Volume 24, Chapter 216.2: The Fate of Three Lifetimes

Huo Yuhao seemed to hear someone saying to him, “Five auxiliary skills unleashed at the same time. This is the Scattered Heart of Five Apertures. Not only has her cultivation increased to that of a Soul King, but her control of the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda has also reached that level.”

“This?” The lights around Huo Yuhao’s body retracted, but the enhancements remained. He even felt like he had become a Soul Emperor.

Ning Tian smiled and replied, “You used your soul skills just now. Perhaps you became a little tired. I helped you recover. When I reach Rank 60, I can even perform elemental enhancements. Which means I can enhance your ice element to become even more ultimate.”

Huo Yuhao complimented, “Your Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda is indeed very strong.”

Ning Tian smiled without saying anything. From the start, she didn’t even look at the number two female student beside her. When she unleashed her five soul skills, she only had one intention—to attract Huo Yuhao with her abilities. Without a doubt, his fighting abilities and survivability would increase greatly if he had support from a Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda to help him on the battlefield.

The five soul skills she had just unleashed were strength enhancement, agility enhancement, soul power enhancement, defensive enhancement and offensive enhancement.

The simplest way to appraise her enhancements on Huo Yuhao was that she raised him from a Soul King into a Soul Emperor.

This was too exaggerated of an increase! It clearly showed how strong she was. Her Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda wasn’t called the number one auxiliary-type martial soul on the continent for nothing.

Although Ning Tian didn’t look at the number two female student, she was secretly monitoring her all this while. It would be normal if she became sarcastic or antagonistic, but this female student had no reaction. She was so peaceful that Ning Tian found it weird. She only stood there from the start till the end, watching coldly.

The fourth segment continued. After two more female students, it was finally the Golden Crow Holy Lady’s turn.

As she drifted out, her pair of golden wings flapped open behind her. The Golden Crow was a bird, a type of firebird rumored to be a close relative of phoenixes. Wu Ming’s Golden Crow Primordial Fire wasn’t at the level of the Ultimate Fire, but it was close.

As her wings flapped, she had already flown into the air.

“My name is Wu Ming, and I’ll be thirty-two this year. Everyone calls me the Golden Crow Holy Lady. I know that some people claim that I’m what is leftover of the leftovers. I’ve no choice since I’m old. I’m just going to choose someone. Whoever rejects me is going to die!”

As she spoke, she dived down from the air. The bright-golden flames behind her formed a dazzling trail.

In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived in front of the male students.

Please don’t let it be me! This was the common thought in everyone’s mind.

Wu Ming wasn’t ugly, and her cultivation was very high. Her age wasn’t too big of a problem either. They were afraid of her temper! With her fiery temper, she was even more notorious than Ma Xiaotao. After all, she had entered the inner courtyard earlier. In addition, she was very competitive, so no one would have it good if they were together with her. Generally speaking, ordinary guys were more interested in gentle ladies.

Wu Ming stopped in the air, and everyone started to become fearful. Then she moved suddenly. Her figure drifted down, and she landed in front of someone. As her wings flapped open, they pointed towards the water lily that one guy was standing on.

Chu Qingtian was shocked when he saw Wu Ming. Honestly speaking, Wu Ming did appear slightly ravishing, illuminated by the golden flames in this dark night as she was. However, Chu Qingtian was perplexed as to why she appeared before him.

“What are you looking at? Give space on the water lily to me. Are you not a man?” Wu Ming shouted.

“Oh, oh.” Chu Qingtian retreated in shock and gave her the water lily.

Wu Ming was pleased with this reaction. At least he’s willing to give it up! However, Chu Qingtian dropped straight into the lake water when she landed on the water lily.

“Splash!” Ripples were formed, and water scattered everywhere.

The male students were also shocked, and someone muttered, “Decisive! Strong.”

Chu! Qing! Tian!” Wu Ming raged, and her palm struck toward the lake water in front of her.

A palm formed by golden flames struck the water, vaporizing a large volume of it.

“I…” Chu Qingtian had only just resurfaced from the water at this point, but he was slapped back into the water by this palm. Fortunately, he was an agility-type soul master. When he was struck back into the lake water, he was jolted awake. As lightning flashed, he flew out of the water and several tens of meters into the air. He managed to avoid the palm.

