Chapter 22.3: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 22.3: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

However, Wang Dong insisted on doing it his way, so the two sat on Huo Yuhao’s bed. The instant he sat down, Wang Dong felt somewhat gloomy; when compared to his fur mattress, this completely hard wooden board couldn’t be considered comfortable in the least! However, he could only endure it. They had accidentally slept on his bed last night, and Wang Dong didn’t want to let Huo Yuhao on his bed again.

Huo Yuhao was still a very magnanimous person. After feeling dissatisfied for a short period of time, he had already regained his composure. In his heart, he thought, “Whatever. Different people have their own habits, but I should nevertheless respect everyone.” Thinking this, the small trace of resentment in his heart disappeared.

As Wang Dong looked at Huo Yuhao, he noticed that Huo Yuhao was also looking at him, and his heart unknowingly felt somewhat hurried and apologetic. He hurriedly raised his palms. “Let’s start. We’ll follow your plan. We’ll cultivate until dinnertime and see what happens.”

Huo Yuhao had raised his palms as well, placing them opposite Wang Dong’s. Once the two touched each other, their soul power were immediately attracted, causing them to fuse together. After a mere single circulation in their bodies, the two soul power completed the fusion process. Following that, a fused dual-attribute soul power was now flowing through their bodies.

Since discovering this odd matter in the morning, they hadn’t had enough time to study it carefully. As they cultivated calmly now, a different feeling gradually appeared.

Just as they had previously felt, the increase in their soul power when the two cultivated with their hands held together was extremely quick. Simply put, their individual soul power were increasing at a rate that was equivalent to that of two people put together.

In other words, if the amount of soul power Huo Yuhao gained after cultivating for two hours was represented by one unit, and the amount of soul power Wang Dong gained after cultivating for the same time was represented by 1.2 units, when the two cultivated together, the mixture of their two soul power would be strengthened together, and not only would it increase the circulation speed of their soul power, but the amount of soul power they would each gain within two hours would be represented by 2.2 units.

This way, Huo Yuhao’s cultivation speed would more than double, while Wang Dong’s cultivation speed would nearly double. The person who benefitted more from this was undoubtedly Huo Yuhao, as Wang Dong’s cultivation was higher than his. However, as their cultivation levels started getting closer to each other, the individual benefits they gained would be much more similar as well.

A doubling in cultivating speed to soul masters was completely astonishing! Huo Yuhao’s original plan had been to try and get to Rank 20 before graduating his first year, but following his current rate of cultivation, there was a possibility of him getting to Rank 20 within three or four months. On the other hand, if Wang Dong cultivated with this speed all the way until the end of the year, getting to Rank 30 wasn’t an impossibility.

After nearly six hours of cultivating, when the sky outside had gradually begun to darken, the two woke up from their meditative state. Their soul power returned to their own bodies, and the originally entwined soul power immediately separated. The two could clearly feel that their cultivations had increased at a much faster pace than they usually did.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong simultaneously opened their eyes, immediately noticing the surprise in the other’s eyes. Regardless of where this martial soul fusion had come from, it was an extremely good thing for them! This was especially so for Huo Yuhao, as the increase in his cultivation speed was much greater than the increase to Wang Dong’s; it could be said that he’d taken a small advantage from Wang Dong.

The two couldn’t wait to start trying out their strengthened soul skills, and this time, they discovered a mystery within their martial soul fusion.

Every single one of their soul skills would be strengthened by an extremely large amount following the fusion, and it wasn’t just as simple as ‘1+1=2’. Whenever they worked together to unleash a soul skill, not only would its might double, but the consumption of soul power it required would decrease by a half. In other words, the drain in soul power after the two types of soul power fused was extremely small. This was equivalent to an all-new type of high-level soul power after they fused.

Because of this, their current state couldn’t be considered a martial soul fusion. It would be more accurate to call it a soul power fusion. However, Wang Dong made was speechless by the fact that it wasn’t him, who had a stronger cultivation, who took the initiative after they fused.

When their bodies touched and their soul power fused, Huo Yuhao was unexpectedly left in the dominant position. As long as he willed it, the fusion would go ahead once he touched Wang Dong’s body, regardless of whether Wang Dong cooperated or not. Also, the person who could use the fused soul power to activate the strengthened soul skills was Huo Yuhao. But if Wang Dong wanted to use this fused soul power, he would need Huo Yuhao’s approval before doing so. The difference in who was dominant in this fusion was clear.

“Why would this happen? It’s too unfair.” Wang Dong said indignantly.

Huo Yuhao, speechless, said, “I don’t know either! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely try my best to help you out when you need to use it.”

Although he didn’t say anything, Huo Yuhao was faintly aware that this had something to do with the Skydream Iceworm. Otherwise, why would he, who had a weaker cultivation, take the dominant position after the fusion occurred?

“Wang Dong, don’t feel so upset. This new soul power of ours should also have a name, so let’s just use your name to name it.”

Wang Dong giggled. “Whatever. You wanna call it the Winterking Power? That sounds really bad. Why don’t we use a word from each of our names? Let’s call it the Haodong Power.”

Huo Yuhao scratched his head. “It does kinda sound better.”

Wang Dong stood up, rubbing his buttocks as he unhappily said, “This broken mattress of yours is too hard, let’s cultivate on my bed later tonight. Since you’ve taken such a large advantage from me, you’re treating me to dinner tonight.” He raised his head slightly as he spoke. Then, he rested his head against his hands and walked out.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but smile as he looked at Wang Dong’s seemingly indifferent expression. This fella never admits his mistakes and always acts arrogant, but in reality, he has a good heart.

“So be it. In any case, I earned all my money from selling roasted fishes, so I’ll eat your food if I run out of money.” He started to chase after Wang Dong while talking.

Regardless of whether it was Huo Yuhao or Wang Dong, they both clearly felt a change in their relationship after the creation of the Haodong Power. Wang Dong was no longer a simple friend or classmate to him, he was a brother. He believed that Wang Dong thought so as well. As for whether that was true or not, only Wang Dong knew the answer to that...

While eating dinner, a trace of suspicion arose in Huo Yuhao’s heart. This suspicion came from his understanding of the Skydream Iceworm; it previously said that it would give more of its Origin Energy to him once his body was able to endure it, which would allow his soul skills to reach their maximum levels as his soul rings increased in rank.

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