Volume 24, Chapter 213.3: Snow Lady's Charm

Chu Qingtian couldn’t help but ask, “We can have a Spirit like her?”

Huo Yuhao chortled and replied, “Theoretically speaking, yes. Brother Chu, let’s focus on the event first. Afterward, I’ll explain the details regarding the Snow Lady properly. Seniors, you can join in if you’re interested in knowing more.”

He had sent the Snow Lady out on purpose. With his capabilities, there were many other ways for him to take their hats off. Why did he specifically choose the Snow Lady? He wanted to display this Spirit to all the inner courtyard students, as well as the elders.

The Snow Lady’s formation was a complete accident. However, only Huo Yuhao knew the process of her formation, and only he could complete the sealed incantation Electrolux had left behind. The existence of a Spirit was undoubtedly more useful than soul rings for a soul master. However, it wasn’t easy to create a Spirit. Firstly, it was too difficult to find a soul beast that was willing to be sealed and fused. Huo Yuhao didn’t think that he was capable of doing this, and thus he’d need external help. Shrek Academy was undoubtedly the best choice for him.

Through repeated experiments, Huo Yuhao discovered that the Snow Lady was thirty percent more useful to him when she was outside of his body. That was because the Snow Lady was an intelligent life form, and her fighting intelligence was inherited from the Snow Empress. On the outside, she could aid Huo Yuhao in battle, and enhance his soul power. If she wasn’t unleashed, Huo Yuhao could only use a few of the soul skills she had bestowed him.

Against Long Xiaoyao, he naturally couldn’t unleash the Snow Lady. What if the Darkness Holy Dragon tried to abduct her? However, Huo Yuhao was ready to start his research on Spirits when he returned to Shrek Academy. It was going to be an important for the development of Shrek Academy’s Martial Soul Department. Personally, he also hoped to help Shrek’s Seven Monsters obtain their own Spirits! With the help of Spirits, their abilities would rise a whole level.

Indeed, the Snow Lady’s appearance shocked everyone, just like Huo Yuhao expected. She immediately became everyone’s focal point.

Bei Bei gazed deeply at Huo Yuhao and gave a thumbs-up to him in his heart. Although he didn’t know what kind of existence the Snow Empress’ Spirit was, he subtly sensed that Huo Yuhao had done something impressive again!

“Caitou, you’re up next. We have to expedite the first segment!” Bei Bei said to He Caitou.

“Alright.” He Caitou acknowledged his words. He had already thought of his strategy. Everyone’s gaze shifted from the Snow Lady to He Caitou at this point.

He Caitou then did something that no one expected. He kneeled down on one knee, facing the seventeen female students.

His eyes were also shining brightly at this point. He was one of the few present whose attention wasn’t fully captured by the Snow Lady.

He was truly thankful towards Huo Yuhao! The reason for his gratitude was very simple—Huo Yuhao had taken off Xiao Xiao’s hat. After two and a half years, he finally saw Xiao Xiao again.

The saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” He Caitou was even more mesmerized by her looks after more than two years apart. Right now, his heart was beating twice as fast. His face had also turned red, as he was nervous. However, he was too tan, and thus it couldn’t be seen. Otherwise, he could even incur the wrath of a bull.

“Caitou, what are you doing? You shouldn’t confess in this segment.” Bei Bei reminded him as he saw him on one knee.

“I’m not confessing! Aren’t we supposed to take their hats off first?” As He Caitou spoke, he lifted his right hand. Everyone saw a streak of black light flashing past, and a huge soul cannon appeared on his shoulder.

This soul cannon was entirely black. A slight silvery, metallic powder flashed on its surface. It unleashed a terrifying aura when it appeared. Even though they weren’t facing it directly, the surrounding male students could clearly feel a chill down their spines.

For a soul tool to possess such a pressing aura and bring about such a sense of danger, it must be at a certain level. Soul engineers believed that these soul tools were bestowed with life. For such soul tools, they were at least Class 7. This meant that the soul tool on He Caitou’s shoulder right now was also at least Class 7, possibly higher.

This huge soul cannon was more than two meters in length and a foot wide. It complemented He Caitou’s burly figure well as he placed it on his shoulder.

When it appeared, the huge soul cannon catalyzed something weird above the Sea God’s Lake. In response, the female students’ soul rings started to shine brightly.

