Volume 24, Chapter 212.2: Mutual Feelings

Xu Sanshi used a different method than all of them. He wasn’t anxious at all, and moved leisurely at the back. He unleashed his six soul rings—two yellow, two purple and two black. He glanced in front of him. Seeing that the students in front of him were about to arrive, he suddenly leapt up and unleashed his Shield of the Xuanming Turtle. As the shield struck the water’s surface, it skipped over the water. This repeated three times, and it traveled seventy to eighty meters forward. At this point, he was still at the back, while the four students who could fly had already landed on water lilies. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou also found spots in the first row.

A delighted smile appeared on Xu Sanshi’s face. His fourth soul ring lit up, and the student who had landed in the first spot on the first row turned stiff. In the next instant, their positions were switched. Xu Sanshi lifted his body and landed lightly on the first water lily. The student who was displaced ended up in last place, behind everyone.

Xu Sanshi was generous enough to choose a senior who had a martial soul that allowed him to fly. Although he was unfortunate to have been displaced, he didn’t actually fall into the water. As he burst forward again, he could only tragically find a spot in the third row.

“Xu Sanshi, you idiot!” This seven-ringed Soul Sage was around thirty years old. Currently, he looked very dismal. Not only was his position snatched, but he couldn’t even find a spot in the second row. While he was depressed, he couldn’t do anything to Xu Sanshi. According to the rules of the Sea God’s Fate, one’s position couldn’t be changed once they landed on a water lily.

Xu Sanshi turned around and greeted the seven-ringed Soul Sage, “Senior, apologies for the offense. Who asked you to take up such a fantastic spot? Don’t worry, I only have eyes for one person. Everyone knows who she is. No one can snatch her from me! Otherwise, I will really get angry.”

All the inner courtyard students started to burst out in laughter after seeing his clown-like expression.

While Xu Sanshi was considered a junior of the inner courtyard, he had risen extremely fast along with Bei Bei. He was also a very friendly person; almost everyone knew who he was, and how he’d been rejected by Jiang Nannan again and again. The Soul Sage who was feeling down started to laugh. “You wait and see. Even if Nannan chooses you, I’m going to challenge you for her.”

“Surely not?”

“Are you serious? Eldest senior sister, someone’s threatening me. Furthermore, he should be your biggest fan if I don’t remember incorrectly! Are you going to discipline him?” Xu Sanshi wore an exaggerated expression as he exclaimed towards Zhang Lexuan.

Zhang Lexuan laughed and said, “Sanshi, stop fooling around.” As she spoke, everyone on the lake could hear her clearly. But her voice wasn’t piercing; she just sounded like she was talking to everyone.

When the male students heard her, they started to stand straight. It was as if they were afraid of leaving a bad impression in her mind.

In the inner courtyard, Zhang Lexuan had absolute authority among the students. Not only was she strong, but her personality was also very nice. She was never stingy in helping the other students. She was gentle, virtuous and was the goddess in many of the students’ hearts! As she opened her mouth, even Xu Sanshi stopped speaking, and wore an obsequious smile on his face.

Zhang Lexuan was amused as she said, “Although Sanshi played tricks, he’s only doing this for his happiness. Furthermore, all of you have the right to do anything you want. It’s just that you’re not as cunning as him. This is only the first segment. We’ll need all of you to cooperate. Don’t end up not even seeing the ladies’ faces. If that happens, you’re going to suffer at the back. Bei Bei, let’s begin.”

“Okay.” Bei Bei acknowledged her words and said, “Sea God’s Fate above Sea God’s Lake. It’s time for the annual Sea God’s Fate. I believe everyone has been waiting for a long time. There are five segments to this blind date. Everyone please be prepared. Let me reiterate again—if you drop into the water, you will be disqualified.”

Zhang Lexuan added, “We’ll judge the prettiest Sea God’s Fairy and the luckiest male student. However, you need to lift the veils of the fairies first.”

Huo Yuhao stepped onto the water lily. The load-bearing capacity of the water lily was rather impressive. As long as he gathered his soul power, he should be able to stand steadily on the water lily given his cultivation. However, the prerequisite was that he didn’t move unnecessarily or wildly.

