Chapter 22.2: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

Book 4: The Golden Road

Chapter 22.2: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

Huo Yuhao looked at Xiao Xiao, glanced at Wang Dong, then said seriously, “Don’t be too worried for now. True, we might be weaker than our opponents, but if we lose all confidence now, we won’t have any chance at all. Xiao Xiao, think about it. When we were facing the Lan sisters’ fusion skill, weren’t we put in a very difficult situation? But we still managed to achieve victory in the end. The fusion skill they used might not be weaker than a Soul Elder’s soul skill; it could even exceed it in power. However, we still managed to overcome it. Different people have their own specialties, and likewise, we have our own. Our advantage lies in the fact that we haven’t used all our strength, and we only have one objective. That is, to become champions.”

Huo Yuhao’s words seemed to have rekindled Xiao Xiao’s confidence. She nodded her head lightly. “Fight! No matter where we get to, that’ll be whatever we get. Let’s do this!”

Huo Yuhao extended his right hand, and Wang Dong quickly placed it above his before Xiao Xiao could. Lastly, Xiao Xiao placed her hand on Wang Dong’s hand.

“We’ll definitely be champions.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Xiao Xiao, it seems like I’ll have to owe you roasted fish for a few more days. The coming knock-out round is simply too important to us, so no matter what, we have to do our best and use these few days to increase our cultivations. Even if we can only increase it by a strand, it’ll increase our chances of victory by a large amount. Once the knock-out tournament is over, I’ll take care of the roasted fish. I won’t be setting up my store for these few days, so let’s first concentrate on cultivating before talking about it.”

Xiao Xiao giggled. “You’ll have to pay interest for an owed debt. Class monitor, I’m blaming this on you anyway, so I won’t pay you when I eat your roasted fish in the future.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled. “No problem, I’ll treat you to some fish.”

Xiao Xiao said, “Teacher Zhou said that we’ll have to gather at the Assessment Area before the bell rings tomorrow. Also, she told me to tell you that you’re not allowed to be late. The first thing we need to do is to pray for luck. However, Teacher Zhou said that teams who achieved a clean sweep during the round-robin tournament will have some preferential treatment during the first two rounds of the knock-out tournament; we won’t meet each other. This is the only good thing we got from the round-robin tournament. As long as we do what we usually do, there should be no problem for us to enter the top sixteen. After that, it’ll just depend on us.”

Huo Yuhao said, “This is actually some good news. Right, before we do anything else, I’m sweaty, so I’m going back to shower before grabbing a meal.”

Xiao Xiao said, “Then, I won’t wait for you two. I’ll go to the canteen first, see you tomorrow.” After speaking, she waved towards the two of them and left.

Huo Yuhao turned towards Wang Dong, slightly furrowing his brows. “Seems like it won’t be easy to get a good result in the knock-out tournament. Let’s go back to the dorms, and after I shower and change, we can go eat. Then, we can go think about this issue regarding our martial soul fusion.”

“Yup.” Wang Dong nodded. However, he clearly seemed somewhat taciturn, to the point where he looked blank and lifeless; nobody knew what he was thinking. After returning to their dorm room, Huo Yuhao took a clean set of clothes as well as a towel and went to shower, while Wang Dong sat by himself on his bed.

“Thump.” The door shut. Wang Dong subconsciously looked towards the door, gradually exposing a slightly complicated look in his blank eyes.

Earlier, he hadn’t had any time to settle his debts with Huo Yuhao regarding the issue of sleeping together with him due to them turning up late for class. Now, Huo Yuhao had already seemed to have disregarded it as an unimportant issue, but Wang Dong was feeling completely differently.

I, I actually slept with him for an entire night. Moreover, it even seems like we’ve completed a martial soul fusion, and not a normal one at that.

Wang Dong himself didn’t know how he was currently feeling; he felt that he was slightly confused, confused to the point where he didn’t know what to do.

Time always flies by when one is distracted. Not long after he left, Huo Yuhao returned after a refreshing shower. As he entered, he brought a faintly fragrant smell with him that came after his shower. As he raised his head, Wang Dong saw his unusually bright pupils.

Huo Yuhao still hadn’t noticed the change in Wang Dong’s psyche. He beckoned, “Let’s quickly go for a meal and study our martial soul fusion after coming back. Perhaps we’ll have to rely on it if we want to get a good result in the end.” The current him was completely focused on the freshmen assessment’s knock-out tournament.

Wang Dong’s somewhat perplexed emotions seemed to have found an objective. Nodding his head, he said, “Okay.” Since the matter had already occurred, there was no use in thinking too deeply about it. He would first work hard during this assessment and get a good ranking before talking about it. When Xiao Xiao spoke about the appearances of the few Soul Elders, Wang Dong’s fighting spirit had also been aroused.

He firmly believed that his talent wasn’t lacking compared to those Soul Elder-levelled students. Only, he had been extremely lazy during his youth, and had been completely unwilling to cultivate, which was the reason why he was only at his current level. In his opinion, ranks didn’t mean everything; by beating them, he could prove that he was the most outstanding student in Shrek Academy.

After thinking about this, his heart untangled itself. Following Huo Yuhao to the canteen, he immediately ate a gargantuan meal. Because they went to the canteen relatively late, there was practically no one left when they finished eating.

After returning to their room, Huo Yuhao locked the door, preventing anyone from disturbing them while they were cultivating. At the same time, he placed a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside of the door. Every dorm room had this sign; and as long as a student hung it up, even teachers wouldn’t easily disturb them, as this sign signified that the students inside were cultivating.

However, Huo Yuhao’s formerly normal behaviour seemed to make the current Wang Dong somewhat embarrassed. But he quickly adjusted himself, and by the time Huo Yuhao turned around, he had already regained his composure.

“How’re we going to start?” Wang Dong asked him.

Huo Yuhao replied, “We’ll try to cultivate while holding our hands for a while first. This way, we can increase the effects and be more familiar with the fusion between our soul power. Then, we’ll try to use the fused soul power to strengthen each and every one of our soul skills. Later at night, we’ll leave the academy and test out our fusion skill there.”

Wang Dong curled his lips. “You’re actually quite orderly with your plans.”

Huo Yuhao laughed. “Naturally. Don’t forget, I’m the class monitor. Isn’t being orderly something that should be extremely normal for me? Come.” As he spoke, he walked over to Wang Dong’s bed, intending to sit on it.

“What’re you doing?” Wang Dong pushed his body away.

Huo Yuhao suspiciously asked, “I’m trying to cultivate! How are we going to cultivate if we don’t sit cross-legged?”

However, Wang Dong stood up and pointed at Huo Yuhao’s bed. “We’ll cultivate on your bed.”

Huo Yuhao was speechless. “If you’re not afraid of a sore butt, I have nothing to say.”

Wang Dong clearly saw that Huo Yuhao’s expression had turned somewhat unsightly. At this moment, Huo Yuhao was truly somewhat unhappy. In his opinion, the two of them had already been friends for a long time, but Wang Dong still continued to bicker and bicker on; this was very petty-minded to him.

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