Volume 24, Chapter 218.1: You Are My Fool

Zhang Lexuan continued saying, “If multiple female students chose the same male student, the male student will choose one of them. In that case, the other female students can also issue challenges. Right here, I have to emphasize that I’ll try to make the challenges equal on all levels.”

“It sounds a little complex, but you’ll understand after this segment begins. Bei Bei and I will control the proceedings of the Bride Kidnapping segment. We’ll begin according to the female students’ numbers. Gu Fan, you’ll be the first to choose. Please hold the hand of the lady you’re choosing.”

Gu Fan was still standing on the Lotus that Hua Yao had unleashed. He smiled and said, “When the Lotus Fairy appeared in front of me, I had already made my choice. I’ve found my fate in this Sea God’s Fate. Hua Yao is my only choice. I also want to thank her for giving me this opportunity to meet and know her. I’ll treasure it.”

After hearing Gu Fan’s words, Hua Yao revealed a smile on her face. She extended her right hand, and the Lotus brought him forward in front of Hua Yao. He held her hand.

Bei Bei laughed, “Let us congratulate this couple. Our first hand-holding in our Eternal Love segment is successful. If any guy wishes to ‘kidnap the bride’, you can express your wish to do so now.” Since there were no female students fighting for Gu Fan, only the male students were given a chance to ‘kidnap the bride’.

Although Xu Sanshi and Nannan were the first pair and Wang Yan and Han Ruoruo were the second pair, Gu Fan and Hua Yao were technically the true first pair of the event.

The success rate of the Sea God’s Fate wasn’t considered very high. However, this year’s edition of the blind date was turning out to be abnormally successful. Including He Caitou and Xiao Xiao, as well as Wu Ming and Chu Qingtian, there were at least five couples that had gotten together. Moreover, the rest of the female students roughly knew their choices. As the emcees, Zhang Lexuan and Bei Bei felt very emotional, with a great sense of accomplishment.

The Sea God’s Lake was silent. After around ten seconds, Bei Bei and Zhang Lexuan shouted in unison, “Congratulations, Gu Fan and Hua Yao, on completing the Eternal Love. May the affinity that you’ve found in this Sea God’s Fate follow the two of you forever.”

Claps and cheers sounded at the same time. Hua Yao also ascended on her own lotus flower as everyone watched. As the lotus flower drifted outwards, they glided away on the lake. Petals started to fall and dance in the air amidst pinkish-red lights.

As both of them turned towards them, they waved to everyone as they slowly disappeared. Their affinity started at this moment.

“Yuhao, it’s your turn.” Bei Bei turned to look at Huo Yuhao.

After hearing his words, Huo Yuhao was a little caught by surprise. He had just recalled that there was a young lady with pinkish-blue hair that was only behind Hua Yao. It was his turn.

Zhang Lexuan said, “As Huo Yuhao was chosen by three female students, these three female students will be given an opportunity to express their will to him now. Let’s start from the left.”

The order was: Ling Luochen, Ning Tian, and the number two lady.

Ling Luochen said, “If you like me, choose me. Don’t choose me if you don’t like me.”

“However, I’ll issue a challenge if you don’t choose me. I at least want to know how much you’ve improved over these few years.”

Everyone was stunned by her words—was this really a confession? Why does she sound fiercer than Wu Ming? Don’t choose me if you don’t like me? She still wants to challenge him even though she doesn’t want to force him?

It was Ning Tian’s turn. Ning Tian smiled and said, “My Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda and I are willing to stay by your side. I’m willing to be your woman.”

Finally, it was the number two lady’s turn to speak. She was the only mysterious lady who hadn’t revealed her looks yet, and so, no one had been able to form any impression of her. She had been wearing her hat ever since all the female students had gathered. However, no one suspected anything, since Zhang Lexuan and Bei Bei were her guarantors.

She hesitated for a moment before doing something unexpected.

One yellow, two purple and three black soul rings rose from her feet. As her soul rings rose, a pair of huge butterfly wings flapped open behind her back amidst astonished exclamations.

Dazzling bluish-gold light illuminated the water’s surface.

It was a pair of blue wings divided into front and back. As they flapped, they engulfed her entire body. Above her wings, golden spots formed a huge, dazzling bluish-gold halo that spread outwards.

Xu Sanshi’s mouth was already wide open on the shore.

On the lake surface, He Caitou almost fell into the water even though he was on the Threelives Soulcrush Cauldron.

