang Yan and gave him a probing look.

After two days of interaction, Wang Yan’s love for Han Ruoruo had grown to an all time high. Why did he like Han Ruoruo in the first place? Through all these years, he had definitely had his chances to find a partner. However, his requirements were very demanding. The greatest thing he liked about Han Ruoruo was the chemistry between them. He could understand what she was thinking with just the look in her eyes, or a simple gesture.

Wang Yan laughed and replied, “It’s fine to let them spar. Why don’t all of you join? I don’t think you know each other well. Let me give all of you a chance to officially get to know one another.”

“The seven of them are Bei Bei, He Caitou, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, Xiao Xiao, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong’er. They entered the inner courtyard later than the three of you. However, they hold a title that I’m sure will make the three of you surprised. They were given the title of Shrek’s Seven Monsters by the Sea God’s Pavilion. This title will remain with them for life.”

As Wang Yan said this, Han Ruoruo, Wu Ming and Chu Qingtian were all shocked. They looked at the seven of them with a differently now.

Shrek’s Seven Monsters for life? What did that mean? The Sea God’s Pavilion always adopted the principles of fairness and justice, and these seven were awarded such a prestigious title. Before the seven of them came around, this title had only belonged to the main competing members of the academy that took part in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament each time around. After the tournament was over, these members could retain this title for five years before it was taken back before the next edition of the tournament.

Thus, they were extremely shocked when they heard from Wang Yan that the seven of them had been given this title for life.

Chu Qingtian was still fine with it, but Han Ruoruo and Wu Ming were once members of a team that had participated in the tournament. They were once holders of that same title, and thus they were well aware of how valuable this title was.

Wu Ming was a very direct person, so she couldn’t help but ask, “What did they do? The academy…”

Wang Yan was very proud, and he replied, “Five years ago, they were all substitutes for the tournament. But before the tournament, something terrible happened. In a tragic event, one of the official team members was killed while pursuing an evil soul master. The rest were also injured to varying extents. Eventually, only Ma Xiaotao, Ling Luochen, and Dai Yueheng competed with injuries. Besides the three of them, it was only Bei Bei and the other six.”

Wu Ming lost her voice. “Don’t tell me that they won the tournament even though they were just fifteen years old then?”

Han Ruoruo was calm as she replied, “If I’m not wrong, our academy was the champion during the last edition of the tournament, as always.”

Wang Yan nodded and said, “She’s right. During that tournament, they played the part of the main team, where not only did they obtain victory through their own abilities during the earlier rounds of the tournament, but they even gritted their teeth and emerged as the eventual champions in the later stages of the tournament. They didn’t give up, and upheld our glory. They went through a lot, and brought home the title of champions. I was their teacher back then. The difficulties they went through can’t be described with words.”

After Huo Yuhao and the rest heard his words, they looked at each other, and their eyes once again burned with reminiscent passion. It was as if they had returned to the tournament and teamed up with one another once again. They had given their best in every round. Even when they sustained critical injuries, they still gave everything they had for Shrek’s glory! It was too memorable!

Wang Yan continued, “When they obtained the title of champions, they were all hurt to varying extents. Some of them were even gravely injured. However, Shrek’s glory was preserved. Eventually, the Sea God’s Pavilion decided to award them the title of Shrek’s Seven Monsters for life when they returned to the academy, after a conference was held. This matter is only known internally, but this glory belongs to them forever. If I don’t remember wrongly, Xiao Xiao, Wang Dong’er, and Huo Yuhao were only twelve back then. Huo Yuhao only even had two rings then, but the three of them possess twin martial souls. That was why they were selected by the academy.”

Wu Ming and Han Ruoruo looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. Those three had competed in the tournament at the age of twelve! Wasn’t that a record? Furthermore, they didn’t sound like they were sent to compete as substitutes. They really competed!

Wu Ming spoke up, “Teacher Wang, I should seek more advice from the few of them after what you’ve mentioned. Let’s see how strong they are.”

Wang Yan smiled and replied, “I would also like to see how much they’ve grown after five years. I won’t be leading the team in the upcoming tournament, so I can only see their abilities now.

“Bei Bei, what do you guys think?”

Bei Bei smiled and replied, “It’s our honor to receive your guidance. Teacher Wang, how do you think this sparring should be carried out?”

After pondering for a moment, Wang Yan said, “In terms of raw ability, Ruoruo and Wu Ming have a definite advantage over you guys. Don’t think that the seven of you have an advantage just because you outnumber them. Ruoruo is a control-type Soul Douluo, and her control abilities are extremely strong. Let’s do it this way. Ruoruo, Wu Ming, Qingtian, the three of you can fight together. Bei Bei, the seven of you can team up together. What do you think?”

Bei Bei laughed bitterly. “Senior Han is also fighting? That puts a lot of pressure on us!”

Han Ruoruo was an eight-ringed Soul Douluo. Furthermore, she wasn’t some lowly soul master, but a tried and true Soul Douluo from the inner courtyard of Shrek Academy! She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even against any ordinary Titled Douluo. Among the inner courtyard students, Han Ruoruo was the strongest apart from Zhang Lexuan. She was even recognized as the best at control in the inner courtyard. She had once competed in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament with Zhang Lexuan, and her current status in the academy was definitely not inferior to Wang Yan, an inner courtyard teacher.

