Volume 24, Chapter 218.3: You Are My Fool

Huo Yuhao was stunned. Yes! The surging soul power that was flowing through his body was the Haodong Power! It was the foundation of their compatible martial soul fusion skills. Furthermore, martial soul fusion required a process! In this world, there was only one person who could produce the Haodong Power with him. In this world, there was only one person whose hands felt so familiar to him.

Instantly, countless memories resurfaced in Huo Yuhao’s mind.


“You are?”

“Get lost!”


“You’re from this dormitory, too. On account that you tidied up this dorm room, I’ll let you stay with me temporarily. However, I have a few rules that you need to remember. First, you can’t bring anyone home. Secondly, you’re not allowed to annoy me with your naked self. Thirdly, you’re not allowed to snore when you sleep at night. Fourthly, you must not disturb me. Last but not least, you’ll be in charge of hygiene in the dormitory, but you can’t touch my mattress. Do you understand?”

“Why do I have to listen to you?”

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll chase you out! If you don’t believe me, try me!”

“I’ll do exactly that! Let’s go out.”

“I don’t know your name yet.”

“Before you ask for someone else’s name, shouldn’t you give your own name first?”

“I’m Wang Dong.”

“I’m Huo Yuhao.”

“Very nice, I think your name is going to disappear from Shrek Academy. Let’s go, fool.”



Wang Dong replied, “Although you can’t sense my aura, I could sense the closeness of your aura when you shared your Spiritual Detection with me for the first time. My aura doesn’t spread because there’s a force in my body restricting it. You can only sense my aura if you get close to me. Do you want to try?”

“Get close to you? How do I do that?” Huo Yuhao asked in a silly manner.

Wang Dong snapped, “Fool! You can just hug me!”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “I see! You can just tell me directly. Do we remove our clothing?”

“No!” Wang Dong was frightened.

Huo Yuhao laughed, “Come on, then.”

“How does it feel?”

“Not bad. It’s rather comfortable.”

“Fool. Am I doing this to make you comfortable? I’m asking you to sense the aura of my martial soul.”

“Uh… I forgot. Let’s hug for a while more. I’ll try to sense your aura.”



“Huo Yuhao, wake up.”


“Why’re you standing so close to me?”



“Aiyo. Wang Dong, what are you doing?”

“Why’re you asking me? Why were you sleeping in my bed yesterday?”


“You can’t blame me. See, didn’t you sleep too?”



“What do you want?”

“To hug!”

“You… Huo Yuhao, I didn’t think that you were such a person. Do you believe that I’ll whack you?”

“What are you thinking of? Fool, did you forget how we managed to fuse our martial souls? Now that our soul power can fuse, the simplest way of initiating our martial soul fusion is by repeating what happened yesterday!”

“You didn’t explain clearly before you hugged me. Are you embarrassing me on purpose?”

“Who knew that you had such a dirty mindset? What can two men do? Come on, let’s continue cultivating after we finish.”

“This is the wild. Surely we won’t just sleep like yesterday?”

“No, we’re in a different situation. Why are you so pushy like a woman? Let me do it.”



“Huo Yuhao, get up.”

“Didn’t you say last night that we’d stop hugging each other to sleep?”

“Did I say that?”

“You… I’m going all-out against you.”

“You, you take a look…”

“What do I look at…”

“Is this caused by your Radiant Butterfly Goddess?”

“No, definitely not. Although my martial soul is golden, it’s either bright-gold or bluish-gold. It’s never this kind of dim gold. This color seems to resemble your Spirit Eyes!”

“Let’s go down and take a look.”



These scenes from the past flashed across Huo Yuhao’s mind. He had never forgotten the first time he met this proud youth who had short pinkish-blue hair.

He couldn’t forget the first time they had tried activating the Haodong Power.

He couldn’t forget the martial fusion soul skill, The Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence.

He couldn’t forget how they had fought shoulder to shoulder in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament.

He also couldn’t forget the Raiment of Light that had appeared on the competition stage during the final round.