What about Huo Yuhao? He was extremely focused on her actions.

Even Ning Tian was stunned.

It wasn’t just Huo Yuhao, Xu Sanshi and He Caitou who recognized this pair of wings. Ning Tian, Wu Feng and Dai Huabin also recognized this pair of wings.

Radiant Butterfly Goddess! The Radiant Butterfly Goddess who had snatched all the glory with Huo Yuhao in the first grade! However, didn’t the Radiant Butterfly Goddess belong to Wang Dong?

Huo Yuhao was overwhelmed. Even though the number two lady didn’t say anything, her pinkish-blue hair and the Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings told Huo Yuhao everything he needed to know.

It was the same martial soul as Wang Dong! Who else could it be? He knew how rare the Radiant Butterfly Goddess was. Without a doubt, this lady was Wang Dong’s twin sister, Wang Qiu’er.

She was using such a method to emphasize her identity. She was afraid that Huo Yuhao would make the wrong choice. However, why hadn’t she spoken from the start till now?

“Huo Yuhao, you can make your choice now.” Zhang Lexuan said.

Huo Yuhao said without any hesitation, “I choose the number two lady.”

After he finished, he turned to Ling Luochen and Ning Tian and said apologetically, “It’s my honor to be chosen by the two of you. However, I already have someone that I can’t forget in my heart. I’m sorry.”

Ling Luochen’s expression turned pale. However, she didn’t show too many emotions. She only said, “I told you that I’ll issue a challenge.”

What else could Huo Yuhao do apart from smiling bitterly?

Ning Tian’s expression was a little dismal. She hadn’t expected to lose to someone who had never even revealed herself from the start till now. With her observation skills, she could tell that Huo Yuhao wasn’t originally certain who this lady was, and he had certainly never seen what she looked like before. However, he only made his choice after she unleashed the same Radiant Butterfly Goddess as Wang Dong.

Since her youth, she had been a genius who possessed the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda and was the future of the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect. She chose Huo Yuhao because she could see his potential and coveted his twin martial souls and Ultimate martial soul, as well as his identity as a member of the Shrek’s Seven Monsters. To her, it was impossible for Huo Yuhao to reject her after she showed that she was willing to help him and lower her status just to follow by his side. Moreover, she had already demonstrated how strong her Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda was. With his talent, it was impossible for him not to sense how strong she was.

However, he didn’t hesitate to choose someone else when it came time to do so. Such a blow was unprecedented for Ning Tian. She started to turn gloomy.

“You didn’t choose me?” Ning Tian gnashed her teeth in anger.

Huo Yuhao said apologetically, “I’m sorry.”

A layer of mist formed around Ning Tian’s eyes, and her voice was trembling. “I want to issue a challenge too.”

Only those who were familiar with her knew that she was really furious at this point.

Who would have thought that such a scene would occur after the blissful union that had just happened a moment earlier? However, this was also why the Sea God’s Fate’s last segment was so unpredictable. To complete this segment, one must be strong enough, apart from having enough luck.

What else could Huo Yuhao do apart from smiling bitterly once more?

At this point, another voice sounded. “I want to ‘kidnap the bride’. I want to choose the number two lady too.”

Who was this? Everyone turned around and saw a sly and evil-looking youth.

It was Dai Huabin. It was his time for some action.

In the history of the Sea God’s Fate, it was common for Bride Kidnapping to happen. However, it was very rare to see a situation like this—three people issuing a challenge at the same time. Many who were unfamiliar with Huo Yuhao were wondering exactly how charming he was to cause this.

Bei Bei and Zhang Lexuan stared at each other and found it very strange. However, Zhang Lexuan demonstrated her leadership at this moment.

“According to the rules, all of you can issue challenges. However, they have to be conducted under fair circumstances. Firstly, I want to know who you want to challenge.”

Ling Luochen said, “I want to challenge Huo Yuhao. I believe he won’t mind my higher cultivation. His martial soul can suppress mine. This mitigates the differences in our cultivation.”

Zhang Lexuan turned to Huo Yuhao and asked, “Do you concur?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and answered honestly, “Yes.” He was eager to take Wang Qiu’er’s hat. Although he had seen her face before this, he was shocked when it had happened back then too. Today, she wasn’t going to run away. He still remembered the rapid rise of his heartbeat when he first saw her. He never had such a feeling in his entire life.

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