Volume 24, Chapter 212.3: Mutual Feelings

That female student hadn’t expected Xu Sanshi to receive her attack without dodging. While she hadn’t use any soul skills, she had still exhibited her great strength. When she slashed down onto Xu Sanshi’s shoulder, a deep groan was heard. Xu Sanshi tolerated the pain.

Xu Sanshi lifted her leg and said affectionately, “Nannan, I love you. I won’t retaliate even if you scold or hit me.” 

“Get lost!” The female student roared furiously and retracted her right leg. Xu Sanshi was originally holding her leg tightly, but he let go at this moment. As she fell backward, her center of gravity changed.

However, she was pretty impressive. Her other leg seemed to be stuck to the water lily. As she stretched backward, her hands pressed against the water lily before she flipped over.

It was water below the lily, and Xu Sanshi was also standing on top of it. This wasn’t considered a tough move on land, but one had to possess immaculate control in order to perform this move on water.

While she managed to flip over, her bamboo hat fell. Xu Sanshi’s figure flashed before he jumped up from the water lily. He avoided the scissor kick that the female student unleashed towards him, and his right hand reached for her veil and pulled at it. In the end, he got both the hat and the veil.

Xu Sanshi was already standing on the shield by this time. He smiled as he looked at the lady. “I only have eyes for you. Nannan, I love you.” As he spoke, his shield had already carved a path and guided him back to his original position.

Yes, it was Jiang Nannan standing on the lily third from the right.

Her purplish hair rested on her shoulder and her face had turned slightly red from anger. After two years, Jiang Nannan had developed much better than ever. Her ravishing looks were accentuated by the dim golden light around her. Her slender figure was almost perfect, and her eyes were filled with fury as she glared at Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi was extremely familiar with her. While there was some gap between their cultivations, that gap wasn’t too large.

This was the Sea God’s Fate. After Jiang Nannan sensed Xu Sanshi approaching her, she was anxious and nervous.

After that, Xu Sanshi predicted almost all her moves on the water lily. That was how he’d managed to gain that upper hand over her. Jiang Nannan still didn’t know that Xu Sanshi wasn’t just familiar with her movements. He had even cheated.

After not seeing him for two and a half years, Jiang Nannan had forgotten how she had a sixth junior with very strong Spiritual Detection! With Huo Yuhao’s current spiritual power, a hundred meters was nothing. With his help and judgment, it wasn’t difficult at all for Xu Sanshi to remove Jiang Nannan’s veil and hat.

“Nice one, Sanshi.”

All the male students cheered seeing that Xu Sanshi had managed to take off Jiang Nannan’s veil and hat. Some of the weaker students almost fell off of their water lilies because they were too excited and couldn’t control themselves.

Xu Sanshi turned around and clasped his fist and palm towards everyone. He said delightedly, “I was just lucky. Seniors, juniors, I wish all of you good luck!  There are many of us in this segment. We must try to take off the ladies’ hats and veils.” As he spoke, he placed the hat that he had taken off from Jiang Nannan in front of him and took in a deep breath. He was reveling in joy. Fortunately, it was dark, and Jiang Nannan was some distance away from him, so she couldn’t see his delighted expression. Otherwise, she might really erupt in anger.


The first segment was a demonstration of one’s capabilities. Xu Sanshi hadn’t seemed to use any soul skills just now, but he still managed to succeed. He also put on a steady performance. The elders and teachers on the ferry nodded their heads in approval. Even Elder Xuan was smiling happily.

Xu Sanshi clasped his fist and palm together and looked evidently pleased. He had the right to be pleased too. All the female students were wearing the same dress, hat and veil. They looked practically the same to everyone. But Xu Sanshi was able to identify Jiang Nannan among all the seventeen female students on this pitch-black night. He wasn’t just familiar with her.

After seeing Xu Sanshi’s high-profile performance, Zhang Lexuan revealed a grin on her face. She looked at Bei Bei, who was smiling and looking at Xu Sanshi. It was evident that he was already used to his style.

“Ye Liu, it’s your turn now.” Zhang Lexuan said.

There were many participants in the Sea God’s Fate, and there were even four more segments. Although all of them were talented soul masters, and their cultivations weren’t weak, it wasn’t easy trying to balance themselves on the water lilies. They had to seize their time well.

Ye Liu was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. After hearing Zhang Lexuan calling his name, he immediately nodded to acknowledge her before lifting his body into the air.

