Volume 24, Chapter 219.3: Complete Suppression

Wu Feng didn’t like the Ice Prison that was covering her. Her Red Dragon was a fire-type martial soul, and thus she had a natural-born rejection towards the ice element. However, she was still in awe and admiration of Ling Luochen’s accurate control. No matter how disdainful she felt towards Huo Yuhao, she knew that facing the two of them alone would heap immense pressure on her. Xie Huanyue was about to arrive, and Dai Huabin wouldn’t be halted for too long. At this moment, she chose to store power and prepare.

Dark-red flames engulfed her entire body. Her second and third soul rings flickered at the same time—Dragonfury and Dragonarmor were unleashed. Wu Feng displayed her strength as an inner courtyard disciple with her control over her soul skills, and she handled both skills at the same time without even touching the Ice Prison.

However, the mighty attack that everyone had expected Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er to launch against the Ice Prison didn’t appear at all.

Right when the Ice Prison shimmered into view, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er abruptly stopped in their tracks.

Regardless of whether Wang Dong’er was a guy or girl, how could the people before them rival the chemistry and tacit understanding she shared with Huo Yuhao?

She returned behind Huo Yuhao’s back once more when he turned around, pressed her hands on his back, and immediately began to infuse Haodong power into his body.

Huo Yuhao was facing Xie Huanyue, who sprang towards them at this moment.

Xie Huanyue was a defense-type soul master, and his original aim was to prevent Huo Yuhao’s assault against Wu Feng. However, he suddenly had a feeling that Huo Yuhao’s target from beginning to end wasn’t Wu Feng—it was him! It felt like Ling Luochen’s Ice Prison had also been considered in Huo Yuhao’s calculations and predictions…!

Dai Huabin finally recovered from the powerful controlling effects of Spiritual Confusion. He still felt a little dizzy, and there seemed to be many elements of various types undulating around his body.

At this moment, a blinding ray of light and terrifying pressure restored his senses. What he saw was a golden fist.

Xie Huanyue had already launched himself through the air, but he couldn’t change directions anymore, even though he had realized that something was amiss.

In this crucial moment, his fourth and fifth soul rings sparkled at the same time. A blurry light covered his body, and his skin became as dark as coal, while his entire frame became like an enormous ball of flesh as he barreled forward.

The light projection of a giant elephant appeared behind him.

His fourth soul skill, Elephant Fog, and his fifth soul skill, Elephant Hide.

Elephant Fog ensnared the enemy after clashing against any of their attacks. It would sweep towards the opponent and make them feel like they were mired in a swamp. It was hard to break out of it, and the fog would greatly reduce the force of an attack.

Elephant Hide caused the surface of his skin to become gelatinous and rubbery, and increased his defensive capabilities a hundred percent. Colliding with his opponent would produce a powerful elastic force that would bounce them away.

Xie Huanyue’s martial soul was the Rubberdon, and one could say that these two soul skills were Xie Huanyue’s strongest defensive abilities. He used both of them at the same time, representing how fearful he was towards Huo Yuhao.

Xie Huanyue could see that Huo Yuhao had turned completely golden. Right now, Huo Yuhao looked like a golden statue, and he emanated a fearsome aura that burst forward, making Xie Huanyue tremble with terror.

What, what is this soul skill?

A golden fist punched straight towards Xie Huanyue exactly when Dai Huabin recovered from Spiritual Confusion.

Even time seemed to stop when the golden fist slammed against Xie Huanyue’s body. In the next moment, the Elephant Fog around Xie Huanyue’s body whisked outwards and attempted to ensnare the golden fist.

However, the Elephant Fog dissipated, crushed in the eruption of golden light. The Elephant Hide’s tremendous elastic force from the collision also seemed to disappear completely.

Xie Huanyue’s body was hurled backwards at a speed faster than he’d charged out, and he slammed right into Dai Huabin in the distance.

The surface of Xie Huanyue’s body appeared to be covered by a layer of golden foil, and golden light glowed continuously.

Dai Huabin didn’t just sit back. He extended his tiger paws in front of him and attempted to catch Xie Huanyue. However, he felt a frightening pressure pass into his body the moment he caught Xie Huanyue. It was so stifling that it was nigh suffocating, like a supreme ruler had descended upon the world. His mind and spirit were shaken as Xie Huanyue crashed into his chest, and the two of them were thrown back several meters from the force before they stabilized themselves.

Fresh blood was pouring out from Xie Huanyue’s mouth and nose. The fatso’s face was ghastly pale, and his body was shaking badly. He stared at Dai Huabin and said, “So… so powerful! My defenses have been broken!”

This was the Sovereign’s Descent, charged with Haodong power, so how could it be as simple as just breaking through his defenses? The Sovereign’s Descent had left a deep and lasting mark in Xie Huanyue’s spiritual sea—so the next time he faced Huo Yuhao, this spiritual imprint would greatly disrupt his nerves and his mind.

Dai Huabin was also overcome with a haze of terror, but he still pounced towards Huo Yuhao like there was no turning back.