“Don’t attack me! It was unintentional!” Chu Qingtian shouted. He didn’t flee. Although he was confident in his speed, he didn’t run. He didn’t want to be chased by the Golden Crow Holy Lady for the rest of his life! He had witnessed how strong Wu Ming was before. Once, she had chased a soul beast into the core region of the Great Star Dou Forest after it ambushed her. If a human blocked her, she would kill him. If a soul beast blocked her, she would kill it.

“Am I that scary? Why did you have to jump into the water?” Wu Ming placed her hands on her hips and straightened her body. As she thought of the indignation she suffered, her eyes started to tear up.

She had liked guys before; she was also a normal lady! However, every guy that she had ever confessed to ran away from her in fear. As Chu Qingtian jumped into the water, she felt extremely slighted, and tears started to stream down her face. He was more willing to give up his opportunity in this blind date rather than be with her.

“No, no, don’t misunderstand me. I was just too surprised, and didn’t realize that it was water underneath me!” Chu Qingtian tried to explain.

“Surprised?” Wu Ming was stunned, and her tears stopped flowing.

Although Chu Qingtian was drenched, he still looked at her with a deep gaze, “I didn’t expect you to choose me! You also saw how He Caitou reacted. Didn’t he say that one of his legs fell into the water because he was scared of Xiao Xiao? It was because he was too excited, that’s why he couldn’t control himself! I’m in a similar situation, but my surprise was more intense. That’s why I fell into the water. This shows how much more I like you!”

“What? Is that really so?” Wu Ming was in a daze from his flowery words.

Chu Qingtian nodded his head resolutely. “Of course. Think about what I said when I exhibited myself. In fact, I’m a person with no self-confidence. That’s why I said I’d be willing as long as someone was willing to accept me. However, everyone has someone he or she likes no matter how inferior he or she feels! Maybe you don’t remember, but there was once a batch of inner courtyard students went into the Great Star Dou Forest to hunt soul beasts. That time, your courage and strength deeply attracted me. Although you’re a lady, you’re a true hero in my eyes. I can still clearly remember how you stood in front of me when I was attacked by soul beasts. From that moment on, your figure has been deeply carved into my mind.”

As he spoke till here, he lowered his head slightly and sighed. He said, “However, I know that an outstanding lady like you will only choose the best. Why would you choose someone as ordinary as me? Besides speed, I’ve nothing outstanding. I’m not handsome either. That’s why I could only watch you from one side. I didn’t even have the courage to confess to you.”

“It was only today that I acted impulsively in the first segment when I confirmed your position. That was why I didn’t hesitate to take your hat.”

“In fact, I didn’t expect to have any fate with you today. I never hoped that you’d choose me. I only took your hat to take one more look at you on this blind date. Think about it, how can I not be agitated after my dreams have turned into reality? Eldest senior sister, please give me a chance to stand on the water lily again. If the rules don’t allow it, then heaven must be playing a trick on me!” After he finished speaking, he revealed a sad look on his face.

Wu Ming looked at him in a daze. “Are you for real? You’ve always liked me?”

“Yes.” Chu Qingtian nodded vigorously.

At this point, most of the male students had a discriminatory look in their eyes. Is this guy pulling out a surprise? Surely not. This is more like a shock. However, his acting is impeccable and he’s smooth. Wu Ming’s been tricked by him.

There weren’t many male students who believed Chu Qingtian’s words. Even Huo Yuhao was in doubt. His Spiritual Detection was activated most of the time. That was how he could sense that Chu Qingtian’s spiritual undulations were very intense when he spoke just now. However, it wasn’t intense because his feelings were passionate. Rather, it was because he was very uncomfortable. His hands were also moving continuously behind his back, revealing the turmoil in his spiritual state. That was why his words weren’t so credible.

Wu Ming turned around suddenly and looked in the direction of Zhang Lexuan and Bei Bei. Her eyes were tearing up as she said, “Eldest senior sister, there’s finally someone who likes me. Please, I beg of you.”

Chu Qingtian’s words weren’t completely from the bottom of his heart. He had been observing her for some time, but not in a romantic way. However, he couldn’t reject her in such a situation as he saw her tearing up. In addition, he didn’t really dare to reject her. That was why he said what he did. He was even tricked by himself.

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