Chapter 21.1: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

Book 3: Fusion of Martial Souls

Chapter 21.1: Fusion of the Three Innate Martial Souls

The Skydream Iceworm indifferently said, “Idiot. That’s obvious. Haven’t you ever thought to yourself about this? Even someone possessing twin martial souls wouldn’t be able to withstand the suppressive strength of a thousand-year soul ring when he is at the level you humans call ‘Rank 20’. The reason why he can do it is exactly because he has three martial souls. Each and every one of his martial souls has improved his physique, so that’s how he’s able to possess a thousand-year soul ring when he’s only at Rank 20. Using the descriptions you humans use, this fellow you’re hugging is a super-genius that’s hard to see even in ten thousand years.”

Huo Yuhao would absolutely never have thought that Wang Dong would actually possess three martial souls. No wonder, no wonder he told Xiao Xiao that she’d absolutely never be his match in a 1v1 situation. No wonder he possessed such strong self-confidence. He was only a two-ringed Soul Grandmaster, but he had never displayed any feelings of admiration towards anyone. Huo Yuhao had never thought that Wang Dong’s talent was THIS high.

“Foolish kid, what do you have to be stunned about? In a sense, you’re someone who has triple martial souls as well! Furthermore, don’t forget this: your first soul ring is an unprecedented million-year soul ring. I can guarantee that you absolutely won’t find a second million-year soul beast on the Douluo Continent. Therefore, even though he’s an exceptional genius, you’re unique and unmatched. Have some confidence in yourself. For example, now. With your Brother as an unprecedented intelligent soul ring, I’ll let you take the initiative when you two undergo martial soul fusion. Relax your body and allow me to do everything.”

As he spoke, a refreshing feeling instantly spread from Huo Yuhao’s brain to his entire body, causing his awareness towards his surroundings to dramatically increase.

It was as if he’d used his Mental Detection; everything in the room appeared as a three-dimensional figure. Not only that, but there seemed to be various colors interchanging in the room. Huo Yuhao finally saw the colour changes on Wang Dong’s body. Gold, bluish-gold, dark gold—the three colors flickered alternately. On the other hand, the three colors on his body were white, ice-blue, and grey; the three colors transformed unceasingly.

It was just as the Skydream Iceworm had said, the compatibility between their martial souls was simply too high. Whenever the color on Huo Yuhao’s body became white, the color on Wang Dong’s body would turn gold. Then, the ice-blue on Huo Yuhao’s body would be matched with Wang Dong’s bluish-gold; grey was matched with dark-gold.

The three pairs of colours were extremely harmonized.

However, after the Skydream Iceworm started to move, the colour of Huo Yuhao’s pupil quietly turned a faintly ice-blue color, which was different from the time when it had helped Huo Yuhao fight against Ma Xiaotao’s terrifying Phoenix Flame. This time, the Skydream Iceworm only poured a trace of its strength into Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea; it didn’t control his body. He only guided Huo Yuhao’s aura, causing it to start producing various transformations.

Gradually, it could be seen that the aura on Huo Yuhao’s body had quietly strengthened by quite a bit. During this kind of process whereby martial soul fusion was occurring involuntarily, a transformation in the aura of one party would inevitably cause a subsequent transformation in the aura of the other party.

Consequently, Wang Dong’s aura immediately strengthened by quite a bit as well, and at this moment, a strong spiritual undulation was released from Huo Yuhao’s body, simultaneously jolting the two. The two then fainted in what was practically the same instant, causing their bodies to fall onto Wang Dong’s fur-covered bed.

The Skydream Iceworm’s cunning voice then rang out, “Next, just watch this Brother. There’s also a distinction between the main user and the secondary user during a martial soul fusion, so let’s take the dominant position and take a few advantages. Eeh, this fella called Wang Dong is actually... since that’s the case, I’ll take a few less advantages from him.”

Strands of icy-blue thread started to slowly appear on Huo Yuhao’s fingertips, rapidly enveloping his and Wang Dong’s bodies. If you examined them closely, you would realise that these threads were actually completely made from soul power; this was absolutely not Huo Yuhao’s soul power. With his current cultivation, he was simply too far from wanting to materialise his soul power.

Gradually, the two who were embracing each other had already turned into an enormous cocoon.

After all, the Skydream Iceworm was a silkworm, and forming cocoons was a natural abilities that belonged to silkworms. Currently, their respective auras were completely concentrated within that blue cocoon, unceasingly wandering about their bodies while transforming.

The Skydream Iceworm’s pleased voice rang out, “Done. I’ll just let them continue for now. It was a perfect fusion, their compatibility rate was 100%. With the fusion between three martial souls, I don’t believe that grey tortoise won’t be forced out. If you have the ability, come out from your shell and fight three hundred rounds with this Bro. Hmph.”

The dormitory quieted back down after that. Only the large icy-blue cocoon remained, flickering with a mysterious light. There were no soul power undulations outside the cocoon, and the two people within the cocoon were in a deep, deep sleep.

Time slowly passed. Today was the only day Huo Yuhao didn’t sell his roasted fish.

Xiao Xiao waited for the two for a long while, but she didn’t see them exit the dorms. Just like how male students couldn’t casually enter the girls dorms, female students couldn’t enter the male dorms as they wished! After a moment of helplessness, she could only return to her room to rest.

On the other hand, Tang Ya had dragged Bei Bei to the entrance of Shrek Academy in order to wait for Huo Yuhao’s roasted fish. However, they didn’t find Huo Yuhao’s absence strange. After all, they had heard of the freshmen assessment’s system. The assessment system changed every year, and this year’s system was especially fierce! The two even asked around about the trio’s situation within the assessment. Since Huo Yuhao didn’t set up his stall, they naturally assumed that he was too tired from the assessment. Thus, they didn’t think much of it, and decided to go back to their rooms after waiting for a while.

They weren’t the only ones who were disappointed by Huo Yuhao’s absence. Today, Jiang Nannan had also queued up early. Unfortunately, she could only return disappointed today.

However, nobody knew how important this was for Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. After being schoolmates for three months, the relationship between the two started to have a qualitative change from today onwards.


Sea God’s Lake, centre island, lakeside.

Teacher Wang Yan, who had just carried out the freshmen assessment not long ago, was standing here. Only, he had an exceptionally respectful expression on his face.

An old man with disheveled hair was sitting not far away from him, his figure somewhat messy. His originally-white changpao had already been changed into a greyish-brown one which had many holes on it. His naked feet were currently immersed in the cool water of the Sea God’s Lake while his right hand held a massive bottle gourd.

The bottle gourd was red-purple in color, and nobody knew what it was made out of. He occasionally took a gulp from it, immediately causing a strong smell of alcohol to spread. His other hand held a fried chicken, ignoring the grease on it. The way he was eating and drinking made one feel that it was extremely joyful.

“Xuan Lao, this is what happened. These students are still young; they’re freshmen. Even though that’s the case, they’re truly deserving of our attention.”

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