In an instant, yellow, purple and black soul rings shone brightly across the lake.

When they were faced with a dominant Class 7 soul cannon, the female students unleashed their martial souls as they sensed the dangers coming from it.

Huo Yuhao was observing carefully from the other side of the lake. As these female students unleashed their martial souls, he made a shocking discovery. The soul ring combination of the female student second from the left was very special and familiar.

One yellow, two purple and three black soul rings. This meant that her fourth soul ring was already at the ten thousand year level. Wasn’t this similar to Wang Dong’s soul ring combination?

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao’s heart started to race. In his mind, the beautiful face from that day surfaced in his mind. He immediately wondered whether Wang Qiu’er had managed to enter the inner courtyard and join the Sea God’s Fate. If that was the case, it was possible that her soul ring combination was similar to Wang Dong’s!

As he thought that, his gaze focused on that female student. But just when he was about to observe her more closely, He Caitou’s voice rang out.

“Don’t move and raise your hands. This is a Class 7 stationary soul cannon, filled with a Class 7 explosive incendiary device. It’s strong enough to cover a region up to a thousand meters in diameter. Once I fire it, I can guarantee that at least a third of the Sea God’s Lake water will be vaporized. Your water lilies won’t be spared. Everyone take your hats off.”

He Caitou sounded very dominant when he shouted this. Afterward, the onlookers were frozen in place, including the teachers.

Elder Xuan twisted his lips, and Fan Yu had already stood up. He cursed at He Caitou, “Idiot, this is a blind date! Do you think this is the battlefield? Put your stationary soul cannon away.”

Chu Qingtian looked past Huo Yuhao at He Caitou. He opened his mouth wide and said, “My friend, are you here for a blind date, or are you here to crash the party?”

He Caitou was stunned, “Is this not allowed?”

Huo Yuhao said softly, “I don’t think so. Second senior, this is a blind date. Why did you take out such a strong soul tool?”

Bei Bei’s facial muscles were also cramping. He hadn’t expected He Caitou to pull such a stunt.

He wasn’t just going on a blind date; he was forcing the ladies…

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but laugh. He quickly asked He Caitou to put his soul cannon away. He Caitou was still confused, and muttered, “Can’t I use any attack in the first segment? Take off the hats with my attacks! I haven’t even attacked yet. I only threatened them.”

“He Caitou, you can’t go overboard. Even though you’re a soul engineer and you’re allowed to exhibit your abilities, aren’t you afraid of hurting these ladies?” Zhang Lexuan was also speechless, but she was also amused. As she looked at He Caitou, she could tell that he wasn’t looking for trouble on purpose.

“Oh, I see! I won’t use my stationary soul cannon. However, what should I use now?”

Zhang Lexuan managed to control her laughter. “How would I know what a soul engineer is supposed to use? Go closer and try not to drop into the water. Attack the ladies without hurting them, and try to snatch their hats. Do you understand?”

He Caitou nodded and mumbled, “Right, you’re the only one who’s clear with their words.”

“Eldest senior brother wasn’t even clear. He told me we could use any attack.”

Bei Bei turned black, and turned his head away. His expression also seemed to be telling everyone that he didn’t know He Caitou.

On the other side, Xu Sanshi was already laughing profusely. He thought to himself, “Bei Bei, you brought this upon yourself…”

“He Caitou, please begin. Take advantage of the time you have left.” Zhang Lexuan reminded him once again. More than fifteen minutes had passed since the first segment had started, but they weren’t even one-third finished. If it continued like this, the blind date would carry on into the night.

“Alright.” He Caitou stopped being sarcastic. As he pointed his toes on the water lily, the center of the lily submerged into the water, and he almost tore it apart. However, He Caitou only managed to lift himself two meters into the air. He seemed a little clumsy.

However, Huo Yuhao could clearly sense a change in his aura.

Only he knew that this second senior of his wasn’t clumsy. He only appeared to be so. He must have done that just now on purpose. However, no one knew what his intention was.

What was He Caitou’s intention? It was a simple one. He was too nervous, and needed to calm down. Of course he knew that he couldn’t use a Class 7 soul tool. But that was also a way of demonstrating his abilities! He didn’t care about the opinions of others, except he cared greatly about Xiao Xiao’s view of him!

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