Volume 23, Chapter 208.2: Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White

“Before Ye Xishui left, she gave Elder Mu a hateful look. From then on, Elder Mu became very depressed. He didn’t understand why Ye Xishui became like that. Not only did she become an evil soul master, but she was even mixed in with a bunch of evil soul masters. Furthermore, my grandmaster was critically hurt, which broke the last bit of fancy Elder Mu had towards her.

“Elder Mu accompanied my grandmaster until he recovered from his injuries. After that, he was very eager to find Long Xiaoyao to get to the bottom of why Ye Xishui ended up in this state.

“At that point in time, he was filled with rage.

“When Elder Mu found him, the anger that he had suppressed erupted. Before Long Xiaoyao could even explain, he already attacked him. The battle between the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White resulted in a slight victory for Elder Mu, but their cultivations were still around the same. On account of their brotherly ties, Elder Mu decided to spare Long Xiaoyao.

“After the fight, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao talked about what had happened over the past ten years. They were shocked to realize that they had both made the same decision. Elder Mu also understood why Ye Xishui came to Shrek Academy to challenge him. They both understood her character, and they felt very guilty towards her. My grandmaster was hurt because of Ye Xishui. Although he regained his health, he was never able to recover completely.

“After Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao discussed things, they decided to find Ye Xishui. Regardless of what had happened, they needed to clarify things with her. That was how the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White re-surfaced in the continent. They were both Titled Douluos then, and they possessed immense abilities and martial souls. Their reputations rose, and that was how their Twin Holy Dragons title were established. That was also how they became known as the Dragon God Douluo and the Dragon Emperor Douluo.”

Huo Yuhao felt like he was returning to the past as Elder Xuan related this story. He could completely imagine the two Titled Douluo causing an uproar on the continent. When can I become a Titled Douluo? That was basically the dream of every soul master.

Huo Yuhao was dragged back to reality as he sighed. Elder Xuan looked a little upset, “They searched the continent for years, and finally found her. They almost couldn’t recognize her when they found her. She was only thirty-some years old, but her hair was greyish-white, as if she were a forty or fifty-year-old woman. Not only did she appear much more haggard, but she was also engulfed by a very sharp and vicious evil aura.

“Grandmaster’s worry was realized. Ye Xishui’s abilities were way beyond the expectations of Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao. When she saw the two of them again, she immediately attacked them. The shocking Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White were on the losing end after they were attacked by her. Even when they combined their powers, they still seemed a little lacking. They were horrified to find out that Ye Xishui’s abilities had already reached the level of a Transcendent Douluo. The abilities of a transcendent evil soul master were unimaginable! The two of them were no match for her at all.

“They were eventually defeated badly, and critically hurt. However, she didn’t kill them. She interrogated them and demanded to know why they had humiliated her. Ye Xishui was a very proud person. She believed they had both abandoned her. The humiliation she felt caused the change in her.

“Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao laughed bitterly as they looked at each other. They recounted what they had thought then. Ye Xishui didn’t believe them at the start, but they were already on the verge of death then, and couldn’t possibly lie. Ye Xishui’s emotions changed drastically, and she saved the both of them. After twenty years apart, the three of them sat together once again. However, their friendship wasn’t as close as before.

“Ye Xishui told them that the person who went to save her at Shrek Academy was her husband. After her husband returned, he died from his injuries. Before her husband died, he poured half of his cultivation into her, which pushed her to becoming a Transcendent Douluo-level evil soul master.

“Elder Mu didn’t expect things to reach such a stage, and was stunned for a moment. A combination of factors caused the initial misunderstanding to evolve into such a state. This was something none of them could have expected.

“Long Xiaoyao asked Ye Xishui why she became an evil soul master. She told them that she was enraged when neither of them came and decided to cultivate tirelessly before seeking them out to avenge her humiliation. However, she went mad because she was too impatient. At that point in time, she met her future husband, who was a powerful evil soul master. His name was Zhong Li. After he saved her, he forced her to have a relationship with him and guided his evil powers into her martial soul. This caused a transformation in Ye Xishui’s martial soul, and she became an evil soul master. She hated Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao, but she also hated her husband. She believed that the three of them had ruined her life, when in fact, everything that happened to her was because of her pride.

“Since things had reached such a stage, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao didn’t know what to do. Ye Xishui wasn’t the same person as before, and their feelings for her had changed. She didn’t kill them, but made them take an oath – from that point on, they could no longer call each other brothers. Ten years later, they had to fight to the death at the exact place where they were supposed to fight before. Only one could survive. Otherwise, she would kill their entire families.

“As they had no choice, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao took this oath. Although they could tell that Ye Xishui’s personality had changed, their guilt and past feelings for Ye Xishui forced them to accede to her request. Elder Mu told me that both he and Long Xiaoyao blamed each other then. If neither of them had given up, things wouldn’t have reached that stage.

“Ten years later, the Twin Holy Dragons met again. They fought intensely under Ye Xishui’s eyes. Eventually, both of them were critically hurt. However, something strange happened to Ye Xishui then. She didn’t look as old and haggard as before, but as ravishing as how she looked in the past. Since neither of them could kill the other, she set another fight ten years later. This carried on and on, and both Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao were already a hundred years old after a few decades. They had become Transcendent Douluo too. At that point, Ye Xishui disappeared. She sent news that this fight would be their last, and only one would survive. Otherwise, she would destroy the entire continent.

“Ye Xishui was already at Rank 98 then. Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao weren’t her match. The two of them realized that Ye Xishui had seen through their ploy – critically hurting one another without killing each other in their fights.

“After a hundred years, the Twin Holy Dragons’ feelings for her had deepened once again. Elder Mu told me that Ye Xishui was the only woman he had ever truly loved in his life. This was also the same for Long Xiaoyao. In fact, both of them were powerful enough to deploy people to kill Ye Xishui. However, they didn’t do so. Ye Xishui also understood their feelings for her. In the last message she sent them, she told them that she had already put down the hatred she had for them. However, she could only be with the winner. This was also their last punishment.

“The person who won could marry her. At that point in time, Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao’s wives had already passed away.”

Elder Xuan sighed again as he stopped speaking for a minute.

Huo Yuhao asked hurriedly, “Who was the eventual winner?”

Elder Xuan shook his head and said, “There wasn’t any winner. They didn’t fight that last battle. Before it could take place, Elder Mu and Du Busi’s brother fought very intensely, and he was irreversibly hurt in the process. That fight took place the day before he was to fight Long Xiaoyao. According to Elder Mu, Du Busi’s brother was sent there by Long Xiaoyao. After he was hurt so badly, Elder Mu took many years to restore his vitality. However, he couldn’t return to his glory days as the Radiant Holy Dragon, and became just like how you knew him. From then on, Long Xiaoyao never appeared again. Elder Mu believed that he was together with Ye Xishui.”

Huo Yuhao was furious. “Long Xiaoyao was so despicable? He still dares to call teacher his brother?”

Elder Xuan replied calmly, “It’s hard to judge something like this. I guess only Long Xiaoyao knows what happened. I didn’t expect that he would reappear after a hundred years. I don’t know if Ye Xishui is still alive. Evil soul masters are unlikely to live past two hundred years old. I’m afraid that he might have been influenced by her and become an evil soul master as well. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a disaster.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and answered, “I don’t think he has. When I fought him just now and used teacher’s Sovereign’s Descent, I clashed with his spiritual power. I could tell that it was as vast as the starry sky. However, there weren’t any characteristics of an evil soul master within it.”

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was very sensitive even though his cultivation wasn’t high. Furthermore, he was also a necromancer. He firmly believed that his senses weren’t wrong.

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