The strongest among the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters was only a six-ringed Soul Emperor. While it was seven versus three, the opposing party had a Soul Douluo, a Soul Sage, and a Soul Emperor. They weren’t easy opponents to deal with!

Wang Yan smiled and said, “How can we test how your cultivations have improved without any pressure? It’s only a spar. Why? Are you claiming that you’re really weaker?”

Bei Bei laughed and turned to his compatriots. He saw the burning will to compete in their eyes. Wang Yan’s words hadn’t been just to shock Ruoruo, Wu Ming, and Chu Qingtian. At the same time, they had reminded Shrek’s Seven Monsters of their memories together.

Eight-ringed Soul Douluo? Does that mean we can’t win against them?

“Alright, let’s give it a try. Seniors, please show mercy on us.” Bei Bei said to Wang Yan as he smiled.

Wang Yan replied, “Alright, I’ll be the referee then. Remember to stop when I call for it.”

“Yes.” The seven of them acknowledged his words politely at the same time, demonstrating their respect for Wang Yan.

Wang Yan turned to Han Ruoruo, and she nodded at him. From the look in her eyes, he could tell that she understood him.

Wu Ming was already raring to go. “Come on, come on, let’s fight.”

Wang Yan said, “Although it’s only a spar, it must be slightly formal. Please retreat to either side of the arena. I’ll give both parties three minutes to discuss your team strategy before the sparring begins.”

Wu Ming wanted to say something else, but she was stopped by Han Ruoruo. She dragged Chu Qingtian with her as they moved back. Chu Qingtian’s lethargic look seemed to have disappeared at this point. He was a little eager now, too. It was evident that his prior lethargy had been an act. However, Wu Ming was too excited now, and didn’t notice his change.

Both parties retreated to their positions. Bei Bei and the rest moved to the left of the arena. Han Ruoruo, Wu Ming, and Chu Qingtian retreated to the right of the arena.

Bei Bei immediately arranged a set-up as he looked at his compatriots.

“Sanshi, the two of us will be at the front. Nannan will react from one side. He Caitou will be located in the center to send out long-range attacks. Xiao Xiao, you’ll be in charge of helping the rest and providing control along with Yuhao. Dong’er, you’ll team up with Yuhao to react to any changes. Yuhao, you’ll be the main controller. You’ll guide us all in the arena. Does everyone understand the plan?”

Even though it had been two years since they had last teamed up together, their chemistry hadn’t waned. This was especially evident as they were all eager to fight together. The young and inexperienced often lacked fear. Against a senior who was a Soul Douluo, it wasn’t embarrassing even if they lost! Moreover, they were more likely to show their true abilities under pressure. Challenging Han Ruoruo and the other two was much more beneficial for them than fighting each other, and they could also practice all together.

As they spoke, the seven of them were already lining up in their formation.

Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were in front. Jiang Nannan was to the right and slightly behind them. He Caitou was in the middle further behind. Xiao Xiao, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong formed one line with Huo Yuhao in the center. He was already holding Wang Dong’er’s hand at this point.

This wasn’t a very neat formation, but they looked mighty as they stood in their positions.

When Han Ruoruo and the other two turned their attention to the seven of them, they didn’t see seven people, but a single entity. It was a complete unit.

Wu Ming was already ready to fight, and she leapt excitedly to the front. Chu Qingtian followed beside and slightly behind her, doing what Jiang Nannan did. This was the most common spot adopted by an agility-type soul master. Han Ruoruo stood at the back. The three of them formed a simple, yet effective formation.

Seeing that both parties were ready, Wang Yan shouted, “Both parties, please get ready.”

Suddenly, the soul rings from both parties started to rise. Blinding light started to illuminate their surroundings, and intense undulations of soul power caused the air above the Sparring Arena to distort.

At this point, the differences in their cultivations became evident. While there were only three people on Han Ruoruo’s side, their aura was far more overwhelming.

Han Ruoruo only stood silently in place, but she gave everyone the feeling that she was the anchor of the team. Her eyes started to shine brightly. She didn’t look at Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi, but turned her attention directly to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao only felt a strong spiritual pressure approaching him. He could clearly tell that Han Ruoruo was locking onto him.

Yes, she was locking onto him. She wasn’t locking onto him using a soul skill, just with her spirit. Only a control-type soul master who was at least a Soul Sage could perform such a Spiritual Lock.

Under the effect of this Spiritual Lock, she was able to accurately predict her opponent’s moves and exert immense spiritual pressure on her opponent’s spiritual sea. This helped her suppress her opponent. When there was a huge gap in cultivation, the effect of her Spiritual Lock was even greater. Not only did it restrict her opponents, but she could even enhance the results of her own abilities.

Of course, it wasn’t without any limitations. Once she used her Spiritual Lock, it also meant that her main target was Huo Yuhao. He would become her sole priority.

A control-type soul master against a control-type soul master. When one side was outnumbered, it was best for them to target the control-type soul master on the opposing side first. As a top-ranked student in the inner courtyard, Han Ruoruo’s abilities were undoubtedly outstanding.

However, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t have been specially promoted to membership in the Sea God’s Pavilion if he were that easy to deal with.

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