A pair of beautiful, white wings were unleashed behind his back. His figure was very proportionate. When his wings flapped, he flew towards the seventeen female students elegantly.

Jiang Nannan had regained her calm by now. She didn’t look at Xu Sanshi, but turned her attention to Huo Yuhao. She shot him an angry look. It was evident that she had now discovered his role in this. How was Xu Sanshi able to take off her hat and veil so easily on his own?

Huo Yuhao only smiled back.

A hundred meters was a very short distance to fly. Ye Liu drifted in the air and was about to reach the ladies. His wings started to flap in the direction of the water’s surface and his seven soul rings shone brightly.

Suddenly, strong winds started to rage above the Sea God’s Lake. As his wings flapped, the winds gave rise to a huge wave that approached the female students.

Ye Liu revealed a delighted smile on his face. If the ladies were hit by his wave, they were all bound to be drenched. Not only would it be easy to identify them then, but it would also be a feast for his eyes!

However, at this point, someone in the center shouted, “Ye Liu, you’re shameless!” Then she lifted her right hand, she struck outward with her palm. Seven soul rings also rose from her feet, and a surging wave of fire was unleashed. This fire instantly turned into a sea of fire, resisting the water that came their way. The wave was resisted just like that.

Mist started to rise; the surging wave had been vaporized instantly.

Huo Yuhao heard a senior muttering softly, “Impressive. This is the Golden Crow Primordial Fire. I didn’t expect Wu Ming to be involved in this blind date too!”

Although Huo Yuhao didn’t know what the Golden Crow Primordial Fire was, he could sense the intense heat from the golden-red flames. It was even comparable to Ma Xiaotao’s phoenix flames.

Next to the student that had unleashed the Golden Crow Primordial Fire, another female student shouted furiously, “What a pervert. Eldest senior sister, I’m making a move.”

A streak of golden light shot into the sky like a dragon that was lashing forward. Ye Liu was already shocked when he saw the Golden Crow Primordial Fire. His martial soul was a Swan, and he was an auxiliary-type soul master. According to the rules, the ladies couldn’t directly attack him. That was why he had been so daring. However, he was shocked now that he was attacked by two of them.

His wings flapped, and he was about to retreat. However, the golden light started to extend upwards and formed golden rings that tried to pull him down.

“Sister Ruoruo, I was wrong! Please be merciful!” Ye Liu screamed pathetically and gave up resistance. This pair of female students curbed his abilities, and he had no recourse against them.

Huo Yuhao activated his Spirit Eyes, and realized that the golden light that shot into the sky was actually a golden rope. It was his first time seeing such a martial soul. However, he could tell that it was from a control-type soul master.

This female student had eight soul rings—two yellow, two purple and four black. No wonder Ye Liu had begged for mercy. However, she had no intention of showing him any. As the golden rope tightened, he was wrapped up like a dumpling. She pulled with her right hand, and Ye Liu was dragged down from the air, crashing into the water.

The golden light retracted and disappeared with the soul rings. Besides these two female students who had unleashed their powers, another female student pressed her hands down, and the surging lake water calmed. Only a dim blue light subtly flashed past.

Ye Liu was already freed when he dropped into the water. He popped up from the water’s surface and shouted towards Zhang Lexuan with a depressed look on his face, “Eldest senior sister, I thought they couldn’t retaliate in the first segment!”

Zhang Lexuan snorted and replied, “What was your purpose in making that wave? Didn’t Ruoruo mention it just now? Your intention was a perverted one, which means that you’ve flouted the rules. Swim back to shore by yourself. You’re disqualified.”

Ye Liu was indignant, but he couldn’t say anything more in front of Zhang Lexuan. He could only swim back to shore.

Huo Yuhao twisted his head to look at He Caitou, who was also looking back at him. The two of them swallowed their saliva at the same time.

This blind date is a little intense! Are these ladies really here for a blind date?

He Caitou said softly, “Didn’t eldest senior brother mention that the first segment was very safe? Why don’t I feel that way?”

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “I don’t think so either. The senior over there is so fierce, and she even has eight rings. Second senior, I’m a little scared!”

He Caitou laughed softly, “Scared my foot! Maybe some ladies are into you.”

Huo Yuhao turned to the senior on the other side who was around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old and asked, “Senior, who were those two seniors just now? You seem to know them.”       

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