He was as familiar as could be with how powerful Xie Huanyue’s guard was. Not even he had the confidence to break through Xie Huanyue’s defenses. Even though Xie Huanyue was slightly weaker in terms of fighting power, his defensive capabilities were publicly recognized as the strongest amongst the others of his age group, and yet, he couldn’t even take a single punch from Huo Yuhao.

Furthermore, this was also under the amplifying effects of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda!

Xie Huanyue was shoved off, and Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong took two steps back before they regained their balance. The powerful impact still took effect on them in the end, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s amplification effects were indeed formidable. If Huo Yuhao had launched that attack by himself, he wouldn’t have been able to make Xie Huanyue lose all ability to fight. However, he wasn’t alone in this battle today; he had the support of the Haodong power!

No matter how strong the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s supportive power was, it couldn’t compare to a martial soul fusion ability with one hundred-percent compatibility… and there was also Mass Enfeeblement at work!

Butterfly wings extended to the side, and large patches of golden light burst from behind them; the Light of the Butterfly Goddess. The Ice Prison from before was gone; it had vanished under the touch of a tender, tiny hand.

Huo Yuhao made his move on one side, while the little Snow Lady had flown in the opposite direction and touched the Ice Prison lightly.

The Ice Prison melted almost instantaneously. Ling Luochen realized, to her intense fear and surprise, that the connection with her soul skill was immediately severed when the little Snow Lady touched the Ice Prison.

The Light of the Butterfly Goddess wrapped around the little Snow Lady and swept towards the defenseless Wu Feng.

Only several breaths had passed since the beginning of the battle till now. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er first weakened their opponents, before they separated, controlled, and divided the three close-combat opponents and eventually took one of them down. Their momentum continued, and their coordination could be said to be miraculous and seamless — nothing was wasted at all, and their judgments were incredibly precise.

After he punched Xie Huanyue away, Huo Yuhao didn’t look at Dai Huabin, who was charging towards him. His eyes were staring straight at Ning Tian behind Ling Luochen.

Two purplish-golden rays of light flickered in his eyes. Ning Tian grunted coldly, the connection between the Seven Treasure Glazed Pagoda and her companions had immediately been severed.

Spiritual Shock!

Every student from the inner courtyard had impressive fighting prowess. However, they were far more inferior than Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao had been through so many life and death situations, and he’d paid with blood and sweat to gather fighting experience from the battles Juechen and Jing Ziyan had forced him to participate in. From his perspective, raw numbers would never be an advantage. Being able to maximize one’s potential, and being able to unleash one’s abilities to the highest possible level were advantages!

The tiny Snow Lady began to fly backwards. She was just so petite, and the way she raised her right arm was truly a little comical. This was especially so when she extended a tiny finger that was no longer than a caterpillar as she pointed up at the sky. Her dark blue eyes flowed with seriousness, but no matter what state she was in, her appearance could only be described with one word: cute.

“Yi yi ya ya!” the tiny Snow Lady called out, and a mystical scene occurred.

Azure green light immediately shone from Huo Yuhao’s body—the Domain of Perpetual Ice. At the same time, the little Snow Lady’s body erupted with an orange-gold luster, and the second orange-gold soul ring on Huo Yuhao’s body sparkled vigorously.

The ice and snow were released from beneath Huo Yuhao’s feet. A blizzard began to spread instantly, a temperature that was more than twenty degrees below zero swept forward along with the blizzard.

The Ice Jade Empress Scorpion’s Domain of Perpetual Ice, and the Snow Empress’ Snowy Dance of the Brilliant Sun were combined: the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice!

The next soul skill that Ling Luochen released was immediately consumed by the snow and ice that loomed over the sky. The intense chill that appeared within a split-second completely suppressed the Red Dragon’s heated flames that had burst out from Wu Feng’s body. The scene in front of Dai Huabin’s eyes immediately became nothing but white snow and ice, and the extreme cold caused his speed to plummet.

The group of elders on the ferry were already standing up.

“Is this a domain ability?”

The other students from the inner courtyard in the distance who were participating in the Blind Date looked on as their faces became a little slack. That terrifying world of snow and ice had a diameter of more than a hundred meters, and everyone could vividly feel its chill in their heart and soul.

Is this really something that a five-ringed Soul King can accomplish? Everyone had the same thought in mind.

The Sea God’s Lake began to transform. It had only been affected by Ling Luochen’s ice element at first, which formed a layer of ice more than one hundred meters in diameter on the lake’s surface. However, more than half of the entire Sea God’s Lake was now starting to freeze over, and an eerie chill permeated the skies.

There was only astonishment in Zhang Lexuan’s eyes. When she turned towards Bei Bei, she could see the same bewilderment and astonishment in his eyes. It was clear that not even Bei Bei knew that his little junior brother was this powerful.

A golden hammer flew out under the cover of snow and ice. All five of their opponents were trying to resist the intense coldness coating the area, but everyone froze at the same time.

Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest. This martial soul fusion skill became even more terrifying under the cover of the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice.

Nobody could see what was happening inside the domain; not even Elder Xuan could see through it. Unless he forcefully broke through it, everything within its area of effect was part of Huo Yuhao’s world.

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