Volume 24, Chapter 213.1: Snow Lady's Charm

This senior beside him also seemed very presentable. He was tall and standing straight. But right now, he was also smiling bitterly, just like the rest of them.

“How can I possibly not know them? The one who unleashed the Golden Crow Primordial Fire is called Wu Ming. Her nickname is the Golden Crow Holy Lady. Of course, we think she should be called ‘spinster’ instead of ‘holy lady’. She’s already thirty, but hasn’t gotten a partner yet. It’s not that she’s ugly, but it’s because she’s too hot-tempered. Her temper is just like Ma Xiaotao’s. With her around, tonight’s blind date is bound to be very exciting. 

“The one who unleashed the Dazzling Golden Rope is Han Ruoruo. She’s very close to eldest senior sister. Among all the female students in the inner courtyard, she’s only inferior to eldest senior sister in terms of her cultivation. Can’t you tell that she’s already a Soul Douluo? There are no eight-ringed male students today. Although she’s not so hot-tempered, she’s still a very proud person. She’s not weak at all! She’s not one to be offended easily, however, and will sometimes stand in as a teacher. I didn’t expect her to be here today. This is very exciting! Her nickname is Golden Fairy. Perhaps she and Wu Ming are so close because they both have the word ‘golden’ in their nicknames...”

“Dazzling Golden Rope? It sounds like a very powerful tool soul!” Huo Yuhao probed.

“Yes. It’s recognized as the best in the inner courtyard. How could it not be powerful? You’ve seen their positions, right? If you’re capable, go and take their hats later. Everyone will be in awe of you then.”

“Yes, yes!” There were a few men coaxing him already.

“Seniors, it’s better if all of you do so instead.” Huo Yuhao wasn’t going to fall for their tricks.

After this brief encounter in the first segment, he was starting to think that the inner courtyard seniors were very unpredictable! All those who strutted their stuff would be considered powerful individuals in the outside world. There was hardly anyone of their same age that could compare to them.

Perhaps Han Ruoruo and Wu Ming had shocked the male students, but the next few male students started to behave appropriately, and stayed as far away as possible from the both of them. They targeted the ladies around the outside instead.

However, either those ladies were too defensively strong, or the next few male students were too hesitant. No one succeeded for the next five rounds.

There were thirty-nine male students divided into three rows of thirteen. More than half of the first row had already taken their turns.

Zhang Lexuan laughed as she said, “Hey, are all of you croakers? Why are all of you going to the side? For love, you must be willing to go all-out. Otherwise, how can you win the heart of the lady you love?” 

Under her encouragement, the next few men performed much better. Although they were still a little lacking, they performed much better than before. Two hats were taken down, which revealed the faces of two pleasant ladies.

Out of the seventeen female students, three of them now had their faces exposed.

When it came to the senior before Huo Yuhao, he gave Huo Yuhao a victory sign before he embarked on his turn. He leapt out from his spot. After their previous interaction, Huo Yuhao had learned that this senior had a very domineering name. He was called Chu Qingtian.

His six soul rings flashed brightly as his toes touched the water’s surface. He moved frighteningly fast. Under the illumination of his soul rings, it was possible to spot brownish-yellow hairs sprouting from his body.

Panther-type martial soul?

Huo Yuhao was slightly impressed.

At this point, Chu Qingtian had already burst out in front of the female students. He went straight towards Han Ruoruo, who had unleashed the Dazzling Golden Rope earlier. As he made this move, he invited the cheers of the other male students.

Chu Qingtian’s figure flashed, and he reached her side in an instant. As he extended his hand, he grabbed at Han Ruoruo’s veil.

“You’re daring!” Han Ruoruo snorted and lifted her right hand, trying to block him.

But Chu Qingtian didn’t clash with her directly. Given that their cultivations were very far apart, it wasn’t wise for him to do so. His third soul ring started to shine, and countless bolts of electricity started to surround him. As the bolts of electricity flashed, he suddenly disappeared. It was as if he had fused with the electricity.

“What?” Han Ruoruo exclaimed in confusion. Her Dazzling Golden Rope appeared instantly, and turned into golden rings that surrounded her. The flashing electricity was extinguished by her golden light.

However, she wasn’t the only target of the flashing bolts of electricity, they scattered in all directions. Some of them even flew towards the Golden Crow Holy Lady, Wu Ming.

Wu Ming subconsciously lifted her hand, and a layer of golden-red fire spread. It formed a barrier around her.