‘He’ was actually a ‘she’. I’m such a fool! I’m really too stupid. I’m the biggest fool ever!

He recalled how Wang Dong had never bathed in their dorm room, and was never seen washing his face or changing his clothes.

He recalled how that handsome face didn’t seem to fit the looks of a guy.

He recalled how they had shared the same bed on the night before he left.

He recalled the softness and gentleness when they hugged.

He recalled every scene and every second they had spent together.

Now that he thought of it, there seemed to be so many loopholes. Too many of them…

However, I’m such a fool. I only realized the truth after he held my hand on this blind date.

There was no Wang Qiu’er in this world. There was only Wang Dong, or rather, Wang Dong’er. The Raiment of Light was actually her grown-up appearance. The ravishing beauty that was imprinted in Huo Yuhao’s mind was her all along!

I’m such a fool, a fool that can’t be saved. However, she still gave me a chance.

Brotherly love? Screw that brotherly love. I seemed to have found the romance that I’m willing to sacrifice everything for!

No one would have expected him to be thinking of so many things as they saw his dazed look. He understood so many things because their hands met.

Wang Dong’er’s hands started to sweat. She also didn’t know what he was thinking. She was actually more worried that he wouldn’t accept the truth. If that was the case, everything would have gone down the drain. Even she didn’t know whether he could accept this truth.

“Huo Yuhao, what’s wrong with you? Let’s fight.” Dai Huabin shouted, jolting Huo Yuhao back to his senses.

His eyes filled with color again, an unprecedented color.

He looked much more determined as he held the smooth, small hand of the girl beside him. He didn’t bother with Dai Huabin. Instead, he turned around and said to Wang Dong seriously, “I was really such a fool, a fool that can’t be saved. However, I’m also a stubborn and serious fool. If you don’t want this fool, this fool will be very sad and be tormented for life. If you keep this fool, he’ll protect you for life!”

Tears flowed down her face. She had expended a lot of effort, and finally used the Sea God’s Fate to reveal her greatest secret. She had been very anxious, shy, fearful, and worried. But at this moment, all these emotions disappeared as Huo Yuhao confessed to her. What was left was only the sweetness in the shyness that she felt.

He’s accepted my identity as a lady.

In fact, Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao both knew that there were differences in the behavior of men and women, even though Huo Yuhao hadn’t discovered her identity. Furthermore, Wang Dong had started to become more feminine as she grew up. Although Huo Yuhao couldn’t tell, he had still had his doubts.

Especially after they showed the Raiment of Light, Huo Yuhao’s doubts grew stronger and stronger. However, his focus was diverted by other serious matters, and he didn’t uncover this secret.

When Huo Yuhao grabbed hold of Wang Dong’s hand and felt the surge of Haodong Power between them, the secret was revealed. The epiphany that followed made everything seemed so logical. It wasn’t difficult for him to accept the truth; he was only coming to terms with his own feelings. The conflict and doubts he’d had about Wang Dong were converted into romance.

“Huo Yuhao, you haven’t taken my challenge yet!” Wu Feng was angry after realizing that Huo Yuhao hadn’t bothered with the rest of them, and continued to confess to Wang Dong.

It wasn’t Wu Feng’s first time being shocked today. She only had one reason for coming to the Sea God’s Fate today – she wanted to compete against Huo Yuhao!

When Wu Feng saw Ning Tian walking towards Huo Yuhao and saying what she said, she was astonished. She hadn’t expected Ning Tian to choose Huo Yuhao. She was dealt a huge blow at that point in time, and was even more emotionally struck than when she lost to him. No one noticed how pale she was at that point, and her eyes had even carried a look of desolation.

It was only when Huo Yuhao tactfully rejected Ning Tian that Wu Feng felt the strength that she had lost come back. In that instant, she blamed him less. He didn’t choose Ning Tian! It was a good thing for her.

However, this relief didn’t last very long. When Wu Feng found Xie Huanyue, she had already awoken. She suddenly wondered why Ning Tian had chosen him. Was he that outstanding?

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