He wasn’t listening to Zhang Lexuan and Bei Bei seriously at this point. He only activated his Spiritual Detection to count the number of people.

“Thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine. Thirty-nine! But where’s Wang Dong? Don’t tell me he’s not included in the thirty-nine of us? Why isn’t he here? This is a great opportunity. With his looks, he could surely find a nice lady if he wanted to. What a pity.”

He had been looking for Wang Dong when he had arrived just now, and Bei Bei told him that Wang Dong would definitely make it. However, apparently things hadn’t gone according to plan. The thirty-nine spots were all occupied. Even if Wang Dong arrived, he no longer had a spot!

“Alright, let’s begin the first segment—Mutual Feelings. From the left side of the first row, every male student is given a chance to demonstrate his full abilities. However, don’t be too showy. Otherwise, I can only close one eye if the female students choose to attack you.” Zhang Lexuan smiled as she spoke.

Xu Sanshi was already rubbing his palms. He was in the first spot, and thus he would naturally be the first to perform in this segment.

“Sanshi, are you ready?” Bei Bei queried.

Xu Sanshi signaled that he was ready, and Bei Bei said, “Without further ado, let’s begin. Xu Sanshi, all the best. Let’s begin!”

Xu Sanshi didn’t burst across the water using his shield this time. Instead, he leapt up high before he flung his shield out, and it landed on the water’s surface.

Xu Sanshi landed on the shield. Then he clapped his palms, and the shield started to glide over the water like a small boat. It left behind two lines of water, starting to close the distance towards the female students.

“Nice!” There were already cheers coming from the male students. There was a reason why Xu Sanshi moved forward with this method. By using the shield to bear his weight, he could conserve his soul power. Furthermore, he could advance forward more steadily. If he used his shield to strike the water’s surface before rebounding just like before, he would only have one chance to show himself when he reached the female students even though he could continue to advance.

Xu Sanshi had put in some effort to get first place! Since he was first in this segment, he wouldn’t give up this opportunity to show off.

“Nannan, I’m coming!” As he shouted, the shield increased its speed, until he was bursting towards the female students rapidly.

When he was around ten meters away, he used his palms to control the shield and made it stop. He used the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon immaculately.

He wasn’t anxious at all, and observed each of the ladies seriously from left to right.

As he looked, he mumbled, “That isn’t her—she’s too fat. That isn’t her either—too thin. Hmm, this one has a good figure! However, she’s slightly larger than Nannan. No, no.”

A sharp voice suddenly resonated from among the female students, “Xu Sanshi, if you wanted to be thrown into the water, just say so.”

“Oops! I was wrong.” Xu Sanshi shut his mouth immediately. In this short period of time, he had already locked onto his target. The shield moved once again, propelling his body towards the female student third from the right.

That female student moved slightly. Xu Sanshi was getting close to her—he was now less than ten meters from her.

He pointed his toes on his shield before he jumped straight towards the water lily that the she was standing on.

She evidently couldn’t take it anymore. She pointed her toes toward the center of the water lily, which could bear the greatest load, and propelled her entire body upwards. She lifted her right leg up high, so high that her toes were above her head. Her legs formed a straight line, and her white dress was lifted up.

“Ooh, oooh!” The other male students started to whistle. However, they were disappointed when they realized that she was wearing long pants underneath her dress.

She slammed her leg down towards Xu Sanshi.

While the rules stated that a female student couldn’t directly attack in the first segment, they did allow a female student to counterattack if a male student came too close to their water lily. That was why most male students would choose to attack from a distance in this segment. If the female students were confident in their looks, they wouldn’t resist too much. Who wouldn’t want to reveal their beauty?

It was very rare for someone to be attacked directly like Xu Sanshi was.

Xu Sanshi did something unexpected as the leg came crashing down towards him. He didn’t block or dodge the attack.

He allowed her leg to slash down onto his shoulder.

Xu Sanshi squatted down in mid-air, neutralizing some of the impact of the attack. His toes were already pressing down on her water lily. The water lily was tilted towards one side and the lake water was about to submerge it. However, Xu Sanshi started to surge with a layer of black light, which seemed to support him all on its own. The water lily suddenly stabilized. When he clasped his hands together, he had already grabbed onto the ankle that had struck his shoulder.

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