At this point, a larger bolt of electricity jerked, and seemed to solidify. It managed to penetrate the defensive layer mounted by the Golden Crow Primordial Fire. A hand extended from the bolt of electricity and pulled Wu Ming’s hat down.

Wu Ming was surrounded by her Golden Crow Primordial Fire. As her hat was pulled, it was turned into ashes by the fire, revealing her face.

Although Chu Qingtian did tell Huo Yuhao that this Golden Crow Holy Lady was already more than thirty, she looked like she was only twenty-five or twenty-six years old. Although she wasn’t as beautiful as Jiang Nannan, she was still very pretty, and could be considered a beauty.

Wu Ming hadn’t expected him to make a move on her. When she tried to retaliate, Chu Qingtian roared and turned into electricity once again. He once again changed into a bolt of lightning that flashed as he moved a hundred meters away from her and landed on his water lily.

“Senior Wu, thanks for letting me succeed.”

Wu Ming touched her face, but didn’t react. Instead, her face turned red. However, the male students couldn’t see her blushing due to the golden lights around her.

Han Ruoruo laughed softly and said something to Wu Ming. Wu Ming lowered her head, as if she were thinking of something.

“Good one!” The male students cheered. The Golden Crow Holy Lady’s hat had been taken down. Chu Qingtian instantly became the man of the moment. He only had six rings, but he managed to pull down Wu Ming’s hat after attacking Han Ruoruo. His bravery and speed were indeed deserving of compliments.

Zhang Lexuan also threw him an approving look. She smiled and said, “Wu Ming, don’t forget what you promised everyone.”

Wu Ming blushed and pouted playfully, “I know!”

Chu Qingtian retracted his smile and said to Huo Yuhao softly, “Why do I feel like something’s not right?”

Huo Yuhao gasped, “What’s wrong? Senior, you were really fast just now! Did you fuse your soul skill into your lightning?”

Chu Qingtian didn’t hide the truth, and nodded. He said, “My martial soul is a Berserk Lightning Panther. Usually, soul masters with lightning abilities use them to attack. However, I don’t do so. Instead, I use them to increase my speed. I can fuse into lightning and increase my speed significantly. That’s why everyone calls me the Demonic Berserk Lightning Panther. In terms of abilities, I can’t compare to those two. However, no one is faster than me in the inner courtyard.”

There weren’t any weaklings in the inner courtyard! Huo Yuhao deeply understood this sentence once again.

“My friend, you’ve got to try your best too!” Chu Qingtian said to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was stunned and asked, “Me? Try my best for what?”

Chu Qingtian was speechless. “You’ve just entered the inner courtyard, right?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and answered, “I was granted special permission to enter the inner courtyard.”

Chu Qingtian said, “I can tell just by looking at your age. Don’t be worried, it’s your turn!”

“Uh…” Huo Yuhao just now realized that it was his turn. As he turned around to look at Bei Bei, Bei Bei gestured encouragingly towards him.

“Huo Yuhao, don’t be nervous. Just do your best!” Zhang Lexuan smiled as she encouraged him. At the same time, she turned to the female students and said, “This is the youngest out of all the male students today. Don’t be merciful on him though!”

Feminine laughter resonated, and Wu Ming started to laugh. “Little fellow, why are you here when you are so young? Come on, try taking down Sister Ruoruo’s hat. She likes younger boys.”

“Ming’er, do you want to die?” Han Ruoruo said coquettishly. She also drew laughter from the rest of the young women.

Huo Yuhao was a little awkward now. He was at a loss, as he didn’t know whether to go or not. After all, this was his first experience.

Bei Bei said, “Yuhao, do your best.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao acknowledged his words and stepped out from his water lily.

He was different from the rest of the male students. The rest of them burst forward immediately, but he didn’t. He even looked a little slow. He took a step forward and stepped onto the water. He floated above the surface and started to walk towards the female students.

The students on both sides that were laughing cheekily and ready to watch a good show started to quiet down. They were stunned as they watched this junior of theirs.

Huo Yuhao’s movements weren’t quick, but they were steady.  He maintained a stable rhythm as he advanced over the water, not even causing a ripple. It was like he was part of the water.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t directly stand on the water, of course. That was only achievable by a flying-type soul master with at least a seven-ringed cultivation, and naturally he didn’t have seven rings yet.

As he walked on the water, he left a trail of ice behind him. With his control over his soul power, he was able to walk freely on top of the ice. At the same time, this didn’t deplete his soul power too much. This was the Ultimate Ice!

Although Huo Yuhao wasn’t fast, a hundred meters wasn’t a long distance either. He only stopped when he was around fifteen meters from the young women.

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